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Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) to Charles Payne on FBN:

“For 25 years, Charles, I have watched Big Government Republicans and Ritz Carlton Democrats in this town refuse to enforce America’s immigration laws. Trump’s only sin is that he’s abiding by the rule of law.”


Ari Fleischer, former White House Press Secretary under GW Bush, on how Ilhan Omar’s hatred for Israel is now the majority view among Democrats:

“Pew the polling organization has routinely asked ‘who do you sympathize with more, in the struggle between Palestinians and Israelis?’ In 2001 … 53% of Republicans said they sympathize more Israel, compared to 38% of Democrats. Today … 79% of Republicans told Pew they sympathize with Israel more than the Palestinians. Democrat support is down to 29%.”


Dan Bongino says that Democrats got played badly in the budget deal. Trump has $4B in legal funds to spend on the Wall, before using any funds resulting from his declaration of a national emergency. The Ninth Circuit will block it, the next court will uphold the block, SCOTUS will uphold Trump, like they did with the unfortunately-named Muslim ban. (Trump should have called it a “shithole nation ban”, that applies here too.) It will be easier, Trump never called this a “Latino ban”.

By that time wall construction will be well under way as it has been for months, funded by the $4B the courts can’t block. And I wonder exactly how that court expects to enforce their decision. Will they send police to face the US military, both of whom overwhelmingly support Trump? SCOTUS has always found the President has absolute authority over defense, border security and immigration.


Michael Knowles on F&F:

“The real emergency for Democrats is going to be when we cut off their illegal flow of future voters.”

“Calling this a fake emergency is going to hurt Democrats at the polls. A recent Harvard-Harris poll showed that the majority of Americans seriously want to reduce not just illegal immigration, but even legal immigration in a culture that is discouraging assimilation.”

“The text of this law permits military construction specifically for the purpose of securing our country.”



Michael Knowles to F&F on the Esquire cover story An American Boy featuring a white kid, blasted by social media because it was during Black History Month. Knowles pointed out, there is no White History Month.

“That face, the face of a young white teen boy. They have driven themselves on the Left so crazy with the politics of victimhood, the identity politics of race and sex, they have convinced themselves there is is this one evil category of person. The Yale Daily News, the student newspaper the other day just ran a piece about how all white brown-haired men are evil.”


Ilhan Omar, an unwelcome Muslim refugee from a nation that executes gays and still practices slavery, dares to question the President of the USA elected by 30 of 50 states:

“Hi @realDonaldTrump,
You have trafficked in hate your whole life – against Jews, indigenous, immigrants, black people and more. I learned from people impacted by my words. When will you?”


Nicolas Maduro issued a statement that echoes an ideology taught for at least a decade by our “postmodern” Marxist union teachers and college professors, that I call White Guilt Liberals or White Uncle Toms. Where would Maduro get such wacky ideas?

Perhaps from Obama. who welcomed cop-killers Black Lives Matter to the White House, issued unconstitutional DACA EO, accused us of Islamophobia, shook the hand of Fidel Castro who created Chavez, and Maduro who Cuba now keeps in power along with China, Russia, and Iran, financed by the $140B Obama gave them.

Or maybe from Democrats like Hillary Clinton, who apologized to Muslims for a video, arrested the US film maker for exercising his First Amendment rights, called white Christian males “deplorables”. Or maybe Joe Biden, who told blacks that Mitt Romney was going to “put you all back in chains.”

Irony and hypocrisy abound. Democrats were the party of the KKK, Hillary was mentored by a KKK recruiter, George Wallace was a Democrat. The media calls protesters trying to protect Confederate statues “white supremacists” like Maduro does – while welcoming Somalians who still practice slavery including MN Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, endorsed by self-pronounced KKK leader David Duke for sharing his anti-Jew beliefs. Democrats like Omar are the KKK anti-Semite party, they now control the House, so in that sense Maduro is correct.

“I believe that the extremist sector of the White Supremacists of the Ku Klux Klan lead the United States. I believe it’s a gang of extremists.”



Howie Carr of the Boston Herald on Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren:

“She began describing herself as Native American at the age of 35, she began checking the box. She was a teaching instructor at a second-rate law school in Texas. When she began checking the box, suddenly she’s a tenured law professor first at the University of Pennsylvania, then at Harvard University. And then after she completed her meteoric rise to the top, she decided to rejoin the white race.”

“As a Harvard Law professor, she was able to buy a $2M mansion in Cambridge with an interest-free loan from Harvard University.”

“This is a woman who taught one course at Harvard for $350,000 a year. She’s worth upwards of $10M now.”



Scandals plague the top three VA Democrat elected officials that if all resign would give the governorship to the GOP Speaker of the House. The GOP has a narrow majority in the House because one state legislature election was a tie, a name was drawn from a “hat” and the GOP candidate won.

The medical school yearbook from 1988 of the white governor “surfaced”, showing a picture of one person in blackface, another in a KKK outfit. The same governor called protesters in Charlottesville trying to preserve statues “white supremacists”. He also ran a blatant race-baiting ad against his rival GOP candidate, showing a white guy driving a pickup truck with a Trump bumper sticker trying to run over black, Latino and Muslim kids who are fleeing in terror. White Guilt Liberals eat that stuff up.

Democrats immediately demanded his resignation, but then his successor the black lieutenant governor was accused of sexual assault by one woman, and then by a second who was a fellow student at Duke. Meanwhile, the white AG admitted to wearing blackface at a party in San Antonio.

The Democrats want them all to resign, but that would make a Republican the governor of a key swing state. I have a solution for Democrats that they may be now trying. Here’s how it goes:

The Lt governor resigns, governor appoints a “clean” Democrat to replace him.
The governor resigns, the clean Lt becomes the new governor.
The AG resigns, the new governor appoints a clean Dem as AG.


Andrew Nelling, US attorney on the high-crime sanctuary city of Lawrence MA, site of largest fentanyl bust in US history in Oct 2018, that Elizabeth Warren has chosen as the site to announce her candidacy for President:

“Lawrence is a clearing house for illegal drugs pouring into New Hampshire and Maine.”



Cattle burp methane, they don’t fart it. Methane is 100x as powerful a greenhouse gas as CO2, but it is highly unstable. Methane breaks down within five years, CO2 does not.

