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Dan Bongino on CA Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown comparing fighting climate change to fighting the Nazis:

“The first person who brings up Hitler or Nazi analogies loses the argument … It’s like the Moron Olympics when it comes to this stuff with the Democrats … A fascist, a Nazi? Trump’s cut taxes, he’s deregulating government. If they had any idea of what history was really about and those tragic incidents, that was empowering government at the expense of human lives … I don’t understand how Trump is some big tyrant who gives you back your money and your freedom and disempowers the government.”


Todd Benjamin of the Center for Immigration Studies after an investigatory trip to Panama the media will never take:

“What I found was hundreds of migrants from the Middle East, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Lebanon, Iran. I interviewed those people. Most are on the way to the United States border where they plan to apply for asylum.”

“Panama and Costa Rica have a policy they call ‘control flow’ … They have taken over the smuggling for the illicit networks that used to operate there. The Panamanians will collect these migrants … and they’ll put them in camps, take care of them, feed them, provide medical care and then put them on commercial buses. The buses will take them to the Costa Rican border … who then move them up to the Nicaraguan border.”

“They are pulling suspected terrorists off the line … including a member of al-Shabbab from Zambia … authorities said there are at least three or four pulled out of the same group.”


Democrats have the governor and veto-proof majorities in the Illinois legislatures. The budget has not been balanced since 2000. Unfunded public pension obligations total $133.5B, growing $3B a year, now 25% of the state budget. IL has the worst bond rating of any state. One permanent resident leaves IL every four minutes.

Joseph Impearance of Blue Lives Matter on the 47 police officers shot dead by criminals this year:

“We see a nationwide war on police where the value of our police officers is not taken as seriously as it once was. We see the rise of Democrat politicians running cities all around the country. In Seattle we have $1B a year spent on homeless services, the result is more homeless, more crime. In Hempstead, a town overrun by MS-13 gang-bangers, the solution was to have a gun buyback of toy guns. These are politicians that have their head in the sands when it comes to real problems, real crime in their community.”

Rachel Campos-Duffy on how after NYC distributed disposal boxes for used hypodermic needles, 60,000 needles were found on the ground in Bronx parks in six months, compared to 7,000 in boxes:

“Turns out these heroin addicts aren’t really good recyclers. They don’t really care about litter … Maybe we just need more money spent on campaigns to bring awareness to littering.”

Tucker Carlson to former Trump speechwriter David Sorenson whose career and reputation was ruined by a false WaPo article alleging domestic abuse, lamenting the Leftist bias of a lying media he once respected:

“They’re a herd of craven dumb people.”



A second child has died in ICE custody after illegally crossing the border from Mexico. The media of course blames Trump, even though eight children died in ICE custody between 2013 and 2015 under Obama.

Suppose an American woman dragged her child across deserts to enter Mexico illegally, then her child dies in the custody of the Mexican authorities. Would Americans blame Mexico, or her? She likely would be charged with negligent homicide in the US, and extradited from Mexico. The Guatemalan government should do the same to this irresponsible abusive mother.

In 2017, 74% of illegals detained by ICE had prior criminal records, mostly from possession or sales of hard drugs.

Kris Kobach, Kansas Secretary of State:

“In the last five years the number of asylum claims in the US has gone up 2000%. There are almost 800,000 asylum cases pending in our immigration courts. The vast majority of those are not legitimate. It’s estimated that of these Central American cases, 90% are going to be denied.”

Larry Elder, radio talk show host, on Democrats invoking Jesus to defend alien invaders streaming across the Mexican border:

“I call them ‘born-again evangelists’. Where were these people when the DNC booed God when they tried to include God in the DNC platform? Where were these born-again evangelists when people like Joy Behar called Mike Pence somebody guilty of having a mental illness because he spoke to God?”

Charles Payne explains why Democrats want more illegal aliens. It’s because high-tax welfare Blue States run by public unions are losing population so fast, they are losing House seats and electoral college votes. Those are determined by the census as is Fed funding to states, which due to Obama changes no longer asks our citizenship. That’s why Democrats have sanctuary cities that welcome illegal aliens. Illegals also can vote for mayor in many states, ensuring Democrats control our cities. Everyone in CA with a drivers license can vote, most illegals have them. This should explain to all rational Americans why Democrats support illegal immigration, and oppose voter id.

“In 1953 New York had almost 50 representatives in the House. By 2020 we’ll have almost 20.”



Robert Mueller‘s wife and daughters attended the anti-Trump Woman’s March in DC held on Jan 21 2017, immediately after Trump’s inauguration. The organizers are now denouncing each other, the movement is falling apart. More evidence that when correctly applied, intersectionality results in a null set.

The Woman’s March opposed hatred and discrimination against everyone – except straights, whites, Christians or males. They particularly hate the combination, like Mike Pence.

Louis Farrakhan speaking at the Fed 25 2018 Nation of Islam Savior’s Day event, attended by Woman’s March co-founder Tamika Mallory:

“White folk are going down! And Satan is going down! And Farrakhan by God’s grace has pulled the mask off of that Satanic Jew!”

Tamika Mallory‘s lame excuse, March 2018:

“It seems I am not being clear. I am and always have been against all forms of racism. I am committed to ending anti-black racism, antisemitism, homophobia and transphobia. This is why I helped create an intersectional movement to bring groups together.”

Theresa Shook who founded the Woman’s March on Nov 19 2018:

“They have allowed anti-Antisemitism, anti-LGBTQIA sentiment and hateful, racist rhetoric to become part of their platform by their refusal to separate themselves from groups that espouse these racist, hateful beliefs.”


The Dow had its single point gain in history today, over 1000 points. The Dow and the Nasdaq are up about 25% since Trump’s election, greater annual gains than historical average and over Obama’s 8 years. That is despite the Fed who gave Obama nearly 0% interest rates raising them several times since Trump took office, and warning of more next year.

The Fed’s target for GDP growth is a pathetic 2.3%, about what Obama got. GDP rose 3% over the last year with no inflation. The Fed consists of academics who like Paul Krugman have never worked in the real world, and know nothing about economics. They hate their power being challenged by Trump, like Bill Maher they want a recession so Trump win lose in 2020. Marxists wrongfully believe materialism is the only true value humans have, including Trump voters. But religion and patriotism are far stronger values for Americans in the fly-over states.


Roseanne Barr who is headed to Israel to address their Parliament:

“I have important work to do as a voice against the insidious and anti-Semitic BDS movement.”



Identity politics is set theory, best depicted using Venn diagrams. Intersectionality divides us, properly observed it results only in null sets. Citizenship is a union.

Nationalism and globalism are two diametrically-opposed worldviews. Mixing them leads to subjugation of others or oneself, to imperialism or surrender of national sovereignty.

Consider the opposition to Trump’s Wall and decision to remove US troops from Syria. If the US has the right to invade other nations who are not a threat to force our values on them, then surely Latin Americans have the same right to invade the US.

The neocons argue that ‘we have to fight them there, so they won’t come here.” But other than Iran developing nukes, they can’t attack the US unless we let them come here. We didn’t have to give the Saudi 9/11 attackers visas. Trump’s Wall and Muslim ban solve the problem. Muslims don’t want infidels in their nations, so they stay out of ours.


Dennis Prager of Prager U whose videos are routinely censored by Google:

“I fear a radically secularized America. I fear it. As a Jew, I fear it. I don’t normally go around ‘as a Jew, as a Jew, as a Jew’ but for this discussion it’s important or people will think ‘the guys a Christian, of course he thinks like that.'”




President Washington‘s Farewell Address on September 19 1796, excerpt quoted by Laura Ingraham:   “It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliance with any portion of the foreign world.”

President Jefferson‘s Inaugural Address March 4 1807:   “peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none.”

President Eisenhower‘s Farewell Address January 17 1961:  “We must guard against the unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex.”


F&F showed old headlines that expose the hypocrisy of the media’s negative reaction to President Trump’s foreign policy no longer being run by a guy nicknamed Mad Dog:

Yahoo: “In Trump’s Cabinet how many generals is too many generals?”

NYT: “Trump’s Focus on Generals for Top Jobs Stirs Worries over Military’s Sway”

WaPo: “Trump is surrounding himself with generals. That’s dangerous.”

CBS News: “How unusual is Trump’s Cabinet of Generals?”


NPR/PBS/Marist Poll proves Trump has defeated the atheist Marxists and Muslims (M&Ms) attack on American Christians, more evidence the Grinch Democrats will be crushed in 2020. When asked “Are the holidays fun?” 58% said yes, compared to 38% in 2010.



Tucker Carlson on reaction to President Trump’s plan to remove US troops from Syria, interspersed with clips of politicians:

“So, unless Americans continue to finance and die in pointless Middle Eastern conflicts, the world will collapse. That’s the core tenet of neoconservative theology, no surprise there. At least they’re consistent.”

“What’s amazing is how Democrats have responded. The peace party has become the party of permanent war. Pulling American forces out of a distant country after they’ve completed their mission? That’s criminal negligence, they’re telling us.”

“So they’re very upset. But nobody bothered to explain why it’s so awful that we won’t have thousands of troops stationed in the worst country in the world.”

“They all agree that conflict is better than peace, always and everywhere, but especially in places where it can’t possibly help the United States. Troops in Syria, good. Troops on the US border, bad.”


With the looming government “shutdown”, a meaningless frequent event, I got to thinking of how Democrats can logically support illegal immigrants. A common liberal contention is that illegals are no more criminal than US citizens, possibly even less. But consider what that really says.

The murder rate in Mexico is 6x that in the US, and rising. So it is necessarily true on average that either a) illegals are more murderous than US citizens, or b) illegals are less murderous than Mexican citizens who stay home.

So which is a bigger insult to the people and President of Mexico: that illegals are rapists and criminals like candidate Trump claimed, or that Mexicans citizens are such murderers and criminals that the good people are leaving by the millions?


Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) to FoxNews on how she and her staff were treated by the Democrat party antifa abortionists wing during the Kavanaugh hearing:

“A 25 year-old case worker on my staff who deals with Social Security problems and the VA and immigration answered a call in which the man told her that if I voted for Justice Kavanaugh that he hoped she would be raped and impregnated. I’ve lost that staffer, she just couldn’t take the tremendous abuse that was heaped upon them.”

“But what I’ll never understand is why anyone would think that I would be intimidated by those tactics and that they would be successful in converting me or causing me to vote against Judge Kavanaugh strictly because I was threatened.”


DHS Secretary Kirsten Nielson on new policy effective immediately that represents the will of American voters, and sounds a death knell for the previous policy of open borders and importing Latin American communists and other criminals:

“The United States will begin the process of invoking Section 235-B2C of the Immigration and Nationalization Act. Once implemented individuals arriving in the United States from Mexico illegally or without proper documentation may be returned to Mexico for the duration of their immigration proceedings. They will not be able to disappear into the US.”



Nikki Haley from her last address as US ambassador to the UN:

“The UN has shown itself to be hopelessly biased as we witnessed again just two weeks ago when the UN General Assembly failed to condemn Hamas for terrorist activity against Israel.”


An NPR/PBS/Marist poll shows that 52% of Americans are against the country become more political correct, compared to 55% of Democrats who want more PC. Modern political correctness means that straight white Christian males like Mike Pence and Donald Trump can be vilified and excoriated. While all others – particularly Muslims who kill gays, atheists and impose Sharia law – are oppressed and have special privilege to tell Americans how to run their country. Even mild criticism of Islam is now verboten, which is why the ignorant young believe it is morally equivalent to Christianity.

Donald Trump in an Aug 6 2015 speech showing why he won, and will continue to win over the racist globalist Democrat party:

“I think the big problem this country has is being politically correct. I frankly don’t have time for total political correctness. And to be honest with you, this country doesn’t have time either.”


The Five gives their favorite retractions, this one from the WSJ:

“An earlier version of this article stated that Benjamin Netanyahu said Moses brought water from Iraq. He said the water was brought from a rock.”


President Trump addressing UN on Sep 25:

“America will always chose independence and cooperation over global governance, control and domination. I honor the right of every nation in this room to pursue its own customs, beliefs and traditions. The United States will not tell you how to live, work or worship. We only ask that you honor our sovereignty in return.”

“America is governed by Americans. We reject the ideology of globalism, and we embrace the ideology of patriotism.”

Bill Clinton from a speech on Mar 8 2000:

“By joining the WTO, China is not simply agreeing to import more of our products. It is agreeing to our most cherished values: economic freedom. The more China liberates its economy, the more fully it will liberate the potential of its people, their initiative, their imagination, their remarkable spirit of enterprise.”

Fareed Zakaria on CNN Apr 18:

“Let’s be honest. On one big, fundamental point, Donald Trump is right. China is a trade cheat.”



Victor Davis Hanson of the Hoover Institute whose book The Second World Wars I’m currently reading, to Tucker Carlson:

“Think of the array of people who have not told the truth. Andrew McCabe was fired for lying to Federal investigators … James Comey‘s statements about the FISA court and role of the dossier are not true. James Clapper lied under oath to Congress. John Brennan lied under oath to Congress. Susan Rice lied when she said she did not request surveillance transcripts and have them unmasked. We know that Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills lied when they said they did not have knowledge of the email server of their boss Hillary Clinton.”

“We’ve had a lot of wrongdoing by elites and there have been no consequences … We have a whole bunch of people with questions about global warming which we see in Europe, and immigration like we see in Eastern Europe or here at home … They feel they can dictate to people on-high … and then they’re surprised that Trump won or that people are rioting in Paris. What did they think was going to happen?”


Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) just released voicemails she received during Kavanaugh hearings, also packages in the mail which claimed to contain anthrax and ricin. These are de-censored by me from seemingly two different males:

“Don’t be a dumb cunt. Don’t be a stupid fucking hypocrite. If you care at all about women’s stories, vote no on Kavanaugh. Don’t be a dumb bitch. Fuck you also.”

“If you vote for him … you are so fucking naive. You’ll go down in history as the most naive person ever to be in Congress. You fucking fucking feckless naive woman … Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you.”


Constanzu Garcia, an illegal alien who was deported in 2013 after three previous ICE violations, on Monday in Porterville CA shot and killed a gas station attendant, shot and wounded two others, then carjacked a truck leading police on a 100 mph chase, ending in his death in a wrong-way crash.

Al Haggigi age 23 who pleaded guilty earlier to trying to support ISIS, is now accused of plotting an attack that he said “would redefine terror.” Online he said he wanted to kill thousands of people, He told agents that he wanted to attack gay bars, lace cocaine with rat poison and give it away at night clubs, and plant explosives inside backpacks on UC Berkeley campus.

