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Asia accounts for 75% of the world’s coal use, almost none of it restricted by the Paris Accord, signed only by Japan, or the Green New Deal.

Since 2018 there have been 150 cases of typhus in LA, and 27 cases of typhus outbreaks.

DOJ produced the following stats that never would have been reported if Hillary were President, or likely if anybody other Barr was AG. Note that most crimes including theft, robbery and murder unless they provably involve interstate commerce are not Federal crimes, and are not counted here. For example, robbing or vandalizing a post box or threatening USPS workers is a Fed crime, murdering FedEx workers and stealing their packages is not. Sex and drug trafficking across borders or state lines is a Fed crime, heroin dealing and prostitution are not. Most illegals live in sanctuary cities, so their crimes are hid from Federal law enforcement and are not prosecuted or even counted.

Number of (US) non-citizens arrested on Fed charges rose 234% from 1998 to 2018, citizen arrests rose 10% over the same period.

64% of Fed arrests in 2018 were non-citizens, who are 7% of the US population. Of those arrested, 78,062 were Mexican citizens, 70,542 were US citizens.

Non-citizens account for 24% of all Fed drug arrests, 25% of property crime arrests, 25% of fraud arrests.



Douglas Murray from The Strange Death of Europe, with real news our media won’t tell us about Black Lives Matter international exploitation of White Guilt Liberals:

“I watched a BLM protest of several thousand people marching through the centre of London … and chanting, among other BLM themes, ‘Hands up, don’t shoot”. All the while they were escorted by British police officers, who of course don’t carry guns. Whatever was comedic about this evaporated weeks later when … a large crowd chanting BLM slogans met in Hyde Park. By the end of the evening one police officer had been stabbed and four other officers injured … the protest spilled over into one of London’s busiest streets where a man was set upon by three men armed with a machete. It was the most serious violence in the capital for years.”


Bill Maher slams Progressives. The media cut out part of it but FBN did not:

“BDS is a bullshit purity test by people who want to appear woke but slept through history class. It’s predicated on this notion, I think it’s very shallow thinking, that the Jews in Israel are mostly white and the Palestinians are browner, so they must innocent and correct, and the Jews must be wrong. As if the occupation came out of the blue, that these completely peaceful  people found themselves occupied.”



Many are talking about the “bond yield curve” that shows the US will have a recession, which is just anti-Trump wishful thinking. The theory is that if yields on “long” bonds, money borrowed for a longer time are lower than “short” bonds, it means a recession. That’s true for most of the world, but not for the US. A recession is defined as six months of negative GDP growth, not just a downturn. Most of Europe is in recession, the US economy is growing. Here are some relevant facts from FBN.

Combined government spending as a percent of GDP:
Sweden 57%
France 57%
Switzerland 55%
US 38%

Payroll tax rates, employee and employer combined:
France 56%
Italy 41%
South Korea 18.8%
US 15.9%

10 year government bond yields:
Germany -0.66%
France -0.37%
Netherlands -0.53%
Switzerland -1.13%
Japan -0.25%

A negative bond yield indicates that nation is already in a recession. It’s telling borrowers “give us $100 now, and in ten years will pay you back $90.” That means deflation which causes recessions, it is not an effect of them. The US 10 year bond yield is %1.56, the two year is %1.54. So it is not a warped yield curve and does not indicate a US recession.

Would you buy German bonds that return less than you pay, or US bonds that yield %1.56? Obviously the latter, which is why money is pouring into the US by the billions. The US is the most trusted economy, the dollar is the most trusted currency. And note that Germany spends 1% of GDP on defense, US spends much more yet Germany has the low growth and debt problems. Entitlements are now 59% of Fed budget, defense is 20%.

The same is true of states here in the US. High tax union welfare states are failing, red States are thriving. I define “real GDP” as total GDP minus government spending, most of which is HR necessitated by poverty caused by high taxes and government regulation. That is consistent with global data.


Jesse Watters notes that the black drug dealer who just shot six cops in Philadelphia had 30 charges in 10 years including weapons, drugs and escape from prison. He could not legally buy a gun under current law, or legally buy the drugs he sold either. By definition, criminals don’t care about laws.

But police supported the previous ban on “assault weapons” because they felt outgunned in cases like this. So another assault rifle ban could be passed. It would make no difference to our crime and murder rate, but hunters didn’t care about the previous ban either. It would be a good compromise for both “sides” (which don’t exist), and the Left could abandon late-term abortion in return. Guns and abortion radical supporters falsely believe in the “slippery slope” theory.

Philadelphia’s new DA Larry Krassner has downgraded charges for many violent criminals. He got $1.7M from George Soros.




CBP reports that collected Chinese tariffs are 0.11% of the US economy.

Pew Research poll shows 60% of Americans have an unfavorable view of China, up from 47% a year ago.

Douglas Murray from The Strange Death of Europe, which exposed the same divide as here in the US between ruling elite globalists who support open borders, and patriots who voted for Brexit and Trump. Titania McGrath put it best: “We tried to stop Brexit by calling its supporters racist. It didn’t work last time, but we’ve gotten so much better at it”:

“The further fascism receded into history and the fewer visible fascists there were on display, the more self-proclaimed anti-fascists needed fascism to retain any semblance of political virtue or purpose. It proved politically useful to describe as fascists people who were not fascists [and] describe as racist people who were not racist. In both cases the terms were allowed to be applied as widely as possible [and] a huge political and social price was paid by anybody accused of these evils. And yet unjustly accusing people of these evils carried no social or political price whatsoever. It was a cost-free exercise, which could bring only political and personal advantages.”


Hong Kong’s main airport was closed a second straight day by protesters, with all flights canceled.


Baltimore’s Channel 13 reports that there have been 250 mass shootings in Baltimore in the first 216 days of 2019, more than one a day on average.

A black cop in Riverside CA making a traffic stop was shot and killed, becoming the 27th police officer killed in the line of duty in 2019.


A young man in Sydney shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ attacked pedestrians with a kitchen knife, killing one person and injuring two. But since he is not a white Christian, Australian authorities claim it is not a terrorist attack.

Viktor Orban, Prime Minister of Hungary, from a speech he gave on March 15 2016, from The Strange Death of Europe by Douglas Murray:

“Mass migration is a slow stream of water persistently eroding the shores … It is masquerading as a humanitarian cause, but its true nature is the occupation of territory … those who have come here with the intention of changing our country, shaping our nation in their own image, those who have come with violence and against our will have always been met with resistance.”



Chicago Police Department reports Chicago gun violence in (first half of) 2019:
Murders                       290
Shooting incidents 1249
Shooting victims     1610

Chicago Tribune on 15 people shot in two incidents this past weekend in Chicago:
“Why aren’t those called mass shootings too?”



Parents and students at Panorama High School in the Democrat sanctuary city of Los Angeles were unaware that MS-13 gang members were attending their school, until a student was killed by them. Officers said they failed to notify the school and parents because they didn’t think they were in danger, probably because Pope Pelosi assured them MS-13 have a “spark of divinity”. Satan was a fallen angel.

Lori Lightfoot, Mayor of Chicago with more murders than NYC and LA combined, caught unawares talking about the black representative of the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP):

“Oh, back again … This is this FOP clown.”

Devin Nunes to Congress:

“It’s time to close on the Russia Hoax. The conspiracy theory is dead.”

Bloomberg Opinion headline: “The New Right is Beating the New Left. Everywhere from Australia to Europe”:

“From Australia to Europe, the signs are multiplying that conservative populism is on the rise.”

Carol Swain is a black Republican, as was America’s first black Senator Edward Brooke of MA who was close friends with the parents of my totally-awesome friend Larry at Dartmouth, a black guy whose favorite band was Black Sabbath, along with the album Killer by Alice Cooper. Carol Swain is running to be the mayor of Nashville. Dems should be very afraid, she could easily be President someday. Check out her CV:

1 of 13 children living in a two-room shack in Bedford VA
Dropped out of school in the 8th grade, married at 16, had a baby in her teens
Worked odd jobs, like selling Avon and smoke detectors door-to-door
Four college degrees including PhD from UNC
Former Princeton and Vanderbilt professor
Vilified by the media for warning of the danger of domestic Islamic terrorists
Self-declared Christian who says her religion teaches her to love everyone
Also luminous, positive and beautiful, with gray-tinged hair



Mollie Hemingway of The Federalist to Tucker Carlson:

“We learned that the Special Counsel was set up in part because bureaucrats opposed the foreign policy that voters put in place by electing Donald Trump. That is such a usurpation of power that is not appropriate, such a threat to rule of law. It can’t be allowed to happen again.”

Victor Davis Hanson to Laura Ingraham:

“Robert Mueller wasn’t just confused, he was oblivious. So he knew nothing. And it sort of confirmed the narrative that he was just a figurehead who was used by a partisan group that had hijacked his conservative name.”

“The Democrats on the committee were talking about a thought crime. It’s not against the law to think things. That’s a Soviet Orwellian tradition … ‘No evidence that he did anything wrong, but he had these bad [racist!] thoughts.'”


Mariano Rivera, inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame on F&F after first hearing an opinion from the DailyBeast that he was “serving at the pleasure of a racist president [and] on the behalf of a far-right government in Israel”:

“Mr President, Trump, he was a friend of mine before he became President. As my President, I will turn my back on him? No. I respect what he does, and I believe he is doing what is best for the United States of America.”

“When it comes to Israel, as a Christian, my Savior Jesus Christ, he’s a Jew, OK? So how can I turn my back and say, I won’t support Israel.”



After President Trump held a press conference on Iran’s seizure of a British oil tanker, he got these questions from a chirping, chiding little-girl reporter:

“How would you feel if somebody asked the First Lady to go back to her country? And what has she said about the chants, the tweets?”

When later asked that question, the First Lady replied, “Canadian Samantha Bee called me a cunt. I think she should go back to her country.”


Chuck Schumer, from a speech at Georgetown Law on June 24, 2009:

“Illegal immigration is wrong. And a primary goal of comprehensive immigration reform must be to dramatically curtail future illegal immigration.”

Donald Luskin, CIO of TrendMacro, on FBN regarding Bernie Sander’s Medicare for All plan:

“He’s talking about basically doubling the Federal budget, just with one dumb idea. You’ve got to understand: the size and scope and influence of government in your life is directly indexed to how much government spends.”


Bret Easton Ellis, from the backpage excerpt from his book White. To me, the West surrendered our free speech rights to Islamic rule after Salman Rushdie, Benghazi, Charlie Hebdo, and South Park producers and their network yielded to death threats. Book of Mormon can play on Broadway, but we can’t even talk about Muhammad, who owned slaves.

We let actors vilify the President, hold his severed head, and we think that’s art. But we can’t even mention in passing that Ilham Omar is from Somalia, where they jail and execute gays in accordance with Islamic law, and practice slavery. What value do our imaginary free speech rights have with those New Rules? Zero.

“This is an age that judges everybody so harshly through the lens of identity politics that if you resist the threatening groupthink of ‘progressive ideology’, which proposes universal inclusivity except for those who dare to ask any questions, you’re somehow fucked. Everyone has to be the same, and have the same reactions to any given work of art, or movement or idea, and if you refuse to join the chorus of approval you will be tagged a racist or a misogynist. This is what happens to a culture when it no longer cares about art.”


Even on FNC, the “crawl” (chyron) from AP is clearly written by young Progressive Democrat misinformed college grads. It just said that Trump paid “hush money” to Stormy Daniels, meaning a payment to cover up a crime. Trump paid “extortion” to Stormy, that’s the correct legal term for demanding a ransom for a kidnapped reputation. Extortion is a felony, paying an extortionist is legal. David Letterman had an extramarital affair, she demanded payment to not go public. She committed extortion, paying her would be legal. Letterman and Trump were victims. Stormy Daniels is an extortionist prostitute.

Alan Dershowitz asked, “if Donald Trump were not running for President, would he have paid $130,000 to protect his family and business reputation?” The answer is clearly yes, it came from Trump’s own funds, so it was not a campaign contribution. Which is a minor offense anyway, committed by Hillary, Bernie, AOC and presumably the majority of politicians in both parties. Most don’t know that campaign finance laws are fairly new, and probably violate the Citizens United SCOTUS decision.


Sebastian Gorka says a family member who works for the city of San Francisco was required to attend a training session, only to be told that they are now required by law to refer to homeless people as “urban campers.”


Joe Concha of TheHill to Sean Hannity:

“Since Sunday [through Wed] … the word ‘racist’ has been said on CNN and MSNBC alone more than 2200 times.”




Jesse Watters on The Five, re the Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse. Or perhaps we should ironically call them The Four Freshmen, possibly the whitest music group ever:

“These four freshmen came in and in the first five months, ‘impeach the motherf*er’, ‘Israel is bad’, ‘eliminate capitalism’, ‘eliminate ICE.’  All of a sudden you criticize them, they play the race card, the gender card, the Islam card. You can’t say anything about them, at all. And Nancy Pelosi knows this, that’s why she’s scared, and the mainstream media is protecting them.”


Ben Shapiro, excerpts from the conclusion of his book The Right Side of History:

College speakers … have been run off campus, usually following violent protests, for the sin of citing statistics. Better false statistics and bad social science than to violate someone’s sense of self-esteem.

This anti-scientific, anti-reason nonsense is a return to the random chaos of the pagan – a belief in subjectivity above objectivity, a belief in lack of control over your own fate, a belief that reason itself is merely a reflection of power dynamics.

All this is deeply damaging to precisely the people who are supposed to be freed by it. Intersectional thinking promotes a victim mentality entirely at odds with the pursuit of fulfillment and success.

Social psychologist Jonathan Haidt of New York University points out … “The recent collegiate trend of uncovering allegedly racist, sexist, classist or otherwise discriminatory microaggressions doesn’t incidentally teach students to focus on small or accidental slights. It’s purpose is to get students to focus on them and then relabel the people who have made such remarks as aggressors. The new protectiveness may be teaching students to think pathologically.”



22 MS-13 gang members were arrested in LA, 19 of them illegal aliens. They are charged in nearly 200 crimes, including 7 killings. 16 were charged with hacking victims to death with machetes in a CA forest. But as Pope Pelosi has assured us, MS-13 has a “spark of divinity”.


The manifesto of the antifa terrorist who tried to blow up a Federal building in WA said he was fighting “corporate for-profit concentration camps.” AOC said migrant detention centers were “concentration camps”, which his manifesto echoes six times.

A freshmen Dem in Congress is responsible for inciting a terrorist attack, and has neither apologized nor retracted her incendiary rhetoric. But saying that makes me a racist, because the Left tells us black females now have superior insight and free speech rights. Colleges taught that, but only in recent years and luckily most voters never went to college. Sorry, Kamala Harris from sanctuary city SF.  You will never be President.


San Francisco gave out 58M free syringes in 2018. About 60% were returned, 40% ended up in the streets.

Dr Drew Pinsky says that there are 60,000 homeless in his hometown of LA. Their excrement flows through sewers, rivers and into the ocean. He won’t let his kids swim in LA beaches. He notes that is equivalent to a city of 60,000 (like Pasadena) disconnecting from public sewage and dumping directly into the ocean, in a state that claims to care about the environment.




Jesse Watters on how the media ignored an antifa terrorist armed with an AR-15 who tried to detonate a Federal ICE building’s main propane tank, like a failed Timothy McVeigh:

“The media does report news, they report the narrative. The biggest narrative out there is that the Right is violent, and the Left is not. When some guy smirks at somebody, that’s considered a violent act. But when there is an actual violent act, it’s not covered. Two of the three networks never even covered the story. And then all of the media never reported the connection between antifa and the attack.”

“You have ecoterrorists, you have Black Lives Matter rioters, you have Bernie ‘bro shooters, you have antifa, you have WTO anarchists. You have all these crazy people running around committing crazy acts, and they are never treated in the same way.  They are excused as social justice Crusaders or victims of capitalism.”


President Obama in a White Speech on July 25, 2014:

“Typically refugee status is not granted just based on economic need, or because a family lives in a bad neighborhood, or poverty … It would be better for them to apply in-country, rather than taking a dangerous journey all the way up to Texas to make the same claims.”


Pew Research Center report found that the median years of US residence for illegal immigrants is 15.1 years. At least 7.6M illegals are holding jobs that could go to citizens or legal immigrants. They estimate illegals cost US taxpayers $700B a year, about equal to the Fed budget deficit.



Zuhdi Jasser to Tucker Carlson, contrasting Ilhan Omar’s hatred for America to the love and gratitude of her fellow Somalian, Muslim apostate Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who SPLC says is guilty of hate crimes and has banned her from college campuses and most media:

“The Left gets in bed with the Islamists because they want to tear down what America stands for globally and the power that we have to advance freedom and democracy.  And I as an American Muslim, I take offense that they are gaslighting you by saying you’re a racist.”

“The bottom line is, Tucker, they don’t want to have a conversation with us Muslims, that we reject theocrats, that we have a diversity of opinion, that we’re all just a bunch of ladies in hijab, or whatever superficial description that they want to have of us, and not deal with the ideas in our hearts.”



Greg Gutfeld on Bernie and AOC rejoining forces for a new Green New Deal:

“Fear is the quickest way to get to your pocketbook. They take an issue, and make taxation the only solution.”

“Their demands, when you’re talking about gasoline, can only be endured by the white rich … But it’s going to harm the lives of minorities. This is the most anti-minority issue, blue collar Americans as well. You’re talking about eliminating jobs, increasing prices on basic living needs, like gasoline. These are things which rich white people can just shrug off, and then feel really good about owning a Tesla and solar panels.”



Tucker Carlson on how Chris Cuomo and Bill DeBlasio’s sons got into Yale:

“Once there, Donte DeBlasio found himself surrounded by people just like himself: the thoroughly-average children of other prominent liberals. According to press reports, that would include the offspring of at least three Democrats currently serving in the US Senate: Michael Bennet, Amy Klobuchar and Sheldon Whitehouse.”

“Their colleague Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut meanwhile is one of a stunning number of Senate Democrats who have sent their kids to Harvard University. Senator Bob Menendez of New Jersey is a Harvard parent, so is Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer. Schumer sent both his kids to Harvard. Barack Obama sent one of his, so did former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer. The record though must go to Al Gore. Al Gore sent four, imagine that, four kids in a row to Harvard.”

“Andrew Cuomo, the sitting governor of New York, sent one kid to Harvard but the other two went to Brown. Also an Ivy League school that your kids could never get into.”


Charlie Hurt, author of the new book Still Winning, to Tucker Carlson:

“This is why Trump will get reelected, if you ask me … He is blessed by having the worst opponents peddling the worst ideas in our lifetime, from supposedly serious politicians.”


I recommend everyone read The Right Side of History by Orthodox Jew Ben Shapiro, but skip to Chapter 4 which begins the most balanced history of Christianity, the Church and secular liberalism I’ve ever read. And thus the most heretical to both “sides”, if such exist. It challenged what I knew about historical figures like Thomas Aquinas, Martin Luther, Galileo and Copernicus, Machiavelli (even though I read The Prince), John Calvin, Thomas Hobbes, John Locke.

