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David Webb on F&F, on a conversation with a caller to his radio show SiriusXM Patriot:

Areva Martin: “David, by virtue of being a white male you have white privilege.”

David Webb: “Areva, I hate to break it to you but you should have been prepped better. I’m black.”

“Our skin is an organ. It doesn’t think, it doesn’t form ideas.”


Will Swain talking about a series of billboards his group has put up in the LA area to inform teachers that a recent SCOTUS decision means public employees do not have to pay union dues:

LA Teachers Are Saving $1,000 Every Year

LA Teachers: Read this before spending another $1,000 in union dues!

Teachers: Tired of union politics? Feeling ignored? Know your rights!

“It is in fact the pension agreements the district has agreed to in the past, the retirement benefits healthcare, pensions, that is driving the district into bankruptcy.”



New WaPo / ABC News poll asked:

“Have you personally been inconvenienced by the shutdown?”
No 82%
Yes 18%

“Should Trump still push for border wall?”
Demand funding 52%
Trump should compromise 41%


Results of a new Q poll which asked “Is there a security crisis on our southern border?”
Yes 54% No 43%


According to author Sara Goff who married a Swede, lives in Sweden and has dual citizenship, each Muslim immigrant will cost Swedish taxpayers an estimated $8,000 a year, for life. The 10% foreign born in Sweden are responsible for 59% of the rapes. That’s the price of White Guilt Liberal open borders. Their reward presumably is feeling virtuous, which I don’t understand and hopefully never will.


35,000 union teachers in the greater LA school district are on strike for higher wages and smaller class sizes, but reportedly their real target is their new reform school board and charter schools. The parents of about 1M immigrants in the LA school district want charter schools, as do 70% of African-American parents.

CA budget has risen 44% in the last six years. Now are they proposing a new tax on drinking water, though none of those funds will go towards supplying clean water.


Jerome Corsi who is suing the Mueller team for $350M on Trish Reagan explained how before Mueller team came after him, he gave an old Mac PC he was no longer using to his son who first erased the disk. Later Mueller accused him of destroying evidence, like Hillary did with her private server.

Unfortunately for Mueller, Corsi used the Apple TimeMachine app and has backups for all his PCs that allow him to restore the disk to any previous date. That’s known as a “journaling file system.” He also gave Mueller team passwords to all his public email accounts.

Corsi will likely win his suit as Trump did against the Creepy Porn Lawyer, but Corsi is unlikely to get a reward that is 1000x times as much as Trump’s, and over 10x the cost to-date of the Mueller hoax.



I want to teach a law school course on Social Justice. The final exam will be only questions with one of two answers: true or false. If lawyers presume to make moral decisions for us, they should be unequivocal and always correct. Otherwise they should stick to democracy, the Constitution and rule of law.

Here are some example true/false questions, where the only correct answer is “true”.

  1. According to court testimony and verdict, adult Michael Brown did not have his hands up when he was shot dead in self-defense by a police officer he attacked.
  2. The Koran commands believers to convert or kill all those who reject the Old Testament.
  3. President Bill Clinton committed perjury in his testimony to Congress regarding Monica Lewinsky.
  4. According to the Koran, God said that the act of men lusting after men transgresses all bounds, and no one has ever outdone it.
  5. OJ killed two white people.


Which President is the best career and life model for your children: Bill Clinton, Barack Obama or Donald Trump?

It is true that Trump is an adulterer, a client of prostitute(s), even paid extortion to one. But to our knowledge all his sexual escapades were consensual, which in my view includes acts done for pay. And all acts were personal not professional, employees and co-workers were not involved.

But Paula Jones and Anita Broderick did not consent to sex with Bill Clinton, who as President had sex with a subordinate named Monica Lewinsky in the workplace. That is unforgivable in the private sector, men’s careers and lives were ruined for far less. Bill Clinton is relevant here because his opportunist enabler wife Hillary, who blamed his victims and stayed married for financial and political gain, was the only viable alternative to Trump in 2016.

