What Iraqi Muslims Believe

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Based on polls of 38,000 of the world’s Muslims, Pew Research produced  The World’s Muslims: Religion, Politics and Society  online pdf also available.

So far 10,000 Syrian refugees have entered the US, Hillary Clinton plans 65,000 more. Polls were not done in Syria, so I used nearby Iraq to inform us what these new refugees believe.

Among Iraqi Muslims:

35% want Sharia law in host nation even for non-Muslims
53% favor stoning for adultery
42% favor death penalty for leaving Islam
91% say belief in God is necessary to morality
86% say drinking alcohol is immoral
77% say homosexuality is morally wrong
46% say polygamy is morally acceptable
78% say honor killing of women is sometimes justified
92% say a wife must always obey her husband
66% say its their duty to convert others to Islam
67% reject evolution