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President Trump at his IN rally:

“We have the best economy in the history of our country. Factories are reopening, jobs are pouring back into the US. We are putting your great Indiana coal miners and steel workers back to work. We’re reclaiming our nations proud manufacturing heritage, and putting tariffs on foreign producers who cheat our workers, and cheat our companies.”

“I love blue collar workers. I probably love them more than white collar workers, but I won’t say that too loud.”

“Today’s Democrat Party is held hostage by left-wing haters, angry mobs, Deep State radicals and their fake news allies.”

“The so-called Resistance is mad because their ideas have been rejected by the American people.”

“I have a better education than they do … I went to better schools … I’m President, and they’re not.”


A tweet from racist communist terrorist Ruben Gallego (D-AZ), who falsely believes illegal alien Latin Americans are “Americans”, or are worthy of ever becoming one:

“If you are a government official and you are deporting Americans, be warned. When the worm turns you will not be safe because you were just following orders. You do not have to take part in illegal acts ordered by this President’s administration.”


Kevin McCarthy (D-CA) to Laura Ingraham:

“You see Prager University that puts out conservative videos. One happened to be about Israel by Alan Dershowitz, one happened to be about baseball with George Will. Well you know what? Facebook wouldn’t show them because they said Youtube rated them ‘similar to pornography’. Then we found out recently it was a couple of Facebook employees who did it.”

“If you Google the California Republican Party right before the primary, they said our ideology is Nazism, and they blamed that on Wikipedia.”


Gianno Caldwell to Laura Ingraham:

“Yale did a study in 2015 which said that for every 100,000 residents in the city of Chicago there is on average 1 white person shot, 28 Hispanics shot, and a whopping 113 African-Americans shot.”

“Speaking to gang-bangers in the city of Chicago, a lot of those folks feel this is a life they were pre-conditioned for, this isn’t something that they necessarily chose. As one of them told me, this is a life that chose him.”


Mark Steyn to Tucker Carlson:

“I understand Lanny Davis thrice denied he was the source of the CNN story. When I first heard the CNN story it though it was rubbish because Michael Cohen is now being forced to lie about everything he’s been doing for the previous quarter century. The governments star witness is a liar whose deal is conditional on these new lies. So I thought Lanny Davis was just passing on his client’s lies. But in fact he’s lying about what the liar lied to him about that day.”



FBN: Chicago has had 365 murders since January.

Greg Gutfeld on The Five:  The guest columnist at the NYT on 9/11/2001 was domestic terrorist and Obama’s political mentor Bill Ayers, who now teaches Marxist revolution at Berkeley.  Four years later Obama met with the leader of the Nation of Islam that murdered Malcolm X: the racist anti-white, anti-Christian, anti-Jew terrorist Louis Farrakhan, also from Chicago.

Me: If you don’t yet understand why 43% are voters are non-partisans, and why outsider Trump was elected to Drain the Swamp, look no further than the DC love fest for the late neocon imperialist hawk John McCain. Let’s review:

Vietnam War and Iraq occupation were the stupidest foreign policy blunders of my lifetime, and John McCain supported them both. They incited global anti-Americanism and the Left, disgracing and almost destroying America. Vietnam and Iraq were not a threat to US citizens. Trump insulted Bush family and McCain, said we wasted $5T in the Mideast. Trump was right, it’s why he won.

Dems called McCain a racist when he ran against Obama. The Left hates neocon hawks like McCain and the entire US military. Now shill Chuck Schumer pretends otherwise for no other reason than to attack Trump.

Congress has about a 20% approval, it is exploiting McCain’s death to pretend they are hard-working virtuous civil servants who love America. But like the Deep State they only serve lobbyists, public unions, and most of all their own financial self-interest. 8 of the 10 richest counties in the US are around DC.

This media event is just another an attempt to justify the rich, corrupt, immoral ruling class in DC. While denigrating Trump, the non-union private sector and the working class who produce everything of material value, and pay for it all.


Brian Amerige, Senior Engineer at Facebook from a memo posted to a company message board, reported by the NYT, reported on FBN because it matters to investors. The memo also claims that any physical posters on the walls welcoming Trump supporters are torn down, says that All Lives Matter is a fireable offense if you talk about it.

“We are a political monoculture that’s intolerant of different views … We claim to welcome all perspectives, but are quick to attack – often in mobs – anyone who presents a view that appears to be in opposition to left-leaning ideology.”

“We are entrusted by a great part of the world to be impartial and transparent carriers of people’s stories, ideas and commentary. Congress doesn’t think we can do this. The president doesn’t think we can do this. And like them or not, we deserve that criticism.”



Bernie Sanders in a 2011 speech:

“The American Dream is more apt to be realized in South America, in places like Ecuador, Venezuela and Argentina.”


Tucker Carlson reports Real News:

“Well lunatics and dumb people in Washington have wasted the last two years of your life in a frenzy over Russia’s supposed influence in our elections. Lost in the hyperbole and commotion and hysteria has been the real story: China’s active, pervasive and ongoing espionage against our country. Most of the press seems completely uninterested in it, but we are interested in it.”

“Now according to a new report by the Daily Caller, a Chinese-owned company successfully hacked Hillary Clinton’s private email server, the illegal one we used to talk so much about. And by doing that, got real-time access to the email she sent and received as Secretary of State.”


Greg Gutfeld on The Five:

“Last month CNN announced a bombshell, that Michael Cohen said President Trump knew about that meeting between his son and a Russian claiming to have dirt on Hillary, something as rare as air. It was one of a thousand nails in the coffin of Trump’s Presidency.”

“But then Lanny Davis, Hillary’s creepy fixer, who is now defending Trump’s creepy fixer, figure that out, says his creepy client did not have such information, which is odd since it is now revealed that creepy Davis is the anonymous creepy source who supplied  creepy CNN with that creepy information that the network milked to death while lecturing us on ethics. So CNN is in a creepy pickle. Their source for their biggest story of the year is giving us creeps.”


Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA on The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton:

“If you actually look at the concentration of wealth in America, it has migrated around the counties of Washington DC. If you look at 1970s, the wealthiest counties in America were around Detroit, Philadelphia and Chicago.”

“Now 8 of the 10 wealthiest counties in America are around Washington DC. What do they produce? Do they make cars? Do they do financial deals? Is it Silicon Valley? No, crony deals.”

“They take our money, it’s like the worst Ponzi scheme you ever imagined. ‘Send us your money, we’ll send you back none of it, we’ll get rich ourselves.’”



Victor David Hanson on antifa mobs destroying Confederate statues:

“I’m sitting here in the San Joaquin Valley in my hometown where my family has been for 140 years, [where] our city council voted to put an Aztec totem of the snake earth goddess who was the object of thousands of human sacrifices in the Aztec culture.”

“Above it they have the inscription ‘Viva La Raza’, Long Live the Race, a racist epithet that was reinvented by the Chicano movement of the ’60s, borrowed from Francisco Franco of Spain where he wrote a novel called Raza, a fascist novel. Am I going to go in there and say ‘this is awful’, and in the dead of night put a hood on and try to topple that?”


Raymond Arroyo reports to the Ingraham Angle on San Francisco’s public worker “poop patrol”, and other costs of the estimate 7,500 homeless living in that city:

He noted workers are paid $185,000 a year to clean up poop. I believe that is total compensation not just wages, including healthcare and pension costs. Or more likely the “burden cost”, the actual cost to taxpayers including equipment, office space, uniform cleaning. He noted SF pays $700K a year for four people who pick up needles.

Here is part of how the $72M annual SF street cleanup budget is spent:

$12M for homeless encampment housing
$2.8M on camp wash down and biohazard removal
$3.1M for the pit stop portable toilets


Seamus Brumar of the Government Accountability Office and author of “Compromised” talks to Greg Jarett about the long, lucrative and corrupt Robert Mueller and James Comey friendship:

“In 2005 [Comey] was worth just $206,000. Well, he goes to Lockheed Martin in 2005 as General Counsel and also Senior VP and by 2009 he’s raked in millions, $6.1M in that year alone. There are multiple contracts that go to Lockheed Martin while James Comey is the General Counsel, and Robert Mueller announces them and celebrates the fact that Lockheed Martin won the award.”

Greg Jarrett: “Didn’t Rob Mueller also get rich? Because he leaves government and goes to work for Booz Allen Hamilton who just happened to have received hundreds of millions of dollars from the FBI under Mueller’s previous direction.”



Tucker Carlson on the media response to his report that South Africa is seizing land from white farmers:

“In an Orwellian turn various news outlets suggested it was somehow racist to oppose the racist policies of the South African government, or even Nazi-like. Watch:”

Al Sharpton on MSNBC: “He goes to race and what better way than to give this neo-Nazi propaganda that white farmers are being killed in South Africa when in fact that is not true, not based on their being white.”

Tucker Carlson: “So show that clip to anyone who knows South Africa or lives there and see how they respond. They’ll laugh, bitterly. It’s ludicrous, it’s a lie.”

“Now our elites endorse the idea of a racial spoils system, and that’s the scariest part. It’s far more ominous than anything the corrupt and incompetent government of South Africa is doing. Our ruling class now believes in collective punishment. That is the opposite of justice.”



It’s quiz time! Which of the following events sparked the most public outrage?

a) A white female college student is raped and murdered by a Mexican illegal immigrant
b) A 280 lb black adult attacks a white police officer and is shot dead in self-defense.

Which event incited rioting, vandalism, looting and arson?

Which event inspires NFL players to kneel in sympathy?

Did White Lives Matter march in NYC chanting “What do we want? Dead illegals!”?

Now reverse the race of all four people involved: a white man rapes and murders a black woman, a black cop kills his white male assailant. How does that change our collective outrage, and why should it?


Tucker Carlson on how CNN and MSNBC totally ignored the murder of Mollie Tibbets by an illegal alien:

“Crimes like this are of course embarrassingly inconvenient for the American media which routinely, every day, remind us that illegal aliens are far more impressive than we are, and if we disagree with that we’re racists.”


Tucker Carlson on antifa destroying another Confederate statue, this time on the UNC campus:

“Two nights ago a mob of angry children, trying out for Chairman Mao’s Red Guards apparently, pulled the statue down while law enforcement let them do it.”

Antifa chants: “Cops go home! Cops go home!”

Tucker: “What you just saw is barbaric, and it’s an attack on democracy itself. Polls consistently show that Americans believe the monument should be left standing … You can make an argument and change their minds. The Left doesn’t want to do that. They want the mob to get its way. And they keep doing that until the Law stands up to them.”


Tucker Carlson covers yet another story all others in the media intentionally ignore:

“The President of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa has begun seizing land from his own citizens without compensation because they are the wrong skin color. That is literally the definition of racism. Racism is what our elites say they dislike most. ‘Trump is a racist!’ they say. But they paid no attention to this at all.”

“In fact Cyril Ramaphosa is one of Barack Obama’s favorite leaders in the world. In a speech just a few weeks ago Obama praised him. He praised the racist government of South Africa and Ramaphosa by name for ‘inspiring hope throughout the country.’”



I think Trump’s lawyer Cohen chose a plea bargain with Mueller because he feared RICO prosecution for his taxi medallions, a business which is totally corrupt. That’s why Uber drivers are being forced out of NYC. Cohen would have to testify against mobsters, unions and taxi operators who would likely have him killed, like they did Jimmy Hoffa. Instead Cohen gets a sweet 3-5 year deal in a minimum security prison, probably with millions paid to his family and a rich life funded by Soros and the Clintons.

Alan Dershowitz said that “every candidate” violates campaign finance laws, Bernie and Hillary both did so. It’s a civil offense, not criminal or impeachable. Here Constitutional law expert Mark Levin notes (with somewhat awkward prose) that neither Cohen nor Trump violated campaign finance laws, because sex with a prostitute is not a campaign event:

“The general counsel for the Clinton mob family, Lanny Davis, he had his client plead to two counts of criminality that don’t exist. It is a guilty plea, it is a plea bargain between a prosecutor and a criminal. That is not precedent.”

“Just because a prosecutor says that someone violated a campaign law, doesn’t make it so. He’s not the judge, he’s not the jury. A candidate who spends his own money or even corporate money for an event that occurred not as a result of the campaign is not a campaign expenditure.”


Tucker Carlson talking to Mark Steyn about msm outrage over ICE arresting an illegal driving his pregnant wife to the hospital to have their sixth anchor baby, not reporting that he was wanted in Mexico for murder. ICE was deporting him at Mexico’s request:

“Look, I hate doing show after show about the faults of the press because in the end, who cares, they’re just journalists. If they were smart they’d be in private equity or whatever.”