But I myself prefer historical facts to the opinions of the author. So here are some quotes:

“The end of law is not to abolish or to restrain, but to preserve and enlarge freedom” — John Locke

“Whenever the legislators endeavor to take away, and destroy the property of the people, or to reduce them to slavery under arbitrary laws, they put themselves into a state of war with the people” — John Locke

“[men are] endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights” – Declaration of Independence

“The opinions and belief of men depend not on their own will, but follow involuntarily the evidence proposed to their minds, that Almighty God hath created the mind free” — Thomas Jefferson

“If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary.” — James Madison



Kurt Schlichter of to Jesse Watters on AOC advocating for open borders:

“I kind of like immigrants, I married one … I prefer they come with an invitation. In fact, I’m going to have to insist on it. Because this is my country, not theirs. I’m an American citizen and I will make the decisions about what happens in my country. Not a bunch of foreigners, and not a bunch of half-wits from New York City.”



Raymond Arroyo on Laura Ingraham cited a recent Gallup poll, MOE +/-4%.

Only 22% of Democrats said they were “extremely proud of the United States”, compared to 76% of Republicans. That level of GOP patriotism has never fallen below 67%, even during entire Obama presidency.


CNN poll quoted on F&F, MOE +/-3%.

Do you consider the situation at the border to be a crisis, or not?
January:  Yes 45%   No 52%
Now:         Yes 74%   No 23%




Tucker Carlson from his show:

“One thing that’s obvious: for years we’ve been told the most important thing to teach kids is self-esteem. Not knowledge, but feeling good about themselves. What do you get when you actually do that for a generation? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Often wrong, always self-confident. She’s the living embodiment of the self-esteem program.”

“Coming up next: it took years, but the Betsy Ross flag is now racist! That’s what Nike says.”


President Trump from an interview with Tucker Carlson:

“We cannot ruin our cities. You have people in those cities, they work in office buildings, and in order to get into the building you have to walk through a scene nobody would have believed possible a few years ago. And this is the liberal Establishment, this is what I’m fighting.”

Greg Gutfeld on The Five, regarding San Francisco banning vaping which helped him quit smoking:

“The mayor says there’s much we don’t about these products, but she could have said the same about wind farms and cell phones … So vaping is the health hazard in her city, as opposed to injecting heroin on the streets near a school. I guess if you can’t address your cities big problem, you look to vaping as a distraction from failure … where the super-rich liberals virtue signal from above, while the homeless relieve themselves below.”

“It’s clear that you can accept any kind of misery, if you’re well enough away from it. So welcome to San Francisco, please don’t puff. But by all means, poop.”


Greg Gutfeld on AOC cleverly saying CBP makes migrant children drink from toilets, because in emergency shelters the sinks are above the toilets, a single tiled installation, using the same clean drinking water. Which itself is stupid, it needlessly overburdens waste processing facilities, environmentalists use a Clivus. But that’s a separate issue:

“She suggested that these guys might sexually assault her, she doesn’t feel safe around them. That’s a horrible thing to say about people, casually … but if you respond angrily or criticize her, suddenly she becomes the victim.”

“They are snowflakes, bearing switchblades.”


David Brooks of the NYT expresses dismay with the Democrat debates:

“The party seems to think it can win without any of the 35% of us in the moderate camp, the ones who actually delivered the 2018 midterm win … The progressive narrative is dominating because Progressives these days have a direct and forceful story to tell, and no interest in compromising it. It’s dominating because no moderate wants to bear the brunt of progressive fury by opposing it.”


Liam Hopkins, a Google employee, from email leaked by Project Veritas. Note that “Nazi” Dennis Prager went to Yeshiva, and was employed by Israel getting Jews out of the Soviet Union. “Nazi” Ben Shapiro is an Orthodox Jew:

“PragerU, Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro et al are Nazis using the dog whistles … I don’t think identifying far-right content is beyond our capabilities. But if it is, why not go with Meredith’s suggestion of disabling the suggestions feature?”

Maggie Stanphill, Google User Experience Director, being interviewed by Ted Cruz in front of Congress:

Cruz: “Of the senior executives at Google, do you know a single one that voted for Donald Trump?”
Stanphill: “I can tell you we have diverse views … I definitely don’t know.”

Cruz: “I can tell you what the public records show … that in 2016 Google employees gave to the Hillary campaign $1.315M. That’s a lot of money. Care to venture how much they gave to the Trump campaign?”
Stanphill: “I would have no idea, sir.”
Cruz: “Well, the nice thing is, it’s a round number. Zero dollars and zero cents.”



The Palestinians allied with Hitler to seek the Final Solution, the extermination of the Jews. They were united by their hatred for Zionism and the Balfour Declaration that created Israel in the middle of the Muslim Ottoman Empire.

So it was fitting that Yasser Arafat’s Palestinians killed Jews at the 1972 Munich Olympics in Hitler’s native Germany, as a tribute to the Nazis and Muslims’ beloved hero Adolf Hitler.

Hitler, Germany, the Muslim Turk Ottoman Empire and Mexico were allies in World War One. They used chemical weapons on my grandfather fighting for America, specifically mustard gas. They are my eternal enemies, never my allies or friends.


After last night’s Democratic debates, I think only Hickenlooper can possibly defeat President Trump because of his moderate position on climate change, crediting a partnership in CO with private industry including oil companies for success in reducing greenhouse emissions, including major reductions in methane emissions. But that ensures Hickenlooper won’t be nominated, because the Left wants a government takeover of the private sector as advocated by Bernie Sanders, Occupy Wall Street and their newest incarnation antifa. Climate change is just another lame excuse.

Most in media think Kamala Harris won the second debate. She certainly played the race and gender cards better than the others. She’s a natural, like her fellow lawyers Barack Obama and Johnny Cochran. But she can’t possibly win any of the 30 Trump states because she was a prosecutor in lawless sanctuary city San Francisco, with the highest wealth disparity, taxes and poverty rates, rising property crimes, homeless living in the streets full of rats, needles and feces. Harris has to run on that vision for America, while Hickenlooper’s Colorado is arguably the most successful Blue state. People are fleeing the other Blue states, and moving there.

Victor Davis Hanson on Democrat candidates gun-confiscation proposals:

“In think we always fixate in this country on the misdemeanor we can control, because we have no way to deal with the existential felony. Each year we have 11 to 12,000 deaths from homicides. The vast majority are handguns and they are usually stolen or sold illegally and committed by inner-city youth. The majority are African-Americans. We have no way to approach that.”

“We’re going to go after semi-automatic so-called assault weapons. Over the last 20 years Tucker, only 300 people have died from them in a nation of 330M people.”

Tammy Bruce, former head of LA NOW, on Julian Castro’s bizarre claim to support not just reproductive rights, but “reproductive justice” including taxpayer-funded abortions for transgenders:

“It was a night full of pandering, and that in itself was insulting. Whether it was speaking Spanish … You know, it’s not the language you use, it’s what you’re saying. It’s the pandering, it’s the assumption that their own base is shallow and can be insulted, and won’t notice.”


President Trump at a joint G20 press conference with Vladimir Putin:

Reporter: “Mr President, will you tell Russia not to meddle in our elections?”

Trump: “Of course I will. (to Putin:) Don’t meddle in our election.”



Ben Shapiro, from his provocative book The Right Side of History which reports some disturbing poll results from 2015 and 2016.

Percent of Americans who trust …
Organized religion 41%
Healthcare system 39%
Public schools 30%
Banks 27%
Newspapers 20%
Big business 18%
Congress 9%

Percent who trust all or most of their neighbors
All Americans 52%
Blacks 31%
Hispanics 27%

“We don’t live in a perfect world, but we do live in the best world that has ever existed. So, the first mystery is this: How did all this happen? What changed?”

“Then there’s the second, more important question: Why are we throwing it away?”


I voted solid Dem starting with McGovern who voted for Obama twice, yet voted for Trump. While it gives me no authority or expertise regarding issues and values, it makes me almost uniquely qualified to understand why Trump won, and what Democrats must do to win back the voters they lost to Trump.

Trump took the working class from the Democrats, which I define as non-urban citizen private sector workers with only high school degrees. They are the majority of legal voters in the US now, the elite can’t see that. The average age of voters is now the highest in US history! That’s because we Boomers are still the largest voting bloc, and we have no plans to die off soon.

True, NY, CA and IL are giving illegals driving licenses that will allow them to vote. But most illegals live in “safe” Dem districts and states. They voted en massed in 2016, thousands of proven cases in NJ and Texas alone. So illegals will have no effect on 2020 elections. Democrats have gained no advantage over 2016 from demographics.

As a Trump voter, I can’t see open borders, increased taxes and more government as gaining votes for Democrats. But guns, abortion and climate change are clearly losing issues for the Democrats, yet each of them was a question at the debate. Only Ryan and Delaney expressed centrist limitations. So only they can beat Trump, but neither will be nominated. Delaney advocated a revenue-neutral carbon tax that a majority could support, but the Left does not tolerate diversions from the collective.

None of the rest matters. Democrats can’t win if they want guns banned and unrestricted taxpayer-funded abortion. Or the Paris Accord that drives up energy costs and destroys jobs for the working class, while provides them no provable benefit because it does nothing to limit China’s emissions, while sending them American jobs. It also cripples US energy production, which only benefits Putin and Iran who totally rely on oil exports to maintain power.

Except for border security, Democrats have almost the same diversity on foreign affairs as do Republicans. Both are globalists who disagree with Trump’s America First policies, and Democrats can’t win over Trump voters based on foreign policy. Many such as Tulsi Gabbard want all troops out of the Mideast, as does Trump. But many more said nuclear war and proliferation were our main threats, and they meant Iran and North Korea and clearly support Trump but can’t admit it.

I think only centrists Ryan of Ohio, and Delaney who ran a business that employed thousands could beat Trump, but they won’t be nominated. Same for libertarian Hickenlooper of CO who is in tonight’s debate. He has the huge added advantage of having executive experience but none in DC, like Bill Clinton, Reagan and Trump.

Most revealing was their brief answers to the question, “what is the greatest threat to America?” Beto, Warren and others said climate change, they will never be President. More said nuclear war or proliferation, or even China, which at least on intent is completely aligned with Trump’s foreign policy.

Bill DeBlasio said Russia, because they rigged Trump’s election and are trying to do it again. Proving Trump was right when he said London’s mayor Sadiq Khan was “as dumb as DeBlasio, but shorter.”





What if millions of Americans were crossing illegally into Mexico every year, trafficking in sex and drugs? Suppose Canadians crossed thousands of miles of US territory to do the same? Suppose our government did nothing to stop it, but instead supported it? Would that be OK with open border advocates?

The idea that Mexicans and Central Americans should not be held to the same standard as American citizens is patronizing, and stinks of racism. But perhaps it is not surprising, since the Democrats are the party of slavery and Jim Crow.


Luis Sandoval, Mexico’s Secretary of Defense, issuing a statement that proves Trump’s tariff threat worked, and may lead to Mexicans developing a sense of pride and national identity. He also announced 6,000 more troops sent to Mexico’s border with Guatemala.

“In the northern party of the country, we have deployed a total of almost 15,000 troops composed of National Guard elements and military units.”



Jesse Watters on proposed reparations for slavery. He probably has figured out that 45% of members of Congress have law degrees, they write laws that make work for other lawyers:

“Think about how many lawyers would get involved and create a racket. If you’re black in America … you hire a ‘reparations lawyer’. All these reparation lawyers pop up, they charge you 30% or 40% of what you’re supposed to get. I don’t trust lawyers to begin with, and these people are going to prey on black Americans. I think that’s going to make it worse. They’ll never get their payment, it will take years. It will just be a massive and colossal mess.”


Zuhdi Jasser, hated by SPLC and CAIR, to a panel of irate and openly-hostile Wall Street globalists on FBN’s Bulls and Bears:

“My parents are from Syria, and the Assad regime, Saddam Hussein or any of these militant dictators, they believe they are the country. You combine that in Iran with a theocracy which has a eschatological end of times scenario, they become national suicidal regimes, which is why they can never have a nuclear weapon. Because they see themselves ushering in the End of Times of the Twelfth Imam.”

“So there’s no reason for them to negotiate unless they absolutely have to, and their survival depends on it. Which is why the Trump administration policy has been the only wise one, and why the previous administration led to so much conflict and terrorism in the entire region.”

“I think the Iranian regime will fall over the next six months.”


Tammy Bruce, on Democrat Congresswoman AOC’s assertion that migrant housing units built by Obama are concentration camps:

“What I like about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is that we don’t have to wonder about how ignorant she is. We know. And this is the issue. And it’s not just her. We have at least one generation, close to two, where in schools there is no history taught. There is no context taught about world events.”

“And so now Americans are not just Nazis. We’ve got concentration camps, I guess that means we’re using them for slave labor. And then we are interested somehow in mass-murdering people.”

“This, of course, harms national security. It harms our relationships with our allies. It sends a message to people around the world, ‘maybe it’s true, and we don’t know it.’ It is a remarkably ignorant thing to say, but also a dangerous thing to say.”


Sean Hannity reports that according to the IMF, Iran’s economic growth fell 3.9% in 2018, and will fall 6% in 2019. CNBC reports that inflation is up 40% in 2019. That means Iran is in a two-year long recession, with hyperinflation. That is a disaster that has never happened in the US. Most economists would say it’s not possible. Recessions result in (or are caused by) deflation. Iran will go bankrupt if Dems don’t stop it like Obama did by signing the Iran nuke deal and giving them $140B. Those sanctions were having the same effect. Trump and his sanctions have all the time in the world, Iran’s time is running out.


Donald Trump from a campaign speech on August 31, 2016, the same month the US allowed Syrian refugee Mustafa Mousab Alowemer into the US. Now age 21, FBI has charged him with planning an attack on a black church in Pittsburgh to “get revenge on our Muslim brothers in Nigeria”, the ones who slaughter end enslave African Christians of the same race. Trump’s prescience proves that unlike the Left, he and his voters know that Muslim is religion, not race. Islamophobia is not racism. It’s not even a phobia, it’s a completely rational fear.

“We are going to stop the tens of thousands of people coming in from Syria. We have no idea who they are, where they come from. There’s no documentation, there’s no paperwork. This is going to end badly, folks. It’s going to end very, very badly.”



Wall Street Journal reports that 7.4 tons of Venezuelan gold (worth $476M) has been transported by Russia to Uganda. To me this is a positive sign, indicating that Russia, its puppet Cuba and Maduro have given up on staying in power, and Maduro will soon leave for a safe refuge in a friendly nation. $476M makes a lot of friends in the Third World. Russia of course agreed to ship cheap/free oil to Cuba. Like Trump and unlike US neocons, Putin knows that foreign military adventures make Russia poorer, and an international pariah.

FBN reports on US oil production, which explains why Trump got out of the Paris Accord, and now owns Putin, Iran and Venezuela who have lost all global power. Oil prices have gone up about 10% since Iran first made trouble. They are now $56 a barrel, compared to $140 in 2008.

US oil production, barrels per day:
June 2019 12.2M
2012             6M

S&P 500 hits record high closing at 2954.18. Proving once again that businessman Trump understands the world better than Wall St or DC. China has the highest tariffs in the world, also the highest growth rate.

Rob Undersander will testify to Congress today on food stamp fraud. He told FBN that he is a retired multi-millionaire helping seniors learn how to get benefits. He was given a class in how to apply for food stamps in MN, which like most states including here in MA does not require reporting assets, just income. So he filled a sample form, sent it in – and two weeks later was getting hundreds of dollars in food stamps.

The same is true of Romneycare (100% funded by Fed taxpayers through Medicaid) and ACA Medicaid expansion, which gave free healthcare to 1.3M illegals at Fed taxpayers expense. I could have gotten food stamps, free Romneycare healthcare and even MA state-funded rent payments for the decade between retirement and age 65. But I am not a tax-sucking leech, I’d rather go homeless and starve to death.




Jesse Watters reads Mom Texts on The Five, reminding of my own Leftist anti-Trump family. Mom seemingly does not realize that Florida and Texas are warmer than San Francisco, but they have no homeless problem because they have no income tax to fund the corrupt welfare state that costs CA taxpayers $200,000 a year per homeless person, those Red states arrest vagrants and drug addicts, deport illegals and put drug dealers in prison:

“You are making such sweeping and generalized statements about the Left. Every show for the last 2 weeks you’ve railed against The Left making all sorts of inaccurate pronouncements. You are not speaking for me. End it. Please.”

“And you are an expert on big city government? Think of running for office? Hmmm? San Francisco has a large homeless population in part b/c a person can survive on those streets and not freeze to death in January.”



Jesse Watters on The Five:

“Every single President since 1984 was down in the polls in June … The polls said Hillary was going to beat Trump in Florida, and he won by 100,000 votes … He’s got in Florida two Republican Senators, a Republican governor. And the Q polls said both of those guys were going to lose by 7.”

“The media knows there’s no one that can compete with Donald Trump. They see the lines, they see people in tents camping out, they see the raucous connection he makes, and the crowd goes wild. They’ll do anything they can to denigrate him. Because they know a Dem can’t pull it off, so they’ll go after his supporters.”

“The reporters on the ground, they won’t interview the Hispanic or black supporters. They’ll look for the craziest person with the most radical signs, and they’ll actually debate with them. The ironic thing is, the more they attack the President and his supporters, the stronger that connection gets.”

Greg Gutfeld adds:

“The only way Dems can get people to show up in tents is to make them homeless. We’ll be right back …”



Steve Hilton prosecutes “The People vs Democrat Hypocrites”:

“Chuck Schumer, Corey Booker, Kirsten Gillibrand, Robert Menendez, Richard Blumenthal and yes, Mr Treason himself, Hakeem Jeffries have all taken money from lobbyists for Russia.”

“The outrage over election meddling is their attempt to distract from the real foreign interference in our democracy, the institutionalized and anti-American corruption of foreign government lobbying.”

New York Times article “Trump Gets His Wall”, quoted by Steve Hilton:

“Thousands of Mexican National Guard members and other security forces are being deployed to the nation’s southern border with Guatemala this weekend as the Mexican government seeks to make good on a deal struck with President Trump to reduce illegal immigration.”

“The mobilization which government officials say is a cornerstone of the deal with Washington that staved off potentially crushing tariffs, is expected to be complete by Tuesday.”

Wall Street Journal article “China’s Economy Shows Fresh Signs of Weakness”, quoted by Steve Hilton:

“Lost momentum reflects battered sentiment stemming from the Trump administration tariffs on Chinese exports.”



Joe Biden just sent this tweet that on the surface seems right, moral and just:

“I have nothing against Amazon, but no company pulling in billions in profit should pay a lower tax rate than firefighters and teachers. We need to reward work, not just wealth.”

It actually shows incredible ignorance of the public vs private sector, but it feels right because we are brainwashed to believe that government is good, while profit is evil. But in fact, teachers and firefighters pay a negative tax rate! 100% of their income is funded by taxes, they pay around 30% of it back, resulting in a 70% net loss in tax revenues for each such job. The more teachers and firefighters we have, the lower net tax revenues, the more the private sector must pay. That is mathematical reality, not opinion.

