Mein Kampf – 5. Monarchist  Think Free or Die.
Mein Kampf: the Good, Bad and Outright Ugly

5. Monarchist

Hates Parliament
The parliament may have the most devastating consequences, yet nobody bears the responsibility. Human progress originates [not] in the composite brain of the majority, [but] in the brain of the individual personality.

[We must] cultivate human values based on personal values, every achievement is the [work] of one man.

Human progress and human cultures are the work of personal genius and efficiency. Our movement must be anti-parliamentarian.

Hates democracy
The masses [cannot] form political judgments [or] select who might be competent. A really great man [is never] ‘discovered’ through an election.

[We] must expurgate the parliamentarian principle, [replaced with] personal responsibility, ascending up to the supreme government of the country.

Meetings, bloody meetings
The movement was controlled by a committee [which] comically enough … embodied the principle of parliamentarianism, no personal responsibility. Why select a man for propaganda if [others] deliver judgment? I ceased to appear at the meetings,  [attended] to my own department, and did not interfere in others.

Benefits of monarchy
The [monarchy] guarantees stability, safeguards public offices from the speculative turmoil of ambitious politicians, gives weight to the monarchical authority, [while] officials and the army are raised above political party obligations.

Revolution for the Hell of it
If a government [leads] people to ruin, then rebellion is the right [and] duty of every citizen. Success decides the issue.

The more an idea is correct, [the smaller] the possibility of putting it into practice [and] the less will he be appreciated by his contemporaries.

[A movement does not succeed] by trying to educate the public or influence those in power, but only by getting political power into its hands.

The French Revolution could [not] have been carried into effect if they had not found an army of agitators led by demagogues of the grand style.

History will smile … and will acquit us. [Editor’s note: I’m not smiling]

The Balkans, or Iraq?
In a country where the population is not homogeneous … should the ruling hand show signs of weakness [it will] awaken the individualist instincts in the ethnological groups, [but not if] dominated by a strong central will-to-govern.

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