Conor Sen portfolio manager at New River Investment explains to me at least why college graduates, government and service workers tend to hate Trump – and why the working class love him:

“[job growth is now greatest among] goods-producing workers and the least-educated workers.”

Ben Stein on Liz Warren’s bill before Congress to takeover private corporations:

“Her ideas are great for lawyers, but she is a probably a huge, huge beneficiary of money  from the Plaintiff’s Trial bar. The Plaintiff’s Trial bar is a very big factor, almost as big as the teachers union in the Democrat party.”

Greg Gutfeld on the lying adulterer who led the Hillary coverup and Trump Russia hoax:

“Peter Strzok has started a GoFundMe page. I bet his wife told him to go fund himself.”

Eric Felten of the Weekly Standard notes that the NYT referred to Bruce Ohr (who testifies to Congress on August 28) as a “mid-level employee” among the 130,000 at the DOJ. Felton points out that Ohr was Associate Deputy Attorney General, the highest possible rank for a career employee like Ohr.

Marlonn Hicks a black male from IN sentenced to 15 years in prison for plotting terrorist attacks he says were inspired by the Orlando Pulse night club attack. Hicks statement to the judge before sentencing:

“I’m not a terrorist. I’m a big teddy bear that got emotional.”



Michael Pillsbury of the Hudson Institute talking to Tucker Carlson about China’s view of Trump:

“I was in Beijing a week ago … They think President Trump is basically the superior of the last five or six that have dealt with China. He’s done the most to alter the relationship, he’s really got their attention. They are quite concerned that there’s something deeper going on than they’re aware of.

“So you get this sense that the Chinese leadership and the advisors to the leadership are afraid of being outsmarted by President Trump. They think Trump is so smart, as you say playing 3D chess that he has got the Europeans on his side, and they’ve issued a set of warnings to the Europeans just this week not to fall for President Trump’s trap.”


Jesse Watters on the The Five talking about Brennan losing his security clearance:

“He changed his story because he told the Senate under oath he didn’t see any evidence of collusion, and he never said there was collusion when he put forth that intelligence assessment report after the election. And now he goes to the NYT and says there is evidence of collusion. He’s not honest, he’s been caught telling lies and spying on Senate staffers.”

“He actually handed Benghazi survivors NDAs at the memorial service for the fallen soldiers. So the guy didn’t really deserve to be CIA Director, everybody said he was more of a political appointee.”


Businessman Trump understands what lawyer Obama who did not run a business or even have a job could never understand: in a competitive free market, you are slaves to customers. You need them desperately, they don’t need you. Easier to see that when you go through business failures like Trump and I experienced.

We have a trade deficit with almost all nations. That makes us their customer, we own them. We can tell them what to do. Here FBN reports on early indications that Trump is winning the trade wars.

“Turkey says it is willing to negotiate after stock market declines and drops in the lira.”

Here is FBN After the Bell reporting YTD performance of US stock market versus China:

S&P 500                 +5.6%
Shanghai Index   -16%

“The finger pointing has already started in China. The newspaper this morning came out and said that the Ministry of Commerce didn’t have enough trade representatives, veteran trade representatives in their ranks, so therefore they were not giving good advice going up the ladder.”


There were no Christians in Africa in the 1600s, the Muslims had slaughtered them all. Muslims took an estimated one million Christian slaves in the 1500s, that’s why the US fought the Barbary Coast war. Somalians still own slaves, there are slave markets in Libya thanks to Hillary overthrowing Kaddafi.

The British brought slaves to the America, operated it as a slave colony for 200 years. They got all the benefit because colonists could not export finished goods, that was the main reason for the Revolution. Only rich Brits owned slaves, you can’t live on tobacco and cotton. The majority of whites who came to the US were indentured slaves, 40% of whites were still indentured in the South in 1860.

A year after the Civil War ended, 40% of slaves were living and working on the same plantation, according to Kevin Phillips. Slaves were prison labor, equally unproductive. Free people starve, working prisoners never do. Here is Muslim Kareem Abdul Jabbar whose own people enslaved his ancestors as they still do, slamming a song about a battle between brave Americans and evil colonialist British slavers:

“To the slave owners, singing slaves would drown out their own cruelty and oppression, clothe them in a coerced choir of decency. But it wasn’t enough that the slaves had to sing, they had to sing their oppressors feel-good songs. Currently, the song being demanded is the national anthem during football games.”

Mark Levin on Hannity re Brennan losing his top-secret security clearance:

“Apparently the fact that Brennan voted for a Stalinist who was funded by the Soviets, the Communist Party USA, was very attractive to Barack Obama who made him CIA director.”

“Nobody is stopping Brennan from speaking. In fact nobody could stop him, he has a big mouth, he will never shut up. He’ll go on TV and be the kook that he is.”


Tucker Carlson on our Leftist injustice system, and what happens when a SF public defender becomes a NM judge, and CAIR rules America:

“In an order just published a NM state judge named Sarah Bacchus granted bail to five defendants for holding 11 children, all of them malnourished, at a desert compound in rural NM. Some of the defendants allegedly were training those kids to commit mass shootings. At least one child appears to have died at the compound. But now, remarkably, all five adults are free on a $20,000 bond. For perspective, that is low.”

“Paul Manafort by contrast is currently on trial for tax evasion. That’s a crime that is a crime, but as we noted in the last segment the average sentence for tax evasion in this country is a year and three months. Paul Manafort is facing over 300 years for that, and a Federal judge placed him in solitary confinement for several weeks.”

“The difference is probably political. Manafort is being punished in part for helping elect Donald Trump. That seems to be a more profound crime than starving children or training them to be terrorists.”


Tucker Carlson reports on transgender Dem candidate for VT Governor, who would be executed in most Muslim nations including all those on Trump’s travel ban list. Here is a tweet from “her”:

Christine Hallquist: “And we worry about sharia law !! Radicalized Christians are a part of the American landscape,  and we tolerate it.”

Tucker Carlson: “In response to a mother stabbing her son she tweeted:”

Christine Hallquist: “Of course! Probably most of them call themselves Christians.”


Tucker Carlson on the Netroots conference and what happens if the Democrats take over the House in November:

“In the short term it means that Nancy Pelosi will get unfettered subpoena power, Maxine Waters is likely to be Chairman of the Financial Services committee. It will be a big deal.”

“But more broadly it means an ascendant Democrat party, and not the party you grew up with but a new and far more radical and far more intolerant party. Think open borders are a bad idea? You’re not simply wrong, you’re immoral.”

Elizabeth Warren at Netroots: “The Republicans will continue to practice their politics of division. They will keep right on attacking anyone who dares to stand up to the rich and powerful.”

“‘The President has no soul, the Republicans are in the pocket of the rich!’, says the hedge fund private-equity party. The President is of course denounced as a racist while actual race-baiters like Maxine Waters, who once encouraged a race riot, are lauded as heroes.”

Alleged moderate Tim Ryan at Netroots: “We’re not going to let you come to Ohio President Trump and do your race-baiting and make your racial statements. Whether it’s Lebron James or Maxine Waters, that ain’t playing anymore President Trump.”

“A group of Progressive activists stormed the stage during the keynote speeches. They demanded more black representation, then they promised to drink the crowd’s ‘white tears’.”

“One poster we found said that one of the ‘challenges’ for American democracy is that white people are able to vote and elect officials.”

“This is what the Democrat party is running on in 2018. The end of free enterprise, vicious attacks on a huge portion of the American population solely because of their skin color, tampons in men’s bathrooms.”


A study by the College and University Professional and Association for Human Resources reported on F&F of average earnings for college professorsreveals the academic bias against white males, and teaching anything useful:

$90,422      math and science
$93,830      average for all
$105, 656   gender and ethnic studies



Ryan Mauro on FBN, terrorist expert and professor at Liberty University where they still have free speech about Islam, regarding the NM terrorist camp that a liberal judge from SF let off on $20K bond because they were not a threat:

“Turns out it was actually a female-led cult which is not what you would expect from an Islamic extremist movement that usually oppresses women. But apparently she’s somehow convinced these people that she was having revelations from God.  Some sources say she even claimed to be the Mahdi, this sort of like an apocalyptic End Times figure. The child that they were expelling demons from and passed away unfortunately, they believed he would come back as Jesus and tell them what targets to go after.”

“So this is not just a radical Islamic camp. It’s a radical Islamic cult, it’s even worse.”

“I was getting a lot of text messages from law enforcement including in NM that was saying ‘You know, why do we even try anymore?’”


Dr Zuhdi Jasser on FBN approving of Trump’s sanctions on Iran and Turkey, which some FBN analysts claim will be bankrupt like Venezuela within a year:

“There is nothing more pro-Iranian people then having the economy of the tyrants fail so the people have more room to push because they’re the ones withdrawing money from the banks so the economy weakens.”

“Similarly in Turkey, the Turkish friends we have that are secular, liberal, believe in Turkish nationalism are against the resurgence of the Ottoman Empire like Erdogan’s cult want. They’re the ones telling us they want pressure on their government so that the bad action and the sucking of a socialist type system away from the people will stop, and this is the only way it’s going to happen.”


Tammy Bruce on FBN. Note that recent polls show FoxNews is the most trusted news outlet which explains why Trump won despite the media vitriol, or perhaps because of it. Know people by their enemies, not their friends. Fake News truly is the Enemy of the People.

“Two years ago Gallup found trust in the media in the media was the lowest in US history.”

CNN Poll: 66% say Mueller probe should end before Nov elections. Break out:

Republicans 72%
Democrats 57%
Independents 69%


Labelling Antifa an “anti-hate group” reminds me of Tom Lehrer‘s introduction to his immortal song National Brotherhood Week:

“I’m sure we all agree that we ought to love one another and I know there are people in the world that do not love their fellow human beings, and I HATE people like that!”

Tucker Carlson on recent Antifa riots on the one-year anniversary of Charlottesville:

“If you follow the hyperventilated press coverage leading to yesterday’s event you probably expected to see thousands of hooded Klansmen showing up on horseback in DC to commemorate and celebrate the killing. White supremacy is just that prevalent in America they tell us, it’s everywhere.”

“Except it’s not, that’s a lie. White supremacy is not ubiquitous in America, it’s not a crisis, it’s not even a meaningful category. It is incredibly rare. You could easily live your entire life in this country without meeting a single person who believes anything like that. Most of us have lived lives like that, I have. In fact this is a generous, tolerant country, it always has been that. People who tell you otherwise are either delusional or are trying to control you, likely both.”

“In the end yesterday just a couple of dozen people showed up, out of a nation of 320 million people. They milled around for a while, got yelled at, and left. So much for the Klan rally.”

“What is a crisis in America, and a growing one, is leftwing extremism and violence. Our elites abet and encourage it, the media pretend it doesn’t exist. Here for example was the scene in Washington: Antifa lunatics calling for the destruction of the United States of America:”

Shows video of Antifa chanting: “No border! No wall! No USA at all!”

“Randy Johnson of the Daily Caller took the time to interview some of the protesters. They freely admitted they would like to torture and kill the President. Meanwhile at Charlottesville protestors screamed at the cops:”

Shows video of Antifa chanting: “You better face it! All cops are racist!”

“In DC they attacked police with bottles, fireworks and eggs. Keep in mind this is not the far Right, it’s the Left.”

“You know how CNN described this group? As ‘anti-hate groups’ because their hate isn’t really hate, it’s the opposite of hate, even if it’s exactly the same as hate. Pretty amusingly Orwellian but also scary, because lying over time works, and that’s exactly why they do it.  The very ones decrying fascism are the ones practicing fascism.”


About 5000 pedestrians and bicyclists are killed by cars every year in the US, an average of 13 a day. But when 2000 Antifa thugs attacked and beat up 300 legal protestors in Charlottesville VA and one white Antifa rioter was run over and killed – it was a national tragedy, proof of a white nationalist threat. President Trump was required to denounce the legal protesters trying to protect statues from Antifa vandals, thereby endorsing the same Antifa who beat up his supporters and conservatives who try to speak on campus.

Much earlier, a Muslim shot and killed 49 at the Pulse night club in Orlando on Latin night, so he mostly killed gays and Latinos that the Left pretends to support. Before Las Vegas which will be marked annually because a white guy did it, Pulse was the worst mass shooting in US history – yet nobody talked about it or marks the date.