WSJ article “The Yellow Jackets Are Right About Green Policies” quoted on FBN:

“According to a NASA satellite survey, the Earth has gotten greener, thanks in large part to a rising concentration of that vital plant food CO2. That means we are able not only to feed an expanded population, but give the poorest among us a more nutritious diet.”



Democrats, as they constantly remind us, are pro-choice. Except when it comes to healthcare. Or schools. Or immigration. Or fighting climate change.

Now Democrats oppose our right to choose our President. Democrat lawyers plot the illegal overthrow and destruction of the President, his supporters, his voters, anyone who speaks truth about Islam or questions our collective obligation to foreigners.

The French ruling class did much of the same, now their peasants are revolting. “They certainly are, they should try an occasional bath.”



Nigel Farage who I call “the Brexit Dude”, now an EU MP in Brussels much to their dismay, on why Theresa May got no concessions from the EU bureaucrats, and why Trump knows more about trade and tariffs than any politician, academic or media dweeb:

“One in three German motor cars that are sold outside Germany are sold to the UK.”

“I spent twenty years in business before doing this. The one thing I know is the Customer is King. It’s the client that has the cards to play. But Theresa May as a politician who’d never worked in business didn’t have the wit to understand it.”


Reported on F&F: A Federal judge has ordered Robert Mueller to turn over all the Special Counsel’s highly-secret documents on Michael Flynn [after learning that] FBI pushed him not to bring a lawyer to his 2017 interview with FBI agents [including] anti-Trump agent Peter Strzok.

Sidney Powell, former Federal prosecutor and President of the American Appellate Lawyers, gives Lou Dobbs and Democrats the sad news that Cohen plead guilty to non-existent campaign finance laws, to get a lesser sentence for engaging in the corrupt NYC taxi medallion trade:

“The sentencing memo was obviously drafted in complicity with the Special Counsel office, because Michael Cohen is not even guilty of the election law alleged violations they craft there. Those are made-up and unprecedented charges. Those are not valid election law violations. I don’t think anything like that has ever been charged against anyone for the private settlement of what lawyers call nuisance value of private matters.”

Joe Concha of The Hill notes that after being unsuccessfully impeached, Bill Clinton’s approval rating rose to 73%.


New farm bill passed by Congress legalizes industrial hemp farming.


Spotify has moved their corporate offices in San Francisco to the financial district because of safety concerns caused by homeless street people, one of whom slapped a Spotify employee. I assume hypodermic needles and human feces on the streets also discouraged visits from clients and associates. That is Nancy Pelosi’s city, a vision of what all US cities can become if the Democrats take power.



Emmanuel Macron in his first speech since protests began four weeks ago makes a decent first step towards explaining to its worldwide fan base why the open-border welfare state is a failure:

“We have to reinvent and restore the educational system in order for people to be able to find work after they graduate. This educational reform is important when we want a France where people can find dignity in work.”

“Some of you want me to reconsider the wealth tax. However this has caused the richer companies to depart and to leave our country and we have suffered from this measure tremendously.”

“Maybe the government has been centralized for a long time, for decades. The public service all over our territory, we have to ask questions about it.”

“Also about the profound identity of our country. We talked about immigration. We have to find solutions to these fundamental changes.”



I assume that like the migrant caravan, other than Fox the media are ignoring the protests and riots in France, which have spilled into bordering nations. About 100,000 protested nationwide, 10,000 in Paris where 135 were injured, 3 killed and 1000 arrested. Police used tear gas and water cannons to disperse crowds.

They are protesting high taxes and particularly high gas taxes and prices. Many are also demanding higher wages, just to keep pace with the increased cost of living resulting from higher taxes and $7 a gallon gasoline.

France is the most taxed nation on earth, taxes are equal to 46% of GDP. That is mainly due to the large and well-compensated government workforce, aka the “welfare state”.

Some want higher taxes on the rich, as if such is possible. They claim Macron “cut taxes for the rich” because he eliminated a wealth tax on financial assets over $1.3M that generated 1% of total tax revenues, while discouraging savings and driving it out of France.

They are also protesting the new poor, unskilled immigrants who refuse to assimilate and instead live on welfare funded by their taxes, further straining the overburdened welfare state.

Consumption taxes mostly hurt the low-income who can’t afford them. But gas taxes mainly affect those that operate trucks, tractors or drive far – which excludes the urban middle class, who mostly have government jobs. And poor immigrants don’t live with the urban middle-class, instead they create welfare-state jobs.

So to me at least, it is not surprising that the French urban middle-class strongly oppose climate change, support the Paris Accord, high taxes and open borders.

I see the situation in the US as the same, except with slightly lower taxes and an opposite President. French and US urban middle-class have essentially the same politics, represented here by the Democrats. Trump’s election appeased the US peasants so they are not now in revolt, but that could change if DC continues to obstruct their will.

The other essential difference is that although he uttered some nonsense about “nationalism is the opposite of patriotism”, to date Macron has not accused his peasant opponents of Islamophobia, or called them deplorable.


Tucker Carlson warns American citizens:

“This is sad news, we’ve got a report tonight. You need to be careful. Keep your doors locked, your kids inside. America’s streets and voting booths are no longer safe, because after fewer than two weeks in jail, Vladimir Putin’s hand-picked Russian spy slash democracy hacker George Papadopolous is once again free.”


Headline: “French Yellow Vest protesters tear gassed in violent clashes with riot police in Paris.”

Trump uses tear gas on foreigners trying to enter our country illegally. Macron uses it on his own people. Guess who the media and Democrats will support?


Alan Dershowitz on Tucker Carlson Tonight re upcoming Mueller report:

“I think the report will set out a circumstantial case based on all the lying that’s taking place, a circumstantial case for arguably political sins. But I don’t see any crimes. Collusion itself is not a crime. Using information given by Russia to Wikileaks would not be a crime unless the campaign participated with Wikileaks in the hacking itself.”

“But in the end they won’t be able to find any violation of specific statutes, unless they stretch these vague laws like obstruction of justice beyond any recognition,”

“It’s worse than improper, it’s unconstitutional. The Grand Jury has a specific function. It’s supposed to only indict or not indict … That’s why it’s regarded as wrong for prosecutors to issue reports. That’s what Comey did wrong. He should never have gone beyond ‘we’re not indicting Hillary Clinton.’ If you have evidence of a crime, indict. Otherwise, shut up.”

“I have very rarely made deals with prosecutors because I basically don’t trust them. The system today is so skewed in favor of prosecutors and against defendants.”



From F&F: an illegal alien from El Salvador was sentenced to 30 years in prison because he and three other MS-13 gang members hacked a man to death, stabbing him 150 times. They were angry at the victim for saying that MS-13 doesn’t make the rules in America.


Laith Waleed Alebbini, a Jordanian immigrant living in Ohio, was arrested at the Cincinnati airport for trying to join ISIS. That day he tweeted to his sister:

“I am a terrorist.”

“I would rather spend ten years in prison than to stay one year in America in this system.”



Jesse Watters on The Five talking about Democrat Senator Mazie Hirono of Hawaii claiming Democrats problem is they are too smart, and don’t connect with voters emotionally.

“She’s totally misdiagnosed this. This would be like Donald Trump saying ‘You know what? I’m too polite. I’m too politically correct, I’m trying to forge too much consensus. I’m going to be more brash, and I’m going to hit immigration harder.'”

“The Democrat party has always valued emotion over facts, look at the Kavanaugh hearing.”



Mark Steyn on F&F talking about Macron with 23% approval rating capitulating and deferring gas tax hikes for six months:

“These are climate change riots. You can afford it if you’re Leonardo DiCaprio. If you’re like a French guy living in the countryside you have to drive to work, you can’t afford $7 a gallon gas just because Macron wants to have a gala dinner with Leonardo DiCaprio, Al Gore and the Prince of Wales. It works at that level, it doesn’t work for regular people.”

“And they won, and they’re the worst riots in France since 1968. And they’re middle-class working people riots.”


The AP crawl under The Five:

Black student faces hate-crime charges for allegedly scrawling racist graffiti in bathrooms in a MD college.

21 year-old Flynn Arthur of Maine, a student at Goucher College in Towson, told police he blamed “bottled up anger” for writing backwards swastika and death threats with dorm room numbers of black students including himself.

Police say they suspect Arthur in racist graffiti discovered on Goucher campus last month and this month.

Berkeley pays $70,000 fine to Ben Shapiro’s group YAF for obstructing the free speech rights of Ann Coulter and others, and agrees to let conservatives speak on campus in the future.

Violent protests in France have forced Macron to suspend gas tax hikes for six months, by which time he and Merkel will be out of power.

Average pension for CA public worker retirees is $70,000, says FBN. It would cost $1.7M to buy the same annuity at age 60. Only 13% of private pensions in the US are defined-benefit like those for public unions, compared to 76% in the mid-80s.

FBN lists states spending the most on welfare (in billion $):

CA 98.5
NY 65.6
TX 36.9
PA 30.3
FL 26.7

Census Bureau: over $637B was spent on welfare in 2016 [compared to about $624 spent on Defense, $936B spent on Social Security]

California has the highest total public welfare costs … yet the state wants to expand its state welfare program called Medical to cover illegals.”


Any empirical look at the world and history shows this reality:

Capitalism, rule of law and respect for private property has delivered people all over the world from poverty. Socialist collectivism creates poverty by consuming private property and wealth, spending it and redistributing income, thereby destroying any incentive for citizens to work harder, invent and build, or to even work at all.

Science, math and technology that came exclusively from white males since 1500 AD made the world rich. None of it came from Africa, Asia, Muslim nations or Latin America. White males are the ones who have been exploited.

The poorest people in the world are those who have had the least contact with Caucasians.

US citizens received no benefit from anything Central Americans produced. Cheap bananas did not make us any richer, US farmers feed the world.

If you need further proof that college faculty and administrators are anti-American Marxists who are brainwashing students to be as ignorant about the world as they are, I offer this resolution passed by the University of California student Senate, approving sending $1500 to illegal invaders from Central America who were made poor by socialism:

“The United States, fueled by corporate greed, has strategically intervened in Central American politics and warfare; thus strengthening the United States economy and further disregarding the livelihood of the citizens in these countries.”


Heather MacDonald interviewed by Mark Levin who starts with a quote from her book “The Diversity Delusion: How Race and Gender Pandering Corrupt the University and Undermine Our Culture”:

“Toxic ideas first spread by higher education have undermined humanistic culture, fueled intolerance and widened divisions in the larger culture.”

“Virtually every aspect of the culmination of hysteria that greeted Judge Kavanaugh was perfected on the college campus. Above all, the preposterous mantra to believe survivors regardless of the evidence, regardless of due process. This is the campus rape hysteria that has been transforming the lives of males on campus, creating an extraordinarily costly bureaucracy, moved into the real world. And it’s not going away, it’s only going to get worse.”


Over 500 people were arrested and 130 hurt in riots in France this weekend due to rising gas taxes caused by the Paris Accord, which does nothing to limit the emissions of the two largest and fastest-growing polluters, China and India.


Like Obama’s bff Bill Ayers and the Bernie Sanders supporter who targeted GOP Senators and shot Steve Scalise, there was another terrorist attack on our military and Republican elected officials by a white male Leftist named Gregory Lee Leingang, this one unsuccessful. From the Bismarck Tribune:

A Bismarck man pleaded guilty in federal court on Friday to stealing a forklift and planning to “flip” President Donald Trump’s limousine on the day of his Mandan refinery speech.

Prior to the president’s arrival at around 2 p.m., Leingang had stolen a forklift in Mandan and entered the motorcade route, according to Sasse Russell. “The intent was to basically try to get to the limo, flip the limo and get to the president and he wanted to kill the president,” Sasse said. The forklift got stuck in a gated area, and, once that happened, Leingang fled and was apprehended by Mandan police,

Prior to stealing the forklift, Leingang set two fires that morning at the Bismarck Municipal Ballpark maintenance shop and the state parole and probation office, Monteiro said.




Greg Gutfeld monologue from May 6, 2013 talked about the Berkeley professor who gave Barack Obama his start in politics:

“Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers was at Kent State giving a keynote talk when he was asked what made him different from the Boston bombers … Ayers points out, all his terrorist pals did back then was property damage.”

“Ayers left out how he lost three of his pals. Bombs they were making actually blew their heads off. Yes, property damage. The bombs were intended for a dance at the Fort Dix Army Base in New Jersey. So, the right people died that day. Thank God.”

“Ayers wanted to kill innocent people. So the only difference is that the Boston Guys were good at what Ayers was bad at.”

Update: “It’s entirely possible that if that Boston bomber had lived, he’d get a teaching position at a top college in America. Maybe there’s still a chance for his younger brother.”


Last year President Trump signed the Forever GI bill which enhanced veterans benefits but many vets benefits did not improve because the VA was unable to update its 50 year-old computer systems in time. I bet the VA now employs over 90% of the world’s COBOL programmers.

This is just another example of the fatal flaw in unions, socialism and government jobs that serve workers interests over those of consumers, the people who matter. If the VA were a business operating in a competitive free market it would lose customers and revenue, and be forced to improve improve service without increasing their own costs, or go out of business. But the function of unions is to increase jobs and worker compensation, so they resist any productivity improvements that reduce the number of jobs, even if they result in massive benefits to the people they theoretically serve.

Ultimately unions, socialism and government are practicing Luddites.



Dennis Prager on Tucker Carlson Tonight talking about how Google censors Prager U videos on his Youtube channel:

“We have had about 60 of our 400 videos at various times on the restricted list. They include such terrible things as a history of the Korean War, or one that I happened to have given, ‘are human beings more valuable than animals?’ Andrew Roberts the great British historian just gave a course on why Churchill saved Western Civilization, that’s on the restricted list.”

“If it’s pro-West, pro-American, pro-religion or pro-Israel, it is placed on the restricted list. Which means if you have any anti-porn filters in your house, you can’t even see our videos. Libraries can’t see them, schools can’t see them.”


Tucker Carlson reports that once again the most important news of the day is …

“Russia! A remote country in Central Asia with a median life expectancy lower than that of Honduras. A place with an economy about the size of that of the state of Texas. A vodka-soaked icescape whose shuffling workers can’t seem to build a reliable airplane. That Russia.”

“But nevertheless, it is a place that somehow against all odds manages to dictate election outcomes on the other side of the world. Using a crack team of secret agents so stealthy, we still don’t know their names after more than two years of investigating.”



Laura Ingraham on her FNC show:

“Linda Sarsour and two other founders of the Woman’s March, Tamika Mallory and Carmen Perez, have all appeared at events sponsored by the sickeningly anti-Semitic organization, the Nation of Islam, including one where Louis Farrakhan himself said ‘the Jews are my enemies.'”


