Mein Kampf the Good, Bad and Outright Ugly  Think Free or Die.
Mein Kampf: the Good, Bad and Outright Ugly

Get thee to an editor!
Hitler clearly did not have an editor, who would dare? He brags that he could talk for two hours in union halls, and hold the audience. Print, not so much.
Mein Kampf is not in logical or historical order. I removed lots of text and sentences without ellipses … though only added text in brackets []. Nothing was reordered, but paragraphs sometimes include sentences from different chapters.  Look it up in the original, before using this as a source. Who quotes Hitler anyway?

“Sticks and stones may break my bones”
As Jew and First Amendment hero Lenny Bruce put it, “there are no dirty words, only dirty minds.” No non-believer will ever be converted by the Koran or Mein Kampf. They are perfectly safe to read, but I omitted most anti-Semitic rants as I do all rhetoric. I left all the racism in, editing is not advocacy. I do this for free.

Common dangerous myths
The first myth reads “Hitler was a crony-capitalist, friend of rich industrialists who would let poor children starve.” Actually, that’s Ayn Rand. Hitler was a Socialist but while Marx said “workers of the world unite”, meaning obliterate national borders, Hitler liked his nation, hence Nationalist Socialist. He called his opposites Social Democrats or Marxists, now called the Left. His first impression from a union he refused to join:
Everything was disparaged
the nation, held to be an invention of the ‘capitalist’ class;
the Fatherland, in the hands of bourgeoisie [exploiting the] masses;
the authority of the law, holding down the proletariat;
religion, doping the people so as to exploit them afterwards;
morality, as a badge of stupid and sheepish docility.

The second myth reads “Mein Kampf predicted the Holocaust, Germans were anti-Semitic, Jews are not safe there, the world should have known, so Israel has a right to exist.” Nonsense, read the anti-Semite chapter. There was little anti-Semitism in Germany, Hitler became one on his own. Zionism was why Hitler hated the Jews, it showed they were state-less as did Marx being an internationalist and Jew, and therefore not loyal Germans. Israel was created by the UK Balfour Amendment in 1918, same year Hitler notes there was no anti-Semitic movement in Vienna. Zionism came before anti-Semitism, it was the main cause.

Hitler condemned Zionism as does the Koran because it claims Jews are God’s Chosen People. But how that be true, if Aryans are the Master Race? Like most at the time, Hitler did not believe in evolution. Otherwise he would know that we are all mongrels, descended from Africans. And that Aryans, Adam and Eve if such existed were mongrels, one million years old, and humans were already living in the New World.

Racism and Zionism both depend on Creationism, disproved by evolution. All racists are Creationists, out of necessity. The Scopes trial was held under segregation, not a coincidence.

Hitler put Jews in concentration camps as potential enemy agents, much as the US did Japanese-Americans. Hitler never said to kill anyone, other than enemy soldiers. He DID advocate forced sterilization, which is genocide but not murder. Whereas abortion may be both.

Mein Kampf: the Good, Bad and Outright Ugly
The book goes from bad to ugly in roughly the order of Hitler’s transformation, from well-intentioned to evil, like most roads to Hell. Except Racist is last and most ugly, but likely Hitler was born an ethnic racist, not made.

Links to Chapters
1. Socialist – meets poverty, becomes a bleeding-heart liberal
2. Soldier – goes to war, gassed by the British
3. Nationalist Socialist – respect national borders
4. Propagandist – must-read for today’s politician
5. Monarchist – hates Parliament, democracy, meetings
6. Imperialist – actually, respect only own national borders
7. Anti-Marxist – blames them for Germany losing war, etc
8. Anti-Semite – hates Zionists, Marxists, Marx is a Jew, etc
9. Racist – blatant racism based on skin color, applied to everyone
A Happy Ending – if you don’t read the book, be sure to read this chapter. It explains the joy of doing this, because tyrants always lose. Hitler lost, so did Max Schmeling, the Allies won. Ding dong, the witch is dead.

PK August 2015

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