The media rumor, and many still believe it, is that the Omar Mateen killed because he was a latent homosexual. Like most Leftist beliefs, that is pure fantasy. His Afghan immigrant father earlier said “God punishes homosexuals” and also appeared at a Hillary Clinton rally, both are on youtube. Like many Muslim terrorists, his friends said the only sign of Mateen’s radicalization was that he stopped drinking. He was following this and other Koran passages that refer to Old Testament text that has been superseded by later texts for Jews and Christians, but not for Muslims:

The words of Muhammad: “We sent Lot and he said to his people, ‘How can you practise this outrage? No one in the world has outdone you in this. You lust after men rather than women! You transgress all bounds!’ We showered upon [the rest of] them a rain [of destruction]. See the fate of the evildoers.”

Michelle Malkin on F&F:

“Sirraj Wahhaj [aforementioned Brooklyn imam] is somebody I’ve been talking about for years now. Thirteen years ago I was calling attention to his attempts to place Islam propaganda ads on New York subways. He has preached hate. He believes that our Constitutional government should be replaced by a caliphate. He’s talked about forming an army of Muslim radicals in NYC to help take over the country.”

“His son was the one that had established that NM camp, but you wouldn’t know it from the mainstream media that said a ‘man’ was responsible for taking these kids hostages … Imagine if he had right-wing roots.”


There are only three significant political groups in the US: 1) brown people who hate white people, 2) White Guilt Liberals who do whatever brown people say, and 3) Trump supporters.

Faux Native American Elizabeth Warren quoted on F&F First:

“American criminal justice system is racist … front to back.”


Steve Hilton on The Next Revolution, disposing of the myth that Robert Mueller is a neutral Republican:

“Comey and Mueller were extremely close friends. They were both mentored by Eric Holder in the 1990s when Holder was working in the Clinton administration Justice Dept and Mueller and Comey were junior prosecutors in Washington DC and Richmond VA … Comey has said Mueller was the one person in government he could confide in.”


Statement from Isongisit Ibokette, a teacher at Newton [MA] North High School:

“I am concerned that the call for ‘objectivity’ may just inadvertently become the most destructive weapon against social justice.”

Michael Knowles of the Michael Knowles Show (duh) on F&F:

“If truth is the enemy of social justice, maybe there is something wrong with social justice.”

“A poll showed that one-third of millennials believe that George W Bush killed more people than Josef Stalin.”

“There is a full-scale assault on truth. The lead organizer of the anti-Trump March for Science itself says that objective truth, universal truth is really just a fiction of the white male cisgender hierarchy.”

Candace Owens of Turning Point USA on Watters World:

“A police officer is 18.5 times as likely to be shot by a black man than the other way around.”


Greg Jarrett on Watters World:

“The Federal Campaign Election Act specifically says, you can go the FEC website: ‘Foreign nationals may volunteer their services in American political campaigns.’ Information itself is not a ‘thing of value’ which would violate the law … money is. Hillary Clinton paid money to Christopher Steele, making that a thing of value. So she clearly violated the law. The Trump meeting with Donald Jr, that’s not even remotely a crime.”


Local NM police (not the FBI) recently invaded a heavily-armed Islamic terrorist camp where starved abused children were trained to be school shooters, carrying armed ARs freely around the camp. In the camp were a son, two daughters and a grandchild of a Brooklyn-based imam named Siraj Wahhaj, also the name of his son. (Brooklyn Jews usually send their kids to the Catskills for the summer.) The imam reportedly informed authorities (not sure who) that his son had abducted his grandchild, and he feared for his safety.

Dr Zuhdi Jasser of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy talked about that imam on F&F:

“a leading imam among the American Islamic establishment … fundraiser for hundreds of mosques … formerly on the board of CAIR … unindicted co-conspirator to the 1993 World Trade Center bombings … character witness for the infamous ‘blind sheik’ convicted in 1995 of plotting terror attacks against the US.”

“He was looking for his son, said they were ‘strung out’. They were strung out on his Islamism. He may not have been a militant, but he has been for years the gateway drug for radicalization. … It’s almost like an alcoholic who says ‘I don’t know how my kids got on cocaine and other drugs.’”

“He was a mentor for many radicals and has been and I’ve been screaming it for years even on your show. Six or seven years ago I talked about him when he was going to speak at the DNC. And yet now he’s putting his hands up saying he doesn’t know how his son got radicalized.”

“He gave the first prayer to the US Congress [sponsored by the man] who is now doing 23 years for taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from Khadafy to try to kill the king of Saudi Arabia. In 1995 I saw him personally hold up the Koran and say ‘it is our role as American Muslims to change the Constitution with this book from God’ because we need to have an Islamic State here.”

“And still today the Islamic organizations are saying ‘don’t offend his family, it’s a hard time for him, be compassionate’. Well you know what? How about we be compassionate for our kids who are being radicalized by imams like this guy.”



Errata: I claimed WSJ and FNC meaning FoxNews were the best “real news” sites for investors. I meant Fox Business Network FBN, not FNC.

FBN show The Evening Edit on crashing Russian and Turkish stock markets due to Trump’s new sanctions. US markets were down less than 1%, analysts agree Trump’s tariff wars will have little effect on the US economy.

“This administration has found a tool in our own economy to punish others and try to bend them in our favor. Turkey, China, Russia, Iran – all of them authoritarian regimes, all of them command-control economies, they’re now feeling the heat under Trump’s new tough provisions and his approach to this.”

“The Turkish lira plunging to record lows after Trump doubles-down on metal tariffs”

“The Russian ruble hitting multi-year lows after tougher sanctions”

Steve Hilton: “[Trump] understands that the most powerful weapon in anything, in any conversation is economic. And that’s especially true with these authoritarian regimes because if you think about it, they don’t have particularly strong democratic legitimacy, or none at all. And so the real bargain that they have with their people is: we’ll deliver you a strong economy, we’ll keep the show on the road economically, you’ll have a good life and we’ll have all the power.”

Apple’s market value is bigger than all of Russia’s stock market, combined.”

Venezuela: inflation skyrocketing, prices doubling every month, devalued wages no longer cover the cost of food or getting to work. There is no water no power no medicine.”


Director of Conservative Hispanic Chris Calcedo on F&F, talking about Kanye West’s support for Trump, and the white Dem Philadelphia Mayor who danced to celebrate their becoming a sanctuary city, resulting in illegal alien Juan Ramon Vasquez raping a child:

“I have a name for this, it’s called the Great Black Awakening. A lot of people in the black community are realizing the Democrat Party is throwing them overboard for illegal aliens.”

“The Democrat Party has been so good at promoting abortion inside of the black community, has been so good at curtailing the population of the black community, it’s no longer a growing demographic in this country.”

“I call it the Democrats Foreigners First policy.”

“There is a video out there now of a high-profile Democrat doing a jig, dancing and singing about a policy that allowed the rape of a five year-old girl.”


An MA man was arrested in NY for trying to hire a hit man via social media to kill ICE agents, offering only $500. 31 year-old Brandon Zubroski (sp?) also repeatedly shared his desire to slit the throat of John McCain.

Twitter has suspended several libertarian accounts, including that of Ron Paul Institute President Daniel McAdams.


Greg Jarret author of The Russia Hoax on FNC After The Bell. FNC and WSJ had the fairest reporting on Trump because investors rely on the truth, media lies cost them billions. Taking Paul Krugman’s advice to sell after Trump won would have cost them trillions.

“Hillary Clinton violated a multiple of felony statutes [cited in his book] and James Comey stood in front of Congress, twisted the facts, contorted the law to clear her. And on that very day his FBI is meeting secretly in a building in London with Christopher Steele who is on the Clinton payroll and the FBI payroll armed with that dossier that he phonied up, that was the pretext for the Trump Russia investigation.”



Laura Ingraham reports on criminal illegal immigrants, which to most voters is redundant. Old folks probably remember Willie Horton, a black male prisoner who was released early in MA while Mike Dukakis was Governor, then promptly raped and murdered a white woman. GOP later ran ads against Presidential candidate Dukakis which helped defeat him along with being too short, “Snoopy in a tank.”

The first story will make a perfect GOP ad for November elections. Because while most Americans want the best for their fellow citizens of all races, few have sympathy for illegal immigrants. And while the Willie Horton ads could be seen as racist, Honduran is nationality, not race. Like American, except with 20x the murder rate.

Timeline for Honduran illegal immigrant Juan Ramon Vasquez:

May 2009 : Deported from the US

March 2014: ICE finds out he is back in the US and in custody with the Philadelphia Dept of Prisons, who ignores the ICE detainer and releases Vasquez.

Vasquez is later rearrested and convicted of child rape.

Ramon Pedro showed up at a border crossing in April with his “daughter” and demanded entry into the US, and was released into the US. Last month during a routine health screening doctors discovered the girl had been sexually assaulted. The mother knew the coyote was a sexual predator but let him take her daughter because the mother was offered a later job.

From USA Today: More than 600,000 foreigners overstayed their visas in 2017. Note that the 9/11 terrorists did that.


Charlie Hurt of the Washington Examiner to Lou Dobbs: “It’s a bad thing if an entire party in our country is actually supported by voters and is totally socialist. That is a terrifying thing.”


Former Federal prosecutor Sidney Gates appearing on Tucker Carlson:

“We know that Mr Gates lies, and we know that he made such a sweetheart deal with government it’s unbelievable. He would get probation in exchange for his testimony. It’s very common for Andrew Weissman and others on the task force like this (as I wrote about in my book License to Lie) to give sweetheart deals to real, actual criminals at the same time they squeeze them to go after people who didn’t commit a crime at all.”

“The jury is the product of the Constitution and an individual juror acting alone if they maintain a not guilty position on every count, can keep an unjust conviction from happening … A single juror can stop an unjust conviction that might be the very message that needs to be sent to Mr Mueller to stop this witch hunt.”



I assume msm did not cover this story: Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens (who is black) of Turning Point USA were eating outdoors at a NY restaurant. Four kids (that’s what they are) wearing Antifa insignia (such actually exists) were sitting at another table and recognized them. Candace Owens points out that Antifa does not bathe, presumably to save the planet – from them.

Candace Owens (Dems worst nightmare) said they must have sent out a “Bat Signal” because in less than an hour there were 30 Antifa with bullhorns and whistles harassing them. Rumor is Antifa are paid $20 an hour. One threw water on Charlie Kirk, a big strong guy who would have kicked the shit out of the little punk if he did it to Candace. I played basketball with big guys, I learned to judge them.

As it was Charlie and Candace smiled and waved, they’ve dealt with this on college campuses – but there they have security. Ben Shapiro said it took 600 police so he could speak at Berkeley. Eleven police officers showed up to protect them, only one of them white. The all-white Antifa proceeded to call them racist cops and white supremacists. The Left are immune to irony, and as a result their own hypocrisy.

Here is Greg Gutfeld‘s opening monologue comments on The Five:

“It’s awesome some anarchists and socialists ruining other people’s lunch just to make them miserable, before the check comes. It’s pure unconscious brain function where screaming and other reflexes are only possible if it doesn’t involve actual thinking.”

“This is what fascism looks like when it first puts on its baby jackboots. It’s so adorable when they first try to walk in them. I feel for their families but I know their families don’t talk to them, they just send money. Because people like this don’t have jobs.”


Byron York’s article in the Washington Examiner deflated the media’s Russia hoax hysteria du jour by quoting a Trump tweet from July 2017:

“Most politicians would have gone to a meeting Don Jr attended to get info on an opponent.”


Antifa riots in cities Berkeley and Portland and last weekend’s bloodbath in Chicago foreshadow America’s future if Democrats again run the US like they run those cities, sanctuaries only for illegals and criminals. Laura Ingraham reports on the percent of Chicago murders solved by police:

2017             17.5%
early ’90s   60%


Mike Huckabee commenting on liberal collectivism, as exemplified by unions:

“Conservatives believe that our basic form as a nation is based on individual liberty, that I’m personally free and personally responsible for my freedom. Liberals believe that my freedom is tied to whatever group I’m in, whether it’s my gender, whether it’s my race, whether it’s my socioeconomic status, and I’ve got to stay in my group. If my whole group does not advance than I cannot advance because it’s about the group not the individual.”


Dinesh D’Sousa, producer of Death of a Nation, a history of Democrat party fascism, slavery and segregation:

“I like to say the Democrats want to create a country where everybody looks different, but they all think the same … America is the only country in the history of the world where even those who hate it refuse to leave.”


Tammy Bruce on the media:

“If Trump was a dictator none of those opinions would be heard on the news. It’s turned into a selfish inward-looking entity, almost like an infant that is not getting what it wants.”


A statue of Robert E Lee in Richmond VA was just defaced and painted red, signed “BLM”. The Jefferson Memorial is next.




Tucker Carlson‘s opening monologue.

“For almost two years the Left has been resisting Donald Trump, yet he has stubbornly refused to stop being this country’s democratically-elected President. Unable to topple him from power by impeachment, arrest, harassment or any other means the Left has not given up, they’ve just become angrier, by this point distorted by their rage.”