This takes some thinking: since the world has about as many cattle as it did five years ago, all methane emitted in history prior to five years ago is now gone. Methane levels are the same as five years ago, all warming due to them has already occurred. Unlike CO2, methane and its effects are not cumulative, and will have no long-term effect on climate change. Methane levels and their effect will grow proportional to any increase in cattle. Eliminating cattle will have a one-time small effect, and none after.


According to FBN, officials in Denmark, Sweden and Norway are publicly denying that they are socialist nations. They say they are market-based capitalist economies, but are admittedly welfare states now being reduced, particularly in Sweden. None have a minimum wage. Sweden has school choice, for-profit schools and vouchers.


Daily Caller reports that Instagram took down a photo of Elizabeth Warren’s signed registration card for the State Bar of Texas, where she listed her race as “American Indian”. It has since been restored.


Chris Stirewalt just claimed that the Democrats have the “moral high ground” because they oppose racism. But that depends on voters continuing to accept the underlying and unstated belief that Muslim and Mexican are race, and criticism of either constitutes racism. The problem is, Muslims are the only people in the world who still practice slavery, unless you want to include Mexican sex-traffickers.

Stirewalt also assumes that voters still believe that Michael Brown was a victim of racism that justified rioting, looting and arson in Ferguson MO. Also, that Black Lives Matter and Colin Kaepernick are anti-racism protesters, not preachers of hate for police and the rule of law, which does not exist in Mexico and Central America.

Democrats had the moral high ground on abortion and illegal immigration with the majority of voters, who are also pro-choice and support DACA. But abortion, illegal immigration and gun rights are very similar issues, and are more tangential than intersectionalists believe. Partisans assume that those who oppose abortion also support guns, but if anything the opposite should be true. And most support for abortion, illegals and gun rights is libertarian and weak. Strong opposition exceeds strong support, particularly for abortion.

Democrats “triggered” that strong opposition and lost centrist support by advocating partial-birth abortion which is opposed by 90%, and sanctuary cities opposed by 70%. They deluded themselves by asking voters “do you support the Wall, are you pro-choice?”, when they should have asked “do you support sanctuary cities and partial-birth abortions?” That’s why smart politicians avoid those issues but Trump is not a politician, so he forced them into addressing issues that matter.




I’m really pissed off at the media, the Left, teachers and professors for intentionally making the young ignorant of history and the world. Although my 34 year-old lesbian friend went to liberal high school in Hawaii (like Obama) where they hate white people and Western Civilization, did not go to college, she did watch msm, MSNBC and fellow-lesbian Rachel Maddow regularly, who told her how great Islam is compared to Christianity. Here is a small sample of what she did not know, until I told her.

The Koran says to hate and kill gays, gays are executed in eleven Muslim nations.
Islam is 800 years newer than Christianity.
Russia was Nazi Germany’s ally, until Hitler invaded them.

How can she and other young people understand the world, with that level of ignorance installed by our Marxist educators, media and social media? Answer: they can’t, which makes easily manipulated by the Left, just as intended.


Bad news for Dems on SOTU night: despite Bill Maher’s demand we have a recession so we ignorant racist Trump voters would give up on him, the economy is soaring. That’s because nothing compares with a free market, and Trump cut regulations and taxes and let the private sector do its thing.

Actually, far more “experts” were wrong about Trump and the economy than a Leftist who has never had a real job – like Bill Maher, Conan O’Brien who did a show in Cuba, Jimmy Kimmel or Stephen Colbert – or Paul Krugman.

It’s time to accept that Hahvid is based on idiot Marxist ideology, and we should never believe any of their graduates or professors, hire or elect them. Paul Krugman, Elizabeth Warren and Barack Obama should be proof enough to the rational. We should listen to the Austrian school, the brilliant FA Hayek, U Chicago, Dartmouth’s Tuck or Wharton, any university except Hahvid.

Markets since close on Election Day, 11/8/2016:

Dow +38.61%     S&P +27.96%       Nasdaq +42.53%

Paul Krugman prediction on the morning after Trump’s election. To be fair, there is a global recession – except here in the US. Europe is in recession, China’s economy is slowing, their markets are down 20%. It’s called “America First”, duh. We voted for the interest of citizens, over those of globalists and foreigners.

“It really does now look like President Donald J. Trump, and markets are plunging. When might we expect them to recover? A first-pass answer is never… So we are very probably looking at a global recession, with no end in sight.”


In thinking about Jewish as a religion or ethnic group, it occurred to me why identity politics requires atheism, or at least a belief that all religions are the same. Identity politics require us to believe that one’s own identity group, based on race, gender or sexual orientation determine our beliefs, values and ideology, and our actions including voting. But religion clearly destroys that myth, because Boko Haram are the same race as the Nigerian Christians they enslave and slaughter. And in the worldwide present, the only tense that matters, Islam is provably unequal and morally inferior to Christianity, even when judged by secular Leftist ideology.


Cover of the NY Post: “MS-13 on the 7 train”. In daytime NYC, a rival gang member was shot dead by a MS-13 member who was previously arrested and released, after a fight started in a subway train and spilled out. Whether he is an illegal is unknown, since in a “sanctuary” city authorities are not allowed to check or even ask. 93% of MS-13 arrested by ICE are illegal aliens.

Just in time for SOTU, this happened in AOC’s district. Democrats have downplayed MS-13. Pope Pelosi claims they have a “spark of divinity”, and that walls are “immoral”. She’ll be photo-bombing Trump tonight, looking as dour as possible.

“It really does now look like President Donald J. Trump, and markets are plunging. When might we expect them to recover? A first-pass answer is never… So we are very probably looking at a global recession, with no end in sight.”

Mark Steyn to Tucker Carlson on CNN blocking a panel guest from talking about Democrat VA Governor Northam’s support for partial-birth abortion, to focus on the KKK picture in his yearbook:

“Well, it’s actually surreal. Erin Burnett’s position is that she is totally cool with partial-birth abortion, she just doesn’t want a guy in blackface doing it. She’s got nothing against the Governor’s proposals for infanticide, she just doesn’t want him singing Mammie when he’s down there.”

“Black women account for 35 to 45 percent of all abortions. In New York City, more black babies are aborted than born.”