Linda Sarsour, a Palestinian Muslim born and raised in Brooklyn, addressing 2017 Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) conference in a video shown by Laura Ingraham. In the Koran, Muhammad says Allah only approves of killing in jihad, a holy war against those who reject the Old Testament including Hindu, Buddhists, Confucianists and most of all, immoral atheists:

“I hope that we stand up to those who oppress our communities, that Allah accepts from us that as a form of jihad. That we are struggling against tyrants and rulers not only abroad or in the Middle East or on the other side of the world, but here in the United States of America where you have fascists, white supremacists and Islamophobes reigning in the White House.”


Linda Sarsour leading Leftist sheep in a chant reminiscent of Occupy Wall Street, at an anti-Kavanaugh march:

“We need (we need) everyone (everyone) to pay (to pay) attention! (attention, or in German: Achtung!)”



Fed government spent about $3.9T in 2016, 21% of US GDP, over $10B a day. Breakdown:

Social Security                                    24%
Medicare, Medicaid, CHIPS, ACA   26%
Safety Net                                              9%
Interest on Debt                                    6%
Fed retirees and veterans benefits  8%
Transportation, education, …           10%
Defense                                                  16%


Jerome Corsi, the latest target of the Mueller Russia hoax, on FBN:

“What that the Special Counsel is trying to do is get me to accept a fraudulent plea deal which I’m going to have my  attorney file criminal charges on with the Department of Justice. My experience made it clear to me that political criminals are running the Department of Justice and Mueller’s prosecution.”

Alan Dershowitz on Tucker Carlson:

“Somehow people think it deserves more credibility, because it’s a ‘Special Counsel’ report, but that’s not true. Special Counsel is just another prosecutor looking one side of the case. And he will present a one-sided account which will be very critical of his subjects. It’s a prosecutorial report. It will not show balance … You can’t have balance when you haven’t heard the other side of the story, when you call witnesses that may be exculpatory.”

“That’s why it’s essential that the President’s team be permitted to issue their own report at the same time the Mueller report is issued.”


Tijuana Health Department reports on the migrants:

2,267 medically treated
over 60% have respiratory infections
3 cases of TB
4 cases of HIV/AIDS
101 cases of lice
4 cases of chicken pox

US Customs and Border Protection reports a captured illegal alien confirms he is a member of MS-13.

Marco Munez, Honduran migrant on the Leftists who organized and funded the caravan, none of which exist according to the media:

“They lied to us from the beginning. So most of these people are disappointed … so there’s going to be a point … where we just rush in there.”

Jose Salazar-Aguilar pleaded guilty to illegally re-entering the US, driving without insurance or a license, and was sentenced to 6 years in prison.  He was deported in 2013 for DUI, and deported 7 times for heroin delivery.



Greg Gutfeld on The Five:

“Political power based on grievance requires an endless supply of oppressors … No wonder young healthy individuals with endless opportunities feel and seem hopeless. It’s because the anger ruins them.”

“Identity politics says you’re never going to win until you’re the oppressor. And that means embracing a vengeance-based dogma. And it means that no matter your age, you are still guilty of a huge, historical crime against blacks, women, gays, you name it.”


Tweet from Princeton professor Keeanga-Yamahttat reported on FNC:

“The nation state is the source of much that is wrong in the world. We as a species would be much better off without it. I am for a world w/o borders. Put that in yr f****** pipe and smoke it.”


Kamala Harris selectively edited Kavanaugh’s comments about abortion pills to mislead the public, in violation of her Senate role of “advise and consent”, not “dupe”. The media did the same thing with Alan Dershowitz implying that Mueller would reveal something devastating to President Trump. The full quote shows that Dershowitz said is that Mueller is clearly biased, his report will reflect it, so Trump better watch out. But Trump knew that already, so do the majority of Americans:

Mueller is not going to produce a neutral report. He’s not going to be fair. He’s going to produce what he believes is going to be a devastating attack, put together everything. He’s going to use information from Manafort and others without necessarily disclosing they are liars. And so the President’s team has to be ready.”


DHS reports that the caravan now numbers about 8,500, 90% of whom are not qualified refugees, and includes 600 known criminals.

Democrat Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other anti-American Marxists are comparing the migrants to Jews escaping the Nazis, and Trump is refusing them refuge. Let’s ignore the fact that it was the Nazis who violated sovereign borders and invaded other nations, like the migrants are trying to do. And that Mexico and Central America did nothing to fight fascism, and Mexico was on the same side as Hitler in World War One.

But if we accept her analogy, that means that Central America is Nazi Germany, and we’re still the USA who saved the world from German and Japanese fascism. I’d like to tell her “you’re welcome”, but she is not. Nor are the other young Progressive ingrates.



Greg Gutfeld on The Five reads the lead from the San Diego Union Tribune:

“A group of around one hundred people trying to illegally cross the border Sunday near the San Ysidro port of entry threw rocks and bottles at the US Border Patrol Agents who then used pepper spray.'”

“This was November 25, 2013. 2013, right? Five years ago when President Obama was in power. Nobody seemed to care.”

Jesse Watters on The Five, once again pissing off his liberal educator parents:

“Politicians are not smart. These are not smart people, these are not special people. Schumer, people kiss his ass because he’s powerful and can make their lives miserable if they cross him. Thirty year-olds do all their work for them. They take vacations half the time. They read off notes, they can’t even memorize anything. They don’t even know what’s in the bills that they pass. You have to read it to find out what’s in it.”

“And most of these people are failed lawyers who couldn’t hack it in the real world. They’re robots, they’re totally corny and narcissistic. Think about how lazy and un-intellectual they are.”

“The only thing they are good at is raising other people’s money, and then spending other people’s money.”


Greg Gutfeld from his December 22, 2016 monologue:

“A Muslim man got kicked of a Delta flight for speaking Arabic on the phone to his mother, freaking out Islamophobic passengers and the evil, evil airline. This outraged celebrities.”

“But hold on, you heroic warriors of social justice. Stop indulging your assumptions for just one moment and you’ll find this so-called victim is a renowned hoaxer who fakes events on planes. On his Youtube channel are videos of him with titles like ‘Arabs on a plane’, ‘Speaking Arabic on a plane’, and ‘counting down in Arabic on a plane’.”

“Recently he staged a fake video with a New York City cop harassing men in Muslim dress … story about boarding a plane in a suitcase … claimed the Boston Marathon bombers were framed. He’s also 9/11 truther. And still celebs in the media buy his shtick.”


Greg Gutfeld from his June 15, 2016 monologue quoting a New York Times article published after the Orlando terrorist attack:

“While the precise motivation for the rampage remains unclear, is evident that Mr Mateen was driven by hatred towards gays and lesbians. This is the state of American politics, driven too often by Republican politicians who see prejudice as something to exploit.”

Omar Mateen’s father from a Youtube interview done before his son killed 49 at the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando. He also can be seen on Youtube appearing behind Hillary Clinton at a 2016 campaign rally:

“God punishes homosexuals.”

The Koran Heights 80:84 where Muhammad overrides the mercy of the New Testament to reinstate a passage from the vile Old Testament, which is all the Koran is:

“We sent Lot and he said to his people, ‘How can you practice this outrage? No one in the world has outdone you in this. You lust after men rather than women! You transgress all bounds!’ The only response his people gave was to say [to one another], ‘Drive them out of your town! These men want to keep themselves chaste!’ We saved him and his kinsfolk— apart from his wife who stayed behind— and We showered upon [the rest of] them a rain [of destruction]. See the fate of the evildoers.”


Paris Police used water cannons to dispel rioting protesters, injuring 20 people. The protests were against rising gas and diesel taxes intended to reduce driving in France, in order to meet the requirements of the Paris Accord on climate change. Diesel is now about $6.30 a gallon in France, despite falling oil prices.

Overall about 100,000 protested nation-wide. So it seems the Paris Accord led to Paris Discord.



Greg Gutfeld monologue from The Five on March 20, 2016:

“After every terrorist attack comes that naive response to evil. This time, it’s from Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, who says to fight Islamic terrorists we must have a world where everyone feels cared for and loved. And who could be against that?”

“Oh yeah, Islamic terrorists, you butthead.”

“Naive pacifism is the barnacle on the boat of vigilance – meaning it depends on the commitment of others to kill. If we all thought like Zuck, we would be screwed.”


Angela Merkel quoted on F&F:

“In this day nations must [‘muss’] today – should today, I say – be ready to give up sovereignty. But of course in an orderly procedure [‘alles muss in Ordnung sein!]”

“Either you are one of those who believe they can solve everything on their own and only have to think about themselves. That is nationalism in its purest form. This is not patriotism.”

President Trump at a 2016 campaign rally in PA:

“I’m running to be the President of Pittsburgh, not the President of Paris.”

Hillary Clinton interviewed by The Guardian. Hillary knows that open borders cost Merkel her political power, and that Trump beat 18 GOP candidates by being the only one to propose the Wall and a Muslim ban. I think Hillary wants to do the same, be the only sane candidate among dozens of open border Dems, split the vote and win the nomination. She could save the Democrat party from the Left and electoral oblivion, much as Bill Clinton and the DLC did. To me it proves that democracy works, and populism is better than rule by ideology.

“I think it’s clear Europe has done its part, and we must send a very clear message – ‘We are not going to be able to continue refuge and support’ – because if we don’t deal with migration issue it will continue to roil the body politic.”

Juan Manuel Gastellum, mayor of Tijuana, who maybe now understands how American taxpayers feel about spending $100B a year on unwanted illegal aliens:

“We don’t have sufficient and necessary infrastructure to adequately attend to these people, to give them a decent space. I will not spend Tijuana citizens tax dollars for this crisis which has arrived at my border.”


Crawl on F&F, after reporting that lying traitor LeftCoast Harvard lawyer Adam Schiff says Democrats plan an extensive investigation on a SINGLE Saudi citizen killed by his own govt, in a Saudi embassy which is legally Saudi soil – as was the US embassy invaded by Iran in 1979. Dems sold out to Iran, hence the Schiff witch hunt. So: one Saudi suspected of terrorist links killed by the Saudi government on Saudi soil – it’s a big deal to Europe and the Dems. But killing 30 suspected terrorists in Mali is a nothing burger. Probably because the people of Mali are black so the globalist elite don’t care.

“French anti-terrorism forces kill at least 30 al-Qaeda linked extremists in Mali.”





Tucker Carlson with guests Peter Schweitzer whose book Clinton Cash has never been disputed by lawsuit, and Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) on why fentanyl is sent from China via our own government, the USPS:

“Over 70,000 Americans died of drug overdose last year, nearly half of those overdosed on synthetic opiates like fentanyl … The number one manufacturer of fentanyl is China, they seem uninterested in stemming the flow of illegal drugs into our country.”

“So the question is if China killed 30,000 Americans through bombing campaigns or through invading, we might respond differently.”

Rob Portman: “If you send something by the Postal Service from China, it is guaranteed delivery. If you send something through one of the other carriers, say UPS, FedEx, DHL or other private carrier, it’s not guaranteed. Why? Because after 9/11 we required all the private carriers to provide advanced electronic data to law enforcement to be able to stop stuff from coming in. We didn’t do it to the Postal Service. We said you ought to study it, come back to us with a report – and they never did.”

Peter Schweitzer: “[Google] has an amazing amount of influence on the consumption of information and news in this country. 80 to 90% of all searches are done through Google, and Google not only collects information on us which threatens our privacy, but they use that information to manipulate us, to steer us in directions we don’t want to go.”

“It’s affecting the voting that is taking place in this country, and some people are arguing it’s determining the outcome of elections.”

“In the 2016 elections, [peer review academics including at Harvard] found that in all 100 search results from 1 to 10, Google was suppressing negative stories about Hillary Clinton, and pushing negative stories about Donald Trump. This research by the way was done by a Hillary Clinton supporter.”

“It’s the Wizard of Oz, behind the Iron Curtain.”


Greg Gutfeld monologue on The Five on May 4, 2015, from his book:

“Last nights ‘draw Muhammad’ contest in [Garland] Texas did not just draw Muhammad, it drew two Islamists, who drew return fire… The dudes ended up as a chalk outline – or what Texans call ‘etchings’ … It’s a contrast to Charlie Hebdo, whose editors died helplessly. ”

“New York Times reporter Rukmini Callimachi tweets, ‘Free speech aside, why would anyone do something as provocative as hosting a Muhammad drawing contest?””

“Well, the answer is in the question, and you expect a reporter whose beat is Islamic terrorism would get it. The First Amendment means zilch if it protects only ‘hello’ and ‘have a nice day.’ … And also, when you begin your take on free speech with ‘free speech aside’, you kind of lose the point.”

“Remember, the attacks on our Libyan outpost were blamed on a film by our own government, including Hillary. But if you’re a journalist and don’t get the context, then it’s you who is the real cartoon.”


The terms Hispanic and Latino did not exist when I was young. They are meaningless, and refer to language not race or nationality. It’s like calling African-Americans Anglos because they speak only English. And the term “white” was only used in the segregated South.

Leonard Bernstein’s West Side Story was about Catholic Italians versus Puerto Ricans, not whites versus Hispanics or Latinos.

I live in Albuquerque NM in 1975, where a neighbor told me, “We’re Indians not Hispanics, so don’t call us that. We don’t even speak Spanish.”


After spending Thanksgiving with a friend’s working class family, I was reminded of the fact that Americans who produce thing of material value that keep us alive – which excludes government workers, teachers, professors, and most people with a college degree – are the best and most important people on earth, far better than anyone who lives in the Third World.

Today’s Left is based on ignoring their own own self-inconsistencies and hypocrisy. They scream “we are a nation of immigrants!” that should welcome the Central American immigrants, legal or illegal. While at the same time they believe those European immigrants were genocidal killers that slaughtered the Native Americans. Central America has 20x the US murder rate, why do most still believe new immigrants won’t do the same to US citizens?

Britain colonialists treated their native populations better than any other nation, far better than Spain or Portugal. Why does anyone believe conquering Latin American immigrants whose ancestors were despicable oppressors will treat us natives any better?

The most desirable immigration nations are all former British colonies: Australia, Canada and the US. The world’s largest democracy is a former British colony. I’ve worked with many Hindu, they are superior to anyone from the Third World. We had millions of Hindu immigrants that made the US richer when we had merit-based immigration. But they took jobs from college grads, and worse doctors and nurses – so they ended it, and replaced them with uneducated unskilled poor immigrants who offer no competition to the taxpayer-funded US ruling class.



Mark Steyn filling in as host on Tucker Carlson Tonight:

“A judge today ruled that the Federal government’s ban on female genital mutilation is unconstitutional. The Founding Fathers provided for everything.”

“Two Michigan doctors and six others were charged with transporting girls as young as seven across state lines for the procedure, but District Court judge Bernhard Friedman ruled that while the Federal government may force you to buy health insurance, it can’t bar adults from scarring children in ways they will live with for the rest of their lives.”