“So mad, the usual epithets have lost their power from overuse. Nobody calls Trump a sexist any more, or even a bigot, that is too kind. He’s Mussolini, Stalin, Hitler, maybe all three combined plus Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy.”

“No wait, that’s not bad enough.”

“He’s a maniacal Roman Emperor who murdered his own mother and burned down the capitol. That sounds about right.”

“Our country they tell us must be bulldozed to bedrock and rebuilt according to revolutionary principles approved by the undergraduate faculty at Oberlin College, and of course by consensus on Twitter. Step one is inviting every poor person on Planet Earth to move here tomorrow to go on Federal benefits, at your expense. Anything less than that is racism.”


Question: What do trains, cars, planes, oil production, electricity, computers, vaccines and the theory of evolution have in common?

Answer: they all came from males of European descent, none from Spain or Portugal. “White” males created everything of material value since 1500 AD.

Galileo, daVinci, Copernicus, Voltaire, Newton, Maxwell, Pasteur, Descartes, Franklin, Bell, Marconi, Darwin, Einstein, Edison, Salk, Turing.


Tucker Carlson reported on the New York Times new technology editor Sarah Jeong, a graduate of Berkeley and Harvard Law, who will become part of the group that produces their unattributed editorials. Here are some Sarah Jeong tweets:

“oh man it’s kind of sick how much joy I get out of being cruel to old white men”

“Dumbass f****** white people marking up the Internet with their opinions like dogs pissing on fire hydrants”


“white people have stopped breeding. You’ll all go extinct soon. This was plan all along”

NYT statement on Sarah Jeong’s tweets:

“[Jeong’s] journalism and the fact that she is a young Asian woman have made her a subject of frequent online harassment. For a period of time she responded to that harassment by imitating the rhetoric of her harassers.”

Tucker Carlson comments:

“In point of fact her views are commonplace in the American establishment, maybe universal. Try to find a single government bureaucrat or college administrator or head of corporate HR who disagrees with the idea that people should be judged by the color of their skin, and that some races are more virtuous and deserving than other races. They all think that, everyone one of them.”

“And yet remarkably these very same people are the quickest to cry racism at the slightest provocation, or for no reason at all. They think of themselves as arch-enemies of racism, and yet they’re its chief purveyor. Deep, deep irony.”

[quotes] “It is literally impossible to be racist to a white person.”

“Pretty much the entire Left now takes that as a matter of faith, they deeply believe that. But what does that mean, exactly? Is there really an entire race of people so repulsive, so morally repugnant that it is ‘literally impossible’ to wrong them? You could do anything to people like that, and not feel bad about it. Why wouldn’t you? They’re not really human.”

“This is the mindset the Left has imposed on our country. It’s an attitude designed to dehumanize the individual, to erase what makes each of us interesting, distinct and vital, and reduce us to faceless members of a group. It’s totalitarian, we ought to resist it with everything we have.”


Tucker Carlson: “Manafort is charged with tax evasion and filing false loan documents. The average sentence for tax evasion in this country is a little more than a year, a year and three months. Manafort is facing 305 years in prison. He is 69 years old, he has never been charged with a crime. If he is convicted at this trial, Paul Manafort will die in prison. The Left thinks that’s just fine. Manafort ran Trump’s Presidential campaign, they believe he deserves to die.”

Tucker plays and reads Trump tweet: “Looking back on history, who was treated worse, Alfonso Capone, legendary mob boss, killer and “Public Enemy Number One”, or Paul Manafort, political operative & Reagan Dole darling, now serving solitary confinement – although convicted of nothing? Where is the Russian collusion?”

Tucker Carlson: “It’s a fair question. Al Capone ordered the murder of scores of people. He got an 11 year sentence and was released after just 8. He was barely 40 years old when he got out of prison, probably because he never made the mistake of managing an unfashionable political campaign.”

“The plan for Paul Manafort meanwhile is to ensure that he dies behind bars. Mueller’s lead prosecutor in this case Andrew Weissman is working hard to ensure that happens. If you were at Hillary Clinton’s election night party you may recognize Andrew Weissman. He was there too, hoping to celebrate Hillary’s victory. Now he’s doing the next best thing, avenging Hillary’s loss.”



Some excerpts from Jordan Peterson‘s fantastic book “12 Rules for Life: an antidote to chaos”. To me, it is the antithesis of what schools, colleges and pop culture teach, it if can be called that. Peterson would not want you take my word on that, so everyone should read it. Paste passages into your Facebooks pages, spread the word.

“It is true that the idea of virtuous self-sacrifice is deeply embedded in Western culture (at last insofar as the West has been influenced by Christianity, which is based on imitation of someone who performed the ultimate act of self-sacrifice). Any claim that the Golden Rule does not mean “sacrifice yourself for others” might therefore appear dubious. But Christ’s archetypal death exists as an example of how to accept finitude, betrayal and tyranny heroically –  how to walk with God despite the tragedy of self-conscious knowledge – and not as a directive to victimize ourselves in the service of others. To sacrifice ourselves to God (to the highest good, if you like) does not mean to suffer silently and willingly when some person or organization demands more from us, consistently, than is offered in return. That means we are supporting tyranny, and allowing ourselves to be treated like slaves. It is not virtuous to be victimized by a bully, even if that bully is oneself.”

“You must determine where you are going, so that you can bargain for yourself, so that you don’t end up resentful, vengeful and cruel. You have to articulate your own principles, so that you can defend yourself from others’ taking inappropriate advantage of you, and so you are secure and safe while you work and play. You must discipline yourself carefully. You must keep the promises you make to yourself, and reward yourself, so that you can trust and motivate yourself. You need to determine how to act toward yourself so that you are most likely to become and stay a good person. It would be good to make the world a better place. Heaven, after all, will not arrive of its own accord. We will have to work to bring it about, and strengthen ourselves, so that we can withstand the deadly angels and flaming sword of judgment that God used to bar its entrance.”

“Don’t underestimate the power of vision and direction. These are irresistible forces, able to transform what might appear to be unconquerable obstacles into traversable pathways and expanding opportunities. Strengthen the individual. Start with yourself. Take care with yourself. Define who you are. Refine your personality. Choose your destination and articulate your Being. As the great nineteenth-century German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche so brilliantly noted, ‘He whose life has a why can bear almost any how’.”


President Obama on PBS Newshour June 2016, pretending that a Hahvid lawyer knows more about economics than a Wharton businessman, telling Trump what he can’t do. Seth Meyers made that mistake too.

“For those folks who have lost their job right now because a plant went down to Mexico … Some of those jobs of the past are just not going to come back. [Trump] is going to bring all those jobs back. Well how exactly are you going to do that, what are you going to do? I’m going to negotiate a better deal, well how exactly are you going to negotiate that? What magic wand do you have?”

Donald Trump to the NY Economic Club in September 2016, apparently telling Obama exactly what he is going to do. It’s called a ‘business plan’, starts with a ‘mission statement’, then specific goals and how to achieve them. Lawyers don’t do that.

“Over the next ten years our economic team estimates that under our plan the economy will average 3.5% growth and create a total of 25M new jobs. We’re going to put our great miners and our steel workers back to work. I’m going to rebuild our depleted military. We’re proposing a $4.4T tax cut. We have companies leaving the country because taxes are too high. We will bring back trillions in business wealth, and this is wealth that is parked overseas.”

“One of the keys to unlocking growth is scaling back years of disastrous regulations. I’m going to renegotiate our disastrous trade deals, especially NAFTA. I’m going to instruct the US trade representative to bring trade cases against China.”


Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino on Tucker Carlson:

“Do you understand this whole case is based on the dossier? … Their star witness calls it a ‘lie-filled document’, Jim Comey calls their whole case the dossier ‘salacious and unverified’, the #2 in the FBI says they wouldn’t have a case without it, the head of the division investigating the case said it was in its infancy, and the lead investigator in the case when asked about a global view of it texts his girlfriend that ‘there’s no there there’. This sounds like a great case. You really knocked it out of the park, you libs.”


Tucker Carlson: “The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is an entirely fraudulent enterprise. The organization has nothing to do with the South or with poverty. It’s a leftwing political group that uses ‘hate crime’ designations to target its ideological enemies and crush people.”

“In 2012 the SPLC inspired a shooting attack on the Family Research Council by labeling the innocuous Christian organization a ‘hate group’. Just month the SPLC paid $3.4M for falsely calling the Quilliam Group anti-Muslim extremists. The SPLC lies, they are utterly reckless and they are totally dishonest.”

“With that in mind it was shocking to discover as jaded as we are … that the FBI has a long history of collaborating with the SPLC. In 2009 for example the FBI called the SPLC ‘a well-known established and credible organization that monitors domestic terrorism in the US’. The SPLC has been repeatedly allowed to brief FBI personnel on alleged terror threats to this country. Disturbingly though this relationship is ongoing, if you can believe that.”





Alan Dershowitz on FNC re his fellow attorney Michael Cohen demonstrating why nobody at liberal Martha’s Vineyard wants to talk to him or invite him to their parties – just like my liberal ex-friends and family:

“If this is the best Cohen can offer, I don’t think he’s going to get a deal from the prosecutor because this does not provided any evidence of a crime, even assuming which is very unlikely that Trump was fully aware of the meeting, fully aware of who was going to be there, fully aware that that the woman was really an agent of the Russian government, fully aware that she was offering dirt on Hillary Clinton. That doesn’t even come close to being a crime.”

“Just like a newspaper can accept information that was stolen by Wikileaks, or by Manning or by Snowden or the Pentagon Papers, the First Amendment permits a candidate to use information that was obtained unlawfully.”

“Even Judge Ellis, a Fed judge supervising the Manafort case worried about ‘flipped’ witnesses that not only sing, but compose.”


FNC reporting Bureau of Economic Analysis average GDP growth:

Bush 2.1%  Obama 1.9%  Trump 2.7%

The best “fair and balanced” coverage of Trump at least when it comes to economic policy comes from WSJ and FBN, for the simple reason that investors lose billions when they are wrong. Here’s some reporting regarding 4.1% GDP growth this quarter from the estimable Charles Payne, a non-globalist who like Trump cares about American workers. Also from Trish Reagan and After The Bell.

But first, do you know about the “rule of seven”? It’s based on logarithms: 7% growth doubles assets in 10 years, 10% growth does it in 7 years. Twice the percent growth rate, halves the time to double. So at 2% growth rate, GDP doubles in 10/2 * 7 = 35 years. At 4% it doubles in half the time, 17.5 years. It’s a big deal because it’s geometric not linear. That’s what Trump is doing to the US economy, which pisses off the unionist socialist Big Government taxpayer-funded crowd no end. It will actually eliminate the Fed deficit, if Dems don’t spend it.

I’ve long noted I’m a bad loser but a gracious winner, but given the execrable media attack on us Trump voters I am now gloating, please forgive me. Like Trump I’m from the private sector, the rest don’t understand the world and we’re tired of being lectured by know-nothing idiots like Paul Krugman who said the stock market would crash and never recover if Trump won. Like Obama and Liz Warren, Krugman never had a real job, what does he know?

WaPo editorial article from Obama Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, June 2017: “The economy under Trump: Plan for the worst”

LA Times March 2017: “If Trump thinks he can get more than 3% economic growth, he’s dreaming”

Vice News March 2017: “Why Donald Trump’s economic growth goals are a terrible idea”

CNN Money Oct 2016: “Trump promises 4% growth. Economists say no way”

WSJ May 2017: “Trump’s 3% growth target looks out of reach”


Economist Ben Stein on After the Bell:

“I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there’s something about [Trump] that infuriates and drives his enemies crazy, but also does something miraculous to the American businessman.”


Roseanne Barr to Sean Hannity on her infamous tweet about Muslim Obama hack Valerie Jarrett that insulted mythical intelligent apes by associating them with the Muslim Brotherhood:

“I will always defend Israel because I’m a Jew, and I also have family that lives there. So that is a tweet about asking accountability from the previous administration about the Iran deal which Valerie Jarett is the author of, and that was what was in my head.”

Tucker Carlson: “What interests [Democrats] is power. In order to win and maintain power Democrats understand they need reliable new voters who will support them obediently without making difficult demands, like a higher standard of living. That’s why the Democrat Party suddenly supports open borders so fervently. Immigration is really the only issue that matters to them, because packing the electorate is the only way they can regain control of this country.”

Walter Kirn tweet: “If Twitter sells you conflict, Instagram sells you envy, Facebook simply sells you.”