Unions are a labor monopoly. Taxpayers have no control over teacher and firefighters compensation, and neither do elected officials. The union says how much work their members will do, if any, and how much we have to pay for it. That’s illegal “price fixing” in the private sector, but unions long ago bribed politicians to be exempt. And if Joe Biden truly wants to reward “work”, that requires paying more for those who work harder. But unions don’t allow that, nor do most government jobs.

Unlike teachers and firefighters, Amazon and its workers are paid by consent in a highly-competitive free market. Amazon made no profit for its first decade, and even now Walmart is competitive with Amazon on-line, and beating them everywhere else. I live five miles from a Walmart, they will soon start home delivery.

If you raise Amazon or other corporations taxes, they either make no profit so their stock goes to $0, Amazon disappears and everybody loses their jobs, or they pay workers less –  or they raise prices on consumers, the only ones that matter in an economy. Making them less able to fund the government that Democrats care so deeply about, along with foreigners. They don’t give a shit about citizens taxpayers, which government workers are not.



Tucker Carlson on Democrats desperate attacks on Trump:

“‘No one is above the law!’ they thunder. Except the 20 million foreign nationals currently living in our nation illegally, all under the care and protection of the Democrat party. They are by definition ‘above the law’ but we can’t punish them Democrats tell us, that would be racist. Drug dealers too, they are suddenly above the law as well, according to the Left. So are people who defecate on sidewalks, people who spray paint overpasses, people who shoot up in subway stations and leave dirty needles in parks.”

“Hundreds of years of hard work and self-discipline designed to create what we use to call ‘civilization’, before the term civilization was deemed racist. The people doing this to us won’t have to live with the consequences, that’s their guess. They are decadent morons who have never lived in a tough neighborhood. Unfortunately, they are now in control of an entire political party.”

Ed Rollins to Lou Dobbs on polls:

“When I was running Ronald Reagan’s campaign, John Glenn was ahead of Ronald Reagan 57 to 39 at one point. Mondale was ahead of him all the way the year out. Gary Hart was ahead of him, same kind of margins here.”

“Ronald Reagan won 59 to 40, and won 49 states.”



Fang Zhou, Associate Professor at Georgia Gwimmet College, a legal immigrant being criticized for speaking out against illegal immigration in favor of the Canadian system of merit-based immigration, to Tucker Carlson:

“Lumping legal and illegal immigrants together is not only wrong, it’s deeply offensive. It’s like lumping pharmacists and drug dealers together. And calling an illegal an ‘undocumented immigrant’ is like calling a drug dealer an ‘unlicensed pharmacist.'”

“No country on earth has 12M illegal immigrants, and gives birthright citizenship to the children of illegal immigrants.”

Colleen Bridger, Associate City Manager of San Antonio on asylum seekers, quoted by Laura Ingraham:

“The plan was 350 of them would travel from San Antonio to Portland. When we reached out to Portland, Maine they said, ‘Please don’t send us any more. We’re already stressed way past our capacity.”


Tammy Bruce to Tucker Carlson, on Canadian PM Trudeau proposing a ban on all plastic utensils:

“He must know, he seems to be a man of the world, that 90% of the plastic in the world’s oceans come from ten rivers, this is according to the World Economic Forum. Eight of which are in Asia, two of which are in Africa.”

“This the problem with a national narcissism, this belief that we are responsible for everything that’s happening. The fact of the matter is that Canada isn’t, and neither are we. And yet it placates people when you’re telling them, ‘If you don’t get your plastic fork, you’re saving the whales.'”

“But the Canadians could actually stop killing hundreds of thousands of baby seals every year, but they don’t want to do that.”



Steve Hilton reports on a Bain+Co survey of 200 corporate executives that showed:

25% redirecting investments out of China
42% expected to source materials elsewhere

Gas prices are $0.17 per gallon lower than a year ago. The US consumes about 143B gallons of gas a year, resulting in a savings to consumers of $24B this year. The inflation rate is now only 1.75%, below the Fed target rate of 2% exceeded each year under Obama. (That’s right, the Fed intentionally raises inflation.)

Lower gas prices, lower inflation along with tax cuts and deregulation will lessen any effects of a 25% tariff on $300B of Chinese goods. That’s $75B, 0.1% of US GDP, most of which will not be passed on to consumers.

Based on budget and number of homeless, California now spends over $200,000 a year in taxpayers money per homeless person. Most of the funds are paid to “non-profit” welfare private businesses, with no accountability or audits. The wife of NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio heads a mental health initiative that has spent almost $1B of taxpayers money with no results, seemingly no one knows where it went.


Seth Barron, associate Editor of City Journal, to Tucker Carlson on Bill DeBlasio declaring that the 82% increase in violent anti-Semitic attacks is the work of white supremacists:

“Mayor DeBlasio knows precisely who is doing these attacks. He was working in the Dinkins administration during the Crown Heights riots, which were the largest anti-Semitic pogrom in American history.”

“There’s video of a young [black] man sucker punching a Hassidic Jew from the back. In October there was a taxi driver who stormed out of his cab and attacked a Hassidic Jew and was screaming about Allah and Islam.”

“The violent attacks are all being done by  black and Latino kids, and occasionally like a Pakistani cab driver. He’s playing a game here. This is political salaciousness and he is in ‘say anything’ mode.”



Greg Gutfeld on the 75th anniversary of D-Day:

“If you’re living a prosperous, peaceful life in America – they built that. That includes our freedom to pursue happiness and especially, the God-given right to be stupid, and self-obsessed. We owe that to them too.”

“The leisure time and carefree existence that enables us to be shallow; that was all made possible by boys who never saw what we experienced. Boys who never dated, never married because they never even had a first kiss or found a girlfriend. They were never liked on Facebook, or shamed on Twitter. Their experience has ended, so yours could begin. What have you done with it?”

Brit Hume reports to Tucker Carlson that NYC police reject Bill DeBlasio’s claim that the rash of anti-Semitic attacks come from the right-wing, and nobody believes what DeBlasio says any more. That may be because double-felon adult Michael Brown was killed by a white police officer he assaulted, three hours after assaulting a store clerk. He did not have his hands up, said court testimony.

Despite that, blacks rioted, looted and burned Ferguson, Obama had Black Lives Matter to the White House to show his approval. They marched in NYC chanting “What do we want? Dead cops!”. DeBlasio said nothing about it, other than to blame “a few bad apples” in the police force, clearly meaning any white cop who kills a black criminal. So most police turned their backs to DeBlasio when he next addressed them.

Axios reports that a Pew Research poll shows that most Americans view fake news as a bigger problem than terrorism.



Michael Caputo, a lifelong resident of New York who paid $400,000 in attorney fees to defend himself from Mueller but was never charged, to Tucker Carlson on New York putting Paul Manafort in solitary confinement on Rikers Island, one of the worst prisons in the developed world:

“In New York politics is a crime scene, from the very beginning. We have the most corrupt state government in the nation. Our New York Attorney General Tish James is going after Donald Trump. The New York City prosecutor Cy Vance is after Paul Manafort. The New York state legislature passed what we’re calling the Manafort law, just ten days ago, making double jeopardy legal in New York. And they did it so they could go after Paul Manafort.”


Joe Biden just proposed a plan to fight climate change with a $5T cost over ten years to taxpayers, not counting the costs incurred by higher energy prices to individuals and businesses, particularly farmers who are totally reliant on carbon-based fuels.

Joe Biden also opposes Trump’s tariffs on Mexico and China, neither of whom are affected by the Paris Accord, and never will agree to any limits imposed on their economic growth by foreign nations.

So Joe’s plan is essentially unilateral de-industrialization of the developed world at our expense, to benefit nations that ignore the climate change hoax, and globalists like Soros and Biden who push it.

A cynic would think it’s because Joe Biden’s son Hunter got $1B from the Chinese government. But of course Trump is corrupt, Obama’s administration was perfect. Disagree? Racist!


Mark Steyn to Tucker Carlson, talking about Kanye West’s interview with David Letterman, who makes the provably-false claim of mass voter suppression in the US:

“A counter-culture has to have a culture to be counter to. The counter-culture did such a good job that it’s now the Establishment. It can’t bear to see itself like that, which is why you have Robert DeNiro and his excesses. Because he won, he’s got nothing to push against any more.”

“And Kanye West, I think, is just saying couldn’t we at least realize that celebrity life would be more fun, boring dinner parties would be more fun, if we at least allowed two sides to every issue. Instead of just droning on about climate change and saving the planet.”



It’s fashionable for young Progressives like antifa (or “anti-fascist”) to compare those who disagree with them to Nazis and Hitler. Like the Holocaust, such comparisons are absurd hyperbole and to most do not deserve a response. But that’s a cop-out for both sides. Trump voters need to take those comparisons seriously and see if they apply, rather than dismissing them out of hand.

We need to ask ourselves: if Trump truly were Hitler, what would he do? Let’s see:

Hitler called himself a socialist, nationalized industries, his government took over and ran healthcare in Germany and Holland. That’s what Obama tried to do, Trump is the opposite.

Hitler had thousands of his citizens violate sovereign borders to illegally enter foreign nations where they were not welcome. That’s what Mexico is doing.

Hitler put millions of members of a specific minority religion in concentration camps. That’s what China is doing.



Australia National University reports that Latin America, with about 1/10th of the world’s population, now accounts for 1/3 of all murders in the world.

The DEA announced that the President of Honduras is the subject of an investigation into drug trafficking and money laundering.

According to FBN, comparing the last two years of Obama Presidency to the first two years of Trump, manufacturing jobs were created under Trump at six times the rate of that under Obama. 100,000 government jobs were created under Trump, compared to 350,000 under Obama.



Trump has put a 5% tariff on Mexican imports which will rise by 5% until reaching 25% in October. An analyst earlier pointed out that tariffs are paid by the importer, who then tries to get a lower price from Mexican providers, charge a higher price to American businesses who may now seek other sources, but also makes less profit. So the cost of the tariffs is distributed, and the net effect is to make importing less profitable.

Those most hurt by the new tariffs are Mexican and American corporations, and their workers. For example, auto makers who import parts from Mexico. Trump said the tariffs will be removed when “migrants” meaning Central Americans are no longer coming. So Mexican and American businesses will logically blame the Democrats for their sanctuary cities, refusal to fund the Wall, and laws creating amnesty for economic migrants, not recognized under international law. All to bring in more poor, who will vote for their welfare state.

Democrats will be forced to pass immigration reform, or will lose power forever in 2020. My guess is the latter will happen because only the big cities and coastal Leftist enclaves favor open borders, but they control the Democrat collective. They will lose the House because of attacks on Trump, but they don’t seem to care. Like when Barry Goldwater said, “I’d rather be right than President.” That’s what happens when ideology takes over a party, in a democracy. They lose the center, and elections. That is why Nixon and Reagan were reelected by 49 states.


Tucker Carlson on Disney CEO Bob Eisner saying he may stop making movies in Georgia because of a new law restricting abortion:

“They’ll lie to you, and say it’s a matter of conscience, as if they had consciences. Netflix for example filmed its show Marco Polo in Malaysia … being gay is a crime there. And of course, abortion is also restricted in Malaysia.”

“Disney just filmed its upcoming live action film Mulan in China where huge portions of the Internet are banned, and people are executed for having wrong opinions. And in some cases, abortion is mandatory.”

“The tyranny of ‘woke capital’ is real, and it’s terrifying. Just because they are selling you products, doesn’t mean it’s not a dictatorship.”




Democrats, as they constantly remind us, are pro-choice. Except when it comes to healthcare. Or schools. Or immigration. Or fighting climate change.

Aaron Nate of The Nation to Tucker Carlson:

“We have a media and political culture in this country where we’re supposed to just believe what US intelligence officials say, on faith. No matter how many times that blows up in our face.”

“So, we all know what happened in the Iraq War. Intelligence officials including Robert Mueller, because he was head of the FBI, he testified before Congress that Saddam had Weapons of Mass Destruction. He was concerned that Saddam was going to transfer that to terrorists.”



Charlie Kirk on Joe Biden telling a group of teacher union thugs that charter schools have been a “disaster”:

“The entire Democrat party seems to be against special interests … That is the special interest of special interests, the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association. They have done more damage to this country than any corporation ever could.”

“We know market forces work no matter where they are implemented. The reason why public education has been such a disaster is because it’s against market forces. You can’t pay good teachers more, you can’t fire bad teachers, you can’t reward innovative practices.”

“It is immoral what has happened to our inner cities in the last forty years. The public-sector teacher unions are to blame, and Biden and Bernie want their endorsement, their money. I call them a cartel. The damage they have done to this country is unforgivable.”


Michael Tracey to Tucker Carlson, who calls him one of the few independent journalists in the US:

“It’s incredibly ironic that it’s now being cast as some kind of authoritarian power grab, for President Trump to delegate the authority to Attorney General Barr to declassify information on the countries most secretive spy institutions in 2016.”

“Supposedly we’re now to believe that it’s authoritarian to release that information to the public and let them view it; and it’s somehow saving democracy to have spy chiefs go on TV and say it would somehow jeopardize national security or put lives at risk, to keep that information concealed. It’s truly an inversion of the highest order, and more indication that we’re in this weird Bizarro world.”



Steve Jobs, founder of Apple whose motto was Think Different, in a speech to Stanford graduates:

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice.”

Tim Cook, current CEO of Apple, contradicting Steve Jobs founding principle to Think Different, calling for blind Marxist collectivism from Duke graduates. The truly fearless are those who wear MAGA hats and stand against Islamists:

“Our country is deeply divided—and too many Americans refuse to hear any opinion that differs from their own. Our planet is warming with devastating consequences—and there are some who deny it’s even happening.

Fearlessness means taking the first step, even if you don’t know where it will take you. It means being driven by a higher purpose. Fearless like the students of Parkland, Florida—who refuse to be silent about the epidemic of gun violence, and have rallied millions to their cause.

Fearless like those who fight for the rights of immigrants… who understand that our only hopeful future is one that embraces all who want to contribute. Duke graduates, be fearless.”


Steve Bannon to an openly-hostile Marxist globalist Martha MacCallum, like most in the media including on FNC, regarding the clear anti-globalist anti-immigrant vote in recent EU elections:

“These horrific problems of sub-Saharan Africa cannot be solved by working-class people in southern Italy. The problem is that the Pope and rest of these globalists want all the problems to be solved by working-class people.”



John Ratzenberger, an English major college graduate, construction worker, and then actor who has been in every Pixar movie ever made:

“It may surprise you but, you know, actors and sports celebrities are not the essential workers. It’s plumbers, it’s carpenters. If we disappeared our families would be sad, but that’s about it. Nothing would change. But imagine if all the carpenters disappeared, plumbers, stone masons, truck drivers.”


Kanye West to David Letterman on a Netflix show, from the DailyBeast:

“‘Have you ever been beaten up in your high school for wearing the wrong hat?’ … Asked who is doing the bulk of bullying in America right now, he replies ‘liberals bully people who are Trump supporters.'”


According to Andy Putzner, former CEO of CKE Restaurants, San Francisco has a 20% poverty rate, needles and feces in the streets – and one in every 11,600 residents is a billionaire. That’s about 76 billionaires, in a city of 864,000 people.



Victor Davis Hanson, to Tucker Carlson, on the true nature of socialism:

“Because it is contrary to human nature, it requires a degree of coercion that’s pretty scary. The three great murderers of the Twentieth Century, Hitler, Stalin and Mao, all had the word ‘socialist’ in their descriptions of their government.”


Tucker Carlson listed some of the official NYC Department of Education “White Supremacist” phrases. You can’t make this shit up, but somebody does:

Sense of urgency


Two illegal aliens and suspected MS-13 members are charged with murdering a 14 year-old girl in Maryland last month. Both were arrested for separate crimes last year, but under sanctuary city rules were released without notifying ICE. They beat her with a baseball bat and a machete, then threw her body in a creek.



Michelle Malkin from a Facebook post removed for violating the “community standards” of the Marxists and Muslims (M&Ms) that control the media, colleges and the Democrat party:

“Laura Loomer and Gavin McInnes … are banned from Facebook for exercising their free speech – while violent jihadi groups are allowed these platforms to spread their murderous position … Laura and Gavin are suing the radical forces (SPLC and CAIR) behind the insidious agenda to criminalize political dissent … Anyone and everyone who refuses to capitulate to the open-borders sharia-enforcing social justice agenda is ‘DANGEROUS.'”


Seth Barron, City Journal Associated Editor, on what New Yorkers know about Bill DeBlasio:

“There’s been a series of anti-Semitic attacks in Brooklyn which he’s blamed on white supremacy and President Trump, even though everyone knows these are not committed by white supremacists. They are committed by, largely, black teenagers and in a few cases, like, an Arab taxi driver.”


Jesse Watters on The Five:

“I agree with [Trump] about the Russia hoax being very similar to the global warming man-made hoax. Here’s why: because both proponents of the hoax get rich.”

“If you think about the academics. They do a study that says man contributes to global warming, then they get a $100,000 grant. Do another study, then they get invited to a US conference in Europe. They do another study, then they get a raise and a promotion.”

“It’s like the Y2K ‘experts’ that said the world was going to end. They were consultants for banks, they wrote books, they got on TV. Y2K never happened, but they still got rich and famous. You don’t get paid a lot of grant money if you say that man is not contributing to global warming.”


At a recent pro-abortion rally, someone held a sign that said “No Sharia law in the US.” I consider it great progress that the Left recognizes the inherent misogyny in Islam. Next they might read what the Koran says about gays, and learn that gay marriage only exists in majority-Christian nations, but not Mexico or Central America. They might become Trump voters.


Here are the markets at close today, all up “bigly” since the 2016 election. Proving US does not need trade with China, a totalitarian Maoist dictatorship that suppresses Christianity and put 1M Muslims in re-education camps. Who actually believes trade with that evil regime is virtuous, while tariffs are immoral?

It also proves that academics like Paul Krugman know nothing about economics, even less about the stock market.

Dow +39.90%        S&P +33.25%         Nasdaq +50.61%



George Orwell from his book 1984, quoted by Steve Hilton in reference to the new MS politically-correct spellcheck feature:

“To meet the ideological requirements of English socialism (Ingsoc) … the ruling Party created Newspeak, a controlled language of restricted grammar and limited vocabulary meant to limit the freedom of thought – personal identity, self-expression, free will – that threatens the ideology of the regime of Big Brother and the Party, who have criminalized such concepts into thought crime, as contradictions of Ingsoc orthodoxy.”

Donald Trump from two decades ago, when Bill Clinton was President:

“Our biggest long-term challenge will be China … The Clinton administration, like the Bush administration, follows a policy of “constructive engagement” with China. When China disappoints expectations and ignores lofty lectures, we issue a few condemnations, hammer out some meaningless resolution at the UN (if we can get it past China’s UN delegation), and call upon them to comport themselves like citizens of the community of nations. Then we get back down to business as if nothing happened. How’s this policy working? It isn’t.”



The socialist welfare state is an inverted Maslow’s pyramid, with the government at the oversized top. It is necessarily unstable, and inevitably topples.

