Quotations from Chairman K

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You can’t live on art, education or healthcare.
You can’t eat it, you can’t drive it, you can’t live in it.
It won’t keep you warm, heat your house, keep the lights on.
An education and free medical care do nothing for street people.

The free market is consensual, and therefore perfect.
Welfare is theft, taxation is slavery.

Paying customers are treated with respect.
Wards of the state are treated like dirt.

All rich nations are free market, all socialist nations are poor.


We are not responsible for the actions of our ancestors, good or bad.
I deny that credit, blame, religion, language or ideology is encoded in our DNA.

Imagine if White Lives Matter held protest rallies.
Imagine if Christians killed cartoonists who offend them.

American is not a race, neither is Mexican.
Christian is not a race, neither is Muslim.
Nationality and religion are not race.

Einstein was an atheist.
Sammy Davis Jr was a Jew.
Cat Stevens is a Muslim.


There is no difference between religion and ideology.

Morality does not come from the word or will of God – and I’ll prove it, take this simple quiz:  The Bible says God told Abraham to kill one of his sons. Question: if God told you to kill your child and you believed He meant it – would you do it?

Regarding Islamism: Most Germans and Japanese are good people but followed radical ideology, and did great harm. So the Allies firebombed Dresden, nuked Japan twice, killed millions of civilians. Now they attack no one.


440,000 US soldiers died to defeat German and Japanese fascism while Latin America did NOTHING. My whole Boomer life Latinos burned US flags, shouted Yankee Go Home, called us gringos. Now they expect us to say nice things about them, let them come live in the US? No way, Jose. Homey don’t play that.

All science, math and tech that greatly materially benefited mankind in the last 500 years came from males of European descent, none from Spain or Portugal. The Renaissance, Industrial Revolution.
Galileo, daVinci, Copernicus, Voltaire, Newton, Maxwell, Pasteur, Descartes, Franklin, Bell, Marconi, Darwin, Einstein, Edison, Salk, Turing.
If not for “white” males, there would be no electricity, trains, cars, airplanes, computers, medicine, vaccines, and life expectancy would be age 30. But of course, Pasteur invented vaccines to oppress people.