Charles Payne of FBN reports stock market gains since Election Day:
Dow       +39%
Nasdaq  +51%
S&P 500 +33%


John Brennan accused President Trump of treason, a crime punishable by death. This nutjob who voted communist in 1976 headed the Obama CIA, why are we surprised Obama gave Iran $150B? Rand Paul asked Trump to revoke Brennan’s security clearance, which few knew he had. It provided a new “trigger” for our collectivist sheep media outrage factory, replacing Trump meeting with Putin. How dare our President do that? Here’s Lou Dobbs on Tucker Carlson Tonight, enjoying the merriment.

Tucker Carlson: “He’s a cable news yapper, he’s a consultant to cable news. It raises the question ‘why don’t I have one, why don’t you have one?’”

Lou Dobbs: “Well I don’t know about you, but I’m holding out for subpoena power.”


Tucker Carlson: “You see these former liberals in good standing defending this, and it makes you realize that whatever Trump is for they are against, and vice versa. So it’s very easy to bait them. All of a sudden they are for MS-13, and they’re for acting in porn movies as a noble profession, and they’re for demented former CIA officials having security clearance.”

“If I worked in the White House I would convene a month-long symposium on human trafficking, just to watch Morning Joe convene a panel in favor of it.”


Text of Bernie Sanders in 2015 speaking to about open borders, from Laura Ingraham on FNC:

“It would make everybody in America poorer. You’re doing away with the concept of a nation state … Bring in all kinds of people, work for $2 or $3 an hour … I don’t believe in that. I think we have to raise wages in this country.”

“I think we have to do everything we can to create millions of jobs … You know what youth unemployment is in the USA today … You think we should open the borders and bring in a lot of low wage workers, or do you think maybe we should try to get jobs for those kids?”


Mike Huckabee on Mark Levin talking about political insiders from both parties attacking Trump, including George Will calling Trump a “child President.”

“Their world is about getting invited to the nice cocktail parties in Georgetown … They live in the bubbles. And I say there are three big bubbles in America: New York, Washington and Hollywood. Maybe a fourth one, Silicon Valley.”

“People living in those bubbles don’t know the rest of America. They think they do but they don’t. They resent the rest of America. They think they’re better than the rest of America.”

“They don’t own [Trump]. They don’t control him. They don’t get to pick up the phone, call him and say ‘got a favor, and don’t forget I gave you the money to get you elected.’ He doesn’t owe them anything. And I truly believe that one of the strengths of his Presidency is that he can tell them all to go to the devil, and there’s really not a whole lot they can do about it.’


Tom Vitton of Judicial Watch on the DNC-funded Fusion GPS dossier that enabled the Mueller team’s attack on a duly-elected President.

“This is a Clinton campaign document that was presented to the court as if it weren’t. Then they used reports about the Clinton campaign document and leak operation to further justify asking for a warrant to target the Trump team … Anyone who signed onto this needs to be asked questions about why they signed onto it … and unfortunately that includes … Rod Rosenstein.”



Moderate Muslim ex-jihadist Maajid Nawaz of the Quilliam Foundation commenting on this passage about him in the “SPLC Field Guide to Anti-Muslim Extremists”. He sued the SPLC and was awarded a $3.4M settlement and an apology. All the media, social media and colleges take SPLC as gospel, free speech rights are taken away at their whim:

“He [Nawaz] is an anti-Muslim extremist … He and Quilliam caused hated-based violence and criminal hate violence.”

Maajid Nawaz: “When you move too far to the Left, any criticism of a minority community, any criticism in this case of Islam appears to be a far-right perspective.”


Tucker Carlson:

“In LA a newly-opened coffee shop was attacked by masked protestors who hurled feces at the building. They said the owner of the building supports Donald Trump’s immigration policies. Well as it happens the owner is himself an immigrant. ‘I’m confused’, he said. But it didn’t matter. On the Left the penalty for thought crime is swift and certain, if nonsensical.”

“This lunacy did not come out of the blue, it has been brewing for some time … We first saw this brand of extremism on college campuses, where student activists demonstrated  against new ideas, or any kind of dissent from the narrow orthodoxy of the campus Left. Over time though their protests became more physical, and then dangerous: windows smashed, fires set, people beaten and threatened with death.”

“In the past few months scenes like that have moved off-campus, into our world. The Left began threatening Trump administration officials who dared to appear in public, kicking them out of restaurants, and screaming at them on the street. Now they are targeting private citizens who might be sympathetic to the administration.”


Hidden in the IG report, but reported on The Ingraham Angle: Hillary violated Federal law with her private server, it contained classified information successfully hacked by foreign agents, and it was covered up by the FBI by not treating it as the criminal act that it was. Multiple felonies, actually. Never mind smashing Blackberries with a hammer, illegally deleting those emails, Huma moving them to Weiner’s laptop which forced Comey to go back to Congress. Two people are mainly to blame for Trump’s election: Anthony Weiner, and Seth Meyers for goading Trump into running.

DOJ’s IG Report Quoting FBI’s File Review of Hillary Clinton:

“[The FBI’s Inspection Division] … successfully determined classified information was improperly stored and transmitted on Clinton’s email server, and classified information was compromised by unauthorized individuals to include foreign governments or intelligence services … [the] treatment of the investigation as intelligence rather than a criminal investigation significantly hindered the ability of the  investigative team to obtain a full, accurate and timely investigation.”


Tucker Carlson on Obama’s CIA Director Brennan who voted communist in 1976 still having security clearance he uses to leak current classified info to the press that he gets from his cronies who still run the Fed govt, and are currently involved in a Marxist coup against our duly-elected President.

“In 2010 he [Brennan] prevented the CIA from referring to Islamic militants as jihadists because and I’m quoting now, ‘jihad is a holy struggle, and a legitimate tenet of Islam.’ This is not a man who should have a security clearance.”


Former Utah GOP Senator Jason Chaffetz on Fox News at Night:

“There are 2+ million Federal employees. Most of them do good, hard-working jobs and they are patriotic. But there is an element within each of these departments and agencies that no matter who’s in the Presidency, they’re going to push back. They don’t want accountability, they don’t want to be understood, they don’t want that veil to come back.”

“So when you have a hard-charging Devin Nunes for instance whose going to move Heaven and Earth to actually look under that hood, then guess what. That veneer starts to come off and people like this are going on CNN and actually advocating that there should be a shadow government.”


Independent Women’s Voice CEO Heather Higgins on Obama’s speech in South Africa belatedly disavowing identity politics:

“I think maybe Kanye has been talking to Obama, getting him to read Jordan Peterson. Because one of the things Peterson talks about so very effectively is the serious problem of group-think and identity politics and the intersectionality that follows from that, where you go exactly contrary to what makes America so great which is we’re all about protecting the individual regardless of group.”

“I take great comfort from the fact that Obama who is a very astute reader of political climate has [finally] decided to get out ahead on this issue … particularly saying it in South Africa [where] a policy has just been announced by the President of South Africa that they’re going to start appropriating without compensation property from white property owners to give to black individuals, purely based on color and group identity. I think that Obama wanted to distance himself from this and make sure it was not attached to him.”


Tucker Carlson on Trump being forced to defend the lying intel agencies of the Bush and Obama administrations:

“The President buckled to politics … What is amazing and unusual and ominous is who made him buckle. The people yelling the loudest about how Russia is our greatest enemy and Trump is their puppet, happen to be the same people who have been mismanaging our foreign policy for the past two decades.”

“The people who invaded Iraq and wouldn’t admit it was a mistake. The people who killed Moammar Khadafy for no obvious reason and prolonged the horrible Syrian civil war, and then threw open the borders of Europe. The ones still defending the pointless Afghan conflict, and even now are planning new disasters around the world in Lebanon, Syria and yes, in Russia.”

“These are the people who have made America weaker and poorer and sadder; the group whose failures got Trump elected in the first place. You would think that by this late date they would be discredited and completely unemployable, wearing uniforms and picking up trash by the side of a turnpike somewhere, but no they are not. They are hosting cable news shows, they’re holding high positions of influence in the State Department. They run virtually every non-profit public policy institution in Washington. They are in some sense still in charge of our national conversation. And naturally they hate the idea of rethinking or correcting any of the countless blunders they have made over the years.”

“And that’s one of the main reasons they hate Trump, because he calls them on those blunders … On the big questions, Trump is undisputedly right. The Cold War is over, the world has changed. It is time to rethink America’s alliances and to act in our own interest, for once.”

“The Russian attempt to influence our election was comically amateurish. Compare that to the deep penetration of American industry and the defense sector by the communist government of China. Or compare it to the remarkable sway that the Sunni Gulf states have over our political process. Or the fact that Latin American countries are changing election outcomes here by forcing demographic change on this country at a rate that American voters consistently say they don’t want.”

“Those are all major challenges to American democracy, they’re real. And yet nobody on cable news seems upset by any of it, why is that? We’ll here’s one reason: many in Washington are getting rich from the Chinese and Saudis. Latin Americans clean their homes and watch their kids. Those countries can’t be our enemies, in their view. But nobody here is getting rich from Russia, so therefore Putin must be a mortal foe.”

“That is what the neocons are telling us we are required to believe … The only option if you want to force to population to accept something ridiculous is to make sure they don’t think much about it. That they’re quiet, and they do what they are told.”

“On television this group is called the ‘intelligence community’. That’s an Orwellian name, if there ever was one. Where exactly is this ‘community’ we hear so much about? Does it have a zip code, a public library, a youth football league? How long before Congress starts demanding unthinking obedience to the ‘lawmaker community’?”

“This is about democracy, whether or not voters rule their country. The very people telling you they are saving our democracy are working overtime to destroy it.”



While not admitting to hacking, Putin pointed out that Jon Podesta is just a citizen not the Fed govt, and exposing his emails which were all true helped open elections. Not to support Putin, but he is right. Podesta is just a campaign manager, like Paul Manafort who is now in prison. Why are Podesta’s privacy rights superior to Manafort, or for that matter superior to a Presidential candidate?

Putin exposed the email of a US citizen. Edward Snowden exposed NSA secrets, Bradley Manning exposed military secrets. Yet somehow they are heroes to the Left, while Putin is a villain. True Snowden and Manning are citizens while Putin is not. Which makes them traitors, worse than any foreign enemy.

Everyone misses this: Bernie Sanders honeymooned in the Soviet Union while Putin was in the KGB, did they meet? Podesta’s emails did not discredit Hillary one iota. They discredited DWS, proved Hillary rigged the election against commie Bernie. Maybe Putin’s aim was to drive the Dem party to be commies like he and Bernie, because that is the net result. If you want viable conspiracy theories, make them consistent with the general ideology and goals of the perpetrators – and you are probably right.


Tammy Bruce to Tucker Carlson on hysterical reaction to Trump-Putin meeting:

“Keep in mind these are the same people who said the tax cuts were going to cause Armageddon, that the end of Net Neutrality was going to literally kill people, and that Trump meeting with North Korea was going to cause World War III. And now we’ve got … a four-hour meeting is supposedly treason, or at least as you’ve noted from a Congress member should require a military coup.”


From FBN After the Bell: Russia’s GDP is 1/8th that of the US, about the size of France. Russia’s GDP per-capita is 1/5th that of the US, about the same as Turkey or Romania. Economist Ben Stein:

“The Russians never really quite got it about the capitalist system and about making themselves into a powerful free market economy the way the Chinese did. They just somehow lagged behind. All they picked up was export of minerals and the export of military goods. Nobody is standing in line to buy their cars, nobody is standing in line to buy their TVs. Their technical advances are really only in a couple of spheres, and they still have their thumb on the economy and pressing it down in a Statist old way, and they just didn’t see how important free market capitalism is.”

“The fact that Russia is a poor country does not mean that they won’t be belligerent, but what’s in it for them to be belligerent?”

“I believe there is no limit to what the Russian people can do, they proved that in World War Two. There is no limit to what they can do if their government will get its big boot off their necks.”


Greg Gutfeld on Dems and the Left:

“All they did was ridicule Republicans and conservatives for being anti-communist. They were anti-anti-communist for three or four decades. They were drooling bedfellows of all the romantic communists, whether it was anybody in South America or whats-his-name, Castro, RIP. Anybody who was a communist revolutionary, Che Guevera, was on a t-shirt.”

“NOW they’re back. Again I use the metaphor of your friend who offers to help you move to your apartment, but they show up after everything’s been moved.”


Jesse Watters on London protestors:

“If Germany starts bombing London again, and Trump has to swoop in and save them for the second time, I think he’ll be pretty popular. I don’t want an American President to be popular in Europe, I’m suspicious of that. But Trump wants to represent Michigan not Europe, and that’s fine.”


