Mein Kampf – 6. Imperialist  Think Free or Die.
Mein Kampf: the Good, Bad and Outright Ugly

6. Imperialist

Disaster from population growth
Annual increase of population in Germany [is] 900,000 souls. Providing for [them will] lead to a catastrophe. The productivity of the soil can be increased … but not indefinitely.

Rejects contraception
By leaving the process of procreation unchecked, Nature selects the best. But [when] man restricts the procreative faculty [he instead saves] feeble and even diseased creatures. Restricting the birth-rate robs that nation of its future.

Espouses imperialism
Mankind will be forced [someday to control population, but] now only races have to suffer [with neither the strength nor daring to] acquire sufficient soil to fulfil their needs. Those territories [are not] the exclusive pastures of any one nation.

The cultured nations in their blind pacifism refrain from the acquisition of new territory, [but] self-preservation will triumph.

Frontiers established and changed by human beings

The War to End All Wars, not
Instead of territorial expansion in Europe, our rulers embarked on a policy of colonial and trade expansion [and so assumed] an armed conflict would be averted.

The lost territories cannot be won back by parliamentary spouters, but only through a fight where blood will be shed.

The 1914 frontiers did not protect us in the past, nor do they guarantee our defence in the future.

The chatter about peaceful conquest by commercial means was [proven] nonsensical … when England was pointed out as a typical example.

England wishes to maintain equilibrium of forces among the European States, a necessary condition of England’s world-hegemony.

[Britain is] the most valuable ally in the world [when it shows] that brutality and tenacity which enables victory [in] any struggle, even though the military equipment is inadequate compared [to] other nations.

The acquisition of new territory in Europe … could not have been carried through except in alliance with England

France is and will remain the implacable enemy of Germany.

What France has always desired is to prevent Germany from becoming a homogeneous Power.

The political results of the war was the creation of a French hegemony.

By occupying the Ruhr, France committed a glaring violation of the Versailles Treaty [which] brought her into conflict with England and Italy.

French diplomacy [is] in perpetual opposition to British statesmanship.

Only two States remain to us as possible allies in Europe, England and Italy.

Increase of France’s power would hamper Italy’s future. Racial kindred between the nations will [not] eliminate rivalries.

[What makes] Mussolini one of the world’s great men is his decision not to share Italy with the Marxists but [rather to destroy] internationalism. What miserable pigmies our sham statesmen in Germany appear by comparison with him.

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