Tucker Carlson on Democrat Ralph Northam, whose medical school yearbook page including a photo of someone in a KKK outfit, next to a white male in blackface:

“The longest-serving Democrat, the longest-serving Senator really in American history was a former KKK recruiter called Robert Byrd. When Byrd who is from West Virginia died, this was just in 2010, then-President Barack Obama heaped praise on his memory. ”

“Ralph Northam, by contrast, does not occupy a Senate seat in a battleground state. Therefore Democrats are demanding that he resign, immediately.”


From The Second World Wars by Victor Davis Hanson, chapter “The Dead”:

About 5.7M Polish died in World World II, over 16% of the population, highest of any WWII participant. More than Britain, US and all Western Europeans nations combined.

Poland had the largest Jewish population in the world, 3.5M or 10% of the population. All but 100,000 died.

Poland fought from the start of WWII until the end of combat. It was defeated, occupied and lost its freedom twice: to Nazi Germany in 1939, then to the Soviet Union in the “victory” of 1945.


Dennis Prager founder of Prager U on The Wise Guys, giving just one example of why his videos are routinely banned by Leftcoast social media:

“Teachers unions support that everything that undermines my country, in my view. And I am supposed to feel bad? I do, I feel bad for the individual teacher, but I’m sorry. Your union is a destructive force in America.”



Lee Zeldin (R-NY) received this voicemail, clearly left by a black male:

“You’re occupying the Palestinian region. And you murder people. You’re worse than Hitler.”


Boris Kizenko was rejected by the National Honor Society of the Holmden MN school district for posting on a school board this inspirational quote from Trump: “If you’re going to think, think big.” He also posted quotes from “leaders” such as Marcus Aurelius, Yoda and Drake. Probably worse, running for Class President he wore a t-shirt that read “Make Holmden Great Again.”

The best way to understand the world and politics is to assume that everyone acts in the financial interest of themselves, their family and profession – at the expense of everyone else. Liberals believe that is true about the private sector, but they promulgate the false idea that those paid by taxes are more virtuous, because profit is evil. Actually, there is no difference between wages and profits, particularly to small businesses and the self-employed. CEOs of “non-profit” hospitals are paid $3M a year.

The educational industrial complex correctly hates and fears Trump because he wants school choice, as do 70% of African-Americans. And as a Federalist Trump knows the Federal government has no Constitutional role in regulating or funding education, it violates the Tenth Amendment. So educators tell us Trump and everyone who supports him is a racist, out of pure desperation. It’s the last refuge of scoundrels.


Mike Huckabee on how some Democrats want people to give 70% of their income to the government:

“Jesus only wanted ten percent.”



John J Diiulio (whoever that is) of UPenn and the Brookings Institute, quoted on FBN:

“Government is 3.5 times bigger than it was 5 1/2 decades ago … The government / for-profit contractor / nonprofit complex consumes about 40 percent of gross domestic product.”


Jesse Watters on those who see MAGA hats as symbols of racism, or anything else other than patriotism:

“If you have a New England Patriots hat, to some people that might represent cheating, Spygate and a double-homicide. To other people that could just mean the Patriots and winning.”

“So, I think when this country tells you ‘wear this clothing, drive this car, stop saying Merry Christmas, Baby It’s Cold Outside is about rape’, this is the reason Donald Trump became elected. Because people were so sick of being told what to do, how to think and what to say.”


Victor Davis Hanson from his book “The Second World Wars” on the causes of the Holocaust, which match the claims and rants in Mein Kampf:

“Poland and Russia were perhaps more anti-Semitic than Germany as late as 1930. Yet neither they or any other country had embarked on such a systematic state-sponsored propaganda against Jews.”

“One additional element made the unique Nazi brew of Jew hatred especially toxic: after Hitler’s ascension to power, the general German abhorrence of Bolshevism was conflated with anti-Semitism.  According to Nazi propagandists like the venomous Alfred Rosenberg, Jews such as Karl Marx and Leon Trotsky had invented communism and forced it upon the Soviet Union, and sought to do the same to Germany.”


Murder cases in 2018 were up 33% in Mexico over 2017. Tijuana had 140 killings per 100,000 people, across the wall in San Diego it was two, US national average is four.


Robert Woodson to Tucker Carlson, on the uproar over an exhibition including British coal miners in a pub, because it looked like they were wearing blackface:

“Race grievance is just triumphant throughout this country. I’m upset that as a civil rights person that we would spend so much time being concerned about a picture of white men with coal dust, and somehow that’s offensive.”

We have more blacks killing other blacks in one year than we did in the 70 years of lynchings. In other words, a 9/11 of blacks killing other blacks every six months, and you’re going to tell me our problem is a picture hanging.”



Wall Street Journal headline: “Maine’s Largest City Strains Under Asylum-Seeking Influx”

“In Portland, 65% to 70% of the 1,000 people now receiving public assistance are non-citizens, primarily asylum seekers according to city staff.”


The Five reports that dog-walking in public or driving them around in cars is banned in Tehran. The mullahs want to discourage dog ownership because dogs are viewed as unclean by Islam. Particularly Dana Perino who does tours to sell books about her dog Jasper, The Five all agree: it’s time for a Rrrrrrevolution.

Muslims also hate music and free speech, which is why they bomb rock concerts and kill cartoonists. Muslims hate music, dogs, gays and free speech, everything I value and worked for, other than my family. That is why I will oppose the spread of Islam until I die, possibly soon if I stop suppressing my urge to sing outside mosques. I may be the world’s worst graphic artist, only do stick figures, drawing Muhammad is not an option. Islam is Arabic for “submission”, I refuse. So did the Clash (of Civilizations):

By order of the Prophet
We ban that boogie sound
Degenerate the faithful
With that crazy Casbah sound
But the Bedouin they brought out
The electric camel drum
The local guitar picker
Got his guitar pickin’ thumb
As soon as the Shareef
Cleared the square
They began to wail

Shareef don’t like it
Rockin’ the Casbah
Rock the Casbah


Laura Ingraham with guest Mike Huckabee on a recent Daily Caller expose of one of two new Muslim Democrat members of Congress, this time it’s Rashida Tliab:

“Tliab is a member of the Facebook group Palestinian American Congress where members often demonize Jews. The groups founder, Palestinian activist Maher Abdel-qader was a key fundraiser for Tlaib. In January 2018, Abdel-qader showed an anti-Semitic video that claimed Jews aren’t actually Jewish … and secretly control the media.”

