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Tucker Carlson on House Democrat Jamie Raskin’s call to impeach President Trump:

“What is the President accused of doing? Well in case you’ve forgotten, it’s that Donald Trump may have delayed military aid to the government of Ukraine. Now keep in mind that the only purpose of aid to the government of Ukraine is to antagonize Russia. Keep in mind also that Russia is a country with more nuclear weapons than any country on the globe.”

“But according to Jamie Raskin, not giving weapons to Ukraine is a ‘clear and present danger to America!’. It’s a sellout, he says, to our national security to pause our relentless attacks on Russia, even for a moment.”


Former President Obama from a recent speech, apparently unaware that white males invented and discovered everything of material value in the last 500 years, from electricity to the theory of evolution. Also that Muslim nations, China, North Korea, Iran, Cuba and Venezuela will never have a female leader, so this just more useless Progressive pandering:

“Now women, I just want you to know; you are not perfect, what I can say pretty indisputably is that you’re better than us [men]. I’m absolutely confident that for two years if every nation on earth was run by women, you would see a significant improvement across the board on just about everything … living standards and outcomes.”


Alan Dershowitz at the signing by President Trump of an executive order banning Federal funding to universities that condone anti-Semitism. including support for BDS movement:

“For 65 of my 81 years I have spent at universities all over the country and all over the world. There is no more important event in those 65 years to turn universities away from bastions of hatred and discrimination than this executive order being signed today.”

“It will go down in history as one of the most important events in the 2000 year battle against anti-Semitism. Thank you Mr President, you did a great, great job.”


Tucker Carlson on the Democrats sanctimonious presentation of articles of impeachment against President Trump:

“Nobody is above the law. Nobody.

Except for the 20M illegal aliens the Left tell us have every right to be here, ignoring our laws. And ‘shut up, racist!’ if you disagree.

Also the so-called homeless shooting up and defecating and living full-time on our sidewalks. The law does not apply to them.

Or to subway jumpers in New York. Or to Hunter Biden.”


FBN reports that S&P returns in the first three years of President Trump are fourth behind FDR, Eisenhower and Truman of all elected Presidents; beating Kennedy, Clinton, the Bushes and Obama. Nearly $11T in equity value was added to the Wilshire 5000, bailing out bankrupt public union pension funds. That’s more than the purchasing power parity of Germany and Russia combined.


Nikki Haley on why Tillerson and Kelly wanted her to join their anti-Trump Deep State cabal to overthrow a duly-elected President:

“This wasn’t that these guys thought this was a rogue President. This was that these guys disagreed with his policies. They disagreed with us getting out of the Paris Climate agreement. They disagreed with us getting out of the Iran deal. They disagreed with moving the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.”


Michael Bloomberg in 2013 bragging about his term as NYC Mayor:

“Today we have fewer guns, fewer shootings, and fewer homicides. In fact, murders are 50% below the level they were 12 years ago … There is just no question that stop-question-frisk has saved countless lives, and we know that most of those saved, based on statistics, have been black and Hispanic young men.”

Tucker Carlson: “Stop-and-frisk is really the only measure that’s ever been proven to get so-called ‘weapons of war’ off the streets before they kill people, so Democrats would support it, right? No, they hate it. Why? Because it’s racist, of course.”



President Trump to a crowd of black supporters in Atlanta who cheered “Four More Years!”, probably because they realize that globalism, open borders, unionized public schools, abortion and the welfare state disproportionately hurt black families:

“For decades the Democrats have taken African-American voters for granted … We’ve done more for African-Americans in three years than the Washington establishment has done in more than thirty years.”

“Democrats want to invest in green global projects. I want to invest in black American communities.”


Steve Bannon to Maria Bartolomo on FBN:

“The central part of America First, is this is why the apparatus is so against it, the President is saying we’re no longer going to have protectorates. NATO is not a protectorate, it’s an ally. The Gulf Emirates are not a protectorate, they’re an ally.”

“The situation in the Ukraine … the EU kind of started this by forcing membership of Ukraine into the EU and actually talking about NATO membership. Where’s the EU’s money? … Where’s NATO’s money?”

“For a young stand-up comedian who runs on an anti-corruption platform, the President of the United States is trying to make sure we don’t have additional corruption.”