Greg Gutfeld from the Gutfeld Monologues, get it from the library, from February 6, 2015 with current updates:

“Yesterday at the prayer breakfast, President Obama brought up the Crusades …”

Barack Obama: “Unless we get on our high horse and think this is unique … to some other place. Remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ.”

Greg Gutfeld: “Wow, talk about a slight! – comparing modern-day Islam to medieval atrocities. Shall we accuse Mr. Obama of Islamophobia? He’s right though, the Crusades were an awful thing responding to another awful thing, an Islamic holy war.”

“But he left out … they happened like seven or eight hundred years ago. The fact is President Obama spoke the truth. When it comes to religion, Islam is the slowest runner in a millennium marathon. We’re here, they’re still back there – and some of them want to stay there and take us back with them.”

Greg Gutfeld update: “What’s with this relativism reflex? Even you agree with the point – yes, we were bad once, too – how does that solve a problem, exactly? How does it solve Islamic extremism? It doesn’t. It just allows you the excuse to not acknowledge present-day problems that upset your like-minded peers.”



Tucker Carlson on the arrival of the mythical caravan:

“One thing we’ve learned about mass immigration over the last couple of years is that all good people support it. Immigration is the ultimate moral litmus test. So when a band of poor migrants from the Third World shows up uninvited on your doorstep, the decent among us step forward to welcome them in as commanded by the moral code of cable news, and more importantly, the poem at the bottom of the Statue of Liberty. Only bigots and haters slam the door.”

“Well it has finally happened, the caravan has arrived. The funny part: it didn’t arrive in our country, it arrived in Mexico.”

“The people of Tijuana are Mexican citizens so by definition they are good people, much better than you are. They’re more welcoming, more compassionate, less selfish – less American. They must be thrilled by the new arrivals. As immigrants their new Honduran neighbors will grow their economy and add rich new diversity to their culture. That’s what low-skilled immigrants always do. So are the people of Tijuana grateful for this caravan from Honduras?”

[shows clips of three protesting Mexican citizens to FoxNews reporter:]

“Your country has to beware of these people because they are bad people.”

“They don’t belong here, they’re migrants. It’s the same case as when Mexican migrants go to the US and they are undocumented.”

“We do know of the incidences of here in Tijuana and other cities that these people in the caravans are committing crimes. This is not about racism. We don’t dislike a certain group of people because they’re from another country, one country or another. We’re here because our government has not taken control of these invasions.”


Jesse Watters on The Five talking about his own parents:

“Democrats always expect to win for a few reasons. One, they live in a bubble, a social bubble and a media bubble. Two they think controlling government is their rightful destiny because they believe they’re Progressives and that’s progress. Also, their whole governing philosophy is about controlling government. They’re supposed to be in charge.”

“And then Democrats believe this is life or death, good versus evil, so when they lose it is a soul-crushing loss.”


Victor David Hanson on Life, Liberty and Levin:

“I don’t like the lack of gratitude or the trashing of the system or our ancestors who gave us all this system. And maybe it’s the universities that have created an arrogant and ignorant cadre of youth, but something’s gone wrong.”

“They got what they wanted finally with civil rights, we had true equality of opportunity. And then they were expecting that everybody would be equal. Human nature being what it is, it’s never going to be that way.”

“They would rather have everybody making $20,000 a year, than the poor making $50,000 and somebody else making one million.”

“The European continental model is the model that Progressives chose. And they have the view that human nature is by nature a Rousseauian view that we are born into chains, the church, the government, the family and it’s the duty of government to take off those chains and let everybody be liberated and they’ll naturally be happy. Which is sort of our collective nightmare.”

“We’re headed to a radical egalitarian society in aspects that transcend politics, almost every imaginable facet: sports, culture, entertainment, movies. That’s the message.”

“They think the Ivy League brand allows them certain entre or certain privileges. But you look at Silicon Valley. You have gatekeepers who control what is hate speech and what is not. They control the expressions of seven billion people on the planet because they are morally better than we are.”



A spox for the Center for Immigration Studies on FNC reported:

Nearly half of the residents in our five largest cities speak a language other than English at home

Over 80% of immigrants from India have a college degree or more, compared to less than 10% from Central America

They estimate that 95% of US population growth from now until 2060 will be future immigrants and their children.


Greg Gutfeld on how in a poll of “the most trusted news media personalities”, he beat Wolf Blitzer, Stephanie Ruhl, Katie Tuhn, Don Lemon, Rachel Maddow, Brooke Baldwin, Mika Brzezinski, Chris Cuomo, Chris Matthews, Lawrence O’Donnell – and Joe Scarborough who finished 49th out of 49:

“I’m flattered by this, but I’m also terrified. Me, trusted by you? I don’t even trust myself. I won’t even be alone with me.”

“The media soul-searching. That’s like looking for Bigfoot.”


Tim Allen quoted on F&F:

“I think it’s fun to make fun of people who are full of themselves. Liberals have a very small window of sense of humor about themselves, so I love poking it.”



Diamond and Silk on F&F discussing Nancy Pelosi thanking Al Sharpton for “saving America”:

Diamond: “He hasn’t done anything for America but race-baiting.”

Silk: “The only time you see Al Sharpton is whenever a white person has killed a black person. But when a black person has killed another black person, Al Sharpton is gonna hide his head like a turtle. You don’t see him no more.”

Diamond on Democrats contesting FL and GA elections:

“I call it The Art of the Steal, that’s what I see.”


Trish Reagan on her FNC show Primetime talks about Kamala Harris comparing the long-extinct KKK to ICE which is 55% Hispanic, while welcoming Somalians who own slaves:

“Once again the Left is manipulating history … and modern-day events to advance their cause. All in an effort to confuse people, and instill fear in anyone who dares to disagree with them. Well I dare.”

“And it’s not because I’m political. It’s because I’m an honest American who knows her US history. And I refuse to let politicians playing identity politics to corrupt that history.”


Peter Doocey of F&F speaking in his pleasant morning talk show voice to reassure viewers that their nation is not being invaded:

“Thousands are already in Tijuana, and it turns out there is some backlash from the locals. The people who live in Tijuana do not like the fact that there are all these migrants in their town … and violence has broken out … residents assaulted journalists and injured at least three people.”



Kamala Harris interrogating a white male ICE official before Congress, comparing ICE to the KKK:

“Are you aware of the perception of many about how the power and digression to enforce the laws, and do you see any parallels?”

ICE official: “I do not see any parallels.”


Greg Gutfeld on The Five on Democrats disputing GA election loss, blaming it on GOP trickery:

“What I truly hate about the Democrats. It’s not the adoption of destructive ideas from prior centuries, it’s not the toxic mix of identity politics that pits one group against another. It’s not their constant demonization of people who disagree with them.”

“It’s because they’re forcing us to do this story, because they won’t give up. They’re like kids in the back seat of the car screaming for ice cream and they’re waiting for adults – i.e. Republicans – to give in and stop for 31 flavors.”



I maintain that the collectives Left and Right are an illusion, they do not exist. That is, they are based on the false notion that opinions and values on disparate subjects are correlated within any individual. The assumption that if you are a socialist you will also support gay marriage, abortion and oppose guns, while capitalists will uniformly have the opposite views.

I maintain the real divide derives from our own life experience: young vs old, singles vs parents, urban vs rural, atheist vs Christian, globalist vs nationalist, college vs high school grads, coastal vs Middle America – and most important, public sector worker vs private.

Tucker Carlson is the most non-partisan pundit on any cable show, he has the most watchable show. Yet he infuriates the Left so much they attack his home, and also many on the Right. Tucker Carlson is neutral on most issues, but he strongly opposes:

Illegal immigration
Foreign wars
Corporate DC lobbyists
Social media corporations controlling free speech

Are those liberal or conservative positions? And if so, why?



Tucker Carlson’s prescient guest Eric Eggert published a book before this election called Fraud: How the Left Plans to Steal the Next Election. It has an extensive section about Broward County election supervisor Brenda Snipes.


Tucker Carlson on how Robert Mueller and his band of attack lawyers are cavalierly destroying innocent people’s lives, while liars in DC thrive:

“False statements are everywhere in Washington. That’s what this city specializes in, and not just false statements about small things. Barack Obama told you your premiums would go down and you could keep your doctor. Jim Clapper told Congress that the NSA was not spying on you. Clapper said that under oath. It was an outright lie, he was never charged.”

“So the obvious lesson is that as long as you are powerful and your lie is big enough, you are never, ever charged in Washington. You can wreck an entire healthcare system. You can take an entire country to war under false pretenses. You can kill American citizens with drone strikes. And you can lie about all of it, and no one will ever think for a moment about prosecuting you.”

“But give the finger to the Establishment, mock the people in power? That is dangerous, and they’ll get you for that.”


Oil fell $4.65 today to $55.28 a barrel. For reference it reached a high of $140 a barrel before the 2008 Crash. Only Saudi Arabia and marginally the US are efficient enough to make a profit with oil prices that low. Russia, Iran and Venezuela cannot, and they rely exclusively on oil profits to fund their socialist regimes.

Trump got out of Paris Accord and unleashed American energy for national security reasons. US now produces 2M barrels a day more than when Trump took office. Trump will bankrupt our enemies with low oil prices, except for China and North Korea. They are next, that’s how business people think: outperform and bankrupt the competition. And note that Exxon and other oil company stocks plummeted today. It helps consumers and Americans, not them. Same with globalist Wall Street, Trump is their enemy.





Tucker Carlson on the Florida recount and the media treatment of President Trump:

“So to restate the rules: when a Republican wins an election it is fine to question the legitimacy of the process. Democrats have been doing that since the very day Trump was elected two years ago. That is patriotic, it’s your duty!”

“But when the Democrat party’s power is at stake, raising any question at all about the process is wrong. Indeed, it’s nothing less than the road to dictatorship.” [shows CNN clips]

“‘He’s an authoritarian!’, scream the authoritarians. Meanwhile, defending the results of elections that have already been called is now the same as overturning elections.” [shows Pelosi clip]

“According to MSNBC, the only relevant fact about Brenda Snipes is the color of her skin.” [shows MSNBC clips]

“In case you wondered what demagoguery looks like, you just saw it.”

“Palm Beach county Canvassing Board disqualified a vote because it was cast by an illegal, a non-citizen. Non-citizens are not allowed to vote in Federal elections. It is illegal. It also NEVER happens in this country, ever. We’re told that again and again, and anyone who disagrees is racist.”

[Shows clip of longtime Harvey Weinstein friend Kirsten Gillibrand asked on The View about a Presidential run, saying she believes she has been “called to restore our moral integrity”.]

“Moral integrity, moral decency, that’s what Democrats tell you they are defending. And if you think for a minute, that is worrisome. People who know how deeply flawed they are tend not to overreach, they have humility. But when you’re a Holy Warrior, on a mission from God, what won’t you do?”


Greg Gutfeld of The Five on the Florida recount:

“I don’t know. If I had to pick who to trust for balance, it would be the party that is for voter id, not the party that’s against it.”


Newly-appointed AG Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Russia probe, for no good reason. Now Democrats and media want Trump’s new appointee to also recuse himself – leaving the most conflicted person in charge, the one recommended Comey’s firing and hired Mueller and started the Russia hoax. FoxNews showed Rosenstein Conflicts:

Signed surveillance renewal for Trump campaign aide [Carter Page]

Possible witness in obstruction case [Comey’s firing]

Reportedly discussed recording President, invoking 25th Amendment (Rosenstein denies the allegation) [Former Assistant FBI Director McCabe says it’s true]



Reported on F&F: illegal alien Louis Perez is charged with a triple murder in MO. He was previously arrested in a NJ sanctuary county that in violation of Federal law refused to release him to ICE because he “did not fit the requirements”. Meaning he is not white, and therefore has superior rights.



Jesse Watters reported a breakdown of 2018 voters by age group, based on a poll of 116,000. I don’t know the population per age group but assuming even population distribution within those groups, I calculated the per-year percent that voted.

I’ve long thought polls underestimated GOP support because they are biased toward young voters based on “likely voters” that are assumed not asked, and overestimate young voter interest. Jesse Watters showed polls and actual election results for several close contests. The worst poll was NBC News / Marist, the best was Trafalgar Group.

65% of 2016 voters were age 45 and over. Voter participation increased with age. I think old voters determine elections. The young buy things so advertisers and the media naturally focus on them, and then wrongfully apply it to elections.

2016 Voters by age group, and estimated per-year within age group:

18-29         12%     1.0%
30-44        23%     1.5%
45-64        38%     1.9%
65+            27%     ?


Jesse Watters guests psychologist Dr Gina Loudon and Sebastian Gorka talk about the Democrats and voter fraud in Florida:

Gina Loudon: “They’re concerned about Russian interference, but they’ll create a fake Russian dossier. They’re concerned about women’s rights, but they’ll create false rape allegations.”

Sebastian Gorka: “If it works for the Democrats, if they steal the election in Florida, there will be no mention made of Russia, ever again.”






The Leftist media is in another anti-GOP uproar, this time complaining that Trump claims there is voter fraud in Florida without proof. Apparently three prior convictions by the same election official is not evidence enough. She is an elected official that can’t be fired, in a heavily-Democrat district.

Democrats did the same with the Kansas commission: how DARE they require us to give them voter rolls without proof of widespread voter fraud? If there was no voter fraud, Democrats would have cooperated.

Democrats claim that voter id suppresses black voters. So Democrats must believe that blacks are too lazy or stupid to go get ids. What other explanation is there, other than voter fraud elects Democrats?

My first job out of college was a bank auditor. When outside CPAs came in they didn’t have offer a single shred of evidence that fraud was going on. It was up to us to prove that our procedures make it all but impossible – and the opposite is true for voting.

Same with the caravan of illegal immigrants. The media complains that without proof Trump claims some are criminals. It’s up to them to prove none of them are criminals, drug or human traffickers, not a single one. Or else none of them get to come here. We don’t need unskilled uneducated workers who will never learn English, the international language of trade. You can’t get a decent job in Mexico without English, why would they hire you?

Foreigners have no Constitutional rights, it’s up to them to prove their innocence. Same with applying for a job, renting an apartment. You don’t tell them “what, you won’t take my word for it? Don’t you trust me, racist?” Before I got that job the bank sent private investigators to talk to my neighbors, so obviously they don’t trust white citizens either.

Those media did not go there and look beyond the women and children put at the front, talk to Honduras government officials. Judicial Watch and Sara Carter who speaks fluent Spanish did go there. Government officials assured them there are many known criminals in the group which was initiated by a Honduran Leftist. They broke through police lines, threw rocks at police and invaded Mexico. The majority are young males, many with MS-13 tattoos. They are journalists, the media are Leftist liars. And lazy, too. Almost as lazy as government workers.



