About This Site

Welcome to Short Dangerous Books at shortdangerousbooks.com
Motto: “Reading tedious dangerous text so you don’t have to.”

Mission: To provide concise and informative excerpts from the sacred and profane texts whose ideas run the world, free of rhetoric, rants, persuasion and offensive speech – but not ideas.

The target audience is non-believers who want the essential ideas, surprises, common misconceptions, and what makes them appealing to “the masses”. But most important – do people really believe these books, and act on them?

History proves many do. making these books even more dangerous if we don’t read them, and instead take the word of partisans, pro or con.

Hitler clearly stated his beliefs and intentions in Mein Kampf. The “experts” either did not read it, or assumed he and his followers would never do what it said. I suggest that from now on we take true-believers at their word.

Support the religious and free speech rights of citizens, journalists and cartoonists.

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