Who Wants Latino Immigrants?

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From a purely self-interest perspective what Americans should logically favor Latin American immigrants, legal or illegal?

Latino immigrants generally are less educated than the average American, and don’t take jobs from college grad citizens. Instead they generally create jobs for college grads, and provide them with cheap labor. Those paid by taxes or Fed mandate benefit the most. Unlike those paid by consent they are generally unaffected by Latino immigrants relatively low income. The more illegal immigrants, the more jobs for teachers, state workers, and medical industry for those who get Medicaid. Illegal immigrants are counted by the census, same as citizens. Fed funding for cities and states is based on the census, which helps explain sanctuary cities.

In general Latino immigrants benefit those with college degrees, at the expense of those without. And they benefit those paid by taxes, at the expense of taxpayers.

The more immigrant children, the more jobs for union teachers who are paid the same regardless of productivity, not fired due to incompetence. They are paid not by consent but by coercion. If schools do not meet their demands for wages, pensions and healthcare compensation – they go on strike, shut down the schools, disrupt society until they get their way.

So is it really a surprise when students emulate their teachers, become Marxists who demand equal-outcome for all instead of a meritocracy, and go on strike to protect illegal immigrants?  That is what unions do, benefit workers at the expense of everyone else. Then tell us they are virtuous, while conservatives who favor low taxes are evil.

“We’ve got to protect our phony-baloney jobs, gentlemen!” — Mel Brooks, Blazing Saddles