Louis Farrakhan, beloved by many African-American Muslims including Muhammad Ali, Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Barack Obama, speaking in John Kerry’s new home Tehran in support of Iran’s upcoming war with the United States, reported on F&F:

“The war will trigger another kind of war that will bring China, Russia, all of the nations into a war. The war will end America as you know it.”


Michael Moore said to beat Trump the Democrats need to run a non-politician who is a “beloved American”, probably meaning someone who does not hate white people which excludes all Democrat politicians. He asked interviewers to suggest potential candidates: Kamala Harris – no. Corey Booker – no, though Moore said he loves him. Will Democrats get the message? No.

Jesse Watters on The Five:

“The state of activism in America today: there’s no huge civil rights struggle, there’s no Draft, there’s nothing that threatening going on in American society, the economy is humming. So the people who have the Resistance in their blood, the people that are born to march the streets – what are they marching for? What are they marching against?”

Greg Gutfeld interjects: “Against a talk show host.”

Jesse Watters: “When you’re surrounding someone’s home, you’ve lost the intellectual argument.”


Juan Williams on The Five compared antifa mobs scaring Tucker Carlson’s family, to a bomb threat to CNN’s Don Lemon who says Trump voters are racists. If you agree with Juan Williams, you hate white people like he does.

Democrats claim Trump insulting foreigners is racism. If you agree with Democrats you are a globalist and probably a racist, not a real American.


On The View, Joy Behar claimed that the GOP took the Senate because of gerrymandering.

The Left apparently believes Jim Acosta is a free press, and antifa mobs are free speech and freedom of assembly.


Mark Levin rants on Hannity regarding Jim Acosta:

“I am sick and tired of media types trying to hijack these press conferences. Press conferences are for the American people. CNN you don’t even have an audience. It’s not for you, it’s not for MSNBC, and it’s not for every hair-brained malcontent miscreant Democrat liberal dressed up as a journalist.”

“You know, we have standards in this country for doctors, for lawyers, for truck drivers, for plumbers, for electricians. What are the standards for journalists?”

“And I’m going to tell the media something: you’re humiliating yourself, you’re embarrassing yourself, and the American people are turning on you more and more not because the President says you’re the enemy of the people, but because you’re acting like the enemy of the people.”

Dan Bongino on Laura Ingraham:

“What you saw today was not a press conference, it was an interrogation and what they wanted was not answers, but a confession. They came in there convinced Donald Trump is a racist, a fascist and they wanted him to answer. That was a confession.”



Bad news for Democrats, regardless of the outcome of today’s election. Recent poll shows 65% of voters support Trump sending troops to the Mexican border to repel the invasion, including 51% of Latinos.


Tucker Carlson with guest Mark Steyn, a Canadian immigrant who sometimes wishes he were an illegal alien because they are hassled less and more immune to prosecution and deportation:

“Every great President in American history was a staunch nationalist. Probably the worst, Woodrow Wilson was an avid globalist and it’s not surprising that he got us into probably the single most pointless war in history. Over 100,000 Americans died in the First World War.”

“Nationalism has nothing to do with race, and you want proof look no further than the Democrat party which is obsessed with race, literally. People are celebrated or attacked purely on the basis of their skin color.”

“This is tribalism and it’s destroying the country. Nationalism doesn’t cause tribalism, it is the antidote to tribalism. Rally around the nation, and not your tribe.”

Mark Steyn: “Because Americans can no longer afford to form families and have children as young as they used to, Democrats and half of the Republican party want to bring in foreigners to be a kind of permanent peasant class, reproducing at the rates they think are necessary for the economy.”

“Angela Merkel brought in two million Muslim men to be the children Germans did not have for themselves.”


Rush Limbaugh addressing a Trump campaign rally in MO:

“There isn’t a single elected official in either party who could do what this is tonight. They are jealous, they are envious. This isn’t supposed to happen. You people are supposed to love them, not Trump.”

“And the people in Washington haven’t taken the time to understand why you voted for Trump. They think you are stupid for doing so … And there’s so much to learn about why you have. There’s so much to learn about the potential greatness for America.”




There are really only three possible worldviews: imperialist like Hitler, globalist like Obama, or nationalist like Trump. Nationalists respect sovereign nations borders and their right to self-determination, imperialists do not. Globalists want to eliminate borders and nations in favor of World Government, like the UN and World Court.


Greg Gutfeld apologized for this on his show:

“[Alec Baldwin] just got arrested for punching someone over a parking space. So I guess he doesn’t like it when people cut in line. I wonder who stole the space? Was it a Dodge Caravan?”



The Pittsburgh synagogue shooter tweeted that he did not support or vote for Trump. Why do most people believe that violent white males are right-wing? Antifa are white, so was the guy who shot Steve Scalise.



Dennis Prager quoting Alan Dershowitz from the film No Safe Spaces, written and produced with Adam Carolla, both appearing on Tucker Carlson:

“As a liberal, as a Democrat, as an American and as a Jew, I far more fear the Left than the Right.”



Tucker Carlson on black Democrats telling White Guilt Liberal sheep how to think and vote, which sadly will likely work next Tuesday if my liberal family is any measure:

“If you want to know what Democrats are thinking, watch CNN and MSNBC … Here are two contributors to MSNBC. One writes for the New York Times, the other is a professor at Princeton which is an Ivy League college in New Jersey. Both have impressive credentials. Both are considered ‘deep thinkers’ by most of the other people in this country who consider themselves intellectuals.”

Professor Eddie Glaude: “What I did wrong in 2016 is I overestimated white people. I didn’t think white people would put him in office.”

Mara Cay of NYT: “I’m not willing to let white voters off the hook. I think like the rest of us they should be treated like adults … And I believe they need to move from saying ‘well, I don’t like his tweets but you know, the economy’s doing OK.’ They need to move from there to reality, which is that we have a white nationalist President which is a threat to American democracy.”


I just had minor satori. I realized the essence of modern religions is not belief in gods, but rather belief in an afterlife. That includes Heaven, reincarnation, spirits, ghosts, ancestor worship, dead spirits in inanimate objects.

If I believe my late best friend is watching me, it gives my life greater conscience, morality, meaning and purpose. It makes me a better person, and the world a little better. So why wouldn’t I believe in the unknowable?

Of course, our own morality which mainly comes from our parents determines who among our dead acquaintances is good and which evil. Religion reflects our personal morality more than directs it.

Being a provocateur, I’ve given several Christians this quiz which sometimes shakes their belief system: The Bible says God told Abraham to kill his son. If God told you to kill your child and you believed He meant it – would you do it?

Karl Marx said “religion is the opiate of the masses” because he realized religious values were based on meritocracy, fairness, virtue, differential rewards for good or bad behavior. All those values, not to mention logic and human psychology, were contrary to his utopian equal-outcome system. Marxists need to destroy religion and all values other than those imposed by the collective, the union or State.


Reported on F&F First: California State University offers two courses named Construction of Whiteness and Seminar in White Privilege. The courses examine how “whiteness relates to privilege, racism and notions of supremacy.”


Jesse Watters on The Five:

“And the media telling you to tone down the rhetoric? That’s like an alcoholic telling you to stop drinking. It’s like, no, you’re the drunk. You’re the drunk. You guys have been saying the President is a mentally-ill racist Nazi Russian traitor who needs to be frog-marched out of the White House, calling his daughter the c-word and hoping his son gets raped.”

“And now you’re mad because he calls you ‘fake news is the enemy of the American people’? You guys can dish it out, but you can’t take it.”


The University of Vermont has condemned signs that appeared on campus saying “It’s OK to Be White” as the work of white supremacists, and ordered them removed. Would an “It’s OK to Be Gay” sign be the work of a “gay supremacist”?

What do you call a group named Black Lives Matter, who shout down any Democrat who says “all lives matter”? What about the ’60s Black Power movement, aren’t they black supremacists? You really believe that’s what Dr Martin Luther King meant by “equality”? There are no groups named White Lives Matter or White Power.

Only “woke” white liberals hate their own race. Others are befuddled, but most are willing to exploit it.


Tucker Carlson on the media blaming Trump and his supporters for violence:

“That’s the America that you grew up in. A decent place full of decent people trying to do the right thing.”

“But there’s another America too. It’s the America of cable news and social media, of CNN and Twitter. In that America political operatives rush to the scene of human tragedy, hoping to leverage it for political gain. They make snap judgments on the basis of incomplete evidence in order to implicate their political opponents in crimes they did not commit. They use fear and rage to accomplish what reasoned argument could never accomplish. They commit moral blackmail.”

“Typically their aim is gun control. A crazy person committed an evil act, therefore you must be disarmed. But this time that is not their goal. This time their goal is something more comprehensive than that. They want to take charge of what you are allowed to say and think. How are they trying to do that? By blaming you and your opinions for the crime.”

“The murderer was angry about illegal immigration. If you oppose illegal immigration, you are very much like the murderer. You are the monster, just like the killer in Pittsburgh. You must change your beliefs, otherwise you will be punished.”

“After a century of defending free speech, the Left is now its enemy. Just last week the Southern Poverty Law Center issue a list of demands for tech companies. Anyone who disagrees with the SPLC they explained must be prevented from operating a website, or raising money online, or organizing events, or public expressing their opinion. That’s an order, says the SPLC.”

“Well it goes without saying that the SPLC has no moral standing to make any of these demands. None of the people making demands do. Yet as always, the least virtuous are the most self-righteous.”

“We’re hoping all of them have lost their senses temporarily and at some point they’re going to wake up chastened and ashamed, and ready to rejoin the adult conversation in progress. That’s our hope. Either way we do not plan to stop talking, no matter what they say, no matter what they demand. Every American has an absolute right to express his views, regardless of what Twitter thinks. It’s our birthright. It’s the most important freedom we have. We are not giving it up on this show.”

“Free speech does not cause extremism, it solves extremism.”



Marsha Blackburn (R-TA) at a recent campaign rally asked for a moment of silence for the victims of the Philadelphia synagogue attack. Shrieking female antifa interrupted it with chants like “Marsha Blackburn is a white supremacist!” Earlier F&F showed pictures of the victims, they were all whiter than I am. The two recognized Jewish DNA groups are both European.

The Left hates Jews like they do all white people, and love Muslims like Louis Farrakhan. The Left’s college campus BDS campaign is pure anti-Semitism.


So-called “whites” are at least 60% of US voters. Hillary called white males “deplorable”, then blamed her loss on white women blindly obeying their husbands.

So when it turned out the guy who mailed explosive packages to Democrats was white and a Trump supporter, media and Democrats cackled with delight and seem to think it helps their electoral chances. But it really means they admit that Republicans now represent the white majority, and Democrats will not even try to appeal to them. Instead Democrats and the media will call the majority racists unless they vote their way, and do as they are told.

I don’t believe that’s a long-term winning strategy for Democrats. It didn’t work for Hillary.  By their own identity politics, if blacks who vote GOP are traitors to their race, then surely the same is true of whites who vote Democrat. It perfectly illustrates two of my political maxims that all campaign advisers must learn:

“Don’t insult people, then expect them to vote for you.”

“The party that favors the minority, becomes the minority party.”



Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch just back from Guatemala, on Lou Dobbs Tonight:

“This is a criminal involvement on the part of these Leftist groups. It’s highly organized, very elaborate, sophisticated operation. I have that from the highest levels of the Guatemalan government. They’re investigating those groups criminally, and I strongly urge President Trump and Jeff Sessions to the same here.”

“A lot of these folks have affiliates that are getting money from the Soros-occupied State Department, and that should be of great concern.”


Michael Goodwin of the NY Post explaining why illegals will fit in well in Rahm Emmanuel’s lawless sanctuary city of south Chicago, where 87% of murders go unsolved:

“Central America is the murder capital of the world. 95% of Central American murders go unsolved, according to the Wall Street Journal.”


There seem to be three possible sources and motivations for the recent mailed explosive packages which all appear to be duds, possibly intentionally.

1) a Trump supporter incited by his angry rhetoric. This is the theory approved by the Left, media and Dems.

2) a Trump supporter angered by media and Leftist attacks on Trump and his voters, calling us racists, the worst thing a human can be called, or

3) a Leftist “false flag” operation to prove what they claim before the Nov election: that Trump supporters are all white supremacist terrorists.

Option 3 is somewhat supported if it turns out the packages are duds. A Leftist Dem would clearly not try to kill the people they support.

Robert DeNiro was one of the targets. DeNiro assaulted Trump, wants to punch him in the face. Trump never said anything bad about DeNiro, so option 1 is clearly not true in his case, but 2 may be.

So to me the likely explanations are a Leftist false flag hoax, or a Trump supporter like me angered at being called a racist by the Left, media and Robert DeNiro who wants to punch the President I voted for. Put me in the ring with Raging Bullshit, let’s see what happens.


A list of recent Islamic terrorist attacks in the US, from the Guardian, with [dead, wounded]. Overall I count 95 people killed, 407 injured.

Though the media never called it that, Omar Mateen’s attack on the gay Pulse nightclub was the worst mass shooting in US history. Las Vegas beat it by just 9 people. THEN the media said that was the worst shooting, and marks it every year. Nobody talks about Orlando, even though the Koran clearly says that God hates gays, and Omar’s father can be seen on Youtube video saying “God punishes homosexuals” prior to the attack.

The US is about 1% Muslim, over 50% white. So on a per-capita basis for whites to just match those killed by one Muslim in Orlando, whites would have to kill 2400 in US mass murders. That has not happened in my 68 years.

1 June 2009
[1, 1] In 2009, Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, an American-born convert to Islam, opened fire on an army recruiting office in Little Rock, Arkansas. Muhammad killed one soldier and wounded another.

5 November 2009
[13, 32] Army major Nidal Hasan opened fire in the Soldier Readiness Processing Center at Fort Hood, Texas. The American-born Hasan killed 13 fellow soldiers and wounded 32.

5 April 2013
[5, 280] The Boston Marathon bombing attack was carried out by two brothers, Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev. The bomb placed at the finish line of the Boston Marathon killed three people and injured 264. The two later killed Sean Collins, an MIT police officer. In addition, in a firefight between the brothers and the police, 16 officers were injured and another later died.

16 July 2015
[5, 1] Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez attacked both a marine recruiting office and US Navy reserve center. Abdulazeez first opened fire on the recruiting office from a car, wounding a recruiter inside. He then drove to a Navy reserve center where he killed four marines and one seaman before police officers killed him.

15 December 2015
[14, 24]  A married couple, Syed Rizwan Farook and Tasheen Malik, opened fire on a Christmas party at the San Bernandino County Department of Public Health, where Farook worked. Fourteen people died and 24 were injured.