“They want to stop his program about immigration and about building the border wall, they want to stop his confrontation with China, and they want to stop his stopping these endless foreign wars.”


AOC interrogates Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifying to Congress:

“In your ongoing dinner parties with far-right figures, some of whom advance the conspiracy theory that white supremacy is a hoax, did you discuss so-called social media bias against conservatives?”


Jesse Watters on The Five:

“Average household income for middle-class families in eight years under President Bush went up $400, under President Obama went up $1000. In just two and one-half years under President Trump, average family income has gone up $5000. And when you add in the tax cuts, it’s $6000.”



Jesse Watters on Maxine Waters who supported LA race riots, cried “impea fordy fibe!” before Trump was inaugurated, told supporters to harass Republicans in public spaces, and now complains that she “can’t move about the country without security”, meaning guns that she wants to take away from citizens:

“First of all, no one wants a civil war. And I think Republicans are undefeated in past civil wars, just a little refresher course for those of you guys who have forgot.”



Victoria Toensing, former Deputy Assistant Attorney General, on how the Ukrainian prosecutor investigating Burisma who employed Joe Biden’s son was falsely accused of corruption. Her knowledge is based 450 pages of documents just released to them by the Ukraine government, State Department and Burisma legal defense team.

“US and other people made false statements about [the fired prosecutor]. Yeah, that was George Soros-funded NGOs that were in bed with the State Department, they were in bed with each other at the time. In the name of “anti-corruption”, which really means Soros goes after his competitors.”

“The whistleblower sprinkles throughout his document footnotes relating to a publication with the initials OCCRP. Guess who funds OCCRP? George Soros … And he still has people embedded at the State Department.”

US Attorney Durham is looking into the Ukrainian role in the 2016 US election.


According to FBN, the 2012 national security adviser to Mitt Romney now sits on the Burisma board. Joseph Coffen Black joined the Burisma board six months after Hunter Biden left.



Qanta Ahmed on the Department of Education ordering Duke and UNC to revise their Middle East studies programs:

“Secretary DeVos in fact said there is a pernicious presence of antisemitism in the American campus now. I would say it’s not pernicious, it’s endemic. And that anti-Israel, anti-Zionism bias is a way of hiding antisemitism, putting it in an academic setting, is a pro-Islamist position. Islamism denigrates Israel, the Jews, the right for Israel to exist.”

“That is not part of Islam. But that is funneled into academic thinking as if it is a legitimate position. And that should not be paid for by taxpayers.”



Another illegal alien in sanctuary Montgomery County Md is charged with rape, the TENTH since July 25. The 23 year-old Salvadoran MS-13 gang member is charged with getting a girl drunk in his car, then raping her in his bed while she fought and screamed.

MS-13 motto is “murder, rape, control”. The last verb applies to the Democrat party, who protect illegals because they are counted by the census, thus increasing their House seats and electoral votes. CA has an estimated seven more House seats resulting from their illegal population.

Franklin Jefferson Pineda-Caceras, an illegal alien MS-13 gang member arrested in Nashville, is charged with:

aggravated kidnapping
assault with a deadly weapon
possession of a controlled substance (cocaine)

Luther Walkin Jr, a black man with a criminal record, is charged with murder for killing a black police officer who he shot in the face as he tried to serve an arrest warrant. He is the 30th police officer killed so far in 2019.


According to the USDA, food stamp enrollment declined by 6,268,285 under Trump. It reached its peak under Obama.

US Census reports that 1.4M fewer are living in poverty than in 2017. There are 2.3M more year-round, full-time workers. The poverty rate is now 11.8%, lowest since 2001.