Tucker Carlson to The Five on his brief post-summit interview with Trump:

“I think it’s worth asking, why do we have NATO actually? That was one of my first questions. NATO was created mostly to keep the Soviets, the Russians from invading Western Europe. Nobody thinks that’s a possibility now. And yet we’re stuck with this very big expensive infrastructure, and Article Five, which is the security guarantee. If Montenegro which is a new member is attacked, my son is obligated to go defend Montenegro. How is it in America’s interest to extend a security guarantee to Albania? I asked the President that and he said in effect ‘good question, I’ve raised that’ but didn’t go further.”



Former Deputy Assistant Secretary for the US Army Van Hipp:

“John Bolton met with President Putin just a few weeks ago … PM Netanyahu  has actually visited Putin twice in the last month … Ali Kawah, the former Iranian ambassador to the UN last week started trashing Putin and said ‘Russia is throwing Iran under the bus .. and stabbing us in the back.’”

“So something tells me .. there could be an announcement today to remove what they call the non-Syrian troops, these are the Iranian forces and the Iranian-backed forces from along the southern border with Israel … as many as 50 miles up into Syria.”


In 2012 Joe Biden told blacks that Mitt Romney would “put y’all back in chains”. Recently while addressing a group of union teachers (of course), Hillary Clinton said Trump’s SCOTUS pick Brett Kavanaugh would return America to the 1850s. Note that Democrats are the party of slavery and segregation, and Hillary was mentored by KKK recruiter Robert Byrd.

Here is Candace Owens of Turning Point USA on F&F. She plus Diamond and Silk are the Democrats worst nightmare.

“Black people are waking up to this rhetoric. We are starting to understand that we have been used over and over again, strapped into our emotion to make us make illogical decisions when it comes to voting. I think we are going to see a mass awakening happening, altogether across the board, in every minority community.”

“It’s a tremendous time to be a black American. It’s a tremendous time to be any American whatsoever … No matter what Hillary Clinton does at this point, she’s doing herself a disservice and she’s helping President Trump secure his reelection in 2020.”



Nigel Farage on Watters World re Trump’s UK visit:

“You are seen as virtuous and good if you denigrate your own country, if you give away as much of your own taxpayers money as you possibly can, and if you make sure that democratic decisions are transferred from your country to somebody else.”

“There is only one person that the protestors hate more than Donald Trump, and that’s me. So I’ve taken some abuse today to escape through a few fire exits.”

“Most of them [protestors] that were there come from upper-middle class families, they’ve got rich mummies and daddies, they don’t go to work, and they are frightfully jolly nice, and isn’t this Trump chap simply ghastly?”


Trump chided UK PM May for not following through on a “hard Brexit”, meaning sovereign rights to control immigration and trade rather than the EU. PM May was forced to concede to both at their presser, because just like Americans a slight majority of Europeans strongly oppose open borders and now support Trump, over their own political elite and the media.

Trump: “We want to trade with the UK, and the UK wants to trade with us.”

May: “To confirm what the President just said, Laura, there will be no limit to the possibility of doing trade deals with the rest of the world, once we leave the European Union.”

Trump to The Sun: “So I think, allowing millions and millions of people to come into Europe is very, very sad. I think you are losing your culture.”

May at presser: “What is important that we have control of our borders, what is important is that we have a set of rules that enable us to determine who comes into our country.”


Sebastian Gorka to Hannity, on London anti-Trump protestors who Greg Gutfeld claimed all have names like “Alistair”:

“I would like to see at least this many Brits go out and demonstrate against terrorism, go out and demonstrate against the grooming and rape gangs that are being prosecuted. How about going out and demonstrating against female genital mutilation, or the bombing of the Arianna Grande concert in Manchester? We now have proof Sean, snowflakes are everywhere. These are not the people who voted for Brexit. This is the chattering classes, and they have nothing to tell you.”


Former head of LA chapter of NOW Tammy Bruce to Lou Dobbs, on Rod Rosenstein’s indictment of Russians that will never face trial:

“It’s fascinating how we indict people that we’re never going to see, never going to interview, never going to be able to expose. It’s really freaking convenient, isn’t it?”

“This is an example of how far corruption can go when you are at the Federal level. Keep in mind that this of course being an effort to get the Strzok news off of page one, is the fact that they all seem to be working hard to hide something else.”



Everyone seemed to miss what I think is the biggest revelation from Peter Strzok’s testimony to Congress. Strzok said he decided to oppose Trump after Trump insulted a Gold Star family. A Gold Star family is one that has lost a child in combat, in this case the Iraq war.

Trump said nothing about them or their son, but rather as Muslims they were insulted by Trump’s Muslim ban – but their son was killed by a Muslim! As were our soldiers in Mideast, everyone on 9/11, those killed in Orlando. No Muslims, no terrorists, no troubles in the Mideast. Democrats featured that family at their convention as a reason to reject Trump. That made it much easier for me and 60M others to vote for him.

To me this means that like Hillary in Benghazi, Strzok sides with protecting the reputation of Islam over protecting Americans and doing his job. Hillary apologized to terrorists for a video she said offended them and caused Benghazi, then arrested the US filmmaker who made it. That proves to me that Hillary loves Islam more than our Constitution and First Amendment, so does Strzok. We were that close to coming under Islamist rule, like the UK is now.

But Bush also lied about Islam after 9/11. A group of families trying to sue Saudi Arabia said on Hannity that Bush-appointee FBI Director Robert Mueller killed the investigation because Bush wanted to protect his buddies the Saudi royals. This is all conspiracy theory, but Islam itself is a conspiracy.


Greg Gutfeld on The Five:

“A major medical association just canceled its convention in San Fran, costing citizens and businesses millions. Why did they drop out? Public drug use, increased risk of violence – and yes, human waste on the streets, in this one-party, lock-step town. In SF human waste related complaints have soared 400%. Talk about putting up with a lot of crap. Meanwhile, New York adopts a similar policy. No longer prosecuting stuff like public urination, sidewalks are now bathrooms in another one-party non-divisive town.”

“As America improves as a whole, with a growing economy and zero unemployment, one party runs our countries once-proud communities into the ground. While they tout their phony tolerance, they turn society into an open-air clinic for people who need real help, not a blind eye and just a shrug. They make Mad Max look like Candyland.”


“Brexit Dude” Nigel Farage worked 20 years in the private sector before joining UK Conservative PM David Cameron’s staff. He almost single-handedly caused Brexit. Here he is on FBN’s After the Bell:

“Obama was a career politician who said things, sometimes the right things, but never, ever had the will to follow through. The very big difference with President Trump is that he’s a businessman who has come into politics. He understands what transactions are. He understands what a handshake means. He gets what is a fair, good deal.”

“I genuinely think that there is now a huge segment of mainstream media that is covering Trump’s Presidency without any objectivity at all.”

“However horrible the Left may be in your country, they are more much worse here [in the UK]. I’ve had to live for the past four or five years in fear of going out in public, and I would never do it without security men with me. I’ve had my family attacked, my house attacked. There is a nasty leftwing strain in this country, and I’m sorry to say that the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, is attracting them.”



NATO nations are not our allies. They are like our teenage kids, or adult kids still living in our basement. We love them, we nurtured and took care of them. Now it’s time for them to take care of themselves, pay their own way.

Here is President Trump addressing NATO leaders:

Trump: “How can you be together when a country is getting its energy from the person you want protection against, or the group you want protection against?”

Jens Stotelberg: “When we stand together also when dealing with Russia, we are stronger.”

Trump: “No, you’re just making Russia richer. You’re not dealing with Russia, you’re making Russia richer.”


Ben Shapiro talking to Bill Maher. Worth seeing, it’s on youtube as Civil Discourse | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO).

Shapiro: “I’m much more a fan of Donald Trump than I would be of Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. By the way I did not vote for President Trump in the last election because of my concerns about him.”

Maher: “Ok so you would not for Democrat under any circumstance, or some circumstance?”

Shapiro: “I would say some circumstance but the Democratic Party would have to stop being insane. Meaning they would have to approach something like moderation in policy, and also present a face that doesn’t look like people shouting down people at gas stations, or entering restaurants and trying to throw them out. … I needed 600 officers to protect me at Berkeley … When Joe Biden says in 2012 about Mitt Romney that ‘he’s gonna put you all in chains’ about blacks, that stuff pre-existed Donald Trump.”

Shapiro: “Trump is tougher on Putin than Obama. He’s armed the people of Ukraine with deadly weaponry which Obama would not do. 200 Russian soldiers were killed in Syria by US forces under Donald Trump, not under Barack Obama. It’s Barack Obama who said to Dimitri Medvedev he wanted to provide him with flexibility after the election. Crimea was annexed under Barack Obama.”



FNC reported Trump first threatened tariffs on 3/1/2018. I’ll start with market prices on 2/28/2018:

S&P (US)                 2727
DAX (Germany)  12436
Shanghai (China) 3259

Since then US and German markets are essentially unchanged, up less than 1%. While Chinese market is down -14.8%.


Attorney Joe Digenova on Hannity:

“The Leftists and the Democrats have established an idiocracy, and it’s populated by fools, knaves and intellectual pick-pockets. All you have to do is listen to Senator Ben Cardin who on Face the Nation the other day said that the nominee for the Supreme Court was coming from an extremist organization: the Federalist Society. Members of which included John Roberts, Nino Scalia, Clarence Thomas, Sam Alito and Neil Gorsuch.

When a United States Senator says something as stupid and ignorant and as uninformed as that, that’s why people are treating Alan Dershowitz the way they are on the Cape.”



Ted Kennedy addressing Senate on July 1, 1987, foreshadowing today’s Left. For the record: kids today are not taught evolution because it came from white males, censorship comes from the Left including government-funded propaganda agencies NEA, PBS and NPR, media and social media do whatever the Marxist SPLC tells them, they censor pro-life groups as “hate speech”, and FBI breaks down citizen Manafort’s door.

“Robert Bork’s America is a land in which women would be forced into back alley abortions, blacks would sit at segregated lunch counters, rogue police could break down citizens doors in midnight raids, and school children could not be taught about evolution, writers and artists would be censored at the whim of government”.


Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner (R) on the show Journal Editorial Report, talking about SCOTUS ruling that forcing public workers to pay union dues violates their First Amendment rights. He noted that a typical Illinois public worker now pays $900 annual union dues.

“We’ve had such corruption in our state, so much self-dealing and conflict of interest between government union leaders and our politicians. Former Governor Rod Blagojevich [who is still in prison] went to state employees and he said ‘If you join a union I will give you 4% annual raises. If you don’t join a union I will never give you a raise as long as I am Governor.’”


Tucker Carlson on the Congolese immigrant arrested for climbing the Statue of Liberty who came out the courtroom wearing a White Supremacy is Terrorism shirt, blasting Trump for “tearing children from mother’s arms”:

“Imagine you are from the Congo, one of the worst countries in the world. Probably a lot of nice people there, but a bad country. You come to the United States, you get this new home given to you by the people of the United States, you show up, and you are not grateful at all. Instead you are denouncing the country and its leaders as racist, white supremacist, monsters. That’s heroism on the Left, apparently.”


Tucker Carlson quoted admission rates to medical school based on race, given an MCAT of 27-29 and GPA of 3.4 to 3.59:
Asian                         21%
White                         29%
Hispanic                   60%
African-American 81%


Tucker interviews Roger Stone who was targeted by an FBI agent offering to sell Trump dirt on Hillary for $2M (he refused), and is now another victim of the Mueller hoax:

“This is a tactic known as ‘lawfare’, where Ivy League snots in a non-profit blessed by Barrack Obama file frivolous, even defamatory but expensive lawsuits against you in which they weave together crazy conspiracy theories but they present no evidence.”

Tucker Carlson replies: “It’s not about Trump, it’s not about Carter Page. It’s about America and betraying its most basic values – which they are doing.”



Socialism offers free stuff and government jobs, until everyone is poor except those with government jobs.

Tweet from CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin:

“See the new @USSupremeCourt clearly: abortion illegal, doctors prosecuted, gay people barred from restaurants, hotels, stores, African-Americans out of elite schools, gun control banned in all 50 states, the end of the regulatory state.”

My reply: those like Toobin that condone Islam and equate it with other religions lose all moral authority. Abortion is illegal in Muslim nations, doctors are prosecuted, gays are jailed or even executed.

“African-Americans out of elite schools“. Translation: blacks are inferior and will always need affirmative action.

“gun control banned in all 50 states, the end of the regulatory state.” That would be true if we legalized marijuana, or when we ended Prohibition. We banned alcohol control, and reduced the power of the Fed nanny state.