Local governments annual contribution to pension funds rose from $360B in 2007, to $1500B today. Analysts say the increase was largely due to new government jobs created by the Obama stimulus program.

Almost half of Americans took one or more prescription drugs last month. Among ages 20-59, 11.4% take antidepressants. 46.3% of those age 60+ are taking drugs to lower cholesterol levels.



Hillary Clinton while Secretary of State on “Channel One Russia” March 24, 2010:

“We want very much to have a strong Russia because a strong, confident, prosperous, stable Russia is, we think, in the interests of the world.”

John Kennedy, Senator (R-LA), on Democrats treatment of AG Barr:

“They have accused that man of doing everything except abandoning his children to wolves … My Democrat friends who want to hold the Attorney General in contempt are as aware as I am that this place leaks like the Titanic. If you turn over the information that’s been redacted, it will leak.”


F&F showed a clip of kids speaking at an Islamic center in Philadelphia, where a man who said he did not support or vote for Trump attacked a synagogue that he believed was helping Muslims get into the US:

“We will chop off their heads … We will lead the army of Allah fulfilling his promise, and we will subject them to eternal torture.”



Via social media posts, the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter said he did not support or vote for Trump, and would never wear a MAGA hat.

The San Diego synagogue shooter posts were more emphatic. The Washington Times headline reads “Synagogue shooting suspect despised ‘Zionist, Jew-loving Trump.'”


Mark Steven Domingo, a 26 year-old Native American Hispanic US Army Afghan war veteran who recently converted to Islam, is charged with plotting a massive terrorist attack he said was dedicated to ISIS in the US. He tried on social media to convert others to Islam. He planned to attack a “white nationalist” rally in Long Beach on Sunday where the participants did not show up, only antifa counter-protesters. He also planned to attack the Santa Monica pier in the summer to inflict the most casualties.

The would-be Islamic terrorist purchased hundreds of 2″ nails which can penetrate the skin and human organs. He gave them to FBI agents who built a dud bomb for him.


Eric Holder from a Tom Joyner Morning Show interview on April 2013, quoted by Jesse Watters regarding Democrats claims that AG Barr should be independent but is biased towards Trump:

“I’m still the President’s wingman. So I’m here with my boy.”


Dana Perino of The Five was GW Bush press secretary. She defended W’s occupation of Iraq and clearly supports Bush, and has disdain for Trump. She is a typical Bushie, a neocon imperialist evangelical Republican and DC insider, strongly anti-Trump.

Dana Perino says what she wanted to learn from the Mueller report was why the 2016 RNC convention platform, which no one cares about except wonks like her, was watered down from supplying arms to Ukraine (which Trump later did), to something less hostile. She was wondering if Manafort had that changed, but it turns out it was some staffer who thought it was more aligned with Trump’s positions.

Not to brag, but I predicted this two years ago when I noted that McCain fed the fake Fusion GPS Russian dossier into the DOJ for the obvious reason that he wants NATO to expand into Ukraine, and eventually invade Russia. Same with Graham, Rubio, Sasse, all the GOP neocons that now demand that Trump remove no troops from foreign nations, ever.

NATO has no right to expand into Ukraine, or to support Turkey and Erdogan who serves the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran. NATO threatens us all with nuclear annihilation, gives us nothing in return. Germany gets 70% of its energy from Putin. What are we, stupid?

Both Manafort and Obama hack Greg Craig lobbied for the pro-Russian duly-elected former President of Ukraine, deposed in a NATO coup. They were doing the right thing, fighting NATO imperialist expansion. So in typical DC collectivist fashion, they must be punished.



Devin Nunes (R-CA) on why is suing McClatchy, part of the fake news media that is the Enemy of the People:

“I am absolutely sure they do not want this to get to discovery, so that we can find out who their sources are. Somebody gave them the phony information that the National Rifle Association was involved with Russia collusion. Somebody gave them the phony information that Cohen was in Prague when he wasn’t. Somebody gave them the phony information that they ran over and over and over again across all their platforms and digitally, accusing me of Federal crimes.”

“That is not OK. So they can talk all they want, we’ll see them in court.”


Victor Davis Hanson on the new Democrats in Congress, AOC, Omar and Tlaib:

“They’re basically creatures of social media and identity politics, and I don’t want to disparage them unnecessarily, but they have no achievement, they have no wealth of knowledge they drawn on. So each night they tweet something that’s more ignorant than the last tweet. It’s anti-Semitic, it’s bigotry, it shows an ignorance of the Middle East, of history, of economics.”

“And the question is, why do they have such resonance? Why do the three leading candidates, Beto, Biden and Bernie, why are they falling all over themselves to apologize for their privilege, or to apologize for the history of white toxic masculinity? And I think the answer is that these three representatives have terrified the Democrat party because they suggest that they represent a constituency without which the Democrats can’t win.”



According to the GAO, incorrect Medicaid payments in 2017 totaled $141B.

In CA, a mother, daughter and friend ran a $6M food stamp fraud scheme, where they illegally exchanged food stamps for cash.

The top 10% pay 71% of all Fed income taxes.


National Bureau of Economic Research reports:

“We find robust evidence that minimum wage hikes increase property crimes among teenagers and young adults ages 16-to-24, a population for whom minimum wages are likely to bind.”


Candace Owens of Turning Point USA testifying to House hearing on social media censorship:

“The hearing today is not about white nationalism or hate crimes. It’s about fear-mongering, power and control. It’s a preview of a 2020 Democrat election strategy, same as the 2016 Democrat election strategy … The goal here is to scare blacks, Hispanics, gays and Muslims into helping them censor dissenting opinions, ultimately into helping them regain control.”


Jeff Balabon, an Orthodox Jew and lobbyist for Israel, on Ilhan Omar attacking his fellow Jew Trump consultant Stephen Miller:

“What she is doing by declaring a Jew, someone who is known to be Jewish a ‘white nationalist’, she is saying ‘Jews, you’re not a minority.’ She is taking our right to speak out in their culture, in this Leftist culture that says only certain kinds of people have agency. The fact is, Jews are not only a minority, they are the most victimized minority in this country.”

“She is the most dangerous anti-Semite we have ever seen in this country. She is more dangerous than David Duke and Louis Farrakhan combined, because she sits where she sits, and no one is stopping her. And she keeps on assaulting Jews.”



Senator Tom Cotton (R-AK) has sent a letter to the IRS requesting that the eligibility for  tax-exempt status of the Southern Poverty Law Center be investigated, thus “protecting taxpayer dollars from a racist and sexist slush fund devoted to defamation.”


Brunei, a tiny oil-rich nation located near Obama’s native Indonesia, has just introduced new Islamic laws that make gay sex and adultery punishable by stoning to death.


Everything of great material value created since 1500 AD came from males of European descent, none from Spain or Portugal.

Some Democrats are advocating reparations for slavery.

In response, I propose a 1% surtax on global sales of trains, cars, trucks, planes, computers and electricity, to be distributed equally among all living “white” people.

Eligibility is determined by evolution and DNA, discovered by white males. Rather than reparations, think of it as uncollected patent fees.


Peter Morici, business professor at U Maryland, on the estimated 1M illegal immigrants expected to invade the US this year:

“For the average American worker, it drives down wages, it makes housing more expensive, and it dilutes the resources available in the schools for their children, and puts terrible strains on social services in the United States … This is to ensure a Democrat majority. This is about destroying America so the Democrats can have a lock on the government.”


An illegal immigrant from Honduras is accused of kidnapping and murdering a New Jersey woman while she was jogging through a park.

Three MS-13 members are accused in the daytime shooting death of a rival gang member on a NYC subway platform, after a fight started on a crowded train and spilled out onto the platform.

A Rideshare Safety bill is introduced in SC after a white female student is killed by a black male after she got into his car, thinking it was her Uber ride.

Two black males are charged with the murder of a Latino off-duty police officer in Chicago. The accused say they were in a fight with a Latino gang, then went out to find other Latinos to kill.

A Bronx man pleads guilty and is sentenced to 20 years in prison for leaving his wife and child to join ISIS, posing as a humanitarian nurse.

A British man known as Osama bin Bieber was executed by ISIS for allegedly revealing the location of a high-ranking ISIS official.



Chuck Todd is calling for Lindsay Graham to recuse himself, whatever that means, because reportedly Graham told John McCain to give the fake Russia dossier to the DOJ, which he did. Meaning Graham supported the Russia hoax, so logically anti-Trumper Chuck Todd should thank and support Graham. But anti-Trumpers are incapable of logic.

Two years ago I said that GOP neocons like Graham, McCain, Rubio, Sasse and many Democrats supported the Russia hoax because they need Russia to be our eternal enemy to justify our troops in NATO and Islamist Turkey. Trump correctly said NATO was “obsolete”. Once again, I have been proven right. It was evident because Graham supports border security and Trump’s wall, but is strongly opposed to removing any troops from Syria, Afghanistan – or anywhere else in the world, ever, and Democrats concur.

Ukrainian officials have been indicted for violating their nations laws by helping Hillary’s campaign, it will be investigated in the US. NATO is trying to expand into Ukraine, a direct threat to Russia that could cause a nuclear war. Tucker Carlson points out that NATO just added Macedonia with 3M people, and if that tiny nation decides to invade Russia so does the US, and we face nuclear annihilation. What’s in it for us? “War, good God, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing! (say it again).” America First. Manafort was lobbying for the other side, as was Tony Podesta, for Ukraine’s pro-Russian duly-elected President deposed in an illegal coup. NATO imperialists put Manafort in jail.



An illegal alien is charged with murdering a missing mother whose body was found in a shallow grave outside Austin.

Given the number of apprehensions so far, over 1M foreigners will illegally enter the US through our porous Mexican border in 2019, most of them young males from Central America, with the world’s highest murder rate.

A Turkish tanker was hijacked by over 100 Libyan migrants it had just rescued. The crew regained control with help from Italian authorities, and the ingrate would-be invaders were arrested.

Police in Austria arrest a terrorist who was trying to derail trains using steel cables.


Majid Nawaz on the disgraced Southern Poverty Law Center whose CEO just resigned:

“They listed me as an anti-Muslim extremist … I was born and raised a Muslim … I ran as a Liberal Parliamentary candidate in the 2015 general elections … I have been involved in an organization called Quilliam that seeks to fight Islamism extremism within our Muslim communities … I spent a few of my younger years from age 16 involved in one such group.”

“We campaign openly against Islamist extremism, and the Southern Poverty Law Center like many unfortunately among those who call themselves the Progressive Left, I call them the Regressive Left, have decided that challenging Islamic extremism is synonymous with hating Islam … They listed me as an ‘anti-Muslim extremist’ … and it ended up ruining my personal reputation, my professional life within the US … it affected our ability to raise charitable donations as well … They had to pay me $3.5M in damages.”

“My fellow liberals need to introspect … Even while I was listed, Apple, George Clooney, they gave millions of dollars to the SPLC.”



FBN, the most-watched network for business leaders, disclosed results of a FoxNews and a Q poll:

60% of Bay Area residents say the quality of life has declined rapidly over the last five years. Over 40% say they are likely to move in the next few years.

40% of NY state residents want to leave because of high taxes. The number of people leaving NYC has tripled over the last five years, it now averages 131 per day.

Tucker Carlson on the MSNBC reaction to the nothing burger Mueller report:

“A racist plot, that’s what NBC is telling you. If that sounds like a far-fetched claim, keep in mind that you’re the wacko. They’re always telling you that. You’re a conspiracy nut, they’ll say. You believe in crazy things on the basis of no evidence, you and Alex Jones.”

“You think the Left is coming for your guns. You think mass immigration is hurting this country. You think illegal aliens are voting in elections. You imagine that tech companies are censoring political speech. You don’t believe in science, that’s why you’re hesitant to give a 29-year old in Congress complete control over the US economy. You’re a lunatic, you should be ignored.”

“Any remaining distinctions between journalists and the country’s ruling class have long since disappeared. Reporters used to boast about ‘holding the powerful to account.’ Now they scramble to do their bidding. The Washington Post is owned by the richest Progressive in the world. They’re one interest group now.”

“Our leaders are not fit to lead. They have no idea what they are doing, and won’t admit it. They’re hysterical children, cruel, and stupid, and vain. They care only about themselves. They learn nothing from their mistakes. And so, their self-regard undiminished, they march on to the next disaster, full of self-righteous confidence.”


Ernesto Martinez Guzzman is an illegal alien who recently told a grand jury he killed four people inside their Nevada homes because he needed money to buy meth. President Trump had surviving family members as guests at his SOTU address.

Brian Thompson is a Deputy Sheriff in WA killed by an illegal alien. He is the first police officer killed in WA state in the line of duty this year.

Kirsten Gillibrand wants to give Social Security benefits to illegal aliens, which include Medicare and SSI even if they never pay any taxes that fund them. Social Security payments are also Progressive, those who pay the least get a higher percent return in payments than those who pay the most. Democrats are the party of union and government workers with pensions 2-3 times the maximum Social Security, and the coastal and urban rich. Private sector non-union citizen retirees like me are screwed if the Democrats take power. We created all the wealth that government steals and gives to foreigners.

Greg Gutfeld on The Five talking about Democrat candidates antics, Kirsten Gillibrand, Beto O’Rourke and Elizabeth Warren in that order:

“Here’s the problem with these politicians. They have lived in an entire persona that has to be perfect, that has to have this veneer where nothing is wrong. Which means they have to rediscover what it means to be human, because they’ve been phony for so long. The political world demands that you’re phony all the time. So right now you have a candidate working out, one going to the dentist, one drinking a beer.”

“It’s like a child pretending to be an adult. This is the edge that Trump has over them … He doesn’t have to be anyone else.”


Patrick Moore is a co-founder of Greenpeace USA, as their website stated for years. But he just went on Fox News and said, “The whole climate crisis is not only Fake News, it’s Fake Science … carbon dioxide is the main building block of all life.” He also noted that if we banned carbon fuels, every tree on earth would be cut down and used as fuel. Billions of people would die of starvation, as food could no longer be planted, harvested or transported to them.

Trump tweeted his quote, and soon Patrick Moore disappeared from Google searches. Greenpeace USA in a statement denied that he was one of the founders, and called him a paid lobbyist, which they all are. Their “consensus” of scientists they quote are university profs and grad students paid by the EPA to predict a climate crisis, or they lose their funding. ScienceNews is full of their “research”, mostly junkets to exotic places to predict the demise of some species.

One study in Science News predicted temperatures by 2100 would rise 4 degrees Centigrade, that’s when I knew it was a hoax. Patrick Moore says they have risen less than one degree in the last 120 years. Climate has not changed in my lifetime, it won’t in yours either. Leftist censorship is real, and pervasive on the big social media platforms. Much of it is to benefit the educational industrial complex and the Fed govt, including the climate change hoax and complicit EPA employees, stolen from taxpayers.


According to VD Hanson, California has 12% of the US population, 33% of those on welfare, and 25% of all illegal aliens.


Trump wants $8.6B for border security in the new budget. According to HHS:

It costs $775 per day to shelter each illegal alien teen at Homestead AFB in FL
Fed govt spent $5.5B last year housing illegal aliens at 130 US shelters
Illegal immigration has doubled, housing costs for this year will exceed $8.6B


Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) on what his constituents think of the college admission scandal:

“We get up every day, go to work, obey the law, try to teach our kids morals. We try to do the right thing, but we look around and we see too many undeserving people at the top, cutting corners and getting bailouts, and too many undeserving people at the bottom getting handouts, and we’re playing by the rules and we get screwed every time.”

“Think about the hundreds of thousands of kids out there tonight who are studying hard, their Mom and Dad, they don’t have a lot of money, a lot of clout, not a lot of pull. They’re working their rear ends off because they believe in the American Dream. And then we have these chuckleheads like these parents come along and do this, because they’re entitled. They’re smarter and more virtuous than the rest of us. They drink goats milk lattes.”



The media claim that the three freshmen House members represent a radical shift Left for the Democrats. But consider, their previous co-chairs were Latino socialist Tom Perez, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez; and Muslim Keith Ellison, like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib. Democrat leadership is still what I call M&Ms, Marxists and Muslims. Only the age and gender has changed, increasing their entitlement and arrogance.


Jesse Watters on The Five, talking about the college entrance bribery scandal:

“I want to talk about Hollywood because Felicity Huffman and William H Macy, they’re all over the Internet castigating Donald Trump. William H Macy who, you know, is not charged but is in on the scheme says he doesn’t like Donald Trump because he doesn’t have any character. And lying is the thing that bothers him the most. And Felicity Huffman is saying the same thing.”

“I’m sick and tired of being lectured by these hypocritical Hollywood liberals … They’re defrauding universities and bribing people. Their friends are slashing Donald Trump’s throat. Their limousines and their jets are smogging up LA, they’re perpetuating rape hoaxes, racial hoaxes … And they have the nerve to turn around and point their fingers at conservative America and say ‘you guys are bad people, we’re the good people.'”

“They say that they believe in the rich paying more? They scammed it so they paid to charity, so they could deduct it away from their income. So I don’t want to hear any more about income inequality, or white privilege, or any of this stuff any more.”


An illegal alien from El Salvador is charged with stabbing a CA woman to death. ICE had previously requested he be detained nine times after arrests on drug and burglary charges, but sanctuary cities refused.

Washington Post article from March 12 quoted by Tucker Carlson:

“Whites are mainly to blame for air pollution, but blacks and Hispanics bear the burden, says a new study.”

Greg Gutfeld on The Five:

“Here’s a fact about NYC: murder is up 55 percent from last year … Thankfully Mayor Bill DeBlasio, aka Captain Lurch, is announcing all public schools will go meatless on Mondays. This is important on some many levels.”

Bill DeBlasio: “This is important on so many levels. We’re talking about our climate, the existential threat of global warming.”

Greg Gutfeld: “So cutting back on meat would help save the planet. So would eliminating the cross-country tour he plans to take, pumping his far Left tripe. But when things aren’t going well at home, best to run away. Between the crime and his own scandals, I’d run too. Yeah in case you missed it, the Mayor shoveled nearly 900 million bucks into his wife’s mental health initiative. That’s nuts, since we’ve still yet to figure out where the money went.”

Tucker Carlson on his show:

“NPR did an unintentionally hilarious piece, like many of its pieces, about sad elderly liberals who are dying without the chance to read the Mueller report. It’s their final regret. Well, for many of the Left, Mueller’s take down of the President is what they live for, literally according to NPR.”

“Al Capone’s vault is finally open and there’s nothing in it – and they pretend it’s full of gold. We would not have had this investigation or any of these investigations without the core claim that there was collusion. No collusion, no legitimacy.”







More than 2000 illegal immigrants were quarantined because of 236 cases of the mumps reported at 51 facilities in the last 12 months.

Sign held by a young woman at an anti-Brexit UK rally: “Blame austerity, not migrants”


Bernie Sanders to CNN in 2007 interview:

“I don’t know why we need millions of people to be coming into this country as guest workers who will work for lower wages than American workers, and drive wages down even lower than they are now.”