445 MS-13 gang members were busted by CBP in FY2019.

Andrew Pollack, whose daughter died in the Parkland shooting, explains in his book Why Meadow Died how Obama-era liberal policies allowed a sociopath to attend school with his daughter. School authorities were aware that her killer:

threatened to kill other students
threatened to rape other students
threatened to shoot up the school
brought knives and bullets to school
wrote racial slurs on his backpack
carved swastikas in lunchroom tables



FBN listed successful rich businessmen who are fleeing high-tax Blue states like NY with a 8.82% personal income tax rate, for FL with 0% income tax, taking jobs with them. Existing staff were given the option of moving, or being terminated:

Carl Icahn             NY
Paul Tuder Jones CT
Edward Lampert CT
David Tapper        NJ
Leon Cooperman NJ

Bloomberg news estimated the number of persons leaving big cities daily:

NY           277
LA           201
Chicago 161



Heather MacDonald, author of the must-read The Diversity Delusion, to Tucker Carson:

“It’s un-PC to say so, but women prefer marrying alpha males. We’re living in a culture that is trying to obliterate alpha males, and create an alpha female. Every single cultural message to males is that they are toxic … Managers are paid based on how many females they hire and promote. Every philanthropy is pumping out the ‘you go, girl!’, women in STEM.”

“And meanwhile, males are simply being told that they are toxic, they are responsible for a rape culture … What we are creating here is a systemic culture of contempt toward male success, and that’s got to have an effect.”

“There are male virtues of chivalry, entrepreneurial drive, risk taking, that have given us civilization. If we continue to disparage those, we’re going to have no civilization left.”


Marianne Williamson, in a tweet that to me explains why she is not on the Dem debate stage tonight:

“Prayer is a power of mind, and it is neither bizarre not unintelligent. People of faith belong in the Democrat party, and it will be necessary to the effort if we’re to win in 2020.”



An illegal immigrant from Nigeria is charged with raping an intoxicated woman in her car. He was charged with sex crimes a year ago, but the charges were dropped and ICE was not notified. He is the 8th illegal charged with sex crimes since July in the “sanctuary” (for criminals) Montgomery County Md.

DOJ reports crimes by illegal immigrants, estimated to be at most 7% of US population:

64% of federal arrests
24% of federal drug arrests
25% of federal property arrests
28% of federal fraud arrests
25% of all arrests in 5 judicial districts


WaPo quotes Labor Dept stats that for the first-time ever, most new hires ages 25-54 are minorities. Since 2017 there are 5.2M more people with jobs, 4.5M of them are non-white.

US Census Bureau reports that the poverty rate fell to 11.8%. They listed poverty rate and percent change by identity group:
White       8.1%       -0.4%
Black       20.8%      -0.9%
Asian       10.1%     +0.4%
Hispanic 17.6%      -0.8%

Increase in full-time year-round workers:
Women +1,600,000
Men       +700,000

Fed Reserve data shows why passing USMCA is far more important than any trade at all with China:

Trade:                    US exports   US imports    Total
China                     $120B           $540B            $660B
Canada / Mexico $565B           $665B             $1230B

Chinese exports to the US fell 16% in August.


Donald Trump was age 70 on his inauguration day, replacing Ronald Reagan (age 69) as our oldest President. Elizabeth Warren (now age 69) would become the oldest President if elected. Both Joe Biden (age 76) and Bernie Sanders (age 77) would be older on their inauguration day than Reagan was when he left office after serving two terms.

The College Fix reports their poll found that 73% of college-age Republicans fear speaking out will hurt their GPA. A Kansas State University student reported that the day after the presidential election, a professor kicked two students out of class for wearing MAGA hats.

US Department of Commerce reports that US imports of Chinese advanced tech were down $20B in the first seven months of 2019.



Marianne Wilson from her interview with the New Yorker:

“I know this sounds naive. I didn’t think the Left was so mean. I didn’t think the Left lied like this. I thought the Right did that. I thought we were better.”


Labor Day weekend shootings:
Odessa, Tx     7 killed, 22 injured
Chicago, Il      7 killed, 30 injured

Pew Research poll asked “Do colleges have a positive impact on the US?”. 50% agreed in 2019, compared to 63% in 2015.


The Koran proves the US can’t trust deal with Iran’s Supreme Leader

You who believe, do not take the Jews and Christians as allies: they are allies only to each other. Anyone who takes them as an ally becomes one of them— God does not guide such wrongdoers.
— The Feast 51

The worst creatures in the sight of God are those who reject Him and will not believe; who, whenever you [Prophet] make a treaty with them, break it, for they have no fear of God. If you meet them in battle, make a fearsome example of them to those who come after them, so that they may take heed.
— Battle Gains 55:57

Read more here: Believe or Beware: Warnings From the Quran to Disbelievers