Note that gun rights are in the Constitution, abortion and LGBT rights are not. So get real, Leftists.

Former Bush spokesman Ari Fleischer:

“I think to the Democrats and if you’re a liberal that government is so central in life you must control it. And if the other party controls it, it’s a depravity, it’s something so immoral you must rise up against it.”


Tucker Carlson reports that last year ICE arrested 32,958 illegal immigrants with criminal records, almost 5000 members of violent gangs, and deported 226,000 illegal immigrants. ICE also seized 2370 lbs of fentanyl, enough to kill every American through overdose.

To put that in perspective: US population is about 33,000 times that of my town of 10,000 people. DEA says that 2 milligrams of fentanyl is lethal. So assuming last years stats and even distribution across the US:

In an average town like mine of 10,000 people, every year:
ICE arrests 1 illegal immigrant with a criminal record
ICE deports 7 illegal immigrants
ICE seizes 1.1 ounce of fentanyl, about 30,000 lethal doses

Tucker Carlson: “Without borders nations are impossible. If we passed a law tomorrow allowing strangers to live in your house, would it still be your house?”

Greg Gutfeld of The Five on Dem leaders like Elizabeth Warren wanting to abolish ICE:

“Step One: abolish. Step Two: see Step One, there is never a solution. This is not a Democrat party, it’s a child’s party. These are children’s solutions to adult problems. They are not practical, they are emotional. They do not factor in the consequences. If they truly believe in this case that law enforcement is the problem … then abolish law enforcement in your sanctuary city.”

“That’s the beauty of America. You can have a stupid idea, because everybody else with good ideas is protecting you.”

Attorney Mark Levin who like my late mother worked for Texas Instruments, on SCOTUS picks:

“The kind of person you want on the Supreme Court is … somebody who is going to try to interpret the Constitution the way the Framers intended. That’s a Constitutionalist, not a liberal, not a conservative.”

“If you are a Statist, that is a Leftist … that’s not what you want. They don’t view the Supreme Court as this body that is supposed to function within the Constitution. They view it almost like a Politburo where they want to control the members who run the Politburo, so the Politburo can control society.”



My guess is that 90% of voters who think Gorsuch was a bad pick for SCOTUS also believe Peter Strzok is an unbiased FBI agent and Sotomayor is an unbiased judge, we need more like her on SCOTUS. Note that she says “better”, not different or diverse. As if any Latin American nation is equal to the US, Latino immigrants have something to offer us, and she is wiser than Newton, Descartes and Darwin.

“I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would, more often than not, reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.” — Justice Sotomayor, 2001

Tucker Carlson on 10-term Dem Joe Crowley losing a primary to a 28-year old socialist:

“During the primary Ocasio-Cortez attacked Crowley for his race, saying as a white man he was not fit to represent the district. She explicitly said the election was ‘about race’. Can you say things like that now? Apparently you can, and win.”

Charlie Hurt of the Washington Times and Examiner replies:

“These people are communists, and that’s a real problem. Democrats are going to have to contend with this … When they accuse ICE agents and border patrol agents of being like Nazis, what do you expect from some of your candidates?

I would argue that Donald Trump got himself reelected this week. And it’s because of crazy stuff like this, and the Maxine Waters stuff, the haranguing of people in public. It’s all playing into Trump’s hands.”



Greg Gutfeld on Justice Kennedy retiring from SCOTUS:

“I am enjoying the emotional reaction on the Left side. They are foreseeing some sort of grim Apocalypse, as if the Supreme Court is being replaced by Duck Dynasty.”

Jesse Waters on anti-Trump texter and former Mueller lead agent Peter Strzok testifying to Congress:

“It would be like a dirty cop texting his lover about ‘I hate black people, black people are the worst.’ Then all of a sudden he turns the screws to a black guy, sets this up, sprinkles evidence all over him. And then you charge him and you say, it seems like you’re a little biased. And he says ‘I never let my bias impact my investigation.’ I mean come on, it’s common sense.”

CA attorney Harmeet Dhillon on SCOTUS ruling against public union members being forced to pay dues to be able to work:

“I’m sitting here in CA where there is this very unhealthy symbiotic / parasitic relationship between the public sector labor unions and the Democrat politicians in Sacramento that end up driving up our cost of living, our pensions. Everything here in CA has become more difficult and expensive because of the unions.”



Tucker Carlson’s opening monologue, on how Univision pines for the return of FALN who were responsible for much of the 4330 domestic terrorist bombings in 1969. That’s the year I went to Woodstock, the year we landed on the moon.

The Left ruined it all, politicos have no sense of humor. While yuppie Abbie Hoffman from Worcester who I “rapped with” at the Hop in Dartmouth 1969 (or was it ’70? We were really high) was one of the greatest humorists since Will Rogers and Lenny Bruce. His intro to ‘Steal This Book’: ‘My Dad said this is a free country, and free means you don’t pay for it.’ His book ‘Revolution for the Hell of It’ is brilliant, and would explain much of today’s bullshit.

Tucker Carlson: “Every American is born with inherent rights. That’s what our founding documents say, and the purpose of the US government is to protect those rights. That has been our national creed for hundreds of years, and it’s worked.

But the Left no longer believes it. Progressives have decided the Bill of Rights applies only to people who agree with them. Their views are protected by the First Amendment. Your views are hate speech.

Now the activist Left is telling us that people who disagree with them no longer have freedom of movement or association. They can’t go to movies or to restaurants. If they dare leave their homes they will be surrounded by mobs and threatened.

A piece yesterday in Splinter News which is owned by Univision explained that intimidating Trump supporters in public places is “just the minimum baseline here. This is all going to get more extreme – and it should.”

How extreme? Well the article fondly recalls the domestic terror bombings of the 1970s. Thousands a year in America. That’s our future, the article says. The Left no longer considers its political opponents fellow citizens, or even human.

In 1992 [Congresswomen Maxine] Waters cheered as racist mobs burned Los Angeles. As she put it at the time, “riot is the voice of the unheard.”

To his credit Chuck Schumer did call Waters most recent remarks “not American”, good for him. But hardly anyone else said anything. Nancy Pelosi blamed Donald Trump for what Waters said. That was a theme: ‘stop hitting me’ they said, as they threw the first punch.”




Trade war update. YTD performance of:

S&P 500                        -1.37%

Shanghai Composite -13.54%


Obama DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson on Sunday. Note that a million in three years is about 1,000 a day:

“We expanded family detention … I freely admit it was controversial. … We can’t have catch and release. And in my three years we deported, repatriated or returned over a million people.”


Jesse Watters reporting gleefully on a new Quinnipiac poll, to a distraught Juan Williams:

President Obama named the worst President since World War Two. The best Presidents were Reagan, Bill Clinton and JFK.”


From WSJ article:

“The political Left is now repeating that mistake as its cultural and political vanguard sends a message of condescension, hostility and now ostracism to anyone who voted for Mr Trump or has worked with him or for him for the good of the country. Their relentless contempt might end up reelecting him.”



Random thoughts from the last couple of months:

Though I don’t agree with it, this is true: If YOU own a swimming pool with a sign that says “No Trespassing” but do NOT put up a fence – YOU are responsible if strangers drown in it. Obama’s DACA EO actually INVITED strangers to use our pool, he is 100% responsible for what happens to them.

The pro-immigrant crowd are like roommates you share an apt with, that DEMAND you let strangers live there.

We owe foreigners nothing. They have nothing to offer us, or ANY right to enter the US. I realize that is subjective, but HOW DARE YOU force American citizens to choose foreigners over us just because you say so? Do you REALLY believe you are morally superior to me, and that foreigners are superior to US citizens?

This Boomer HATES modern PC. I want to go back to Don Rickles on the Carson show. If “Mr Warmth” failed to insult any group, they called him on it. “Hey Don, why won’t you insult us? Are you all prejudice?”

Race relations in the US were destroyed by the Left, PC, and prohibitions against true humor. We were more advanced 40 years ago. Don’t believe me? Lookup Chevy Chase Richard Pryor Interview on youtube and watch. That couldn’t be aired now. Pryor was a genius. Dave Chapelle tried to be Richard, but the Left kicked him off the air because he made fun of black people. Like Pryor did, check out his drunk routine on the same SNL.


All scenes on the topic of illegal immigration from Tucker Carlson Tonight. First, a clip from an unnamed commentator on MSNBC:

MSNBC commentator: “Donald Trump without a doubt is pure evil. No other country in the Americas has laws, no other country in the world separates children from their parents.”

Tucker: “Pure evil. The thing about pure evil is, you can’t reason with it, you can’t negotiate with pure evil, or reach some sort of compromise with pure evil. Pure evil can only be destroyed by force. Given that, it’s not surprising that the Left is now mobilizing to harass, fire and if necessary physically attack anyone that disagrees with them on immigration because the other side is, again, pure evil. For example, after chasing DHS Secretary Kirsten Neilson out of a restaurant … activists have now showed up at her home.”

Another segment, this with former National Security Council member Michael Anton who just wrote a piece in the Washington Post titled “Why do we need more people, anyway?”

Tucker: “Does more immigration help ordinary Americans, does it improve the country? Or does it just enrich an elite class, the policy-making class, at the expense of everyone else?”

Michael Anton: “Democrats don’t care about [wages] any more because they are not the party of labor any more. They are the party of oligarchs, essentially, and they like more immigrants because they want to push wages down.”

Yet another segment with a clip from MSNBC:

MSNBC commentator: “Help us understand what this kind of damage does to these young people … I worry that you’re creating Terminator-like characters that will seek vengeance.”

Tucker: “‘Let them in, or they will kill you.’ Excellent argument. Also on MSNBC commentator Donny Deutsch declared that every single Trump voter, every one of them, all 63 million, is a Nazi. Watch:”

Donny Deutsch, ignoring the fact that French stood on their border trying to keep Nazis out: “If you vote for Trump, you are ripping children from their parents. If you vote for Trump, then you the voter – you not Donald Trump – are standing at the border like Nazis, go ‘you here, you here’.”

Tucker: “If you really believed Nazis were taking over your country, what wouldn’t you do to them?”

Dan Bongino: “On the radical Left … there is no emergency brake on your behavior because your God is the State. There is no higher set of objective values.”

Tucker: “When you think you’re God, there is no limit on what you can do.”



Want to know why Trump is President? This is a text from an as-yet unnamed FBI employee:

Trump’s supporters are all poor to middle class, uneducated, lazy POS that think he will magically grant them jobs for doing nothing. They probably didn’t watch the debates, aren’t fully educated on his policies, and are stupidly wrapped up in his unmerited enthusiasm.”

Now here is the famous speech from Herb Brooks to his players before the Miracle on Ice, when the US beat the Soviets during the Cold War, back when it really mattered:

“Great moments are born from great opportunity, and that’s what you have here tonight, boys. That’s what you’ve earned here tonight. One game; if we played them ten times, they might win nine. But not this game, not tonight. Tonight, we skate with them. Tonight we stay with them, and we shut them down because we can. Tonight, we are the greatest hockey team in the world.
You were born to be hockey players—every one of you, and you were meant to be here tonight. This is your time. Their time is done. It’s over. I’m sick and tired of hearing about what a great hockey team the Soviets have. Screw ’em. This is your time. Now go out there and take it!

If you don’t believe social media is censored and msm is fake news: only Fox News carried the MN Trump rally, and all I could find was on through Google required adding “deplorables” to the search, which nobody would know unless they watched it. Everything else was lying msm quoting only parts and ridiculing Trump. Screw ’em.

Compare Herb Brooks speech to this from Trump to his supporters to a capacity crowd in a hockey stadium that was site of MN hockey team winning this years NCAA championship – which of course Trump pointed out, since the GOP candidate he was campaigning for was a hockey star – you betcha. It was met with howls of “unmerited enthusiasm”. Winning, duh.

“Why are they elite? I have a much better apartment than they do. I’m smarter than they are. I became President and they didn’t. And I’m representing the best people on earth, [pointing at the crowd] the deplorables.”


Mark Levin on Fox and Friends:

“Maybe that little girl that guy is dragging across the border, maybe that’s not his little girl. So we have to figure all these things out thousands of times a day with tens of thousands of people, and somehow America sucks. I don’t buy into that.”

“The ultimate goal is open borders and to let these people in illegally.”

Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA on Fox and Friends:

“[Peter Strzok] should have been fired instantaneously when this stuff came out. But this just goes to show that there is an unelected, unknown group of bureaucrats at very, very high places that have unlimited political power.”

“And what if he hadn’t unearthed these documents? What if the heroes in Congress such as Devin Nunes or Mark Meadows wouldn’t have went through this to get these documents? This all would have been labelled a conspiracy theory.”