Mike Huckabee: “The [Democrats] will stay hitched to the wagon, even if the wagon is going off a cliff. It used to be that Democrats were a more reliable supporter of Israel and its independence and freedom, and as a safe state for the Jewish people than Republicans were. That is no longer the case … They’ve taken up with radical groups and people who are clearly and virtually apologetically anti-Semitic. It’s just stunning. It’s a form of racism that’s completely acceptable in our culture today.”


Antifa leader Joseph Alcott faces 17 charges for an attack on US Marines at a Philadelphia rally last November, calling them Nazis and white supremacists.


More than 100 illegals were arrested in ICE raids over five days in NY. Almost all were convicted criminals or facing charges.

Tucker Carlson on Democrat Presidential hopeful Kamala Harris who wants to abolish ICE and supports Medicare-4-All, a meaningless term since seniors healthcare needs have little in common with those of working and reproductive age. Tucker proves he has not read my blog or emails, or Milton Friedman, when he claims no one has thought of this:

“I don’t think people have explored this basic tension. You have two ideas on a collision course with each other: open borders and a welfare state. You can have one, you can have the other. You cannot have them both.”


Victor Davis Hanson, professor of history and author of the provocative but lengthy “The Second World Wars” which I’m still reading, to Laura Ingraham on young people’s fascination with socialism:

“I guess we’re going to turn everything over to the DMV, and they could run things efficiently.”

“That’s the logic of equality of result Laura, that it gets more radical and more radical. It happened in ancient Greece, Republican Rome, the Jacobins in France. So each generation looks back at the prior generation and says you know what, you’re old fogies and we’re going to get even more radical.”

“The educational system is turning out people who have no knowledge of history … These are socialists who are teaching our youth.”



For several seconds, F&F showed a Facebook post from Studlyjhungwell

NBC/WSJ poll of favorability:
Pelosi   28%
Trump 43%

Results of a poll done in ten districts won by Trump and now held by Democrats, including giant ME CD-02:

Approve of Trump 49% vs 48%
Support Trump’s policies 54%
Support Trump’s position on border security 61% vs 35%
Support building border wall or barrier 53%
Average approval for Democrats is 20% to 35%

Tucker Carlson on his show:

“Well the FBI sent enough firepower to Roger Stone’s house Friday night to overthrow a Third World government. His arrest is needless to say being taken as proof that Russia stole our lunch money, or burned our toast, or egged our cars, or subverted our democracy, or something.”



ISIS has just claimed responsibility for bombing a Catholic Church in the Philippines, killing at least 20 people. A video incited the Benghazi attack according to Hillary. Smirking at a Native American probably incited this attack, ISIS is very sensitive to hate speech.


Question: where does funding for the Wall come from, if not approved by Congress?

Answer: from the same funds that Obama used to give $140B to our enemy Iran, now being used to fund their military actions in Syria, Yemen and Venezuela. Congress did not approve that, or the deal with Iran. Must be at least $25B left in it, to defend our own borders.


AP poll of 1202 adults MOE +/- 3.99%
Willing to pay $10 a month to fight climate change
68% opposed 28% supportive


Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary General, on how Trump has strengthened NATO and weakened Putin:

“By the end of next year NATO will add $100B extra for defense. So we are seeing some real money and some real results. So there is no doubt that his very clear message is having an impact.”


Michael Rectenwald, retired NYU professor:

“The professorial are 40% socialist. 90% are Leftists, 40% are socialists … in the humanitarian and social sciences. … I’ve seen people actually thrown out of degree programs, PhD programs, for being conservative.”

“This is a huge indoctrination process that is going on. And it’s not just called socialism now, they’re calling it ‘social justice’ as well.”

“It leads to the kind of forced egalitarianism that you saw in the Soviet Union where you have to squash everyone down, so that everyone is ‘equal’.”



According to their Secretary of State, in Texas:
58,000 non-citizens may have voted in their elections
95,000 registered voters may not be citizens


Trish Regan of Fox News on the legacy of Obama’s bff Fidel Castro:

“New reports tonight that Nicholas Maduro is now being personally protected by private military contractors who do secret missons for the Kremlin. Earlier this week Russia’s Vladimir Putin personally calling Maduro to offer support for the socialist regime.”


Sebastian Gorka on FBI sending 29 agents in body armor with AR-15s to arrest senior citizen Roger Stone for perjury:

“My parents lived under a communist dictatorship, a police state. And back then there was the phrase ‘watch out for the 2:00 AM knock on the door.’ In Roger Stone’s case it was 5:00 AM, but it’s the same thing. This is rank intimidation. This is the corruption Obama left over at the DOJ, and this is on Robert Mueller’s doorstep.”


Suppose for whatever reason after his election you wanted Trump to be successfully impeached. It takes a simple majority vote in the House, which Democrats took so that’s a start. But then it takes a 2/3 vote in the Senate – 67 votes! You need more Democrat Senators, instead they lost two. Even then, you would need to give the already anti-Trumpers an excuse to vote to impeach, for example collusion with their enemy Russia. Obama already sold out to Iran, Castro, China, Islam, socialism and the other enemies of the Right, so Russia is your only hope.

But it won’t work, because Democrats already exposed their Leftist bias by going after Kavanaugh. That rallied the anti-Trump GOP behind Trump, including Lindsay Graham, Catholic Rubio, the Bush family. The Left was clearly attacked Catholics and Christians, and Trump stood up to them.

The GOP is divided on illegal immigration. Apparently the Kochs are funding opposition to border security, and they have stopped donation to GOP because they want open borders. That’s clearly true of Flake, Ryan and many others. Some might have voted to impeach because they oppose border control – except for the caravans streaming from Honduras, and Venezuela destroyed by socialism. That along with record opiate overdose deaths are degrading support for open borders, sanctuary cities and Latin America in general. That will continue until at least 2020.

You might have convinced GOP NATO and Mideast imperialists to vote to impeach. They hate the idea of Trump pulling troops out of Syria, Afghanistan, or for that matter anywhere else in the world. But Trump just supported Maduro’s opposition in Venezuela, friend of Castro and Obama. Russian bombers are now moving in, as are the Chinese. Even neocons care more about the Monroe Doctrine and Russians in Latin America than they do Syria, so now they strongly support Trump.