12 June 2016
[49, 58] American-born Omar Mateen killed 49 people and wounded 58 at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida. In calls made during his rampage at the gay nightclub, Mateen pledged allegiance to Isis.

31 October 2017
[8, 11] A man drove a rented pickup truck into cyclists and runners on the Hudson River bike path on Manhattan’s lower west side, killing eight people and injuring 11. Sayfullo Saipov, a 29-year-old immigrant from Uzbekistan


A Bernie Sanders supporter shouted “this is for healthcare!” as he tried to kill 24 GOP Senators, almost killing Steve Scalise. Clearly he was inspired by Dem hate-filled rhetoric, based on the FALSE presumption that taxpayers are required to pay for others medical care. So – vote GOP, or you support domestic terrorism.


Senator Obama from a 2005 speech shown on The Five, proving once again that lawyers are unethical lying opportunists with no values of their own:

“We simply cannot allow people to pour into the United States undetected, unchecked and circumventing the line of people who are waiting patiently, diligently and lawfully to become immigrants in this country.”


The media claims that the current “lack of civility” began with Trump. But before he even ran for President, under Obama we had riots, looting and arson in Ferguson, Baltimore and Charlotte. Black Lives Matter marched in NYC chanting “what do we want? Dead cops!” Obama and Mayor DeBlasio said nothing. That’s not just a lack of civility. It’s an attack on the rule of law, and civilization itself.


President Trump from his Texas rally offers slogans which though hyperbolic and perhaps falsely attribute negative outcomes to Leftist intention rather than ideological failure and willful ignorance, ring true to the majority of  voters:

“Today’s Democratic party would rather protect criminal aliens than American citizens.”
“The Democrats want to replace freedom with socialism, and they want to replace the rule of law with the rule of the mob.”
“Democrats produce mobs, Republicans produce jobs.”




A mob of 4000 is streaming through Mexico on their way to invade the US, most of them from Honduras with the world’s highest murder rate. They are coming here of course “for a better life”, who can argue with that?

People who break into your home and steal are also looking for a better life. So are welfare cheats, heroin dealers. People who murder their spouses for the insurance money are looking for a better life.

Civilized people seek a better life, but not at the expense of others. Jordan Peterson claims we lost meaning in our lives when we rejected God and confused a “better life” with self-indulgence. He advocates being a better person, more responsible for yourself and family, and that will naturally lead to a better world. Liberals preach the opposite, collectivism over personal responsibility, which is why Peterson is hated on college campuses.

“It is quite as destructive … to be taught that one is responsible for everything as to be taught that one cannot be responsible for anything. Responsibility, to be effective, must be individual responsibility. As everybody’s property in effect is nobody’s property, so everybody’s responsibility is nobody’s responsibility.” — FA Hayek



F&F reports that jailhouse letters written by Nadal Hasan, a Muslim who killed 13 of his fellow US soldiers at Fort Hood in Texas, have now been made public. They show he said ‘it was a good idea to kill soldiers because they did not follow Sharia law’, and that he carried out the attack to guarantee a place in Heaven for his mom.

Anything good you have ever heard about Islam is a lie. Both Bush and Obama lied about Islam. Islam is a political religion based on theocracy, Sharia law and converting the world to Islam, using any means necessary. I won’t debate that, it should not be necessary.

I’ll try instead to appeal to reasonable liberals, if such still exist, who oppose Trump’s Muslim ban. Suppose “extreme vetting” required Muslim immigrants to renounce:

a) all terrorist acts, theocracy, Sharia law, political action on local or national level, influencing govt or school boards, serving in political office, and even voting; plus

b) all acts that violate US laws including killing gays, apotastes, atheists, cartoonists, honor killing, fgm, beating and raping their wives; plus

c) all proselytizing, attempting to convert others to Islam

Even if Muslims accept such conditions (most would not), mosques would still teach children to hate atheists, Buddhists and Hindu, to not be friends with Christians or Jews, to marry only other Muslims, to hate gays, and that women were subservient to their parents and husbands. Do liberals REALLY want Muslim immigrants under those conditions? Because that’s Islam, that’s the Koran, and the First Amendment guarantees their right to preach it in mosques.



Some 1500 alumni and faculty called on Saint Lawrence University to revoke Susan Collins honorary degree because she was not concerned enough about “ending campus rape culture”, which clearly permeates their own institution or it would not be an issue with them. What parent wants to send their kid to Rape U? Here liberal law professor Jonathan Turley comments to F&F:

“These professors and graduates are seeking to retroactively punish Susan Collins for reaching a conclusion different from their own. These professors and students vividly demonstrate how power without principle is little more than a mob dressed up as a movement.”



Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) on a Saudi citizen with suspected ties to Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood killed by his own government while in Turkey – just as Obama killed dozens of suspected terrorists using drones in foreign nations without a trial, including US citizens:

“There are no democracies in the Middle East, with the exception of Israel. And I trust, with the exception of Israel, every country in the Middle East about as much as I trust gas station sushi.”

“We’ve got to maintain a relationship with the Saudis and Turkey, or else the whole place is going to burn and we’re going to get pulled into it.”



Greg Gutfeld on The Five:

“A California judge not only ruled to dismiss Stormy Daniels defamation suit against Trump, but also ordered her to pay Trump’s legal fees! Now when judges do that it’s to send a message: your lawyer is a moron. Poor Stormy. As a rule people pay her for sex, he’s reversed the charges.”


Greg Gutfeld who has 2% Native American DNA, at least 16 times that of Elizabeth Warren:

“It’s no longer for the Democrat Party to be about the content of your character. It’s now the color of your ancestors skin. This is not what Martin Luther King anticipated. The result is the Democrat Party has no ideas, it has no stances because they are too busy chasing their oppression ratio, who is more oppressed in this intersectionality. So you don’t have anything to say about the war in Afghanistan, you have nothing to say about cyber terror … you have nothing to say about black on black crime, you have nothing to say about anything because you’re too obsessed with your skin color, and who is more oppressed.”

Jesse Watters who has 0.9% African DNA, on Elizabeth Warren:

“What does this have to do with white identity politics? This about a white woman pretending to be an Indian for some sort of advantage. And if white privilege exists and is so real, why are you trying to claim to be a Native American? I mean, which is it? Is it more of an advantage to be a minority, or to be white? I don’t understand any more.”


President Trump announced he would sign an EO requiring TV ads for prescriptions drugs show the list price if more than $35 per monthly treatment. Note that TV drug ads were not legal until about 20 years ago, and only US and New Zealand now allow them.

My tent-mate when I hiked the Inca Trail was a Canadian HR rep. He said because they get US channels, Canada trails only the US in per-capita prescription drug use. He also told me Canadian healthcare was not free, it cost employers and private-sector workers. He was a libertarian, not a fan of socialism.

Consider what an impact this rule can have. Currently when a new drug comes out, an ad with smiling people tells us “ask your doctor”, meaning ask if it is covered by insurance. When told no, the patient demands that it be covered, else why pay for an outrageously expensive policy? Many of those on Medicaid or Medicare Part D will have the audacity to demand taxpayers cover it, there’s little hope for the entitled. But 172M are covered by employer insurance, cost taken from their pay. There is hope for them.

Now when pressured to cover a new drug, insurers can point out the cost will raise the cost of coverage for everyone, and recommend alternatives. Pharma has an incentive to lower costs, and not develop new drugs that society cannot afford. Lower income resulting from high healthcare costs is reducing life expectancy, we can’t afford to fund research. Instead like all “commodity” products, drugs should all become generic and prices will plummet. Most should be OTC including statins.

Drugs were not covered by most insurance 30+ years ago, and as a result we paid less for the same quality. Only the free market can do that, maybe we can go back. Maybe that’s what Trump means by MAGA, before drug coverage, before Bush signed Medicare Part D. The US had a balanced budget in 1999, maybe Trump means just back to Clinton era.

Factoid: did you know that Medicaid is the world’s largest insurer? It insures more people than any private insurer, or Medicare, or any nation. Nations with the largest populations like India and China don’t have national medical coverage.


Tucker Carlson on why Hillary’s “I’m With Her” campaign did not appeal to a middle-class black man like Kanye West who grew up without a father:

“Men feel that they can’t be men, and that’s not a talking point. I’m not a men’s movement guy, or whatever. But if you had a movement that was against ‘toxic femininity’ or ‘toxic homosexuality’, you would say that you’re attacking people for how they inherently are, and you shouldn’t do that because it’s mean and actually, it hurts kids when you do that.”

“And yet, we send $60,000 a year to these stupid schools and colleges that have entire departments devoted to attacking men for being men. Why are we putting up with this garbage? If you have a son, this is a huge threat to him. If you have a daughter, who’s she going to marry?”


Tucker Carlson is a moderate, except he admittedly is strongly opposed to illegal immigration and abortion. For that reason the Left says he is racist, sexist, and guilty of hate speech:

“A coven of self-described witches in New York is planning a rally next week to put a hex on Justice Kavanaugh. You can buy a ticket to attend this hexing ceremony for $10. A quarter of that goes to Planned Parenthood to fund their human sacrifice rituals.”



Tucker Carlson on media coverage of the Trump / West summit:

“West made a number of interesting points, but in the end, he’s just an entertainer. Donald Trump was there too, he’s the most powerful man in the world. And yet also ultimately, like the rest of us, he’s just passing through. There will be other Presidents.”

“The question we should care about is bigger than two people, any two people. This is the most important question: is America still a free country? Can people openly express their beliefs in public? Are they still allowed to say what they think is true, without being punished for it?”

“Suddenly a small number of ideological gate-keepers basically control what everybody else in this country is allowed to say and think. These people work at Google, CNN, in the US Senate, maybe even down the hall from your office, in the Corporate Sensitivity Department. They are enjoying the power they have, because people always enjoy having power. But they’re worried. Because they know that they can only maintain this system, the one they benefit from, through fear and lying.”

“I’m not having dinner with Kanye West, but it’s mean. It’s too mean. Even for me, and I’m a talk show host.”

Tucker Carlson with more:

“So to sum up, Kanye West says that liberal social programs have undermined the black family. He notes that African-Americans face enormous pressure not to support Republicans. And he suggested that the Democrat Party often displays undisguised contempt for men, and for masculinity.”

“When you think about it, those are not especially controversial statements. They are all obviously true, for one thing.”

Tucker Carlson with even more, more, I’m still not satisfied!:

“Well knots of screaming Progressives are increasingly a fact of life in this country, certainly here in Washington. Leaders on the Left are causing this. They are egging on their followers, and from restaurants to the steps of the Supreme Court, the followers are responding.”


Greg Gutfeld of The Five on media treatment of Kanye West:

“If CNN were around 2,000 years ago, the C would stand for Crucify him.”



Tucker Carlson notes that a Senator named Rafael Cruz was attacked in a DC restaurant by white thugs. But that was fine with the media, he’s a Republican. Here Tucker responds to CNN’s Don Lemon saying that antifa are not a mob (the new “m-word” for Dems), because they are fighting fascists.

“Yeah, dumbo. Anti-fascist, it’s in the name. There’s a distinction there. Just as there was a distinction at Ferguson and Baltimore and Charlotte, and every other city that’s gone up in flames in the last ten years.”

“A riot is not a riot, it was a protest. Looting was not looting, it was undocumented shopping. And what you’re hearing on cable news is not news, it’s lying.”



Laura Ingraham and Rabeen Kassan of the Gatestone Institute on charities approved by the UK government. They seem to share my contention that by condoning Islam and welcoming Linda Sansour, the anti-Kavanaugh mob has no moral authority regarding the rights of women:

“At least two of the charities listed by Amazon as eligible for donations are back by Haitham Haddad, a controversial British imam. His teachings include:

– men should not be questioned for beating their wives
– punishment for adultery should be stoning.”

Rabeen Kassan: “The British government is not exactly hot on tackling radical Islam, unfortunately.”

“Why aren’t the types of women who are banging on the doors of the Supreme Court today banging on Amazon’s doors, saying ‘why are you supporting this guy’? Why are you giving money to a radical Islamic cleric who wants women’s clitoris mutilated?”


Tucker Carlson on the Kavanaugh hearings:

“Politically of course this whole thing turned into an unexpected debacle for the Democrats. The lessons of their defeat are pretty clear:

– Creepy Porn Lawyers make bad national spokesmen
– screaming mobs of child activists scare normal people who are watching at home
– wild allegations of gang rape tend to be counter-productive.

In other words, it is in fact possible to go too far, and they did.”

“It’s not a complicated message, and yet none of seems obvious tonight to Democrats. The activist Left has learned an entire different set of lessons from the Kavanaugh experience:

– the Supreme Court is a sham
– the Constitution is meaningless
– the Electoral College must go
– only a nation divided into warring tribes can be ruled effectively.

If we can’t control it, let’s burn it down.”

“Watch as Hillary Clinton explains how entire states should lose their political power because voters don’t agree with the majority of rich kids living in Brooklyn.” [shows clip]


Dan Bongino who served in the Secret Service under Obama and like Trump is from the Bronx, on why Trump wins:

“He didn’t spend his entire life running for office learning to sell out. You have to build stuff. You either see a building, or you don’t.”

“He had to deal with union bosses, New York City government people trying to shake him down sometimes. And he to build a damn building.”


Linda Sarsour, co-chair of the Women’s March and follower of Islam, world’s greatest oppressor of women, attempts to tell morally and intellectually superior white Christian women how to think and act. White people must do what brown people tell them, males must obey females, Seig Heil!. Sorry Linda, most Americans are not sheep like you Muslims.

“Senator Susan Collins is the mother and grandmother of white women who gave us Donald Trump Presidency. The 53 percent. She is a disgrace and her legacy will be that she was a traitor to women and marginalized communities. History will not treat her kindly.”


Lindsay Graham and Orrin Hatch to shrieking anti-Kavanaugh feminazis accosting them in the halls of Congress:

Lindsay Graham: “You’ve humiliated this guy enough. Why don’t we dump him in the water and see if he floats?”

Orrin Hatch: “When you grow up [inaudible ‘I’ll talk to you’?]”

Shrieking female: “How dare you talk to women that way?”


Alan Dershowitz to Tucker Carlson, commenting on the ACLU ad saying Kavanaugh is a rapist, comparing him to Bill Cosby and (‘ouch’ say Dems) Bill Clinton:

“In America we don’t allow people to destroy other people’s reputations and careers based on inference of guilt the way the ACLU now says. The ACLU says we should presume guilt, not presume innocence.”


Tucker Carlson to ACLU representative defending the anti-Kavanaugh ad:

“Bill Cosby has been convicted in court. He went through the process that the ACLU before it was taken over by partisans like you once defended.”