Dr Qanta Ahmed of the Council on Foreign Relations, on Democrats anti-Semite resolution which omits the name Ilhan Omar:

“I’m astonished that they are going to include the word Islamophobia … Islamophobia was invented by a post-revolution Iran to shutdown scrutiny of Islamists, of radical Islam, of any institution, entity, person. They put that in there, she just got more powerful. Because, she can say the same rebuffed remarks again and she can say, ‘oh, I’m criticizing Israel. If you attack me, you’re being Islamophobic.'”

“So now, the rules will change. There is no debate according to secular liberal democracy, the debate is on the terms of the pro-Islamist attitudes.”


Tim Cook CEO of Apple to Donald and Ivanka Trump at the American Workforce Policy Advisory Meeting:

“Our company as you know was founded by a college dropout [as was Microsoft]. So we’ve never really thought that a college degree was the thing that you had to have to do well. We’ve always tried to expand our horizons. About half of our US employment last year were people who did not have a four-year degree.”

“We believe strongly that it should be a requirement in the US for every kid to have coding before they graduate K12, and become somewhat proficient at it. We’ve provided a curriculum now and provided it to all schools in the US. 4,000 have picked it up.”



Spencer Brown of YAF on Tucker Carlson with some actual courses offered at actual colleges and their actual annual cost:

Swarthmore $68,062
Relg 032: Queering God: Feminist and Queer Theology

Davidson $65,819
Las 394: LatinX Sexual Dissidence and Guerilla Translation

Northwestern $75,753
Afamst 339: Unsettling Whiteness


Tucker Carlson reports that an internal Google study found that among the thousands of employees being paid less for the same work as their co-workers, the majority are men:

“Google and the New York Times are apparently shocked by this, but why should they be? It’s what you would expect. The press has spent years attacking one sex as naturally bigoted and demanding that others be hired more, paid more, prioritized more, and thanks to those calls guess what? They were.”

“So maybe the best way to advocate fairness is to advocate for fairness, but that never occurred to anyone in Washington. They’re too dumb.”



Greg Gutfeld on Democrats crisis over whether to explicitly name their colleague Ilhan Omar in an upcoming bill condemning anti-Semitism:

“There’s this other hypocrisy that she gets away with … LGBTQ who kinda are OK with what’s not being said. The most friendly country in the Middle East for gays is Israel, right? And that’s the country she keeps harping on.”

“I don’t think it’s a coincidence. It is definitely linked to her religious background. As everybody makes fun of Mike Pence, her religion makes Mike Pence look like Freddie Mercury.”


Dr Celeb Rossiter, professor of climate statistics at American University, issuing a challenge to AOC on F&F to debate the Green New Deal:

“There is no scientific consensus that the tiny amount of warming, far less than one degree over the last 120 years which is due to carbon dioxide, is having any damage on the planet whatsoever … That’s the bait and switch. The scientific consensus does not relate to climate catastrophe. There has been no significant increase in the number of storms, the rate of sea level rise, the number of droughts. All these End of the World predictions are not the scientific consensus.”


Senator John Kennedy (R-LA), a latter-day Everett Dirksen, after the Cohen hearings:

“If they think the American people are fooled, they are really underestimating the American people. That’s the problem with Washington DC. There are too many people up here, on both sides of the aisle, that think they are smarter and more virtuous than the American people. And that they can fool the American people, but they can’t.”



Steve Hilton listed “features” of Medicare-for-all, according to the NYT:
All private health insurance illegal
Every hospital in America paid directly by the Fed govt
Govt sets hospital staffing levels
Laid-off insurance employees paid by govt for up to 5 years

NBC News / WSJ poll of 720 registered voters on Voting for a Socialist:
Very uncomfortable 72%
Comfortable 25%

F&F reports that according to the Washington Post, El Salvador police are leaving the country to escape MS-13, after 9 cops were killed in January alone. At least 21 cops have been resettled by the UN or given asylum in the US. NYPD issued a warning that MS-13 is looking to target cops in their homes.


Candace Owens of Turning Point USA to F&F on Trump’s promise at CPAC to support free speech on campus, and his threat to sign an EO banning Fed funding to colleges that fail to protect it:

“I believe in black America. I believe that we can do it without government handouts. We can’t figure out why that requires us to have security, why I have 100 antifa protesters outside every event trying to shut down our free speech. And the truth is that we make so much sense that people are afraid.”

“They are actively learning from these communist professors that they should be ashamed for loving their country.”


Charlie Kirk also of Turning Point USA on the typical negative media coverage of Trump, in this case meeting with Kim which lawyer Obama never accomplished, probably because Chinese officials had so little respect for him that they didn’t meet him at the Beijing airport, he had to exit out a back door, while the Chinese rolled out the red carpet for President Trump:

“There was a missile test on average just about every 28 days under the Obama administration. It’s been 427 days since the last missile test by North Korea.”




I don’t accept the status quo or even the premises of our current foreign policy. They are based on “entanglements” that the Founding Fathers warned us against. I was born a week after the start of the Korean War. The US has had troops in South Korea and in Europe my entire lifetime. Even suggesting bringing them home, as Trump has done, is anathema to both political parties, the Left and the Right, and the entire DC ruling class.

Here is my question to the neocons: suppose China or Russia had thousands of troops, planes, missiles and nuclear weapons in Mexico threatening the US? Now consider empathizing with the citizens of China and Russia who have been threatened with annihilation by the US military – for my entire lifetime. Here are some more of my heretical views:

Korea, Vietnam and Iraq were not a threat to the US homeland, nor were they waging war against us. The US had no right to be engaged in any of those wars.

Latin America was destroyed by socialism and communism, still supported by the majority of their people including legal and illegal immigrants into the US. They burned US flags, shouted Yankee Go Home, called us gringos. Other than Portuguese Brazil, the Spanish nations did nothing to defeat German and Japanese fascism, probably because they supported Spanish fascist dictator Franco. Now they demand entry to the US? No way, Jose. Homey don’t play that.

When I was born there were essentially no Muslims in the US. They had no impact on American life or culture, contributed nothing. The US had no presence in the Mideast. The US was the world’s largest exporter of oil. We didn’t need Mideast oil, or anything else from that region.

Turkey’s Erdogan is an Islamist traitor to Ataturk, and a member of the Muslim Brotherhood that wants to restore the Turkish Ottoman Empire that fought on the same side as Hitler in WWI. Erdogan is our enemy, far more than Putin who I believe wants to retake Constantinople and make himself the new Orthodox Pope. That would be an improvement over Istanbul, because Christianity is vastly superior to Islam.

Iran invaded the US when I was age 29, an embassy is officially foreign soil. Iranian mullahs stole infrastructure, refineries and shipping facilities that were built and paid for by the British. That’s true of all collectivism, socialism and government. The free market creates everything that they steal. Why would foreigners want to invest in a nation that seizes foreign assets, or private property in general? They don’t, which is why all collectivist nations are poor. All rich nations are free market, that is how they can afford to be welfare states.


Joe Concha of TheHill on F&F talked about a TheHill / Harris poll that showed only 37% found Michael Cohen’s testimony credible. (Too bad they didn’t ask the same about Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony. I bet it’s the same number, and the same people.)

After the midterms, 78% of Democrats but only 33% of independents said Trump should be impeached. After his impeachment, 73% of Americans approved of Bill Clinton. I think Nancy Pelosi knows this, but she can’t control the young Leftist Dems, antifa, the media, or our Marxist college professors that produced them. Nor can Pelosi control the moderate Dems who against her wishes voted for the clever GOP rider requiring gun sellers to verify US citizenship. My bet is Pelosi and the moderate Dems will vote against impeachment because unlike the Left they are sane, even if their ideology is not.

Census Bureau has more bad news for Democrats. They report that Hispanic poverty in the US is the lowest in history, 18.3%. Viva Presidente Trump!



F&F reports on another white Leftist terrorist, like the one who shot Steve Scalise:

“A wannabe terrorist will spend the next 16 years behind bars in New Jersey. Gregory Letsky plotted a terrorist attack in New York City to show his support for ISIS. Police found plans to build a pressure cooker bomb inside his home, after they arrested him for allegedly stabbing his families dog.”

Pew Research poll of 2,017 US adults, Do You Believe in God or Not?:
Yes 80%
No 19%

F&F listed drug busts on the border, just this past week:
23 lbs of cocaine
10.9 lbs of heroin
349 lbs of narcotics including heroin, cocaine, meth and fentanyl
1800 lbs of cocaine and marijuana
3300 lbs of meth and marijuana

Border apprehensions have nearly doubled over the last year:
Oct 2017 – Jan 2018 109,543
Oct 2018 – Jan 2019 201,497


Washington Post article on AOC objecting to some Democrats voting for a bill provision that banned gun sales to illegal aliens:

“House Democrats exploded in recriminations Thursday over moderates bucking the party with liberal Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez threatening to put those voting with Republicans ‘on a list’ for a primary challenge.”

Tucker Carlson comments on it:

“That’s not politics, it’s a cult. Nuance is the enemy, accommodation is a sin. Ask too many questions or think too many independent thoughts, you’ll wind up on Commissar Ocasio-Cortez list and you’ll be denounced. We reject this totally, it’s totalitarian. It’s also stupid and boring. It’s a replacement for thought. It’s also destroying the country, as well.”




Net Support for Medicare-for-all from Morning Consult and Politico poll of 1991 voters:

Nov 2018 30%
Feb 2019 12%


Ilhan Omar supporting Maduro on Deconstructed with Mehdi Hasan:

Reporter: “You don’t support the leader of the opposition as being the President right now?”

Omar: “Absolutely not.”


Diamond and Silk re Ilhan Omar to Lou Dobbs:

“Sometimes I feel, and this is my personal feeling, that she is trying to undermine the United States of America. Some the things that she says are outrageous to me. And I want her to understand that, you know, we are not governed by Sharia law, we’re governed by Constitutional laws.”

“Why are you hip-hip-hooraying for a dictator, somebody that will let their people starve? So you’re in Congress supposed to be representing the American people. If you hip-hip-hooraying this program from this dictator, you will try to starve the American people. So I got my eyes on you.” [four including glasses, eight including Silk]



A 19 year-old male was arrested for beating a 81 year-old man wearing a MAGA hat, knocking him to the ground and tipping over his shopping cart. What did you expect him to do to people Democrats and the media say are racists and fascists?


Tucker Carlson on Michael Cohen who is about to go to prison for lying to Congress, testifying to Congress:

“What did the rest of us get out of this? We learned that Trump is vain and vulgar. OK, what are we to do that information? Is it supposed to make us support open borders? late-term abortion? the war in Syria? the Green New Deal? Will it make the drug epidemic go away, will it make the suicide rate drop? Will it make housing affordable in the cities? What does it have to do with anything?”

“The more time they waste yelping about Trump’s ‘charity auction scam’ and his naughty language in private, the less time they have to explain why they’ve run this country into the ground, and gotten rich doing it. This is a distraction, and we are falling for it.”



There were 47,893 illegal immigrants apprehended on the Southwest border just last month. But that’s not a “crisis”, nor is North Korea gaining nuclear weapons. No, convicted felon lawyer, but I repeat myself, Michael Cohen paying off an extortionist prostitute – that’s a crisis.


Tucker Carlson showed cell video of a self-admitted drunken Latina being arrested in a bar in an undisclosed location for harassing a nonplussed young white male wearing a MAGA hat, trying to knock it off his head, swearing at him. She was later detained by ICE, it turns out she is an illegal immigrant from Brazil who overstayed her visa in 1994. Oops.


Tucker Carlson on the true threat to our freedom:

“Consider the major freedoms provided by our Bill of Rights, the document that makes America distinct from all other countries. Freedom of speech, freedom of worship, the right to keep and bear arms, due process under the law.”

“Now take a close look at the news. Who exactly is threatening those freedoms, is it Donald Trump? Whatever his faults, it is not Donald Trump. It is the Left, and they are doing it more aggressively than they ever have before. As usual, their critique of Trump is pure projection.”

“There are entire non-profits whose only purpose is to close the network you are now watching. They are tireless, and they are well-funded. If they someday succeed you won’t hear a word from the Left about censorship. No, they’ll celebrate. An entire news media with one perspective, that’s their goal. Total conformity, which is the same as obedience.”



Greg Gutfeld quoted a Harvard/Harris poll of 1792 registered voters:

Favor a “Mostly-Socialist” System, by age group:
18-24              56%
25 – 25           48%
55 – 64           27%
65 and older 22%

Greg Gutfeld on Bernie Sanders claim that free college and healthcare is a “human right”:

“It’s the Golden Rule of socialism. When asked how it works, focus on the ends and skip the means, because in the end we all want free stuff. Healthcare, school, cheeseburgers, free anything is awesome, especially if you believe free anything actually exists. It doesn’t.”

“Take the tuition-free joke. More than 8M student borrowers have defaulted on their Federal loans. There’s no incentive for colleges to cut admission costs, and no reason not to go to college. Education costs tripled, debt exploded, now the streets are paved with English majors.”


Ben Shapiro on Bernie Sanders refusal to endorse reparations for slavery:

“It’s hilarious that what Bernie has said is that all sorts of bad things have happened to blacks in America, and the best way to get beyond that is with my socialist redistributionist schemes. Kamala Harris basically agrees with that, but because she calls it slavery reparations and Bernie does not, that means that Bernie is insufficiently committed to the idea of race reparations in the country at large.”

“It just goes to show you that race is the central issue for a huge swath of the Democrat party, and the big dividing line is going to be which is the most important, intersectionality or socialist redistributionist policies.”


Jesse Watters on Elizabeth Warren’s promising no fundraising from wealthy donors:

“How are you going to raise money from poor people? … And she can’t talk to rich people? Is she going to hire a homeless guy and tell him ‘hey buddy, take the elevator up to the penthouse, tell Soros x, y and z?’ It doesn’t make any sense.”

“Bernie is now not going to fly private? What, is he going to be stuck on the tarmac on a commercial flight because there’s maintenance on the aircraft?”

“Look at these people. Kamala Harris says she wants to get rid of Columbus Day and replace it with Indigenous People’s Day. There goes the Italian vote. You’re not going to kiss the baby because you need consent from the baby now? It’s so stupid. The Democrats are actually becoming more funny and entertaining than Donald Trump.”


Steve Hilton quoted the American Federation for Children poll of Demographic Support for School Choice:

Latinos 73%
Whites 68%
African-Americans 67%

Steve Hilton on Bernie Sanders claim that free college is a “right” for every American:

“Uhh I think the word you’re looking for, Bernie, is ‘wrong’. It is wrong to force every young American at taxpayers expense into a cookie-cutter four year college program ending in a useless degree that won’t land them a job, but will land them with crippling debt.”



Jesse Watters reports that in 2017 there were 69,479 Somalians living in Minnesota, the most of any state. Of them, 45 or one in 1546 left to join ISIS or Ah-Shabab. Another dozen were arrested before they could leave. Suppose one in 1546 of all Americans were actively engaged as terrorists? Then:

US with 326M people would have 210,867 terrorists
NYC with 8.6M people would have 5,562 terrorists
My town of 9,000 people would have 6 terrorists


Tucker Carlson on a range of topics from one show:

“In 2016 Pew looked at 229 metro areas, and it found that since 2000 middle-class had shrunk in 203 of them. In almost every big city the rich are getting richer, but the poor are also getting poorer, and there are far more of them. Do you want to live in a society like that?”

“In North Carolina vandals just tried to set fire to a marble statue of General Lee. But it was not Robert E Lee, it was William ‘Bill’ Lee, one of the planners of the Normandy invasion. He was a general of World War Two, not the Civil War. Somehow the people who want to police history know nothing about it. I guess that shouldn’t be surprising.”

“In a space of a single month, November 2016, there were at least 13 well-publicized hate crimes that turned out to be hoaxes. That was also the month that Trump got elected, which tells you what is really going on here. Hate hoaxes are so common you could write a whole book about them, and people have. It’s all public. You ought to look it up. Spend an afternoon reading the stories, before they get scrubbed off the Internet. You will never believe CNN again, trust me.”


“So when Congress found out that a war might actually end they completely flipped, and they pushed back hard. And as they have been on so many issues, from immigration to Russia!, they were successful. Today the White House announced that even after the pullout 400 troops will remain in Syria, not really a pullout.”

“What are they doing there? Their stated mission is to protect the Kurdish people, who for some reason we now have the moral obligation to protect, from – listen to this – Turkey, one of our own NATO allies. Bizarro world.”

“So US troops will still be present, possibly fighting and dying, in a foreign country on a mission no one understands, but will ensure their presence never ends. So the warmongers here in Washington, I’ll say it, keep getting proven wrong again and again, but they keep winning anyway.”



Tucker Carlson responds to clips of Chris Cuomo and others quoting statistics that “prove” the incidence of hate crimes has risen dramatically:

“The problem with what you just heard is, it’s a crock. It’s totally false. In fact, it’s provably untrue. Anyone who says otherwise like the people you just heard are either intentionally misleading you, or doesn’t understand the numbers and that would include most journalists. Now, reporters almost never do their own statistical analysis because most are bad at math. In fact, that’s why they are journalists in the first place, and not in private equity, making real money.”

“So instead, reporters take their numbers wholesale from partisan activists, or from wholly fraudulent organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center. There, groups use moral panics to gin up fundraising. They get rich doing it, so of course they continue. The problem is, there aren’t many hate crimes in this country. It’s just not a very hateful place. So they have to make them up. How do they do that? They do it, and this is the key, by counting accusations as crimes.”

“In 2017 the state of California convicted a total of 65 people of hate crimes. That’s out of 39.5M people … That number has fallen, not risen. In 1996 California reported 87 hate crimes.”

“Hate crime hoaxes, by contrast, are common. The media spends a lot of time denying that, which is your first tip that it’s real.”


After hours of coverage of his hoax, coverage from Feb 20-21 of Jussie Smollett’s arrest:
CNN 107 minutes    MSNBC 0 minutes

MS-13 member arrested in AZ for crossing border illegally, having been caught doing so 10 times in the past.

22 illegals arrested in AZ after crashing their truck through old border fence near San Diego.

Illegal immigrant in Napa shot dead by a white female cop during a traffic stop in which he pulled out a gun and started firing at point blank range, all caught on video. He had been previously deported 3 times, and was convicted of battery of a police officer.

There were 2,452 homicides in Mexico in January, the most in any month in Mexican history. But of course not due to the imaginary caravans of people from Central American, with the world’s highest murder rate. Though now Venezuela has that honor, thanks to Maduro, Chavez, Castro and Obama.



Tucker Carlson praised Elizabeth Warren’s book The Two Income Trap from a decade ago which advocated for stay-at-home mothers, much as the feminists of the ’80s wanted mothers and housewives to be paid wages and Social Security benefits. But she has reversed that position, and now advocates taxpayer-funded daycare starting at age five:

“Now Elizabeth Warren wants to be President, so she’s gone corporate. That’s where the money is. The new Elizabeth Warren argues that the American Dream is not raising your own children. The American Dream is outsourcing their upbringing to government caretakers, while their parents scurry back to work as good little servants of market capitalism. The need for far more daycare ‘specialists’ will no doubt be used to justify more immigration.”