And while Obama appears squeaky-clean on sexual matters and fidelity, Obama drinks, smokes and did illegal drugs including cocaine. Trump never did any of those things.

So my question is, which path would you want your child to follow? A clean and sober businessman who employed thousands, built hotels and golf courses that serve millions of consensual customers who all pay millions in taxes? Or a drunk druggie nicotine-addict lawyer who hired no one, produced nothing, never had a job?


Buried deep in the recent NYT article is an admission that after two years Mueller found no evidence of Trump colluding with Russia, which means they had no evidence that justified spying on Trump in the first place:

“No evidence has emerged that publicly that Mr Trump was secretly in contact with or took direction from the Russian government.”


Daniel Henninger wrote a WSJ article titled The Right’s Resistance that was quoted by Steve Hilton as the reason Trump’s supporters will back him, no matter what:

“The Left’s cultural triumphalism on matters of identity, race and gender … Mitt Romney and virtually all Republican politicians entertaining runs for the Presidency simply will not stand up to this dominant status quo. Instead, they address these matters in a kind of tiptoeing careful-speak.”



Dr James Mitchell, a former CIA official who interrogated terrorists at Gitmo including the infamous KSM:

“I think Democrats are the true hostage takers because they are using the Federal employees as human shields in order to keep the southern border open to illegal immigration. They’ve told us why they’re doing that.”

“Their strategists have already told us that the long-term plan, the Fifty Year Plan, is to cram as many illegal aliens into the United States as possible, make them dependent on welfare so they want to keep people in power who give them free things, move them into areas that primarily have conservative voters, ram some sort of policy that gets them the right to vote, and then take power and keep it because you’ve got a permanent underclass.”


The Left objects to the term “illegal alien” or even “illegal immigrant”. So to calm the waters, I suggest we call them “unwelcome guests”.

It’s great to hear Democrats claim that TSA is being hurt by the shutdown. Apparently the rich deserve security on airplanes, we peasants don’t deserve it here in the US.


If I were a GOP political consultant what would I tell my clients, particularly regarding the shutdown over the Wall? I would tell them that Trump won 30 states which is an electoral landslide and 60 future Senators, so Democrats only chance is in the House.

I would note that populous NY and CA are so heavily Democrat that they make national polls irrelevant, and result in those coastal globalist states dominating their party through Schumer and Pelosi, forcing them to the Left of most voters.

President Trump only has to satisfy voters in the 30 Red States, and he will add at least NH in 2020. He does not need the 20 Blue States, which conveniently are the ones with the highest taxes, rich globalists, Wall St and sanctuary cities. So Trump’s tax bill capped SALT deductions which only hurts the well-off in high-tax Blue States which will never vote GOP, particularly CA, NY and IL. And Trump raises tariffs that hurt rich globalists mainly in Blue states. And Trump shuts down the government over a border Wall because sanctuary cities are in Blue States, and most states strongly oppose them.

So screw the Blue States is my advice, but I think it has been Trump’s strategy from the start. GOP will at least own the Presidency and Senate, forever.


President Trump to reporters regarding the shutdown:

“Democrats don’t care about crime. They’ve been taken over by a group of young people who frankly, I’ve been watching, in some cases I actually think they’re crazy.”



Mike Slater, host of the Mike Slater Show, on F&F talking about his home state of California:

“Our politicians don’t have to live the consequences of their policies. Governor Jerry Brown, he’s retired and off to his 2,500 acre estate. There’s no MS-13 gang members living nearby he has to worry about.”

“Maxine Waters district has a 22% poverty rate, she lives in a $4.5M mansion.”

“Gavin Newsome, his kids don’t go to schools that have to face the consequences of illegal immigration. There’s schools in California where 75 languages are spoken in the schools.”

“The California budget ten years ago was $80B, and now it’s over $200B. And healthcare expenditures are $450B … The top 1% already pay half the income tax in California, there is not enough money to possibly do this. But that’s never stopped Progressives from enacting these policies.”