Tammy Bruce, former head of the LA National Organization for Women (NOW), to Tucker Carlson:

“I contend this: that in fact the Democrats have decided they got to figure out a way to divide even the households. To make women think that the men in their lives are the enemy.”

“This is clearly a deluded framework, they will not be successful. But it tells you the nature of who we are dealing with here. And it’s also desperation.”



Barack Obama in 2001 on the show The History Makers made a compelling argument for why rowdy young drinkers like Brett Kavanaugh should be barred from holding high public offices, or even getting an Ivy League law degree. To their credit, Harvard law school kicked Ted Kennedy out:

“I didn’t take school that seriously … got into fights … drank and consumed substances that weren’t always legal.”

“This behavior was self-destructive. I might drink a six-pack of beer in an hour before going back to class.”



Muslims are provably the most homophobic and misogynist people on earth, Christians the least. Only majority-Christian nations have legal gay marriage. Muslims jail gays, execute them in eleven Muslim nations. 70% of Muslims support honor killing, Muslim men can legally rape their wives and all unaccompanied females.

Muslims are the most evil people on earth, followed closely by their supporters and apologists. That includes msm, Democrats, the Left and colleges. This atheist hopes that Hell really does exist, because they will all certainly burn in it. Only GOP and Trump voters will go to their graves with a clear conscience, for not supporting the worst collectivist evil since Hitler, Stalin and Mao.

Here Georgetown professor Christine Blair who advocates castrating white males, proves she deserves to burn in the mythical Hell, from a speech to the India Foundation:

“What Trump has done largely under the influence of Israel can sabotage this Iran agreement.”


Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) speaking to Laura Ingraham regarding the Kavanaugh case, proving the biggest mistake coastal elitists make is thinking rednecks are stupid:

“This entire thing makes me want to heave.”

“If you think this is about a search for truth, you ought to put down the bong.”

“These are people, I’m not going to name names … but I’m not sure they have a soul. I don’t think their mother breast-fed them, I think they went right to raw meat. If Dr Ford’s in the way, destroy her. Breach her confidentiality, destroy her kids, destroy her family. If Kavanaugh’s in the way destroy him, and his kids, and his reputation.”

“I’m a lot more sanguine than some of the folks around here. Democrats feel that they’re winning. But you know sometimes falling feels like you’re flying for a little while. I predict Brett Kavanaugh will be confirmed.”

“You can’t fix stupid, but you can vote it out.”


Victor Davis Hanson of the Hoover Institute to Tucker Carlson on the female Georgetown professor who called for white males to be castrated:

“The values of the campus are no longer esoteric or irrelevant. They’ve been transmogrified right into Congress, right into the heart of American governance … we’re seeing the same thing with Jeff Flake. Lindsay Graham said he felt it was dangerous to walk to the Senate.”

“And we’re seeing Corey Booker, I couldn’t believe it, say ‘I believe your truth’ to Dr Ford and I thought wait a minute, there is one truth that we find through cross-examination, witnesses and testimony. They are not just equal narratives, but that’s exactly what the university preaches in the post-modern English Dept. That there are a variety of truths and you can pick which one you want, and they become valid depending on access to power, race, class and gender.”



Tucker Carlson on his show reveals who funds the Resistance:

“Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona announced initially he planned to vote ‘yes’ for Brett Kavanaugh, until he was confronted by two protesters in an elevator in the Senate. That was on tape, there it is.”

“One of the women who was screaming at him, it turns out, is a professional activist on the payroll of billionaire George Soros. Her name is Anna Marie Archila, she’s the co-executive director at the Center for Popular Democracy which Soros funds.”

“Another activist who harassed Senators Mitch McConnell and Bob Corker also, amazingly, works for that group.”


Tucker Carlson on The Five plugging his bipartisan new book “Ship of Fools: How a Selfish Ruling Class Is Bringing America to the Brink of Revolution“, after being asked how he likes having lived in DC for decades:

“I’ve always loved it. I mean, DC has only one economy, and that’s taking your money from you by force and passing it among our friends. Everyone’s in a good mood. We’re the richest metro area, what’s not to love?”

“People here feel so threatened personally by Trump because Trump is the guy who might call you out like, ‘really? Where did you get that tie?’ And you’re like, ‘oh man, I stole it. Oh gosh, hope no one finds out!'”

“Their basic problem is that he might turn on them and say ‘why are we in NATO, exactly? Why are we in Afghanistan?’ And all of a sudden, it’s like being called out when you haven’t studied for a test. ‘Well, there’s a good reason for that. Shut up, racist! Shut up!'”



Ben Shapiro talked on his FNC weekly pre-election show about Hahvid lawyer Obama once again lecturing Americans on a subject he knows nothing about, this time advocating socialism speaking in Norway:

“Presumably, President Obama would tell Americans that Scandinavia is a sort of Heaven. ‘In Scandinavia’, he’d say, ‘there’s no poverty.’ Well, as Milton Friedman responded to a similar statement: in America, among Scandinavians, there’s no poverty either.”



All the analysts on FoxNews think Democrats won because Trump ordered a week-long FBI investigation into the Kavanaugh hearings. But the FBI has already investigated Kavanaugh six times, and refused to do it again. And Trump called Dr Ford a “wonderful person”, so the FBI won’t go after her.

Logically, the FBI will investigate the claims of the other two accusers. They will be told that lying in this case is slander and libel, lying to the FBI or a court is perjury, and both are felonies. So they either publicly retract their statement, testify to the FBI under threat of perjury (recall how easily they nailed Flynn who did not lie), or be charged with slander and libel. The accusers can tell their story to a jury.

Trump is no fool, he never loses. He knows that what matters is that this not happen again to future nominees. He wants to expose and prosecute the lying secondary “#metoo” accusers, which as a secondary effect will also destroy any credibility Dr Ford has, without making her the victim. And after going after Trump with the Russia hoax, the FBI has to prove to half of voters they can ever be trusted again.

Oh yeah, and the FBI will investigate who in Feinstein’s camp leaked Dr Ford’s identity, forcing her to testify against her wishes. She is the real victim of the lying Leftist Democrats, along with duped voters.


Corey “Spartacus” Booker from a clip shown by Tucker Carlson, before walking out on the Kavanaugh hearings:

“I cannot sit here, I cannot participate in what history’s going to look back as a dark moment again in the same way we look back at the Anita Hill Clarence Thomas trials. I cannot participate in that. To again relegate ourselves to what I believe is a dark, dark element of our society.”

Tucker Carlson: “Well that was New Jersey Senator Corey Booker, a man so oily he qualifies as an alternative fuel.”

“[Kavanaugh] is a folk hero to many, an inspiration to millions. People who spent the last two years being browbeaten and bullied by their moral inferiors were buoyed by what he said yesterday. These are people who are told they are worthless, and bigoted. They’ve been unfairly maligned because they are in the way of other people gaining power. They have been commanded to shut up, and obey.”

“Kavanaugh stood up for those people yesterday. He raised a middle finger to their tormentors, and they love him for it.”


Tweet from Hillary crony and Leftist political hack Brian Fallon, whose group Demand Justice is funded by George Soros, according to Alexandra Wilkes of America Rising Squared. I assume Dem voters have already been bullied into submission, but this bullshit has united the entire GOP with Trump and his voters, including Bush who publicly spoke against the Democrats and the hearings:

“If Senate GOP ignores Dr Ford and tries to muscle an attempted rapist onto the Supreme Court:
1. They will pay severely this November
2. Senators up in 2010 (Collins, Gardner et al) will feel intense heat for the next two years.
3. Kavanaugh will not serve for life”



Some things I got right about the Kavanaugh hearings:

The Creepy Porn Lawyer actually DID get involved! Alleging gang rape, as do the other two accusers. I’ve known some jocks, frat boys and bad men. They never committed gang rape, the ignorant view that it is common is insulting. Some (not me) may have engaged in group sex with a willing possibly drunk female who later regretted it. There is a lot of guilt associated with alcohol abuse.

I also noted that research shows that alcohol prevents memory formation during blackouts, and that most retrieved repressed memories are implanted by therapists, often during hypnosis. Both accusers admit they have memory loss due to drinking. Dr Ford had years of therapy before recently deciding it was Kavanaugh. The second accuser said it took her six days of contemplation before deciding it was him, aided by her lawyers.

I figured out the cultural disconnect exhibited in this case: professor Dr Ford expects Title IX college rules to apply to her. The same rules that destroyed Duke lacrosse players lives, and countless others. But the real world still operates on traditional law, and so does the private sector. Hence the appeal of socialism to college grads.


Laura Ingraham quoting a Media Research Center study:

“100 of the 544 Women’s March partners have received a total of  $246,637,217 from Soros.”



Wall Street Journal editorial from Sep 25 2018:

“The great crisis for the left today – the source of its angst and hatefulness – is its own encroaching obsolescence.”


Heather MacDonald of the Manhattan Institute to Tucker Carson regarding the Kavanaugh hearings:

“What we’re looking at right now is the arrival of campus culture into the world at large, and it’s not a pretty sight. It’s a combination of rank ignorance of what an extraordinary accomplishment it was to develop due process. You referred to medieval trial by ordeal, and the presumption of guilt.”

“Ane what we’re also seeing is the victim ideology that holds that females everywhere are necessarily the victims of male patriarchy and a rape culture. That is false, it is pure ideology. But this type of mass hysteria is the norm on campus, and it has now taken over the world at large.”


Ben Shapiro on his new FNC show through Nov elections:

“Justice – you know, normal justice – is about guilt or innocence. It’s about whether you did the thing you are accused of. Justice doesn’t need a modifier. Add social justice, the picture changes. Social justice is nasty, and this is the evidence. Just ask the celebrities who say that Kavanaugh is guilty, even though they know nothing more than you or I about this case.”



It just occurred to me that Kavanaugh’s accuser Dr Ford should hire that world-renown defender of female virtue, the Creepy Porn Lawyer. Look at what he did for his client Stormy Daniels. She is now walking a 18″ ramp in Bend Oregon, and other fab locales.


Chevy Chase offers his view – and the majority view – on the current state of our media controlled by globalist urban coastal Progressives, in this case the once-esteemed SNL:

“I’m amazed that Lorne has gone so low. I had to watch a little bit of it, and I just couldn’t fucking believe it.”

“That means a whole generation of shitheads laughs at the worst humor in the world.”


Noted legal scholar Joy Behar, who reveres Democrat rapist Bill Clinton, shares her wisdom regarding the evil white male Brett Kavanaugh on The View:

“Those white men – old by the way – are protecting a man who is probably guilty.”


James Comey in an interview with New Yorker magazine Dec 2003. As to how to characterize his current politics, I would suggest the term “opportunist”:

“I voted for Reagan – I’d moved from communist to whatever I am now. I’m not even sure how to characterize myself now.”



Tucker Carlson on Kavanaugh hearings:

“How do [Democrats] know for certain what happened 36 years ago? Well, because Kavanaugh is a man, therefore he is guilty. All men are guilty. It’s the Y chromosome. Watch as Senator (D Hawaii) and noted geneticist Mazio Hirono explains it:”

Mazie Hirono: “Not only do women like Dr Ford need to be listened to, but they need to be believed. Guess who’s perpetuating all these kinds of actions? It’s the men in this country. And I just want to say to the men in this country: just shut up, and step up. Do the right thing, for a change.”

Tucker Carlson: “Did you catch that? It’s not just Brett Kavanaugh who is guilty, it’s quote ‘the men of this country’. Every single one of them, BECAUSE they’re men. Christine Ford meanwhile is telling the truth, because she’s a woman. She’s female, you must believe her. That’s a command from a United States Senator. It’s not optional, it’s mandatory.”

“So repeat after Mazie Hirono: men always lie, women never do. One sex is evil, the other is holy. That’s the Catechism of the Church of Late Stage Feminism.”


Former GOP Congressman from Utah and author of the book The Deep State Jason Chaffetz, on F&F:

“This is how the Deep State operates. They did it to me personally as a member of Congress when I was Chairman of the Oversight Committee. I had the Secret Service, more than 40 agents delved into my background because they wanted to embarrass me … more than a dozen offices … they sent a spy to watch what I did … The State Dept did it, that’s how I open the book.”

“They don’t want exposure, they don’t want accountability. They want more power. And they align with the Democrats in large part because Democrats want bigger, more government.”



Research reported in Science News found that eyewitness testimony to stressful, tragic events is almost useless. A play briefly ran on Broadway called “Ferguson”, 100% court testimony. It proved that Michael Brown did not have his “hands up”. LeBron lied, cops died.


Tucker Carlson on the LeftCoast college professor who says that though she “does not remember the details”, is sure that Kavanaugh tried to rape her:

“It seems like she sincerely believes everything she is saying, but that does not mean that she is right. Human memory is notoriously unreliable, especially over time. What were you doing one drunk night in the spring of 1982? Don’t remember clearly? Of course you don’t, it’s been 36 years. Past a certain point the past is unknowable, that’s why we have statutes of limitations for crimes.”

“Liberals political power is personal power, and without it they are exposed and terrified. Some become vicious. If you’ve lost friends since Trump got elected, or got yelled at an airport or at dinner, you know exactly what we’re talking about.

“Liberals believe they are meant to run this country, our government and our culture. They have no intention of sharing control with you. If they’re not in charge they’ll burn it down, which is exactly what they’re doing now.”



Tucker Carlson reports on how Leftists blocked publication in a respected scientific journal of research by a tenured Brown University professor which showed that teens who decide to go transgender are heavily influenced by friends and social media. As Frank Zappa put it, who are the Brain Police?

“They were offended by the conclusions of the study not because the conclusions were wrong, no one even argued they were wrong, but because the conclusions were ideologically inconvenient, and therefore unacceptable. They demanded the data be suppressed, and remarkably, Brown caved to their demands.”

“This is what it looks like when reason itself dies. Politics trump science, empirical conclusions are banned, acknowledging reality itself becomes a criminal act. Superstition reigns, the Dark Ages arrive. This is what they told you the Christian Right wanted to do. They were lying. As soon as they took power, they did it themselves.”


Tucker Carlson on our main threats other than Islamic terrorism:

“The real threats today may be from within. Leaders who hate the country they govern so much that they seek to make American citizenship irrelevant. Massive tech monopolies at war with our most basic Constitutional rights, and winning. A ruling class so selfish and greedy they make the robber barons look like altruists. Permanent bureaucrats who wield more power than our elected representatives.”

“These are real threats to our democracy, and most people who live in this country already know that because it’s obvious. Maybe that’s why they are yelling so loudly about Russia, so you won’t think about it.”


Tucker Carlson on newly-found Strzok Page texts:

“It is now beyond doubt that Executive branch employees worked to hurt the President they worked for, for political reasons. This is a betrayal of Constitutional order, and of democracy itself.”