Bill Clinton lied to Congress, but they failed to impeach him. Instead his popularity soared to 60%, Hillary almost became President, and the Clintons are now worth $100M. Without an impeachment, I don’t believe the Clintons would have been that successful.

The Democrats will never get 2/3 vote needed in the Senate to get Trump out of office. They will have to win the 2020 election. If they learned anything from the Clinton impeachment, they should know that impeaching Trump ensures his reelection, and GOP control of the House.


Alan Dershowitz to FoxNews, on the charges filed against Roger Stone:

“This typical of Mueller. He has found almost no crimes that occurred before he was appointed Special Counsel. He was appointed Special Counsel to uncover crimes that had already occurred. He has virtually failed in that respect in every regard.”

“Almost all of the crimes he’s indicted people for are crimes that occurred as a result of his investigation.”



F&F reports on Wilbur Martinez-Guzman, an illegal alien from El Salvador charged with murdering four people inside their homes in northern Nevada:

“In the RGV border sector that the President just visited, since October 1 they have arrested 100 people they believe to be El Salvador gang members. Overall 14,000 have been arrested since the shutdown began 34 days ago.”


Tucker Carlson reported on how despite massive Fed funding for colleges, tuition costs rise faster than inflation. The same is true for healthcare, and for housing prior to 2008 from Fed-backed subprime loans. All Fed subsidies increase the total cost to society, while the cost to the end user continues to grow.

From 2010 to 2015 the eight schools in the Ivy League received a total of $41.6B in Federal aid, almost $7B per-year – which more than covers the $5.7B Trump wants for border security. This is despite the fact that Ivy League endowments are over $120B and all ROI on that is tax-free, not true for other businesses or individuals.


George Orwell from his book ‘1984’, quoted by Tucker Carlson in reference to a Covington Catholic student castigated for appearing to smirk at a Native American:

“The smallest thing could give you away. A nervous tic, an unconscious look of anxiety, a habit of muttering to yourself. To wear an improper expression on your face was itself a punishable offense. There was even a word for it: facecrime.”


Nial Ferguson of the Hoover Institute, on why LeftCoast social media censoring conservatives proves they are publishers, which violates the agreement made with Congress giving them special exemption on the assumption they are an open platform:

“There are now giant corporations dominating the public sphere, Facebook and Google in particular, that more or less uncontrolled by any of the regulation that for example a cable news channel or a newspaper have … They are completely exempt from any liability for any content that appears on their platform … even if that content leads to the kinds of harm that have been threatened to Covington Catholic High school and people.”


Michelle Malkin on F&F, who like me compares the Covington Catholic debacle to a Rorschach test:

“It is a cultural pathology. Political correctness is a pathological condition … It really is a time to have self-reflection among the media about their own contempt for half of America.”



89% of students in the high-tax unionist sanctuary state of Illinois failed the English assessment test.

Berkeley CA just passed a 25 cent tax on disposable cups, to start next year.

Bernie Sanders, who honeymooned in the former Soviet Union while Putin was in the KGB, in a 2011 speech shows that Democrats are radical communists like those in Cuba that Obama visited to congratulate and whose military now keep Maduro in power so people starve and eat cats and squirrels, while China steals their oil. And why Democrats must never gain power through their illegal coup against a duly-elected President:

“These days the American Dream is more apt to be realized in South America in places such as Ecuador, Venezuela and Argentina where incomes are more equal than in the land of Horatio Alger. Who’s the Banana Republic now?”


NY and NJ lost 5700 millionaires in 2018, who left to escape high-tax unionist welfare Blue states. A single rich citizen moved from NJ to FL, costing NJ 1% of its total tax revenue. NY, CA and IL each lost more than 100,000 residents last year.


Native Americans owned slaves, practiced human sacrifice, could not make iron, had no written language, lived in the Stone Age, killed each other and every white person they could, but instead died en masse from European and African diseases.

The Left demands that white people who created everything of material value since 1500 AD now bow down to inferior Native American, Muslim and Latino culture. If they are going to hate on white males, along with not teaching Shakespeare the Left must stop using electricity and believing in evolution. It all came from white males.


Tucker Carlson on the Covington Catholic uproar, which I now realize is yet another social media Rorschach test. Here is some of what the racist Black Hebrew Israelites were yelling at the students before they were accosted by a Native American beating a drum in their faces:

“Look at these dusty ass crackers with that racist garbage on.” [crackers leave crumbs, not dust]

“A bunch of future school shooters” [US blacks kill at 4x the rate of whites, 90% of their victims are other blacks]

“A bunch of incest babies” [US is only nation that bans first cousins marrying]

“The biggest terrorist on the face of earth is the pale face man, woman and child.” [they must mean lily-white Muslim Cat Stevens]

Laura Wagner of Deadspin which used to be a sports site tweeted this:

“A racially-charged frenzy of barely-restrained violence … frothing mass of MAGA youth, frenzied & yelling & out of control.”

Tucker Carlson: “Imagine if someone was writing something like that about your son. At Covington Catholic, classes were canceled today. Thanks to people like Laura Wagner, there were too many threats at the school.”

Howard Dean tweeted this, proving yet again that Democrats prefer terrorism and Sharia law over Catholicism. That explains why Trump has 50% approval and growing among Latino citizens, most of whom are devout Catholics who hated the attack by abortionists on Kavanaugh:

“#CovingtonCatholic seems like a hate factory to me. Why not just close it?”

Ben Shapiro on his Internet show, clip shown on F&F:

“We are now living in a time where the secular Left has decided to take on everyone with traditional Judeo-Christian values. Whether it’s Karen Pence teaching at a religious school, whether it’s the Knights of Columbus, or whether it’s these kids who are acting on their Catholic faith by going to a March for Life rally. That’s what this is really about. This is about a deep-seated conflict between folks who can’t stand the presence of religion in everyday life, and people who are religious.”