“The Democrat Party started by outsourcing manufacturing, you remember that. Then they outsourced farm labor and yard work, and now they’ve decided to outsource parenting. Raising our kids, Elizabeth Warren is telling us, is a job Americans just won’t do.”


Laura Ingraham showed descriptions of actual courses, being offered at actual Ivy League universities:

Columbia Fall 2018 Fascism: Aesthetics and Politics
The election of Donald Trump has renewed interest in the examination of fascism – as an ideology, as a political movement and as a form of governance.

Cornell Fall 2018 Histories of the Apocalypse
Brexit, immigration and the election of Donald Trump have all been recently heralded [by who, the professor?] as signs of an imminent apocalypse.

Harvard Spring 2019 Journalism in the Age of Trump
Donald Trump’s declared war on “fake news”, his attacks on the press as “enemies of the people” as well as secular changes in technology and the ways in which the news is produced and delivered have combined to undermine the very notion of truth.


Nigel Farage, “the Brexit dude” who created the UK movement against globalism and open borders that foretold Trump’s election, much as Maggie Thatcher preceded Reagan:

“We in the West must not launch a Crusade against an entire religion. We must launch it against the extremes of that religion, and get Islam on our side in this giant battle. But you don’t do it by being weak, you do it by being strong.”



Steven Malanga from his WSJ article “Why Service is Lousy in High Tax States”, quoted on FBN:

“There’s an almost inverse relationship between burdensome levies and infrastructure quality.”

Greg Gutfeld on The Five, on Bernie Sanders candidacy for President:

“The people that like Bernie don’t realize how socialism has destroyed them when it pays for things, making them free which leads to horrible debt, it artificially inflates prices. So what I’m talking about is who’s being hurt most is students with student loan debt. The student loan bubble debt is due to artificially inflated prices, because you can get these loans.”

“So that’s what has got to be taught. You got to teach kids that socialism ruined your life. It bankrupted you by artificially raising the price of college. They could raise the tuition because there were loans that would cover it. And you’re stuck with it, while these greedy administrators are laughing all the way to the bank. You basically mortgaged your life, that’s Socialism.”

Bernie Sanders on the campaign trail:

“The only way we will win this election and create a government and an economy that works for all is with a grassroots movement, the likes of which have never been seen in American history.”

Cory Booker donations from Democrats, 2013-2018, from Center for Responsive Politics:

Lawyers / law firms             $2.9M
Securities and Investment $2.7M
Real estate                             $1.4M
Entertainment                      $1M


Sean Hannity showed list of proven hate crime hoaxes from the Daily Caller, all occurring in Nov and Dec 2016:

Anti-Muslim hate crime in MI
Bisexual student fakes Trump-inspired hate crime
Gas state racism goes viral, police debunk
White men rob Muslim woman of her hijab and wallet
Trump-inspired racist church carried out by black church-goer
Church organist vandalizes own church
Drunk whites attack Muslim woman
White guy sets own car on fire, paints racial slurs on garage
Prankster tricks liberal journalist into spreading anti-Trump hoax


Dr Wilfred Reilly, author of Hate Crime Hoax to Tucker Carlson:

“The demand for bigots in America greatly exceeds the supply. So, it is not much of a secret that in America we have a well-funded grievance industry. The Southern Poverty Law Center which 30 to 40 years back did a great deal of good, has an active, invested endowment of $432M.”


L Lin Wood, attorney for Covington High students, follows the “deep pockets” rule and sues the world’s richest man Jeff Bezos for $250M, what Bezos paid for WaPo:

“The Post wanted to lead the charge against this child because he was a pawn in its political war against its political adversary – a war so disconnected and beyond the comprehension of Nicholas that it might as well have been science fiction.”

“The Post must be dealt with the same way every bully is dealt with and that is hold the bully fully accountable for its wrongdoing in a manner that effectively deters the bully from again bullying other children.”


Tucker Carlson from his show:

“People in Washington are richer than ever. Any change to the status quo is a threat to them by definition. It’s much better to have the population squabble over unresolvable questions of identity. A nation that is arguing about skin color is not asking how a tiny group of people is now flying private, while almost everyone else has gotten poorer.”

“So identity politics is a tactic, designed to prevent conversations dangerous to the ruling class, obviously. It’s also a way for the most privileged people in America to recast themselves as victims. Corey Booker, for example. Corey Booker went to Stanford, Oxford and Yale. His parents were IBM executives.”



Jussie Smollett being interviewed by ABC News, clip shown on Tucker Carlson:

“That says a lot about the place our country is in right now. The fact that we have these fear mongrels [sic], these people that are trying to separate us. And it’s not OK.”

Tucker Carlson gave a rapid litany of Leftist hate crime hoaxes and how the biggest of them all, the Tawana Brawley rape hoax, launched a lucrative media and political career for race-baiter Al Sharpton, who visited Obama at the White House 80 times:

“We are kind people, you see it in your own life. How many violent racists do you know, personally? None, probably. That’s because there aren’t many in America, the Left has to invent them.”

“Stoking race hatred ensures continued power for the Democrat Party. Divided populations are easier to manipulate and rule. There would be no Democratic coalition without racial animosity.”



Greg Gutfeld on The Five, talking about the media response to the exposed Jussie Smollett hoax:

“That’s why these hoaxes are not rare, it’s the press orgy that attracts them. Now looking dumb, the media circles its wagons. At CNN they claim only the celebrity press fell for this. Oh yeah? Try CNN, the Washington Post, the LA Times, Buzzfeed, the Huffington Post, the Daily Beast (they’re terrible), Rolling Stone, Slate, ABC, poor Newsweek, they ate it all up.”

“CNN said Smollett’s actions set back the movement. No it didn’t. Maybe it set back the hoax hate crime movement, and that’s good. Perhaps the media will think first so we have fewer hoaxes, but don’t count on it.”


President Trump addresses a largely Cuban-American audience in Miami, attacking socialism in Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua to thunderous applause and shouts of “USA!”:

“Socialists profess a love of diversity, but they always insist on absolute conformity. We know that socialism is not about justice, it’s not about equality, it’s not about lifting up the poor. Socialism is about one thing only: power for the ruling class. And the more power they get, the more they crave.”

“They want the power to decide who wins and who loses, who’s up and who’s down, what’s true and what’s false, and even who lives and who dies.”

“Everywhere and anywhere it appears, socialism advances under the banner of progress, but in the end it delivers only corruption, exploitation, and decay.”


Dr Quanta Ahmed of the Council on Foreign Relations, on Ilhan Omar:

“She is showing the marriage of politics and the left-wing Democrats with Islamism. Bernie Sanders congratulated her and said he stands with his Muslim brothers and sisters. Bernie Sanders stands with Islamists.”

“Islamism only succeeds by portraying itself as a victim, and left-wing politics thrives on victimization, victim ideology.”


Jussie Smollet, a black gay star on Empire who claimed that he was attacked by two men shouting “This is MAGA country!” has now been exposed as a hoax, but not before Democrats used it to attack Trump voters:

race-baiter Kamala Harris: “An attempted modern-day lynching”
Pope Pelosi: “Affront to our humanity”
gay-hating Muslim Tlaib: “The dangerous lies from the right wing”



Nicolas Maduro blaming Trump and his team for his own nation’s misery:

“The infected hand of Donald Trump is hurting Venezuela. Hands off Venezuela, Donald Trump, and Venezuela will flourish … Imagine: John Bolton, Elliot Abrams, the group of extremists that surround him has put him through a dead end.”

John Bolton: “Well it’s just another to add to my honor roll of criticisms from authoritarian figures around the world. I welcome it.”


Jesse Watters on his show goes off on a libertarian rant:

“I’m sick of liberals telling us what to wear, what to say, what to drive, what to eat and who to listen to. Take a look at a liberal. Does it look like they know what they are doing?”

“Why do we even have to listen to these people? It looks they don’t know how to control their own lives, let alone how to control yours.”


Dennis Prager, whose PragerU videos had over 1B views last year, to Judge Jeanine on AOC celebrating keeping Amazon and the world’s richest man Jeff Bezos out of NYC, costing 25,000 jobs with average income of $150,000. Ironically, Bezos owns the Leftist anti-Trump Washington Post who helped elect AOC and other anti-corporate Democrat socialists. But Amazon is going to WaPo’s DC area and not rival NYC, so that may not be coincidence.

“Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a good example of the Left since Marx. This is not new. They’re not liberals, they’re Leftists. And for the Left, the love of ideas is much greater than the love of people … They care about corporate greed, not about bettering the life of human beings.”

“In the name of equality, people don’t realize how much evil has been done. This is a little example. The French Revolution, where it began, ‘hey equality’ and then they had guillotines. ‘Oh equality’, and then you have Venezuela.”

“Leftism is an emotion, not a position … Everybody is equal. By the way, this is not just in economics. Everything is flattened out to equality. Parent-child are equal. The leftwing mindset does not want the parent to be unequal to their child, the teacher to be unequal to their student … And of course, we are all gods in our own eyes. Marx said it, Engels said it.”



Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) to Charles Payne on FBN:

“For 25 years, Charles, I have watched Big Government Republicans and Ritz Carlton Democrats in this town refuse to enforce America’s immigration laws. Trump’s only sin is that he’s abiding by the rule of law.”


Ari Fleischer, former White House Press Secretary under GW Bush, on how Ilhan Omar’s hatred for Israel is now the majority view among Democrats:

“Pew the polling organization has routinely asked ‘who do you sympathize with more, in the struggle between Palestinians and Israelis?’ In 2001 … 53% of Republicans said they sympathize more Israel, compared to 38% of Democrats. Today … 79% of Republicans told Pew they sympathize with Israel more than the Palestinians. Democrat support is down to 29%.”


Dan Bongino says that Democrats got played badly in the budget deal. Trump has $4B in legal funds to spend on the Wall, before using any funds resulting from his declaration of a national emergency. The Ninth Circuit will block it, the next court will uphold the block, SCOTUS will uphold Trump, like they did with the unfortunately-named Muslim ban. (Trump should have called it a “shithole nation ban”, that applies here too.) It will be easier, Trump never called this a “Latino ban”.

By that time wall construction will be well under way as it has been for months, funded by the $4B the courts can’t block. And I wonder exactly how that court expects to enforce their decision. Will they send police to face the US military, both of whom overwhelmingly support Trump? SCOTUS has always found the President has absolute authority over defense, border security and immigration.


Michael Knowles on F&F:

“The real emergency for Democrats is going to be when we cut off their illegal flow of future voters.”

“Calling this a fake emergency is going to hurt Democrats at the polls. A recent Harvard-Harris poll showed that the majority of Americans seriously want to reduce not just illegal immigration, but even legal immigration in a culture that is discouraging assimilation.”

“The text of this law permits military construction specifically for the purpose of securing our country.”



Michael Knowles to F&F on the Esquire cover story An American Boy featuring a white kid, blasted by social media because it was during Black History Month. Knowles pointed out, there is no White History Month.

“That face, the face of a young white teen boy. They have driven themselves on the Left so crazy with the politics of victimhood, the identity politics of race and sex, they have convinced themselves there is is this one evil category of person. The Yale Daily News, the student newspaper the other day just ran a piece about how all white brown-haired men are evil.”


Ilhan Omar, an unwelcome Muslim refugee from a nation that executes gays and still practices slavery, dares to question the President of the USA elected by 30 of 50 states:

“Hi @realDonaldTrump,
You have trafficked in hate your whole life – against Jews, indigenous, immigrants, black people and more. I learned from people impacted by my words. When will you?”


Nicolas Maduro issued a statement that echoes an ideology taught for at least a decade by our “postmodern” Marxist union teachers and college professors, that I call White Guilt Liberals or White Uncle Toms. Where would Maduro get such wacky ideas?

Perhaps from Obama. who welcomed cop-killers Black Lives Matter to the White House, issued unconstitutional DACA EO, accused us of Islamophobia, shook the hand of Fidel Castro who created Chavez, and Maduro who Cuba now keeps in power along with China, Russia, and Iran, financed by the $140B Obama gave them.

Or maybe from Democrats like Hillary Clinton, who apologized to Muslims for a video, arrested the US film maker for exercising his First Amendment rights, called white Christian males “deplorables”. Or maybe Joe Biden, who told blacks that Mitt Romney was going to “put you all back in chains.”

Irony and hypocrisy abound. Democrats were the party of the KKK, Hillary was mentored by a KKK recruiter, George Wallace was a Democrat. The media calls protesters trying to protect Confederate statues “white supremacists” like Maduro does – while welcoming Somalians who still practice slavery including MN Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, endorsed by self-pronounced KKK leader David Duke for sharing his anti-Jew beliefs. Democrats like Omar are the KKK anti-Semite party, they now control the House, so in that sense Maduro is correct.

“I believe that the extremist sector of the White Supremacists of the Ku Klux Klan lead the United States. I believe it’s a gang of extremists.”



Howie Carr of the Boston Herald on Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren:

“She began describing herself as Native American at the age of 35, she began checking the box. She was a teaching instructor at a second-rate law school in Texas. When she began checking the box, suddenly she’s a tenured law professor first at the University of Pennsylvania, then at Harvard University. And then after she completed her meteoric rise to the top, she decided to rejoin the white race.”

“As a Harvard Law professor, she was able to buy a $2M mansion in Cambridge with an interest-free loan from Harvard University.”

“This is a woman who taught one course at Harvard for $350,000 a year. She’s worth upwards of $10M now.”



Scandals plague the top three VA Democrat elected officials that if all resign would give the governorship to the GOP Speaker of the House. The GOP has a narrow majority in the House because one state legislature election was a tie, a name was drawn from a “hat” and the GOP candidate won.

The medical school yearbook from 1988 of the white governor “surfaced”, showing a picture of one person in blackface, another in a KKK outfit. The same governor called protesters in Charlottesville trying to preserve statues “white supremacists”. He also ran a blatant race-baiting ad against his rival GOP candidate, showing a white guy driving a pickup truck with a Trump bumper sticker trying to run over black, Latino and Muslim kids who are fleeing in terror. White Guilt Liberals eat that stuff up.

Democrats immediately demanded his resignation, but then his successor the black lieutenant governor was accused of sexual assault by one woman, and then by a second who was a fellow student at Duke. Meanwhile, the white AG admitted to wearing blackface at a party in San Antonio.

The Democrats want them all to resign, but that would make a Republican the governor of a key swing state. I have a solution for Democrats that they may be now trying. Here’s how it goes:

The Lt governor resigns, governor appoints a “clean” Democrat to replace him.
The governor resigns, the clean Lt becomes the new governor.
The AG resigns, the new governor appoints a clean Dem as AG.


Andrew Nelling, US attorney on the high-crime sanctuary city of Lawrence MA, site of largest fentanyl bust in US history in Oct 2018, that Elizabeth Warren has chosen as the site to announce her candidacy for President:

“Lawrence is a clearing house for illegal drugs pouring into New Hampshire and Maine.”



Cattle burp methane, they don’t fart it. Methane is 100x as powerful a greenhouse gas as CO2, but it is highly unstable. Methane breaks down within five years, CO2 does not.

This takes some thinking: since the world has about as many cattle as it did five years ago, all methane emitted in history prior to five years ago is now gone. Methane levels are the same as five years ago, all warming due to them has already occurred. Unlike CO2, methane and its effects are not cumulative, and will have no long-term effect on climate change. Methane levels and their effect will grow proportional to any increase in cattle. Eliminating cattle will have a one-time small effect, and none after.


According to FBN, officials in Denmark, Sweden and Norway are publicly denying that they are socialist nations. They say they are market-based capitalist economies, but are admittedly welfare states now being reduced, particularly in Sweden. None have a minimum wage. Sweden has school choice, for-profit schools and vouchers.


Daily Caller reports that Instagram took down a photo of Elizabeth Warren’s signed registration card for the State Bar of Texas, where she listed her race as “American Indian”. It has since been restored.


Chris Stirewalt just claimed that the Democrats have the “moral high ground” because they oppose racism. But that depends on voters continuing to accept the underlying and unstated belief that Muslim and Mexican are race, and criticism of either constitutes racism. The problem is, Muslims are the only people in the world who still practice slavery, unless you want to include Mexican sex-traffickers.

Stirewalt also assumes that voters still believe that Michael Brown was a victim of racism that justified rioting, looting and arson in Ferguson MO. Also, that Black Lives Matter and Colin Kaepernick are anti-racism protesters, not preachers of hate for police and the rule of law, which does not exist in Mexico and Central America.

Democrats had the moral high ground on abortion and illegal immigration with the majority of voters, who are also pro-choice and support DACA. But abortion, illegal immigration and gun rights are very similar issues, and are more tangential than intersectionalists believe. Partisans assume that those who oppose abortion also support guns, but if anything the opposite should be true. And most support for abortion, illegals and gun rights is libertarian and weak. Strong opposition exceeds strong support, particularly for abortion.

Democrats “triggered” that strong opposition and lost centrist support by advocating partial-birth abortion which is opposed by 90%, and sanctuary cities opposed by 70%. They deluded themselves by asking voters “do you support the Wall, are you pro-choice?”, when they should have asked “do you support sanctuary cities and partial-birth abortions?” That’s why smart politicians avoid those issues but Trump is not a politician, so he forced them into addressing issues that matter.




I’m really pissed off at the media, the Left, teachers and professors for intentionally making the young ignorant of history and the world. Although my 34 year-old lesbian friend went to liberal high school in Hawaii (like Obama) where they hate white people and Western Civilization, did not go to college, she did watch msm, MSNBC and fellow-lesbian Rachel Maddow regularly, who told her how great Islam is compared to Christianity. Here is a small sample of what she did not know, until I told her.

The Koran says to hate and kill gays, gays are executed in eleven Muslim nations.
Islam is 800 years newer than Christianity.
Russia was Nazi Germany’s ally, until Hitler invaded them.

How can she and other young people understand the world, with that level of ignorance installed by our Marxist educators, media and social media? Answer: they can’t, which makes easily manipulated by the Left, just as intended.


Bad news for Dems on SOTU night: despite Bill Maher’s demand we have a recession so we ignorant racist Trump voters would give up on him, the economy is soaring. That’s because nothing compares with a free market, and Trump cut regulations and taxes and let the private sector do its thing.

Actually, far more “experts” were wrong about Trump and the economy than a Leftist who has never had a real job – like Bill Maher, Conan O’Brien who did a show in Cuba, Jimmy Kimmel or Stephen Colbert – or Paul Krugman.

It’s time to accept that Hahvid is based on idiot Marxist ideology, and we should never believe any of their graduates or professors, hire or elect them. Paul Krugman, Elizabeth Warren and Barack Obama should be proof enough to the rational. We should listen to the Austrian school, the brilliant FA Hayek, U Chicago, Dartmouth’s Tuck or Wharton, any university except Hahvid.

Markets since close on Election Day, 11/8/2016:

Dow +38.61%     S&P +27.96%       Nasdaq +42.53%

Paul Krugman prediction on the morning after Trump’s election. To be fair, there is a global recession – except here in the US. Europe is in recession, China’s economy is slowing, their markets are down 20%. It’s called “America First”, duh. We voted for the interest of citizens, over those of globalists and foreigners.