FBN reports that divorce details revealed socialist Michael Moore owned 9 homes.



Google email from Eliana Murillo who heads Google Multicultural Marketing Dept shows that they tried to elect Hillary by encouraging voting by groups they presumed would vote for her, and not other groups. The LeftCoast is run by lying commies, and they run social media. They have been censoring conservatives, Google search is heavily biased against them. Social media will be trying to elect Democrats this November, at all costs. Their politics are equivalent to Rosie O’Donnell, with about the same level of sophistication.

“We pushed to get out the Latino vote with our features, our partners and our voices … We also supported partners like Voto Latino to pay for rides to the polls in key states (silent donation). We even helped them create ad campaigns to promote the rides.”


Kamala Harris released an edited video where Kavanaugh referred to “abortion-inducing drugs”, omitting the previous part that showed he was quoting a religious group plaintiff’s argument, not making a judgment.

But the fact is that drugs like Plan B are NOT contraception, which by definition attempts to block conception, a sperm fertilizing an egg. Instead they kill the egg, much like an abortion.

Nobody talks about that. Or even more important, that all contraception for single women other than condoms encourage unprotected sex, leading to the spread of STDs like hepatitis C which costs taxpayers $100,000 to cure, and AIDS which costs them a lot more.

Taxpayers fund Planned Parenthood to pay for unprotected sex, then pay for the consequences. That’s reality, not a moral judgment. Condoms are cheap.


Jesse Watters followed by Greg Gutfeld on The Five discuss it:

“The Kavanaugh hearings were a complete catastrophe for the Democrats if you think about it. Booker and Harris, the two top Democrat Presidential candidates were exposed as rude, phony liars. The rest of the Democrats were caught colluding with shrieking protesters and the media was exposed as pushing fake news about the handshake and some woman’s fingers in the background.”

“It shows the depths they will go to if they think people are not just wrong but evil. It doesn’t matter if you are being deceptive, if you are deceiving the devil. And we know that we are the devil. Progressives believe that if you don’t believe in them.”


Tucker Carlson with a segment he aired previously asking questions our ruling class refuses to answer, and reports on the response to it:

“How precisely is diversity our strength? Since you’ve made this our new national motto, please be specific as you explain it. Can you think for example of other institutions such as, I don’t know, marriage or military units in which the less people have in common, the more cohesive they are? Do you get along better with your neighbors or your co-workers if you can’t understand each other, or share no common values?”

“Well, those sound like obvious questions to us, and long overdue questions. But rather than answer us, the Left called us names and tried to shut us up. ‘You’re racist!’, as if that were a response rather than a tactic.”

“Unlike the Left, we don’t believe your DNA is the most important thing about you. Each of us is an individual, not a faceless member of a herd.”

“Al Sharpton is still a member in good standing, bigotry is obviously not a barrier to entry on the Left.”

“Countries don’t remain united without a reason. What’s ours?”


Colin Kaepernick text to support two Miami Dolphins who took a knee on Sunday. Since then another did with the Oakland Raiders. Both teams lost their games.

“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. To me, this is bigger than football. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave, and people getting away with murder.”


Laura Ingraham reports:

“NFL is donating $73M to ‘social justice initiatives’, half of which will go to the Player’s Coalition, a recently-formed group who consulted with George Soros-backed criminal justice groups, according to ESPN.”


Peter Strzok text to his FBI co-worker and adulterous lover Lisa Page on April 10, 2017 when Trump was their President, and theoretically their top boss. Recall that Peter Strzok was the lead investigator for the Hillary cover up and the Trump hoax. He texted Page saying he would stop Trump from becoming President, and also that a southern VA Walmart he visited “smelled like Trump voters”:

“I had literally just gone to find this phone to tell you I want to talk to you about media leak strategy with DOJ before you go.”


Steve Bannon to Laura Ingraham:

“Establishment Republicans and Democrats have been about the managed decline of the United States of America.”

“President Trump is a disruptor, he’s an innovator, and this is what drives them nuts. Because of his policy, and what he is doing is reordering the world’s supply chains back to the US, that’s why Mexico has just cut a deal with us, that’s why EU is going to cut a deal with us, that’s why Korea and Japan are going to cut a deal with us. He’s winning.”

“Goldman Sachs, Gary Cohn and these guys are the investment arm of the Chinese regime.”



Reported on FBN: 167,000 migrants flowed into Sweden, a nation of 10M people, which now has more migrants per-capita than any other European nation. Swedish national TV created a scandal when it reported that 58% of men convicted of rape were born abroad.


Jesse Watters on The Five:

“I don’t like it when President Obama gets on his high horse and tries to claim the moral high ground because then he turns around, has his people wiretap you and call you a racist.”


Greg Gutfeld on The Five regarding Bob Woodward complaining that the NYT anti-Trump op-ed did not meet journalistic standards:

“Now why would Bob say that? That’s an insiders view. He knows that the Times ran that piece to trim the sails [sales?] of his new book, and hurt the paper’s chief rival the Washington Post. The Times was Tonya Harding, and Woodward was Nancy Kerrigan, taking out the legs of Bob’s book at the perfect time.”


Tweet from President Trump which is an estimate because GDP and unemployment were calculated differently 50+ years ago, but is true for the last 50 years, and over my lifetime. But of course as lawyer Obama pointed out, “you didn’t build that”:

“The GDP Rate (4.2%) is higher than the Unemployment Rate for the first time in over 100 years.”


Tweet from Marco Rubio:

“President Obama is right. It is wrong for a President to use divisive language, such as:

1) Call all opponents of same-sex marriage bigots
2) Call the pro-life movement a “War on Women”
3) Call all immigration enforcement advocates racists
4) Call the GOP the enemy of Hispanics”


Benghazi survivor Kris Paronto was suspended from Twitter for this tweet to Obama who spoke about “wild conspiracy theories” surrounding Benghazi:

“Benghazi is a conspiracy @BarackObama? How bout we do this, lets put your cowardly ass on the top of a roof with 6 of your buddies & shoot RPGs & Ak47’s at you while terrorists lob 81 mm mortars killing two of your buddies all while waiting for US support that you never sent.”

“we have a right to free speech but only if it fits the leftists narrative, doesn’t show their stupidity and ignorance and most importantly doesn’t hurt their fragile little egos.”


Chuck Schumer wants to add $750M to the VA budget, a typically cynical attempt to pretend to be pro-military like his suggestion to name buildings after John McCain, his ideological opposite.

When private businesses fail to serve customers, their revenue declines, they lay off workers, cut the budget, improve worker productivity – or they go out of business and lose their customers to a competitor. This is why government and its workers are a failure, and can never compete with the competitive free market private sector.


Mike Huckabee on F&F:

“The basic difference – and this is becoming more stark than ever – between conservatives and liberals is this: conservatives believe in the individual, liberals believe in the group.”

“If you think that America is a bunch of groups, then you’re probably going to be a liberal.”


Lindsey Graham talking to F&F reporter:

“The New York Times is the choirboy for the Left. They set the agenda for the Left and the mainstream media. They choose this op-ed piece to start a narrative that Trump is crazy I think because the Russia probe is falling apart.”



Gregg Jarrett to F&F on rumors that Trump is close to declassifying key documents, possibly this week, certainly long before Nov elections. It’s called an October Surprise, this time it’s on the Dems:

“There are four sets of documents: importantly the Rod Rosenstein renewal of the FISA application, and the Gang of Eight documents, the Bruce Ohr 302 documents and a fourth set of documents.”

“[Bruce Ohr] is already in legal jeopardy because he never disclosed that his wife was getting paid for helping compose the dossier that then they peddled. So he’s profiting by virtue of his office and his wife’s work by peddling this phony dossier.”

“Congress is entitled lawfully to those documents. This will really be explosive. It will be exculpatory of the President in any Russian collusion that’s been alleged, but this will demonstrate a stunning level of corruption on the part of the FBI and the Department of Justice in using, deliberately, false intelligence to launch the Trump Russia investigation and to spy on an American citizen without justification.”


Candace Owens of Turning Point USA whose mission is to defend conservatives “right to life” on college campuses, talking to Mark Levin:

“They have entire groups that discriminate. Up in Colorado they have a group that’s called Students Against White Supremacy and they target Turning Point students. They accost them in bathrooms and then they call them white supremacists simply because they believe in free markets and capitalism. This is the sort of thing that is happening on college campuses across the United States.”


Judge Jeanine Piro’s message to Obama regarding his campaign speech:

“You remain in Washington to support the Resistance and obstruct the President while you stoke your racial cop-hating narrative. Your version of America is not the version of America we want. To us, social justice is about justice for Americans, not illegal criminals.”



Dan Bongino on F&F talking about Obama’s speech claiming America was not ready for him, maybe in 10 or 20 years:

“This is this elitist snob outlook, you know, this bowtie-wearing, foie gras eating crowd in Washington DC that forgets who actually trucks their goods, who makes this country. There are people out there working for a living who are tired of being talked down to by these elitists goofballs in the coastal bubbles they live in.”

“No, we were ready for Barack Obama. Barack Obama was not ready for America.”


Two people were used as an excuse to get illegal FISA warrants to spy on Trump and everyone who worked for him: Carter Page, who was never charged or even questioned. And George Pappadopolous, who was not questioned for six months, and was just sentenced to a massive 14 days in jail for lying to the FBI. No Russia, no collusion.

Dan Bongino served in the Secret Service under Obama, but unlike the cowardly NYT op-ed author he silently resigned when he could not support what Obama was doing to America. Here he is on F&F:

“This is the biggest scam in American history, we’re all being played for suckers. And if you believe in this collusion hoax, I strongly suggest you seek an intervention, or professional mental help, immediately.”



Professor Brian Brenberg from Newsweek article “Trump Is Winning the Trade War with China:

“With China’s economy now evidencing strain under US tariffs, and the US economy booming, it’s Xi who finds himself in a surprisingly weak position.”


Tucker Carlson on the NYT op-ed from the Resistance within the Deep State:

“Donald Trump has complained for months that the permanent class in Washington is working in secret to undermine his Presidency … The very fact that Trump says stuff like that means he’s probably mentally ill, a nut.”

“But suddenly they’re not saying that anymore. Why? Because yesterday afternoon the NYT ran an anonymous op-ed that confirmed every single word of Trump’s supposedly paranoid claims, and many more.”

It turns out Executive branch employees are in fact working secretly to stop the President’s agenda. Unaccountable functionaries are actually conducting a bureaucratic coup against him. It’s all real.”

“So how did Washington respond to the news that Trump was right? Well, by calling for him to be removed from office without an election.”


Tammy Bruce to Charles Payne on the seditious Resistance Deep State operative who wrote the NYT op-ed, an idiot compared to this National Merit Scholar Trump voter:

“Because they are incompetent, the general bureaucracy and whoever this person thinks they represent claim there is the implication that ‘Sure things are going well, but that would have been happening anyway’. In other words, ‘Donald Trump had nothing to do with with this, this what WE would have done.”

“That’s a lie. These are people who destroyed generations of lives, who at the end of the George W Bush term destroyed the economy. Barack Obama took that and then destroyed the healthcare system, but before that it was about a system that lied to the people and allowed themselves to get so disconnected that this occurred.”

“So it’s an attack on Trump, it’s an attack on our system itself, and it’s filled with not just lies, but a reminder to every voter of why Donald Trump is President.”


John Kennedy (R-LA) at Kavanaugh hearings:

“Justice Scalia … said the American people love democracy, and the American people are no fools. The people know their value judgments are quite as good as those taught in any law school, maybe better. Value judgments after all should be voted on, not dictated.”


Manhattan Fellow and author of “The Diversity Delusion: How Race and Gender Pandering Corrupt the University and Undermine Our Culture” Heather MacDonald on F&F:

“I wrote [this book] out of sorrow and rage. Sorrow at the destruction of our culture, our civilization, and rage at the know-nothingism that has taken over college campuses.”

“From the moment a student steps on campus a vast diversity bureaucracy tries to indoctrinate him with with the idea that to read Shakespeare, Kant or Plato is to be the victim of life-threatening racism, to hate the monuments of Western Civilization, and to hate their alleged oppressors.”

“They’ve been taught to see sexism where none exists, as a female you are taught to feel like you’re the victim of rape culture, as a minority you are taught to feel like you are the victim of ubiquitous systemic racism. None of this is true, but it’s carrying into the world at large.”



Tammy Bruce on F&F talking about MS-13, who Nancy Pelosi claims have a “spark of divinity.” Only Muslims and their apologists believe slashing people is a divine act:

“The State Dept has named them a transnational criminal group. They also manage drug facilitation via Hamas and Hezbollah and the drugs that come from the southern border.”

“They are not just a gang, they don’t just kill. Extraordinary brutality, the use of machetes, the cutting off of heads, the dismembering of bodies. The targeting of children effectively to create more members for their gangs but also they run a massive national sex trafficking network.”

“Look at this story in Brooklyn. This guy went into an second floor window, moved an air conditioner to get in, managed to assault the girl, she finally managed to make a sound and scream.”

“But the Democrats and the media, this is what is so shocking: because it doesn’t fit the narrative and because the President is determined to get rid of this gang, this is why they downplay this scourge that targets the immigrant community, and targets the people that live in the inner city.”

Pete Hegseth: “Was the President accurate to call them animals?”

Tammy Bruce: “Well, I think that does a disservice to animals.”


Alan Dershowitz on F&F talking about about Bill Clinton appearing on stage three seats away from Louis Farrakhan

“Some people think there is affirmative action and the standard for criticizing black bigots is somewhat different than the standard for criticizing white bigots. That’s unacceptable. You can’t have affirmative action for bigotry. ”

“President Clinton is a good man. I can’t imagine him being happy sitting next to a man who called his wife a “wicked woman” and compared her to Hitler.


Canadian Mark Steyn on F&F:

“What to me is morally reprehensible was what done to Carter Page. As Dan Bongino was saying, there is absolutely no difference between what was done to him, and what is done in police states.”

“What’s disgusting is what was done to this Papadopolous guy who was basically setup on foreign soil. A nothing little guy, he’s a nobody. And the forces of the most powerful nation on earth deep inside the bureaucracy determined to destroy his life.”

“That’s the real issue here. We have a classic one-party State going on here. What happened in 2016 was the State and the Party merged.”

“And you have a three-month transition of power, and the permanent bureaucracy up until the stroke of midday on January 20th was using that to undermine and destabilize the incoming President.”


Greg Jarrett on Lou Dobbs:

“[Mueller] is bound and determined to go after Trump, I believe in retribution for the firing of his long-time friend, partner and ally, James Comey. So this is a man who has taken justice out of the system of justice.”

“The law enforcers became the law breakers.”