President Trump recent tweet is relatively kind to Speaker Pelosi. It does not mention that junkies shoot up in BART stations using heroin from Mexico:

“Nancy Pelosi has behaved so irrationally & has gone so far to the left that she has now officially become a Radical Democrat. She is so petrified of the “lefties” in her party that she has lost control … And by the way, clean up the streets in San Francisco, they are disgusting!”


Thomas Hodgson, Sheriff of Bristol County MA, to Charles Payne on FBN:

“We finally have a President who is acting like an adult who gave law enforcement back its footing from day one … The opiate crisis in this country is out of control. Sex trafficking, human trafficking and this is all related to the southern border.”

“I will tell you Massachusetts is about 2200 miles from the southern border. We are the second most common place that you’ll find fentanyl, and we are the 7th highest in overdose rates.”

“We’ve been asking for this wall for 20 years … Congress frankly is the problem. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are the people that are really acting like children.”


I did yesterday’s calculation of tuition increases wrong, and they were for private colleges only. State universities tuition cost rose faster. Like healthcare the total cost is what matters to taxpayers, not the cost to the user who most taxpayers believe should pay the full bill, particularly since college grads become richer than others.

Healthcare and college costs skyrocketed because prices are always “what the market can bear”. Taxpayer subsidies increase what is bearable to the buyer, so the seller charges more. Only paying customers with a choice to go elsewhere, or more important to not buy at all, can control prices. Insurers, taxpayer-funding and loans disable consumerism which created all this neat tech stuff, continually increasing declining prices. Only the free market does that.

And “room and board” cover the facilities costs, housing, workers wages. Tuition just covers teachers and bureaucrats wages, they have risen at the same rate. Elizabeth Warren was paid $300,000 a year to teach one course at Harvard.

All colleges are funded by Fed taxpayers. Ivy League colleges get more in Fed funding than they do in tuition, despite massive endowments and contributions from alum. CNBC has a page reporting on the same study that is simpler:

“A 1988 graduate of Harvard University would have spent $17,100 on tuition during their senior year. Now, in their 50s, they’d have to pay $44,990 in tuition for their child to attend Harvard today.”


Jesse Watters on The Five gleefully gives Democrats extremely bad news, quoting a poll done by Fed-funded liberal propaganda NPR. Which proves to me that most Latinos identify as Americans, not as global citizens or as part of a Leftist race-based collectivist identity group.

“Trump gains 19 points with Latino voters during the border wall Shutdown … His approval rating went from 31% among Latinos to 50%.”


Albert Einstein: “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it. Compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe.”

Kristin Tate, author of How Do I Tax Thee?, on student debt which Democrats call a “crisis” like climate change, and unlike MS-13 and 30,000+ killed annually by drugs that come across the Mexican border. Her stats mean tuition rose 4.23% annually, doubling every 7 / 4.3 * 10 = every 16 years, compared to 2.54% inflation, doubling every 27 years.

So it’s a bigger difference than it seems, particularly to us seniors. Over a 60 year period most costs are up 4x, while tuition is up 8x.

“Total student loan debt in this country is now $1.5T. This is largely the result of Federal loans. Today the Feds subsidize over 70% of all student aid. Most students can qualify for as much student aid as they need, regardless of the price tag or the earning potential of the degree they are seeking … As a result we’ve seen a 129% increase in tuition from 1988 to today.”


David Webb on F&F, on a conversation with a caller to his radio show SiriusXM Patriot:

Areva Martin: “David, by virtue of being a white male you have white privilege.”

David Webb: “Areva, I hate to break it to you but you should have been prepped better. I’m black.”

“Our skin is an organ. It doesn’t think, it doesn’t form ideas.”


Will Swain talking about a series of billboards his group has put up in the LA area to inform teachers that a recent SCOTUS decision means public employees do not have to pay union dues:

LA Teachers Are Saving $1,000 Every Year

LA Teachers: Read this before spending another $1,000 in union dues!

Teachers: Tired of union politics? Feeling ignored? Know your rights!

“It is in fact the pension agreements the district has agreed to in the past, the retirement benefits healthcare, pensions, that is driving the district into bankruptcy.”



New WaPo / ABC News poll asked:

“Have you personally been inconvenienced by the shutdown?”
No 82%
Yes 18%

“Should Trump still push for border wall?”
Demand funding 52%
Trump should compromise 41%


Results of a new Q poll which asked “Is there a security crisis on our southern border?”
Yes 54% No 43%


According to author Sara Goff who married a Swede, lives in Sweden and has dual citizenship, each Muslim immigrant will cost Swedish taxpayers an estimated $8,000 a year, for life. The 10% foreign born in Sweden are responsible for 59% of the rapes. That’s the price of White Guilt Liberal open borders. Their reward presumably is feeling virtuous, which I don’t understand and hopefully never will.


35,000 union teachers in the greater LA school district are on strike for higher wages and smaller class sizes, but reportedly their real target is their new reform school board and charter schools. The parents of about 1M immigrants in the LA school district want charter schools, as do 70% of African-American parents.

CA budget has risen 44% in the last six years. Now are they proposing a new tax on drinking water, though none of those funds will go towards supplying clean water.


Jerome Corsi who is suing the Mueller team for $350M on Trish Reagan explained how before Mueller team came after him, he gave an old Mac PC he was no longer using to his son who first erased the disk. Later Mueller accused him of destroying evidence, like Hillary did with her private server.

Unfortunately for Mueller, Corsi used the Apple TimeMachine app and has backups for all his PCs that allow him to restore the disk to any previous date. That’s known as a “journaling file system.” He also gave Mueller team passwords to all his public email accounts.

Corsi will likely win his suit as Trump did against the Creepy Porn Lawyer, but Corsi is unlikely to get a reward that is 1000x times as much as Trump’s, and over 10x the cost to-date of the Mueller hoax.



I want to teach a law school course on Social Justice. The final exam will be only questions with one of two answers: true or false. If lawyers presume to make moral decisions for us, they should be unequivocal and always correct. Otherwise they should stick to democracy, the Constitution and rule of law.

Here are some example true/false questions, where the only correct answer is “true”.

  1. According to court testimony and verdict, adult Michael Brown did not have his hands up when he was shot dead in self-defense by a police officer he attacked.
  2. The Koran commands believers to convert or kill all those who reject the Old Testament.
  3. President Bill Clinton committed perjury in his testimony to Congress regarding Monica Lewinsky.
  4. According to the Koran, God said that the act of men lusting after men transgresses all bounds, and no one has ever outdone it.
  5. OJ killed two white people.