“It really does now look like President Donald J. Trump, and markets are plunging. When might we expect them to recover? A first-pass answer is never… So we are very probably looking at a global recession, with no end in sight.”


In thinking about Jewish as a religion or ethnic group, it occurred to me why identity politics requires atheism, or at least a belief that all religions are the same. Identity politics require us to believe that one’s own identity group, based on race, gender or sexual orientation determine our beliefs, values and ideology, and our actions including voting. But religion clearly destroys that myth, because Boko Haram are the same race as the Nigerian Christians they enslave and slaughter. And in the worldwide present, the only tense that matters, Islam is provably unequal and morally inferior to Christianity, even when judged by secular Leftist ideology.


Cover of the NY Post: “MS-13 on the 7 train”. In daytime NYC, a rival gang member was shot dead by a MS-13 member who was previously arrested and released, after a fight started in a subway train and spilled out. Whether he is an illegal is unknown, since in a “sanctuary” city authorities are not allowed to check or even ask. 93% of MS-13 arrested by ICE are illegal aliens.

Just in time for SOTU, this happened in AOC’s district. Democrats have downplayed MS-13. Pope Pelosi claims they have a “spark of divinity”, and that walls are “immoral”. She’ll be photo-bombing Trump tonight, looking as dour as possible.

“It really does now look like President Donald J. Trump, and markets are plunging. When might we expect them to recover? A first-pass answer is never… So we are very probably looking at a global recession, with no end in sight.”

Mark Steyn to Tucker Carlson on CNN blocking a panel guest from talking about Democrat VA Governor Northam’s support for partial-birth abortion, to focus on the KKK picture in his yearbook:

“Well, it’s actually surreal. Erin Burnett’s position is that she is totally cool with partial-birth abortion, she just doesn’t want a guy in blackface doing it. She’s got nothing against the Governor’s proposals for infanticide, she just doesn’t want him singing Mammie when he’s down there.”

“Black women account for 35 to 45 percent of all abortions. In New York City, more black babies are aborted than born.”



Tucker Carlson on Democrat Ralph Northam, whose medical school yearbook page including a photo of someone in a KKK outfit, next to a white male in blackface:

“The longest-serving Democrat, the longest-serving Senator really in American history was a former KKK recruiter called Robert Byrd. When Byrd who is from West Virginia died, this was just in 2010, then-President Barack Obama heaped praise on his memory. ”

“Ralph Northam, by contrast, does not occupy a Senate seat in a battleground state. Therefore Democrats are demanding that he resign, immediately.”


From The Second World Wars by Victor Davis Hanson, chapter “The Dead”:

About 5.7M Polish died in World World II, over 16% of the population, highest of any WWII participant. More than Britain, US and all Western Europeans nations combined.

Poland had the largest Jewish population in the world, 3.5M or 10% of the population. All but 100,000 died.

Poland fought from the start of WWII until the end of combat. It was defeated, occupied and lost its freedom twice: to Nazi Germany in 1939, then to the Soviet Union in the “victory” of 1945.


Dennis Prager founder of Prager U on The Wise Guys, giving just one example of why his videos are routinely banned by Leftcoast social media:

“Teachers unions support that everything that undermines my country, in my view. And I am supposed to feel bad? I do, I feel bad for the individual teacher, but I’m sorry. Your union is a destructive force in America.”



Lee Zeldin (R-NY) received this voicemail, clearly left by a black male:

“You’re occupying the Palestinian region. And you murder people. You’re worse than Hitler.”


Boris Kizenko was rejected by the National Honor Society of the Holmden MN school district for posting on a school board this inspirational quote from Trump: “If you’re going to think, think big.” He also posted quotes from “leaders” such as Marcus Aurelius, Yoda and Drake. Probably worse, running for Class President he wore a t-shirt that read “Make Holmden Great Again.”

The best way to understand the world and politics is to assume that everyone acts in the financial interest of themselves, their family and profession – at the expense of everyone else. Liberals believe that is true about the private sector, but they promulgate the false idea that those paid by taxes are more virtuous, because profit is evil. Actually, there is no difference between wages and profits, particularly to small businesses and the self-employed. CEOs of “non-profit” hospitals are paid $3M a year.

The educational industrial complex correctly hates and fears Trump because he wants school choice, as do 70% of African-Americans. And as a Federalist Trump knows the Federal government has no Constitutional role in regulating or funding education, it violates the Tenth Amendment. So educators tell us Trump and everyone who supports him is a racist, out of pure desperation. It’s the last refuge of scoundrels.


Mike Huckabee on how some Democrats want people to give 70% of their income to the government:

“Jesus only wanted ten percent.”



John J Diiulio (whoever that is) of UPenn and the Brookings Institute, quoted on FBN:

“Government is 3.5 times bigger than it was 5 1/2 decades ago … The government / for-profit contractor / nonprofit complex consumes about 40 percent of gross domestic product.”


Jesse Watters on those who see MAGA hats as symbols of racism, or anything else other than patriotism:

“If you have a New England Patriots hat, to some people that might represent cheating, Spygate and a double-homicide. To other people that could just mean the Patriots and winning.”

“So, I think when this country tells you ‘wear this clothing, drive this car, stop saying Merry Christmas, Baby It’s Cold Outside is about rape’, this is the reason Donald Trump became elected. Because people were so sick of being told what to do, how to think and what to say.”


Victor Davis Hanson from his book “The Second World Wars” on the causes of the Holocaust, which match the claims and rants in Mein Kampf:

“Poland and Russia were perhaps more anti-Semitic than Germany as late as 1930. Yet neither they or any other country had embarked on such a systematic state-sponsored propaganda against Jews.”

“One additional element made the unique Nazi brew of Jew hatred especially toxic: after Hitler’s ascension to power, the general German abhorrence of Bolshevism was conflated with anti-Semitism.  According to Nazi propagandists like the venomous Alfred Rosenberg, Jews such as Karl Marx and Leon Trotsky had invented communism and forced it upon the Soviet Union, and sought to do the same to Germany.”


Murder cases in 2018 were up 33% in Mexico over 2017. Tijuana had 140 killings per 100,000 people, across the wall in San Diego it was two, US national average is four.


Robert Woodson to Tucker Carlson, on the uproar over an exhibition including British coal miners in a pub, because it looked like they were wearing blackface:

“Race grievance is just triumphant throughout this country. I’m upset that as a civil rights person that we would spend so much time being concerned about a picture of white men with coal dust, and somehow that’s offensive.”

We have more blacks killing other blacks in one year than we did in the 70 years of lynchings. In other words, a 9/11 of blacks killing other blacks every six months, and you’re going to tell me our problem is a picture hanging.”



Wall Street Journal headline: “Maine’s Largest City Strains Under Asylum-Seeking Influx”

“In Portland, 65% to 70% of the 1,000 people now receiving public assistance are non-citizens, primarily asylum seekers according to city staff.”


The Five reports that dog-walking in public or driving them around in cars is banned in Tehran. The mullahs want to discourage dog ownership because dogs are viewed as unclean by Islam. Particularly Dana Perino who does tours to sell books about her dog Jasper, The Five all agree: it’s time for a Rrrrrrevolution.

Muslims also hate music and free speech, which is why they bomb rock concerts and kill cartoonists. Muslims hate music, dogs, gays and free speech, everything I value and worked for, other than my family. That is why I will oppose the spread of Islam until I die, possibly soon if I stop suppressing my urge to sing outside mosques. I may be the world’s worst graphic artist, only do stick figures, drawing Muhammad is not an option. Islam is Arabic for “submission”, I refuse. So did the Clash (of Civilizations):

By order of the Prophet
We ban that boogie sound
Degenerate the faithful
With that crazy Casbah sound
But the Bedouin they brought out
The electric camel drum
The local guitar picker
Got his guitar pickin’ thumb
As soon as the Shareef
Cleared the square
They began to wail

Shareef don’t like it
Rockin’ the Casbah
Rock the Casbah


Laura Ingraham with guest Mike Huckabee on a recent Daily Caller expose of one of two new Muslim Democrat members of Congress, this time it’s Rashida Tliab:

“Tliab is a member of the Facebook group Palestinian American Congress where members often demonize Jews. The groups founder, Palestinian activist Maher Abdel-qader was a key fundraiser for Tlaib. In January 2018, Abdel-qader showed an anti-Semitic video that claimed Jews aren’t actually Jewish … and secretly control the media.”

Mike Huckabee: “The [Democrats] will stay hitched to the wagon, even if the wagon is going off a cliff. It used to be that Democrats were a more reliable supporter of Israel and its independence and freedom, and as a safe state for the Jewish people than Republicans were. That is no longer the case … They’ve taken up with radical groups and people who are clearly and virtually apologetically anti-Semitic. It’s just stunning. It’s a form of racism that’s completely acceptable in our culture today.”


Antifa leader Joseph Alcott faces 17 charges for an attack on US Marines at a Philadelphia rally last November, calling them Nazis and white supremacists.


More than 100 illegals were arrested in ICE raids over five days in NY. Almost all were convicted criminals or facing charges.

Tucker Carlson on Democrat Presidential hopeful Kamala Harris who wants to abolish ICE and supports Medicare-4-All, a meaningless term since seniors healthcare needs have little in common with those of working and reproductive age. Tucker proves he has not read my blog or emails, or Milton Friedman, when he claims no one has thought of this:

“I don’t think people have explored this basic tension. You have two ideas on a collision course with each other: open borders and a welfare state. You can have one, you can have the other. You cannot have them both.”


Victor Davis Hanson, professor of history and author of the provocative but lengthy “The Second World Wars” which I’m still reading, to Laura Ingraham on young people’s fascination with socialism:

“I guess we’re going to turn everything over to the DMV, and they could run things efficiently.”

“That’s the logic of equality of result Laura, that it gets more radical and more radical. It happened in ancient Greece, Republican Rome, the Jacobins in France. So each generation looks back at the prior generation and says you know what, you’re old fogies and we’re going to get even more radical.”

“The educational system is turning out people who have no knowledge of history … These are socialists who are teaching our youth.”



For several seconds, F&F showed a Facebook post from Studlyjhungwell

NBC/WSJ poll of favorability:
Pelosi   28%
Trump 43%

Results of a poll done in ten districts won by Trump and now held by Democrats, including giant ME CD-02:

Approve of Trump 49% vs 48%
Support Trump’s policies 54%
Support Trump’s position on border security 61% vs 35%
Support building border wall or barrier 53%
Average approval for Democrats is 20% to 35%

Tucker Carlson on his show:

“Well the FBI sent enough firepower to Roger Stone’s house Friday night to overthrow a Third World government. His arrest is needless to say being taken as proof that Russia stole our lunch money, or burned our toast, or egged our cars, or subverted our democracy, or something.”



ISIS has just claimed responsibility for bombing a Catholic Church in the Philippines, killing at least 20 people. A video incited the Benghazi attack according to Hillary. Smirking at a Native American probably incited this attack, ISIS is very sensitive to hate speech.


Question: where does funding for the Wall come from, if not approved by Congress?

Answer: from the same funds that Obama used to give $140B to our enemy Iran, now being used to fund their military actions in Syria, Yemen and Venezuela. Congress did not approve that, or the deal with Iran. Must be at least $25B left in it, to defend our own borders.


AP poll of 1202 adults MOE +/- 3.99%
Willing to pay $10 a month to fight climate change
68% opposed 28% supportive


Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary General, on how Trump has strengthened NATO and weakened Putin:

“By the end of next year NATO will add $100B extra for defense. So we are seeing some real money and some real results. So there is no doubt that his very clear message is having an impact.”


Michael Rectenwald, retired NYU professor:

“The professorial are 40% socialist. 90% are Leftists, 40% are socialists … in the humanitarian and social sciences. … I’ve seen people actually thrown out of degree programs, PhD programs, for being conservative.”

“This is a huge indoctrination process that is going on. And it’s not just called socialism now, they’re calling it ‘social justice’ as well.”

“It leads to the kind of forced egalitarianism that you saw in the Soviet Union where you have to squash everyone down, so that everyone is ‘equal’.”



According to their Secretary of State, in Texas:
58,000 non-citizens may have voted in their elections
95,000 registered voters may not be citizens


Trish Regan of Fox News on the legacy of Obama’s bff Fidel Castro:

“New reports tonight that Nicholas Maduro is now being personally protected by private military contractors who do secret missons for the Kremlin. Earlier this week Russia’s Vladimir Putin personally calling Maduro to offer support for the socialist regime.”


Sebastian Gorka on FBI sending 29 agents in body armor with AR-15s to arrest senior citizen Roger Stone for perjury:

“My parents lived under a communist dictatorship, a police state. And back then there was the phrase ‘watch out for the 2:00 AM knock on the door.’ In Roger Stone’s case it was 5:00 AM, but it’s the same thing. This is rank intimidation. This is the corruption Obama left over at the DOJ, and this is on Robert Mueller’s doorstep.”


Suppose for whatever reason after his election you wanted Trump to be successfully impeached. It takes a simple majority vote in the House, which Democrats took so that’s a start. But then it takes a 2/3 vote in the Senate – 67 votes! You need more Democrat Senators, instead they lost two. Even then, you would need to give the already anti-Trumpers an excuse to vote to impeach, for example collusion with their enemy Russia. Obama already sold out to Iran, Castro, China, Islam, socialism and the other enemies of the Right, so Russia is your only hope.

But it won’t work, because Democrats already exposed their Leftist bias by going after Kavanaugh. That rallied the anti-Trump GOP behind Trump, including Lindsay Graham, Catholic Rubio, the Bush family. The Left was clearly attacked Catholics and Christians, and Trump stood up to them.

The GOP is divided on illegal immigration. Apparently the Kochs are funding opposition to border security, and they have stopped donation to GOP because they want open borders. That’s clearly true of Flake, Ryan and many others. Some might have voted to impeach because they oppose border control – except for the caravans streaming from Honduras, and Venezuela destroyed by socialism. That along with record opiate overdose deaths are degrading support for open borders, sanctuary cities and Latin America in general. That will continue until at least 2020.

You might have convinced GOP NATO and Mideast imperialists to vote to impeach. They hate the idea of Trump pulling troops out of Syria, Afghanistan, or for that matter anywhere else in the world. But Trump just supported Maduro’s opposition in Venezuela, friend of Castro and Obama. Russian bombers are now moving in, as are the Chinese. Even neocons care more about the Monroe Doctrine and Russians in Latin America than they do Syria, so now they strongly support Trump.

Bill Clinton lied to Congress, but they failed to impeach him. Instead his popularity soared to 60%, Hillary almost became President, and the Clintons are now worth $100M. Without an impeachment, I don’t believe the Clintons would have been that successful.

The Democrats will never get 2/3 vote needed in the Senate to get Trump out of office. They will have to win the 2020 election. If they learned anything from the Clinton impeachment, they should know that impeaching Trump ensures his reelection, and GOP control of the House.


Alan Dershowitz to FoxNews, on the charges filed against Roger Stone:

“This typical of Mueller. He has found almost no crimes that occurred before he was appointed Special Counsel. He was appointed Special Counsel to uncover crimes that had already occurred. He has virtually failed in that respect in every regard.”

“Almost all of the crimes he’s indicted people for are crimes that occurred as a result of his investigation.”



F&F reports on Wilbur Martinez-Guzman, an illegal alien from El Salvador charged with murdering four people inside their homes in northern Nevada:

“In the RGV border sector that the President just visited, since October 1 they have arrested 100 people they believe to be El Salvador gang members. Overall 14,000 have been arrested since the shutdown began 34 days ago.”


Tucker Carlson reported on how despite massive Fed funding for colleges, tuition costs rise faster than inflation. The same is true for healthcare, and for housing prior to 2008 from Fed-backed subprime loans. All Fed subsidies increase the total cost to society, while the cost to the end user continues to grow.

From 2010 to 2015 the eight schools in the Ivy League received a total of $41.6B in Federal aid, almost $7B per-year – which more than covers the $5.7B Trump wants for border security. This is despite the fact that Ivy League endowments are over $120B and all ROI on that is tax-free, not true for other businesses or individuals.


George Orwell from his book ‘1984’, quoted by Tucker Carlson in reference to a Covington Catholic student castigated for appearing to smirk at a Native American:

“The smallest thing could give you away. A nervous tic, an unconscious look of anxiety, a habit of muttering to yourself. To wear an improper expression on your face was itself a punishable offense. There was even a word for it: facecrime.”


Nial Ferguson of the Hoover Institute, on why LeftCoast social media censoring conservatives proves they are publishers, which violates the agreement made with Congress giving them special exemption on the assumption they are an open platform:

“There are now giant corporations dominating the public sphere, Facebook and Google in particular, that more or less uncontrolled by any of the regulation that for example a cable news channel or a newspaper have … They are completely exempt from any liability for any content that appears on their platform … even if that content leads to the kinds of harm that have been threatened to Covington Catholic High school and people.”


Michelle Malkin on F&F, who like me compares the Covington Catholic debacle to a Rorschach test:

“It is a cultural pathology. Political correctness is a pathological condition … It really is a time to have self-reflection among the media about their own contempt for half of America.”



89% of students in the high-tax unionist sanctuary state of Illinois failed the English assessment test.

Berkeley CA just passed a 25 cent tax on disposable cups, to start next year.

Bernie Sanders, who honeymooned in the former Soviet Union while Putin was in the KGB, in a 2011 speech shows that Democrats are radical communists like those in Cuba that Obama visited to congratulate and whose military now keep Maduro in power so people starve and eat cats and squirrels, while China steals their oil. And why Democrats must never gain power through their illegal coup against a duly-elected President:

“These days the American Dream is more apt to be realized in South America in places such as Ecuador, Venezuela and Argentina where incomes are more equal than in the land of Horatio Alger. Who’s the Banana Republic now?”


NY and NJ lost 5700 millionaires in 2018, who left to escape high-tax unionist welfare Blue states. A single rich citizen moved from NJ to FL, costing NJ 1% of its total tax revenue. NY, CA and IL each lost more than 100,000 residents last year.


Native Americans owned slaves, practiced human sacrifice, could not make iron, had no written language, lived in the Stone Age, killed each other and every white person they could, but instead died en masse from European and African diseases.

The Left demands that white people who created everything of material value since 1500 AD now bow down to inferior Native American, Muslim and Latino culture. If they are going to hate on white males, along with not teaching Shakespeare the Left must stop using electricity and believing in evolution. It all came from white males.


Tucker Carlson on the Covington Catholic uproar, which I now realize is yet another social media Rorschach test. Here is some of what the racist Black Hebrew Israelites were yelling at the students before they were accosted by a Native American beating a drum in their faces:

“Look at these dusty ass crackers with that racist garbage on.” [crackers leave crumbs, not dust]

“A bunch of future school shooters” [US blacks kill at 4x the rate of whites, 90% of their victims are other blacks]

“A bunch of incest babies” [US is only nation that bans first cousins marrying]

“The biggest terrorist on the face of earth is the pale face man, woman and child.” [they must mean lily-white Muslim Cat Stevens]

Laura Wagner of Deadspin which used to be a sports site tweeted this:

“A racially-charged frenzy of barely-restrained violence … frothing mass of MAGA youth, frenzied & yelling & out of control.”