A proclamation from Hungary Interior Minister Sandor Pinter, as reported by Reuters:

“The Hungarian people rightfully  expects the government to use all means necessary  to combat illegal immigration and the activities that aid it. The STOP Soros package of bills serves that goal, making the organization of illegal immigration a criminal offense. We want to use bills to stop Hungary from becoming a country of immigrants.”

On Tucker Carlson Tonight, this from Dan Bongino who served on the NYCPD and in the Secret Service under Obama:

“Liberalism is dead, it’s a vacuum. They don’t stand for anything, their policy platforms are not tenable. They can’t put up a campaign sign that says ‘give us your money, give us your healthcare, and let us take over your public schools because they are doing peachy.’

So what do they do? They have to replace all those lost votes with fear, and replacing them with open borders and endless people coming into the country uncontrollably that they can use to steal their votes through absentee balloting, voter fraud and other things. And endless entitlement programs, they don’t have a backup plan.”


From Tucker Carlson’s opening monologue:

“Formerly responsible people suddenly sound like extremists, probably because they’ve become extremists. The Left is no longer working to convince those who disagree with their views, they are trying to destroy  anyone who stands in their way.

And that’s not a pose, they clearly mean it. They are deadly sincere. This is war to them.

Just a year ago for example public figures didn’t throw Nazi comparisons at their political opponents. [shows video of Diane Feinstein saying ‘this isn’t Nazi Germany’, NPR commentator making Holocaust comparisons]

NPR [is] the official soundtrack of lifestyle liberalism in this country. When Subaru drivers in Cambridge or Marin County want guidance, they go to public radio.

Notice what liberals aren’t doing … spending money on American kids. Liberals used to care about these kids, or they said they did anyway. But now they don’t, they have abandoned them. The Left’s immigration policies make the lives of these children, American children – worse.

Nobody in Santa Monica cares, at all.



Quotes from M Zuhdi Jasser from his appearance on Life, Liberty and Levin. From his home page:

M. Zuhdi Jasser, M.D., is the President & Founder of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD) and the author of “A Battle for the Soul of Islam: An American Muslim Patriot’ s Fight to Save His Faith

A first generation American Muslim, Jasser’s parents fled the oppressive Ba’ath regime of Syria in the mid-1960’s for American freedom.

AIFD promotes Muslim voices for liberty and freedom through the separation of mosque and state. They believe the root cause of Islamist terrorism is the ideology of political Islam (Islamism) and a belief in the supremacy of the Islamic state.


“How do people expect Islam to do away with its ISIS, its Muslim Brotherhoods if there is no critical thinking? … The Left wants us with their red/green access of the Left and the Islamists to not have critical thinking and say anyone that looks critically at Islam is a bigot, is an Islamophobe and this victim grievance narrative that dominates who I am as a Muslim, when in fact we need tough love. If you know Muslims … ask them what they think about theocracy and what they are doing to change the consciousness for their children, and what their legacy will be.”

“The establishment in the Muslim world [CAIR] is evil, is theocratic and are not friends of America. Some of my friends call [CAIR] ‘Hamas on K Street’.”

“The Left, the Islamists are collectivists. This is why they work well with dictatorships, with socialists and others, it’s all about collectivizing control of thought.”

“People who want to be Americans should be welcome based on ideology. Communists, Islamists, collectivists who do not believe in our American Constitutional law should not be allowed in. So an Islamist ban is very appropriate.”



Here’s Chuck Schumer addressing Congress on Kim signing a statement promising to denuclearize while getting nothing in return, sanctions remaining in place until North Korea is nuclear-free:

“The summit was more show than substance. What the Texans call all cattle, and no hat.”


Here’s Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA commenting on Alec Baldwin who assaults reporters and lost his talk show due to anti-LGBT comments, telling Howard Stern he could run for President and beat Trump:

“Comedy is dead. The Left has killed comedy in America. What they say when they are serious has become comedy, what they say when they are trying to make a joke isn’t very funny at all. Because I found him saying he was going to win to be quite comedic, but I don’t think he meant it as a joke.”


Tucker Carlson on the IG report:

“The document is more than 500 pages long … and yet within minutes of its release the hair-sprayed geniuses of cable news had it neatly summarized for the rest of us … ‘a month’s long investigation found no evidence that political bias played any role in this high-profile criminal investigation.’

If you are looking to understand what is actually happening this country, always assume the opposite of whatever they are telling you on the big news stations. And that is certainly the case here, they are lying.

In fact the IG report is a virtual catalog of political bias and abuse of power … ‘Trump is a loathsome human’ FBI lawyer Lisa Page wrote to her boyfriend FBI official Peter Strzok. ‘He is an idiot, awful, an enormous douche, a disaster. He simply cannot be President.’

The document quotes another FBI attorney wondering ‘what I could have done differently to stop Donald Trump’s election as President.’ That same official later describes himself as part of the anti-Trump Resistance. For some reason the DOJ is hiding that lawyer’s name from the public. We do know he served on the Mueller team until February of this year.

Of course he did.”


“It’s Hollywood messaging that helped the Democrats lose. How does Hollywood portray Americans?

Bigoted, war-like, stupid, planet-hating, the cause of all oppression, tormentors of the marginalized and responsible for past evils – that’s left-wing politics.

So tell [Dem] candidates and Hollywood: please call more people racist. Please accuse them of polluting the planet. Everybody in fly-over country – they’re morons. And you know what, we should pay for everybody else’s abortions, too.” — Greg Gutfeld on The Five



Smirking Liberal Canadian PM Trudeau apparently ignored this fact: US exports to Canada are 2% of US GDP, while Canadian exports to the US are 25% of their GDP. Hopefully Trudeau learned not to bluff when playing cards with a guy named Trump, which derives from “triumph.”


Here is Steve Hilton, a former aide to UK PM David Cameron on the G7 from Hilton’s show The Next Revolution (is now being televised).

“The only thing the foreign policy establishment cares about is style. They don’t engage with the substance, at all. These pompous pearl-crushers of the international elite, the world leaders with their bland communiques crafted by time-serving diplomats who think they really run the show.

The arrogant and unaccountable bureaucrats running outfits like the EU and the IMF, who are basically just stooges for big business.

And of course the gullible commentators and journalists who unthinkingly lap up all this self-serving elitist rubbish, while presenting themselves as fearless pursuers of the truth.

The elitist hate-filled hysteria shows their true colors. They love the Old World Order because they and their rich friends benefit from it.



This tweet from Sen McCain is more evidence that he and other GOP neocons support the Mueller Russian hoax because they need Russia as an eternal enemy to justify our military occupation of NATO and Turkey.

By “globalization” McCain means the invasion and occupation of Iraq which he strongly supported – or for that matter, the Vietnam War. McCain still thinks Vietnam and Iraq wars were great ideas.

NATO nations are now under Islamic rule with no free speech rights. Americans share no values with the citizens of Turkey.

Clearly Trump understands Americans better than McCain, election results make it obvious. If you support the Iraq War, nation building and an eternal Cold War – then by all means vote against Trump. His enemies are also mine, so I’ll support Trump.

“To our allies: bi-partisan majorities of Americans remain pro free-trade, pro-globalization & supportive of alliances based on 70 years of shared values. Americans stand with you, even if the President does not.” — Sen John McCain




Tucker Carlson interviewed comedian Dave Rubin who is on the road with Jordan Peterson defending free speech on campus. They showed a clip from an event at UNH, all two hours are on Rubin’s youtube channel. I realized that successful stand-up comedians need the ability to put down hecklers while gaining sympathy from the audience, putting them on your side. Trump does that, like saying “you are Fake News” to Jim Acosta. Because even the other reporters know he is.

Rubin: “You will hopefully treat people as individuals and be willing to have friends of all colors and ethnicities …”

Female student chanters: “We are not the problem!”*

Rubin: “You almost got it except the word ‘not’, can we try it again?”

“Group-think man, it’s alluring.”

*a clever Leftist collectivist slogan which seems like principled activism but instead shirks personal responsibility and culpability. Fans of The Simpson will recognize what Homer told Bart to say: “It’s not my fault!” “It was like that when I got here!”


“California now has rampant poverty, failing schools, drug needles and human waste piling up on its sidewalks, bankrupt municipal government and a vanishing middle class.” — Tucker Carlson of La Jolla CA


“According to a new CNN article, too much bad news can make you sick … It’s not bad news, at all, that makes you sick. It’s the ‘you are bad’ news when every story paints you as the villain.

The bad news: ‘illegal immigration is up’. The ‘you are bad’ news: if that bugs you, you must be a bigot. ‘Police shoot a minority’ … because America, you, are racist.

So how healthy is it to be told hourly that you are heartless, racist and killing the earth?” — Greg Gutfeld


“They are proud journalists at CNN … one thing that was drummed into them at the top-shelf journalism schools is that Republican First Ladies lie a lot and are evil and for the sake of civilization must be destroyed.

CNN assigned their most dogged journalist to crack the case, the squeaky but persistent Brian Stelter [Greg: ‘our nation’s hall monitor’, who] understood immediately the whole kidney story was just a cover for something darker and more sinister emanating from that Dark Lord, Putin himself.

This is not real reporting, it’s a passive aggressive attack.” — Tucker Carlson

I now realize that teachers, politicians and the media are feeding us what Buddhists call the Maya, and what most Americans call bullshit.

And that political party affiliation is as arbitrary and impersonal as whether you are Red Sox or Yankees fan.

So to keep my sense of sanity, well-being and self-worth, I’ve decided to use my blog as a daily diary of contrarian ideas from those who can at least dimly see through the Maya to recognize our ruling global elite Emperor has no clothes.

Challenges to what JK Galbraith called the “conventional wisdom” are disconcerting to most, and I apologize for emailing them to you. But you won’t hear their voices otherwise, and it may grant you the same solace to know that some sanity still exists in the world.


“Tommy Robinson is sitting in prison tonight. His crime? Daring to talk about sexual abuse rings run by Muslim immigrants to the UK.” — Tucker Carlson

“Well, we’ve got a bit more gang rape than we used to, but then there’s a wider range of cuisines.” — Douglas Murray, author of “The Strange Death of Europe”


Economist Ben Stein on Trump: “When I meet people who are in business they love him. When I meet people in the teachers union they hate him. … manufacturing used to be the base of the Democrat Party, now it’s the teachers union.”


“A NYC proposal is on the table that would allow people to choose a third genderless option on their birth certificate … if they haven’t yet decided whether to identify as male or female which very seldom takes place in the first week of life.” — Lou Dobbs




From ISIS magazine Dabiq, July 2016

“Why We Hate You and Why We Fight You”

We hate you first and foremost because you are disbelievers.
We hate you because your secular liberal societies permit the very things that Allah has prohibited while banning many of the things He has permitted.
Your secular liberalism has led you to tolerate and even support “gay rights”, to allow alcohol, drugs, fornication, gambling and usury to become widespread and to encourage the people to mock those who denounce these filthy sins and vices.
As such we wage war against you to stop you from spreading your disbelief and debauchery.


Based on polls of 38,000 of the world’s Muslims, Pew Research produced  The World’s Muslims: Religion, Politics and Society  online pdf also available. Among Iraqi Muslims:

77% say homosexuality is morally wrong
53% favor stoning for adultery
78% say honor killing of women is sometimes justified
35% want Sharia law in host nation even for non-Muslims
66% say its their duty to convert others to Islam

Read excerpts from the Koran here: Believe or Beware: Warnings From the Quran to Disbelievers

Muslims are Puritans. The Koran encompasses the New Testament and Torah, minus Zionism and the divinity of Jesus, with emphasis on their Old Testament roots, Ten Commandments morality enforced by law. Fundamentalism means stricter adherence and harsher punishment. A moderate Muslim is roughly equal to a fundamentalist Christian,  or a Mormon or Puritan.


Fascism, communism and Islamic Sharia law are all forms of collectivism.Subjugation of the individual to mob rule, forced shared values enforced by law.  Their ideological opposite is libertarianism.

Support the religious and free speech rights of citizens, journalists and cartoonists

The Koran proves the US can’t trust deal with Iran’s Supreme Leader

You who believe, do not take the Jews and Christians as allies: they are allies only to each other. Anyone who takes them as an ally becomes one of them— God does not guide such wrongdoers.
— The Feast 51

The worst creatures in the sight of God are those who reject Him and will not believe; who, whenever you [Prophet] make a treaty with them, break it, for they have no fear of God. If you meet them in battle, make a fearsome example of them to those who come after them, so that they may take heed.
— Battle Gains 55:57

Read more here: Believe or Beware: Warnings From the Quran to Disbelievers