Which President is the best career and life model for your children: Bill Clinton, Barack Obama or Donald Trump?

It is true that Trump is an adulterer, a client of prostitute(s), even paid extortion to one. But to our knowledge all his sexual escapades were consensual, which in my view includes acts done for pay. And all acts were personal not professional, employees and co-workers were not involved.

But Paula Jones and Anita Broderick did not consent to sex with Bill Clinton, who as President had sex with a subordinate named Monica Lewinsky in the workplace. That is unforgivable in the private sector, men’s careers and lives were ruined for far less. Bill Clinton is relevant here because his opportunist enabler wife Hillary, who blamed his victims and stayed married for financial and political gain, was the only viable alternative to Trump in 2016.

And while Obama appears squeaky-clean on sexual matters and fidelity, Obama drinks, smokes and did illegal drugs including cocaine. Trump never did any of those things.

So my question is, which path would you want your child to follow? A clean and sober businessman who employed thousands, built hotels and golf courses that serve millions of consensual customers who all pay millions in taxes? Or a drunk druggie nicotine-addict lawyer who hired no one, produced nothing, never had a job?


Buried deep in the recent NYT article is an admission that after two years Mueller found no evidence of Trump colluding with Russia, which means they had no evidence that justified spying on Trump in the first place:

“No evidence has emerged that publicly that Mr Trump was secretly in contact with or took direction from the Russian government.”


Daniel Henninger wrote a WSJ article titled The Right’s Resistance that was quoted by Steve Hilton as the reason Trump’s supporters will back him, no matter what:

“The Left’s cultural triumphalism on matters of identity, race and gender … Mitt Romney and virtually all Republican politicians entertaining runs for the Presidency simply will not stand up to this dominant status quo. Instead, they address these matters in a kind of tiptoeing careful-speak.”



Dr James Mitchell, a former CIA official who interrogated terrorists at Gitmo including the infamous KSM:

“I think Democrats are the true hostage takers because they are using the Federal employees as human shields in order to keep the southern border open to illegal immigration. They’ve told us why they’re doing that.”

“Their strategists have already told us that the long-term plan, the Fifty Year Plan, is to cram as many illegal aliens into the United States as possible, make them dependent on welfare so they want to keep people in power who give them free things, move them into areas that primarily have conservative voters, ram some sort of policy that gets them the right to vote, and then take power and keep it because you’ve got a permanent underclass.”


The Left objects to the term “illegal alien” or even “illegal immigrant”. So to calm the waters, I suggest we call them “unwelcome guests”.

It’s great to hear Democrats claim that TSA is being hurt by the shutdown. Apparently the rich deserve security on airplanes, we peasants don’t deserve it here in the US.


If I were a GOP political consultant what would I tell my clients, particularly regarding the shutdown over the Wall? I would tell them that Trump won 30 states which is an electoral landslide and 60 future Senators, so Democrats only chance is in the House.

I would note that populous NY and CA are so heavily Democrat that they make national polls irrelevant, and result in those coastal globalist states dominating their party through Schumer and Pelosi, forcing them to the Left of most voters.

President Trump only has to satisfy voters in the 30 Red States, and he will add at least NH in 2020. He does not need the 20 Blue States, which conveniently are the ones with the highest taxes, rich globalists, Wall St and sanctuary cities. So Trump’s tax bill capped SALT deductions which only hurts the well-off in high-tax Blue States which will never vote GOP, particularly CA, NY and IL. And Trump raises tariffs that hurt rich globalists mainly in Blue states. And Trump shuts down the government over a border Wall because sanctuary cities are in Blue States, and most states strongly oppose them.

So screw the Blue States is my advice, but I think it has been Trump’s strategy from the start. GOP will at least own the Presidency and Senate, forever.


President Trump to reporters regarding the shutdown:

“Democrats don’t care about crime. They’ve been taken over by a group of young people who frankly, I’ve been watching, in some cases I actually think they’re crazy.”



Mike Slater, host of the Mike Slater Show, on F&F talking about his home state of California:

“Our politicians don’t have to live the consequences of their policies. Governor Jerry Brown, he’s retired and off to his 2,500 acre estate. There’s no MS-13 gang members living nearby he has to worry about.”

“Maxine Waters district has a 22% poverty rate, she lives in a $4.5M mansion.”

“Gavin Newsome, his kids don’t go to schools that have to face the consequences of illegal immigration. There’s schools in California where 75 languages are spoken in the schools.”

“The California budget ten years ago was $80B, and now it’s over $200B. And healthcare expenditures are $450B … The top 1% already pay half the income tax in California, there is not enough money to possibly do this. But that’s never stopped Progressives from enacting these policies.”


High-tax Blue states are losing population, they are being replaced by illegal immigrants that count on the census, which determines House seats and electoral votes. Even if illegals do not vote, they will be counted equal to citizens if Democrats win those states and districts. Also, Federal subsidies to states are based on the census. The more illegals, the more Fed taxpayer funding for Democrat cities and states.

As a result, Blue states and cities are now competing for illegals by offering them greater taxpayer-funded benefits. This explains Schumer of NY and Pelosi of CA opposing any and all border security, their states are actively recruiting illegals. Democrats CA Governor Newsome and NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio recently announced plans to give taxpayer-funded healthcare coverage to illegals.

DeBlasio repeated the lie used to sell Obamacare: that giving everyone coverage will reduce ER visits and save money in the long run, with the implicit assumption that doctors don’t accept uninsured patients. In fact, the uninsured use all medical services less including the ER. And I paid 15-25% less for doctors visits because I paid with a credit card, saves them money.

Before Obamacare the state of Oregon had insufficient Medicaid funds, so they held a lottery where the winners (about half) got coverage, others not. Five years later they found that the insured used more medical services including ERs, but were not healthier and did not have a lower mortality rate. Life expectancy has declined in the US over the last three years as more got coverage, mainly from prescription drug overdose and side effects. So-called “wellness care” is a proven failure. Lifestyle is healthcare.