Tucker Carlson: “Imagine if someone was writing something like that about your son. At Covington Catholic, classes were canceled today. Thanks to people like Laura Wagner, there were too many threats at the school.”

Howard Dean tweeted this, proving yet again that Democrats prefer terrorism and Sharia law over Catholicism. That explains why Trump has 50% approval and growing among Latino citizens, most of whom are devout Catholics who hated the attack by abortionists on Kavanaugh:

“#CovingtonCatholic seems like a hate factory to me. Why not just close it?”

Ben Shapiro on his Internet show, clip shown on F&F:

“We are now living in a time where the secular Left has decided to take on everyone with traditional Judeo-Christian values. Whether it’s Karen Pence teaching at a religious school, whether it’s the Knights of Columbus, or whether it’s these kids who are acting on their Catholic faith by going to a March for Life rally. That’s what this is really about. This is about a deep-seated conflict between folks who can’t stand the presence of religion in everyday life, and people who are religious.”



President Trump recent tweet is relatively kind to Speaker Pelosi. It does not mention that junkies shoot up in BART stations using heroin from Mexico:

“Nancy Pelosi has behaved so irrationally & has gone so far to the left that she has now officially become a Radical Democrat. She is so petrified of the “lefties” in her party that she has lost control … And by the way, clean up the streets in San Francisco, they are disgusting!”


Thomas Hodgson, Sheriff of Bristol County MA, to Charles Payne on FBN:

“We finally have a President who is acting like an adult who gave law enforcement back its footing from day one … The opiate crisis in this country is out of control. Sex trafficking, human trafficking and this is all related to the southern border.”

“I will tell you Massachusetts is about 2200 miles from the southern border. We are the second most common place that you’ll find fentanyl, and we are the 7th highest in overdose rates.”

“We’ve been asking for this wall for 20 years … Congress frankly is the problem. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are the people that are really acting like children.”


I did yesterday’s calculation of tuition increases wrong, and they were for private colleges only. State universities tuition cost rose faster. Like healthcare the total cost is what matters to taxpayers, not the cost to the user who most taxpayers believe should pay the full bill, particularly since college grads become richer than others.

Healthcare and college costs skyrocketed because prices are always “what the market can bear”. Taxpayer subsidies increase what is bearable to the buyer, so the seller charges more. Only paying customers with a choice to go elsewhere, or more important to not buy at all, can control prices. Insurers, taxpayer-funding and loans disable consumerism which created all this neat tech stuff, continually increasing declining prices. Only the free market does that.

And “room and board” cover the facilities costs, housing, workers wages. Tuition just covers teachers and bureaucrats wages, they have risen at the same rate. Elizabeth Warren was paid $300,000 a year to teach one course at Harvard.

All colleges are funded by Fed taxpayers. Ivy League colleges get more in Fed funding than they do in tuition, despite massive endowments and contributions from alum. CNBC has a page reporting on the same study that is simpler:

“A 1988 graduate of Harvard University would have spent $17,100 on tuition during their senior year. Now, in their 50s, they’d have to pay $44,990 in tuition for their child to attend Harvard today.”


Jesse Watters on The Five gleefully gives Democrats extremely bad news, quoting a poll done by Fed-funded liberal propaganda NPR. Which proves to me that most Latinos identify as Americans, not as global citizens or as part of a Leftist race-based collectivist identity group.

“Trump gains 19 points with Latino voters during the border wall Shutdown … His approval rating went from 31% among Latinos to 50%.”


Albert Einstein: “Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it … he who doesn’t … pays it. Compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe.”

Kristin Tate, author of How Do I Tax Thee?, on student debt which Democrats call a “crisis” like climate change, and unlike MS-13 and 30,000+ killed annually by drugs that come across the Mexican border. Her stats mean tuition rose 4.23% annually, doubling every 7 / 4.3 * 10 = every 16 years, compared to 2.54% inflation, doubling every 27 years.

So it’s a bigger difference than it seems, particularly to us seniors. Over a 60 year period most costs are up 4x, while tuition is up 8x.

“Total student loan debt in this country is now $1.5T. This is largely the result of Federal loans. Today the Feds subsidize over 70% of all student aid. Most students can qualify for as much student aid as they need, regardless of the price tag or the earning potential of the degree they are seeking … As a result we’ve seen a 129% increase in tuition from 1988 to today.”


David Webb on F&F, on a conversation with a caller to his radio show SiriusXM Patriot:

Areva Martin: “David, by virtue of being a white male you have white privilege.”

David Webb: “Areva, I hate to break it to you but you should have been prepped better. I’m black.”

“Our skin is an organ. It doesn’t think, it doesn’t form ideas.”


Will Swain talking about a series of billboards his group has put up in the LA area to inform teachers that a recent SCOTUS decision means public employees do not have to pay union dues:

LA Teachers Are Saving $1,000 Every Year

LA Teachers: Read this before spending another $1,000 in union dues!

Teachers: Tired of union politics? Feeling ignored? Know your rights!

“It is in fact the pension agreements the district has agreed to in the past, the retirement benefits healthcare, pensions, that is driving the district into bankruptcy.”



New WaPo / ABC News poll asked:

“Have you personally been inconvenienced by the shutdown?”
No 82%
Yes 18%

“Should Trump still push for border wall?”
Demand funding 52%
Trump should compromise 41%


Results of a new Q poll which asked “Is there a security crisis on our southern border?”
Yes 54% No 43%


According to author Sara Goff who married a Swede, lives in Sweden and has dual citizenship, each Muslim immigrant will cost Swedish taxpayers an estimated $8,000 a year, for life. The 10% foreign born in Sweden are responsible for 59% of the rapes. That’s the price of White Guilt Liberal open borders. Their reward presumably is feeling virtuous, which I don’t understand and hopefully never will.


35,000 union teachers in the greater LA school district are on strike for higher wages and smaller class sizes, but reportedly their real target is their new reform school board and charter schools. The parents of about 1M immigrants in the LA school district want charter schools, as do 70% of African-American parents.

CA budget has risen 44% in the last six years. Now are they proposing a new tax on drinking water, though none of those funds will go towards supplying clean water.


Jerome Corsi who is suing the Mueller team for $350M on Trish Reagan explained how before Mueller team came after him, he gave an old Mac PC he was no longer using to his son who first erased the disk. Later Mueller accused him of destroying evidence, like Hillary did with her private server.

Unfortunately for Mueller, Corsi used the Apple TimeMachine app and has backups for all his PCs that allow him to restore the disk to any previous date. That’s known as a “journaling file system.” He also gave Mueller team passwords to all his public email accounts.

Corsi will likely win his suit as Trump did against the Creepy Porn Lawyer, but Corsi is unlikely to get a reward that is 1000x times as much as Trump’s, and over 10x the cost to-date of the Mueller hoax.



I want to teach a law school course on Social Justice. The final exam will be only questions with one of two answers: true or false. If lawyers presume to make moral decisions for us, they should be unequivocal and always correct. Otherwise they should stick to democracy, the Constitution and rule of law.

Here are some example true/false questions, where the only correct answer is “true”.

  1. According to court testimony and verdict, adult Michael Brown did not have his hands up when he was shot dead in self-defense by a police officer he attacked.
  2. The Koran commands believers to convert or kill all those who reject the Old Testament.
  3. President Bill Clinton committed perjury in his testimony to Congress regarding Monica Lewinsky.
  4. According to the Koran, God said that the act of men lusting after men transgresses all bounds, and no one has ever outdone it.
  5. OJ killed two white people.


Which President is the best career and life model for your children: Bill Clinton, Barack Obama or Donald Trump?

It is true that Trump is an adulterer, a client of prostitute(s), even paid extortion to one. But to our knowledge all his sexual escapades were consensual, which in my view includes acts done for pay. And all acts were personal not professional, employees and co-workers were not involved.

But Paula Jones and Anita Broderick did not consent to sex with Bill Clinton, who as President had sex with a subordinate named Monica Lewinsky in the workplace. That is unforgivable in the private sector, men’s careers and lives were ruined for far less. Bill Clinton is relevant here because his opportunist enabler wife Hillary, who blamed his victims and stayed married for financial and political gain, was the only viable alternative to Trump in 2016.

And while Obama appears squeaky-clean on sexual matters and fidelity, Obama drinks, smokes and did illegal drugs including cocaine. Trump never did any of those things.

So my question is, which path would you want your child to follow? A clean and sober businessman who employed thousands, built hotels and golf courses that serve millions of consensual customers who all pay millions in taxes? Or a drunk druggie nicotine-addict lawyer who hired no one, produced nothing, never had a job?


Buried deep in the recent NYT article is an admission that after two years Mueller found no evidence of Trump colluding with Russia, which means they had no evidence that justified spying on Trump in the first place:

“No evidence has emerged that publicly that Mr Trump was secretly in contact with or took direction from the Russian government.”


Daniel Henninger wrote a WSJ article titled The Right’s Resistance that was quoted by Steve Hilton as the reason Trump’s supporters will back him, no matter what:

“The Left’s cultural triumphalism on matters of identity, race and gender … Mitt Romney and virtually all Republican politicians entertaining runs for the Presidency simply will not stand up to this dominant status quo. Instead, they address these matters in a kind of tiptoeing careful-speak.”



Dr James Mitchell, a former CIA official who interrogated terrorists at Gitmo including the infamous KSM:

“I think Democrats are the true hostage takers because they are using the Federal employees as human shields in order to keep the southern border open to illegal immigration. They’ve told us why they’re doing that.”

“Their strategists have already told us that the long-term plan, the Fifty Year Plan, is to cram as many illegal aliens into the United States as possible, make them dependent on welfare so they want to keep people in power who give them free things, move them into areas that primarily have conservative voters, ram some sort of policy that gets them the right to vote, and then take power and keep it because you’ve got a permanent underclass.”


The Left objects to the term “illegal alien” or even “illegal immigrant”. So to calm the waters, I suggest we call them “unwelcome guests”.

It’s great to hear Democrats claim that TSA is being hurt by the shutdown. Apparently the rich deserve security on airplanes, we peasants don’t deserve it here in the US.


If I were a GOP political consultant what would I tell my clients, particularly regarding the shutdown over the Wall? I would tell them that Trump won 30 states which is an electoral landslide and 60 future Senators, so Democrats only chance is in the House.

I would note that populous NY and CA are so heavily Democrat that they make national polls irrelevant, and result in those coastal globalist states dominating their party through Schumer and Pelosi, forcing them to the Left of most voters.

President Trump only has to satisfy voters in the 30 Red States, and he will add at least NH in 2020. He does not need the 20 Blue States, which conveniently are the ones with the highest taxes, rich globalists, Wall St and sanctuary cities. So Trump’s tax bill capped SALT deductions which only hurts the well-off in high-tax Blue States which will never vote GOP, particularly CA, NY and IL. And Trump raises tariffs that hurt rich globalists mainly in Blue states. And Trump shuts down the government over a border Wall because sanctuary cities are in Blue States, and most states strongly oppose them.

So screw the Blue States is my advice, but I think it has been Trump’s strategy from the start. GOP will at least own the Presidency and Senate, forever.


President Trump to reporters regarding the shutdown:

“Democrats don’t care about crime. They’ve been taken over by a group of young people who frankly, I’ve been watching, in some cases I actually think they’re crazy.”



Mike Slater, host of the Mike Slater Show, on F&F talking about his home state of California:

“Our politicians don’t have to live the consequences of their policies. Governor Jerry Brown, he’s retired and off to his 2,500 acre estate. There’s no MS-13 gang members living nearby he has to worry about.”

“Maxine Waters district has a 22% poverty rate, she lives in a $4.5M mansion.”

“Gavin Newsome, his kids don’t go to schools that have to face the consequences of illegal immigration. There’s schools in California where 75 languages are spoken in the schools.”

“The California budget ten years ago was $80B, and now it’s over $200B. And healthcare expenditures are $450B … The top 1% already pay half the income tax in California, there is not enough money to possibly do this. But that’s never stopped Progressives from enacting these policies.”


High-tax Blue states are losing population, they are being replaced by illegal immigrants that count on the census, which determines House seats and electoral votes. Even if illegals do not vote, they will be counted equal to citizens if Democrats win those states and districts. Also, Federal subsidies to states are based on the census. The more illegals, the more Fed taxpayer funding for Democrat cities and states.

As a result, Blue states and cities are now competing for illegals by offering them greater taxpayer-funded benefits. This explains Schumer of NY and Pelosi of CA opposing any and all border security, their states are actively recruiting illegals. Democrats CA Governor Newsome and NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio recently announced plans to give taxpayer-funded healthcare coverage to illegals.

DeBlasio repeated the lie used to sell Obamacare: that giving everyone coverage will reduce ER visits and save money in the long run, with the implicit assumption that doctors don’t accept uninsured patients. In fact, the uninsured use all medical services less including the ER. And I paid 15-25% less for doctors visits because I paid with a credit card, saves them money.

Before Obamacare the state of Oregon had insufficient Medicaid funds, so they held a lottery where the winners (about half) got coverage, others not. Five years later they found that the insured used more medical services including ERs, but were not healthier and did not have a lower mortality rate. Life expectancy has declined in the US over the last three years as more got coverage, mainly from prescription drug overdose and side effects. So-called “wellness care” is a proven failure. Lifestyle is healthcare.


Tucker Carlson on states that lost the most population in 2017 according to the US Census Bureau, and also have the highest taxes:
NY 180,306
CA 156,068
IL 114, 154

“Do they plan to change that? No, instead their plan is to further tax the middle-class to provide benefits to illegal aliens from other countries.”

“So repeat after me: no national emergency, the crisis at the border is false. It’s fraudulent, it’s totally made-up. Think leprechauns, or low-cal ice cream. Something only kids and dumb people believe in.”

“Actually, you know what the border crisis is like? It’s like that imaginary caravan from Honduras a few months ago. The one that marched all the way to Tijuana with TV cameras in tow, but didn’t really exist.”



Reported on F&F:

235,000 ICE arrests 2017-2018
4000 for homicide
100,000 for assault
30,000 for sex crimes

Drugs seized at the border Jan-Aug 2018 (lbs)
Cocaine: 47,945
Heroin: 4,813
Methamphetamine: 67,292


Mark Morgan, former Chief of US Border Patrol under Obama, to Tucker Carlson:

“The President is right … when they said the wall works, they were right … That’s based on historical data and facts that can be proven.”

“I believe in what the President is doing. When he says this is a national security problem, he is absolutely correct.”



President Trump from a speech on April 27 2016, proving his firing of Mattis, Kelly and rejection of neocon imperialism is consistent with the policy of America First that he promised his informed, worldly and patriotic supporters:

“I will never send our our finest into battle unless it is necessary, and I mean absolutely necessary. And will only do so if we have a plan for victory, with a capital V.”

“We’re getting out of the nation-building business and instead focusing on creating stability in the world.”

“Unlike other candidates for President, war and aggression will not be my first instinct.”


Tucker Carlson on who supports and benefits from open borders, here and in Europe:

“You’d have to put rich white people at the very top of the list of supporters. Our endless supply of new immigrants gives them, the people in my neighborhood, access to much cheaper household help, and most of all it makes them feel virtuous.”

“If there is any group in America that supports having more than 20M people here illegally it’s not the poor, it’s the people in our richest neighborhoods.”



Tucker Carlson on Nancy Pelosi calling a border wall “immoral”:

“As a matter of policy Democrats believe a border wall is immoral. And that raises the question, what do they consider moral? Well, American troops stuck in Syria for one thing, that’s just fine. Sex-selective abortions paid for with tax dollars, can’t get more moral than that. Antifa rioting in the streets, perfectly virtuous.”

“And it turns out walls can be moral under the right circumstances, they just can’t protect America. Democrats gladly signed off on border defenses for Jordan, Tunisia and Israel. No problem, glad to do it. But on behalf of their own people? No, Americans don’t deserve that. They’re immoral for asking.”


Hank Johnson Congressman (D-GA) speaking at an AACP meeting in Atlanta:

“Americans elected an authoritarian anti-immigrant racist strongman to the highest office … Much like Hitler took over the Nazi party, Donald Trump took over the Republican party.”


Mark Steyn to Tucker Carlson on bans on plastic straws and taxes on beef, even though methane breaks down within five years and therefore has no long-term effect on climate change:

“America contributes less to plastic waste in the oceans than Morocco, or Burma, or even North Korea and I don’t know what they’ve got to throw in the oceans in North Korea.”

“The most important aspect of environmental healthcare is garbage disposal. The less we talk about things that matter, the more we obsess on these boutique niche issues.”



Jordan Peterson whose daughter’s videos were “struck” from Youtube by Google, then reinstated after vigorous complaints with an apology but no explanation:

“There is a coterie of organizations that are Left in their orientation, quite radically Left, who are engaged in a concerted effort to force corporations to adopt their particular definition of hate speech regulation. I can’t think of anything more dangerous than letting arbitrary organizations define what constitutes hate speech.”

“Speech can be rough, and people can say reprehensible things, but the issue is who should police it. And the answer isn’t idiot Social Justice Warriors and half-witted corporate policies arbitrarily applied, and then arbitrarily removed.”


Mitt Romney wrote an op-ed before even being sworn in as a freshman Senator attacking President Trump’s “character” which to a Mormon means Trump not only divorced, but dared to remarry. Stone the adulterer!

Most voters don’t know that 70,000 Fed troops on Utah border in 1850 forced LDS to give up theocracy and polygamy, forcing Romney’s great-grandfather and his multiple wives to flee to Mexico, where Mitt’s ancestors were born.

So Romney opposes Trump not only because Mitt’s ancestors are Mexican, but also because they were polygamists like the Muslims Trump opposes. Mitt Romney is a Mexican polygamist, his entire worldview derives from his religion. Mormonism and Islam are both based on the Old Testament, though the Koran is more faithful to the Christian view of Jesus than the ludicrous Book of Mormon.


Jair M Bolsonaro, tweet from the new President of Brazil to President Trump after decades of ruinous socialist rule:

“Dear Mr President, I truly appreciate your words of encouragement. Together, under God’s protection, we shall bring prosperity and progress to our people.”


Kanye West aka “Ye” tweet:

“One of my favorite things about what the Trump hat represents to me is that people can’t tell me what to do because I’m black.”



Three stabbed but expected to survive by a man shouting the now-cliched “Allahu Akbar” in Manchester UK. But City is doing great and United better under their new owner, so no problem.

In Toyko nine injured by a minivan driven into a crowd, one critical. The attacker first said it was terror, then claimed he was protesting the death penalty.


Tammy Bruce on the CA Woman’s March being cancelled because it was “too white”, after the Chicago Woman’s March was canceled due to organizers connections to Louis Farrakhan:

“The Left, all they want to do is organize, and they want to organize against whatever the Establishment is, but certainly if that Establishment promotes individual power, individual freedom. That’s the thing that of course that is anathema to Leftist organizers because they want everyone to think only of a collective.”