High-tax Blue states are losing population, they are being replaced by illegal immigrants that count on the census, which determines House seats and electoral votes. Even if illegals do not vote, they will be counted equal to citizens if Democrats win those states and districts. Also, Federal subsidies to states are based on the census. The more illegals, the more Fed taxpayer funding for Democrat cities and states.

As a result, Blue states and cities are now competing for illegals by offering them greater taxpayer-funded benefits. This explains Schumer of NY and Pelosi of CA opposing any and all border security, their states are actively recruiting illegals. Democrats CA Governor Newsome and NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio recently announced plans to give taxpayer-funded healthcare coverage to illegals.

DeBlasio repeated the lie used to sell Obamacare: that giving everyone coverage will reduce ER visits and save money in the long run, with the implicit assumption that doctors don’t accept uninsured patients. In fact, the uninsured use all medical services less including the ER. And I paid 15-25% less for doctors visits because I paid with a credit card, saves them money.

Before Obamacare the state of Oregon had insufficient Medicaid funds, so they held a lottery where the winners (about half) got coverage, others not. Five years later they found that the insured used more medical services including ERs, but were not healthier and did not have a lower mortality rate. Life expectancy has declined in the US over the last three years as more got coverage, mainly from prescription drug overdose and side effects. So-called “wellness care” is a proven failure. Lifestyle is healthcare.


Tucker Carlson on states that lost the most population in 2017 according to the US Census Bureau, and also have the highest taxes:
NY 180,306
CA 156,068
IL 114, 154

“Do they plan to change that? No, instead their plan is to further tax the middle-class to provide benefits to illegal aliens from other countries.”

“So repeat after me: no national emergency, the crisis at the border is false. It’s fraudulent, it’s totally made-up. Think leprechauns, or low-cal ice cream. Something only kids and dumb people believe in.”

“Actually, you know what the border crisis is like? It’s like that imaginary caravan from Honduras a few months ago. The one that marched all the way to Tijuana with TV cameras in tow, but didn’t really exist.”



Reported on F&F:

235,000 ICE arrests 2017-2018
4000 for homicide
100,000 for assault
30,000 for sex crimes

Drugs seized at the border Jan-Aug 2018 (lbs)
Cocaine: 47,945
Heroin: 4,813
Methamphetamine: 67,292


Mark Morgan, former Chief of US Border Patrol under Obama, to Tucker Carlson:

“The President is right … when they said the wall works, they were right … That’s based on historical data and facts that can be proven.”

“I believe in what the President is doing. When he says this is a national security problem, he is absolutely correct.”



President Trump from a speech on April 27 2016, proving his firing of Mattis, Kelly and rejection of neocon imperialism is consistent with the policy of America First that he promised his informed, worldly and patriotic supporters:

“I will never send our our finest into battle unless it is necessary, and I mean absolutely necessary. And will only do so if we have a plan for victory, with a capital V.”

“We’re getting out of the nation-building business and instead focusing on creating stability in the world.”

“Unlike other candidates for President, war and aggression will not be my first instinct.”


Tucker Carlson on who supports and benefits from open borders, here and in Europe:

“You’d have to put rich white people at the very top of the list of supporters. Our endless supply of new immigrants gives them, the people in my neighborhood, access to much cheaper household help, and most of all it makes them feel virtuous.”

“If there is any group in America that supports having more than 20M people here illegally it’s not the poor, it’s the people in our richest neighborhoods.”



Tucker Carlson on Nancy Pelosi calling a border wall “immoral”:

“As a matter of policy Democrats believe a border wall is immoral. And that raises the question, what do they consider moral? Well, American troops stuck in Syria for one thing, that’s just fine. Sex-selective abortions paid for with tax dollars, can’t get more moral than that. Antifa rioting in the streets, perfectly virtuous.”