Tucker Carlson on states that lost the most population in 2017 according to the US Census Bureau, and also have the highest taxes:
NY 180,306
CA 156,068
IL 114, 154

“Do they plan to change that? No, instead their plan is to further tax the middle-class to provide benefits to illegal aliens from other countries.”

“So repeat after me: no national emergency, the crisis at the border is false. It’s fraudulent, it’s totally made-up. Think leprechauns, or low-cal ice cream. Something only kids and dumb people believe in.”

“Actually, you know what the border crisis is like? It’s like that imaginary caravan from Honduras a few months ago. The one that marched all the way to Tijuana with TV cameras in tow, but didn’t really exist.”



Reported on F&F:

235,000 ICE arrests 2017-2018
4000 for homicide
100,000 for assault
30,000 for sex crimes

Drugs seized at the border Jan-Aug 2018 (lbs)
Cocaine: 47,945
Heroin: 4,813
Methamphetamine: 67,292


Mark Morgan, former Chief of US Border Patrol under Obama, to Tucker Carlson:

“The President is right … when they said the wall works, they were right … That’s based on historical data and facts that can be proven.”

“I believe in what the President is doing. When he says this is a national security problem, he is absolutely correct.”



President Trump from a speech on April 27 2016, proving his firing of Mattis, Kelly and rejection of neocon imperialism is consistent with the policy of America First that he promised his informed, worldly and patriotic supporters:

“I will never send our our finest into battle unless it is necessary, and I mean absolutely necessary. And will only do so if we have a plan for victory, with a capital V.”

“We’re getting out of the nation-building business and instead focusing on creating stability in the world.”

“Unlike other candidates for President, war and aggression will not be my first instinct.”


Tucker Carlson on who supports and benefits from open borders, here and in Europe:

“You’d have to put rich white people at the very top of the list of supporters. Our endless supply of new immigrants gives them, the people in my neighborhood, access to much cheaper household help, and most of all it makes them feel virtuous.”

“If there is any group in America that supports having more than 20M people here illegally it’s not the poor, it’s the people in our richest neighborhoods.”



Tucker Carlson on Nancy Pelosi calling a border wall “immoral”:

“As a matter of policy Democrats believe a border wall is immoral. And that raises the question, what do they consider moral? Well, American troops stuck in Syria for one thing, that’s just fine. Sex-selective abortions paid for with tax dollars, can’t get more moral than that. Antifa rioting in the streets, perfectly virtuous.”

“And it turns out walls can be moral under the right circumstances, they just can’t protect America. Democrats gladly signed off on border defenses for Jordan, Tunisia and Israel. No problem, glad to do it. But on behalf of their own people? No, Americans don’t deserve that. They’re immoral for asking.”


Hank Johnson Congressman (D-GA) speaking at an AACP meeting in Atlanta:

“Americans elected an authoritarian anti-immigrant racist strongman to the highest office … Much like Hitler took over the Nazi party, Donald Trump took over the Republican party.”


Mark Steyn to Tucker Carlson on bans on plastic straws and taxes on beef, even though methane breaks down within five years and therefore has no long-term effect on climate change:

“America contributes less to plastic waste in the oceans than Morocco, or Burma, or even North Korea and I don’t know what they’ve got to throw in the oceans in North Korea.”

“The most important aspect of environmental healthcare is garbage disposal. The less we talk about things that matter, the more we obsess on these boutique niche issues.”



Jordan Peterson whose daughter’s videos were “struck” from Youtube by Google, then reinstated after vigorous complaints with an apology but no explanation:

“There is a coterie of organizations that are Left in their orientation, quite radically Left, who are engaged in a concerted effort to force corporations to adopt their particular definition of hate speech regulation. I can’t think of anything more dangerous than letting arbitrary organizations define what constitutes hate speech.”

“Speech can be rough, and people can say reprehensible things, but the issue is who should police it. And the answer isn’t idiot Social Justice Warriors and half-witted corporate policies arbitrarily applied, and then arbitrarily removed.”


Mitt Romney wrote an op-ed before even being sworn in as a freshman Senator attacking President Trump’s “character” which to a Mormon means Trump not only divorced, but dared to remarry. Stone the adulterer!

Most voters don’t know that 70,000 Fed troops on Utah border in 1850 forced LDS to give up theocracy and polygamy, forcing Romney’s great-grandfather and his multiple wives to flee to Mexico, where Mitt’s ancestors were born.

So Romney opposes Trump not only because Mitt’s ancestors are Mexican, but also because they were polygamists like the Muslims Trump opposes. Mitt Romney is a Mexican polygamist, his entire worldview derives from his religion. Mormonism and Islam are both based on the Old Testament, though the Koran is more faithful to the Christian view of Jesus than the ludicrous Book of Mormon.


Jair M Bolsonaro, tweet from the new President of Brazil to President Trump after decades of ruinous socialist rule:

“Dear Mr President, I truly appreciate your words of encouragement. Together, under God’s protection, we shall bring prosperity and progress to our people.”


Kanye West aka “Ye” tweet:

“One of my favorite things about what the Trump hat represents to me is that people can’t tell me what to do because I’m black.”



Three stabbed but expected to survive by a man shouting the now-cliched “Allahu Akbar” in Manchester UK. But City is doing great and United better under their new owner, so no problem.

In Toyko nine injured by a minivan driven into a crowd, one critical. The attacker first said it was terror, then claimed he was protesting the death penalty.


Tammy Bruce on the CA Woman’s March being cancelled because it was “too white”, after the Chicago Woman’s March was canceled due to organizers connections to Louis Farrakhan:

“The Left, all they want to do is organize, and they want to organize against whatever the Establishment is, but certainly if that Establishment promotes individual power, individual freedom. That’s the thing that of course that is anathema to Leftist organizers because they want everyone to think only of a collective.”



The Koran proves the US can’t trust deal with Iran’s Supreme Leader

You who believe, do not take the Jews and Christians as allies: they are allies only to each other. Anyone who takes them as an ally becomes one of them— God does not guide such wrongdoers.
— The Feast 51

The worst creatures in the sight of God are those who reject Him and will not believe; who, whenever you [Prophet] make a treaty with them, break it, for they have no fear of God. If you meet them in battle, make a fearsome example of them to those who come after them, so that they may take heed.
— Battle Gains 55:57

Read more here: Believe or Beware: Warnings From the Quran to Disbelievers