“And it turns out walls can be moral under the right circumstances, they just can’t protect America. Democrats gladly signed off on border defenses for Jordan, Tunisia and Israel. No problem, glad to do it. But on behalf of their own people? No, Americans don’t deserve that. They’re immoral for asking.”


Hank Johnson Congressman (D-GA) speaking at an AACP meeting in Atlanta:

“Americans elected an authoritarian anti-immigrant racist strongman to the highest office … Much like Hitler took over the Nazi party, Donald Trump took over the Republican party.”


Mark Steyn to Tucker Carlson on bans on plastic straws and taxes on beef, even though methane breaks down within five years and therefore has no long-term effect on climate change:

“America contributes less to plastic waste in the oceans than Morocco, or Burma, or even North Korea and I don’t know what they’ve got to throw in the oceans in North Korea.”

“The most important aspect of environmental healthcare is garbage disposal. The less we talk about things that matter, the more we obsess on these boutique niche issues.”



Jordan Peterson whose daughter’s videos were “struck” from Youtube by Google, then reinstated after vigorous complaints with an apology but no explanation:

“There is a coterie of organizations that are Left in their orientation, quite radically Left, who are engaged in a concerted effort to force corporations to adopt their particular definition of hate speech regulation. I can’t think of anything more dangerous than letting arbitrary organizations define what constitutes hate speech.”

“Speech can be rough, and people can say reprehensible things, but the issue is who should police it. And the answer isn’t idiot Social Justice Warriors and half-witted corporate policies arbitrarily applied, and then arbitrarily removed.”


Mitt Romney wrote an op-ed before even being sworn in as a freshman Senator attacking President Trump’s “character” which to a Mormon means Trump not only divorced, but dared to remarry. Stone the adulterer!

Most voters don’t know that 70,000 Fed troops on Utah border in 1850 forced LDS to give up theocracy and polygamy, forcing Romney’s great-grandfather and his multiple wives to flee to Mexico, where Mitt’s ancestors were born.

So Romney opposes Trump not only because Mitt’s ancestors are Mexican, but also because they were polygamists like the Muslims Trump opposes. Mitt Romney is a Mexican polygamist, his entire worldview derives from his religion. Mormonism and Islam are both based on the Old Testament, though the Koran is more faithful to the Christian view of Jesus than the ludicrous Book of Mormon.


Jair M Bolsonaro, tweet from the new President of Brazil to President Trump after decades of ruinous socialist rule:

“Dear Mr President, I truly appreciate your words of encouragement. Together, under God’s protection, we shall bring prosperity and progress to our people.”


Kanye West aka “Ye” tweet:

“One of my favorite things about what the Trump hat represents to me is that people can’t tell me what to do because I’m black.”



Three stabbed but expected to survive by a man shouting the now-cliched “Allahu Akbar” in Manchester UK. But City is doing great and United better under their new owner, so no problem.

In Toyko nine injured by a minivan driven into a crowd, one critical. The attacker first said it was terror, then claimed he was protesting the death penalty.


Tammy Bruce on the CA Woman’s March being cancelled because it was “too white”, after the Chicago Woman’s March was canceled due to organizers connections to Louis Farrakhan:

“The Left, all they want to do is organize, and they want to organize against whatever the Establishment is, but certainly if that Establishment promotes individual power, individual freedom. That’s the thing that of course that is anathema to Leftist organizers because they want everyone to think only of a collective.”



The Koran proves the US can’t trust deal with Iran’s Supreme Leader

You who believe, do not take the Jews and Christians as allies: they are allies only to each other. Anyone who takes them as an ally becomes one of them— God does not guide such wrongdoers.
— The Feast 51

The worst creatures in the sight of God are those who reject Him and will not believe; who, whenever you [Prophet] make a treaty with them, break it, for they have no fear of God. If you meet them in battle, make a fearsome example of them to those who come after them, so that they may take heed.
— Battle Gains 55:57

Read more here: Believe or Beware: Warnings From the Quran to Disbelievers